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gifts • growth • grants • leadership
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dear friend,
We will be the first to admit that explaining the work of Grand Rapids Community Foundation isn’t easy.
Our recent community research project validated this complexity. We researched what people know about us and
what they think of our work. Overall, results showed that people perceive us as good people doing effective work.
But here’s the problematic part. We asked people to use a word to describe the Community Foundation. They offered
up 155 different words. And, to some degree, all those words describe the Community Foundation or the work it does.
But 155 words are far too many. They complicate people’s understanding of what the Community Foundation is and does.
Here are four words that work wonders for us. Gifts. Growth. Grants. Leadership.
Gifts—Our story begins with charitable donations from people throughout West Michigan. Donors make gifts to the
Community Foundation in cash, through donated stock or real estate, with a charitable trust or with a bequest in an
estate plan. Donors tell us they make gifts to the Community Foundation because they care about Grand Rapids and
want to give back to a place that has given them so much.
Growth—We invest donors’ gifts for long-term growth. Our assets, valued at $211 million, are the nucleus of our work.
It is built with new gifts, $7.8 million this year, and market growth. Since 1922 the endowment has powered us and helps
us leverage additional funds from outside sources. We leveraged $38 million this year for the betterment of Kent County
and its people.
Grants—The Community Foundation’s grantmaking makes visible the good that comes from your gifts and endowment
growth. Last year we awarded nearly $10 million in grants for economic development, academic achievement, human
health, neighborhood improvement, social enrichment and the environment.
But, there’s more value to what Grand Rapids Community Foundation does, more to the story than just gifts, growth
and grants.
Leadership—We often deal with complicated, multilayered community challenges, such as homelessness or land use,
that require more attention than an influx of grant funding. Grand Rapids Community Foundation leads by gathering
the best minds from throughout the community. Together we analyze a situation or issue. We look for effective
solutions, knowing that creating the desired change may take years. Yet, we’re willing to make a financial commitment
with the earnings from our endowment funds.
Our leadership sets us apart and adds value to the gifts we are given and the grants we award. Thanks to donors past
and present, we look forward, take risks, and bravely tackle some of Kent County’s toughest issues—as you’d expect
true leaders to do.

Diana R. Sieger, President Cecile Cave Fehsenfeld, Chair

financial highlights 2009/10

LEADERSHIP 3% Supporting 5.7% Arts and 0.6%
23% organization social enrichment Unclassified
community 6% SCHOLARSHIP 22.8% 29.3% economic prosperity/
Academic vibrant neighborhoods
9% DESIGNATED 10% FIELD 36% 5.6%


ASSETS BY FUND TYPE: grants authorized and paid:

Authorized Paid

Community Funds $ 20,095,208 Academic Achievement $ 2,227,013 $ 1,859,368

Designated and Nonprofit Funds 18,270,674 Arts and Social Enrichment 553,854 413,877
Donor Advised Funds 48,620,230 Economic Prosperity/
Field of Interest Funds 20,235,555 Vibrant Neighborhoods 2,861,471 1,730,996

Operating/Special Project/Building 7,356,160 Healthy Ecosystems 543,325 342,275

Scholarship Funds 14,469,042 Healthy People 3,508,535 3,579,702

Unrestricted Funds 76 ,509,269 Unclassified 59,002 89,002

Supporting Organization: Total $ 9,753,200 $ 8,015,220

Red Brick Building II Inc. 5,445,872
Total Assets $ 211,002,010

net annual returns as of 6/30/10:

2006: 9.3%

2007: 14.9%

2008: -3.7%

2009: -19.2%

2010: 13.4%


Helping Create a Magnetic West Michigan. Grand Rapids Governance and Staff. We are governed by a 12-member
Community Foundation does not exist in isolation. As an Board of Trustees that represents diverse community
integral part of our dynamic region, we collaborate and interests. Our staff includes professionals in grantmaking,
connect with other community foundations and their development, communication, finance, administration
communities to create a West Michigan that attracts and and youth development.
keeps residents, businesses, students and resources.
Supporting the Arts in Grand Rapids. Supporting the arts
Leadership. The Community Foundation supports several and artists is vital in creating a magnetic West Michigan
community leadership initiatives. Leadership proactively community. That’s why Grand Rapids Community
addresses challenging and complex community issues. Foundation hosted two artists during ArtPrize’s inaugural
Leadership involves building a credible and diverse team year. One of them, Daan Hoekstra, created a mural for our
of people who explore issues and solve problems boldly building’s east wall. Humanity at the Crossroads is done in
and creatively. True leaders understand that certain issues earth tone pigments and features two images of the same
can be resolved only with great commitment of time, woman, one looking downward at the past, the other
human and financial resources. looking upward to the future. The permanent mural is
now part of Grand Rapids’ public art collection.
Community Knowledge. Our program staff specialize
in areas such as neighborhood revitalization, creating a To help tell our story to people who visit our building,
welcoming community for older adults, improving public we commissioned artist Ed Wong-Ligda to create a
education and child abuse prevention. This expertise painting about the Community Foundation. Community
helps donors and other community leaders make Garden was installed in our lobby in March 2010. This
decisions and address issues. allegorical painting uses a garden and 11 people working
together to explain gifts, growth, grants and leadership.
Areas of Funding. Through grantmaking and leadership The painting is a delightful addition to our main lobby.
initiatives the Community Foundation supports social
enrichment, the environment, neighborhoods, human Cultural Competence. For Grand Rapids Community
health, academic achievement and economic prosperity. Foundation to serve our community fully, we must
welcome and accept people from many backgrounds and
Impact. Through our competitive grantmaking process, viewpoints. Culture deeply shapes who people are and how
we help Community Foundation grantees design methods they think and react to situations. Our staff is taking part in
to measure their impact. We also help nonprofits a yearlong Council of Michigan Foundations pilot project
leverage millions of dollars each year ($38 million this to help us become more culturally aware and inclusive.
fiscal year) from state and federal government, donors This introspective process evaluates individuals as well
and other foundations. as the collective staff. In 2011 we will complete an activity
to improve our inclusiveness and cultural competence.
Donors. Gifts from many donors have built the
Community Foundation to its current level of $211 million. We’ve already created a standards and reference manual
The development staff works closely with donors to help for culturally competent communication. You can find it
them achieve their philanthropic goals and to ensure on our website at
that their intentions are clear and achievable.
Local Business Matters. Supporting local businesses
Transparency. The Community Foundation meets the (whom we know support local nonprofits) is also part of
National Standards for Community Foundations. We how we operate. Whenever the Community Foundation
have voluntarily adopted many policies and procedures can do business with a local vendor we do so. We know
to guarantee that we conduct business not only legally, that 72 percent of the vendors used for our day to day
but ethically. In addition to our annual independent operations are local businesses. We are also a sponsoring
financial audit, we have volunteer investment review member of Local First West Michigan.
and audit committees.


grand rapids through his lens:


It makes sense that a man who has an excellent eye for light and composition would be a supporter of
the arts, but this artist is also a businessman. David LaClaire believed that if people in Grand Rapids had
a better understanding of the arts, especially visual art, then his photography business would be more
likely to prosper. His idea had legs. Just as Grand Rapids’ arts community grew, so did his distinctive
portrait photography business. “The community was generous with me,” David said.

David began learning the craft of photography from his father, Maurice. “It was my father’s gift to me.
He couldn’t afford to send me to college. When I started working for him I was just a young jock,
20 years old. We worked together almost every day and he taught me a lot. He had very high standards,
and it was technically challenging work,” he said. Prior to David’s apprenticeship, his father transitioned
from black and white photography to color, using the dye transfer process. Father and son perfected the
complicated, time-consuming practice to create the rich, lush images that became the LaClaire brand.

He worked for 55 years and captured his last image in 2005. “I had a happy career. Nothing is better
than that,” he said.

David spent much of his work time photographing Grand Rapids’ people, families, leaders, celebrities and
presidents. Yet, he found a place in his hectic schedule for service to Grand Rapids Community Foundation.

He was nominated to the Board of Trustees by Judge Stuart Hoffius and served as a Trustee from 1985 to
1992. He chaired the Board in 1990 and 1991. Several arts projects were funded during his tenure, though
not directly because of him. These included support to establish Blue Lake Public Radio in Grand Rapids,
capital grants for St. Cecilia Music Society, support for a UICA writers program and ongoing major
support to the Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids. David also served on the Michigan Council for
the Arts (now Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs), advocating for a portion of State funding
for the arts in Grand Rapids.

He continues to support the Community Foundation with annual gifts. “I’ve always felt that a donation
to the Community Foundation is one that is well placed. There is a lot of research and work that
is done before grants are made. We’re lucky as a community to have the Community Foundation
as an asset,” David said.



Tripp Corl was single, just back in Grand Rapids after college and his first job, when he got invited to
a Grand Rapids Community Foundation event. “I was the youngest person there. I believe it was about
retirement or estate planning,” Tripp said. Community Foundation staff seized the opportunity and
asked whether he’d be interested in helping to get other young people involved. He agreed. “I wanted
to learn more about the community. I was also developing a personal philanthropic bent and thinking
a lot about my responsibility to give back,” he said. Tripp soon became a leader in a Community
Foundation program called Social Venture Investors (SVI). Several years later, while water skiing on
Reeds Lake, he met Kelli. They married and continued their philanthropic involvement.

SVI taught the Corls a lot about Grand Rapids nonprofits. They discovered causes they cared about,
such as Wedgwood Christian Services’ Lighthouse Academy, a school for kids who’ve been expelled
from public high school and have no other educational options. Tripp and Kelli found that Lighthouse
Academy met a standard for outcomes that they endorse. They continue to support it.

“I find real value in what it does. Instead of kids not having a chance and falling into the justice system
or just being lost, they’re given a second chance. The Christian aspect of the work they do is important,
too,” Kelli said. “Lighthouse meets kids where they are. It gives troubled kids a second chance, and
Wedgwood works hard to reach and teach them,” Tripp said. They’re impressed with the school’s growth
from a dozen students when it opened in 2005 to 291 students now. “It is a true success, something with
staying power,” said Tripp, who now serves on Wedgwood’s advisory council.

The Corls said they’re impressed with the Community Foundation staff’s knowledge and expertise.
“They really test the ‘creditworthiness’ of the nonprofits,” Tripp said. “I don’t have time now to investigate
all of the organizations I’m interested in. The Community Foundation helps with that. I like having a
Community Foundation that can bring them to me, and that someone is checking them out,” Kelli said.
She’s busy at home with their two- and four-year-old daughters, Emme and Abby. Tripp owns Alloy
Exchange, Inc. a plastics recycling business.
We are always thankful to donors who
believe in the mission and Values of
Grand Rapids Community Foundation and
support us with their generous gifts.

J U LY 1, 2009 TO JUNE 30, 2010

Lifetime Partners, Partners, Janet R. Bacon Glen and Betsy Borre

Donors and FRIENDS are Mr. and Mrs. Joel Bair John and Sharon Bouma
contributors who have given to Mr. and Ms. Carl Jay Bajema Todd and Gina Bovee
the Community Endowments Ms. Barbara Baker Doug and Dawn Brackmann
(fund for academic achievement; Ken Bandstra Jonathan and Grace Bradford
fund for arts & social enrichment; Dr. Dennis and Dr. Donna Banks Conrad and Molly Bradshaw
fund for economic prosperity; Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Barber Mr. and Mrs. James S. Brady
fund for healthy ecosystems; Ms. Madeline J. Barkalow John and Virginia Braley
fund for healthy people; Ms. Beverly G. Barrett Karl and Darlene Braunschneider
fund for vibrant neighborhoods) Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Barton Jr. James and Sharon Breuker
or the fund for community good. Betsy and Jim Barton Fredrick “Fritz” Briscoe
John and Kelli Basher Andrew and Janay Brower
=LIFETIME PARTNER Baudville Inc. Margaret Brower
=PARTNER Robert H. Beaman Robert and Katherine Brower
=DONOR Laurie Finney Beard John and Erin Brown
Mr. James Bearman Mr. and Mrs. Renwick Brutus
=FRIENDS Mr. and Mrs. Gaylon H. Beckemeyer Gary and Bonnie Bultsma
Virginia S. Becker Mrs. Gretchen B. Burch
Dr. John and Carol Beernink Scott Burke
A: Mrs. Jane Beld-Smith and Ms. Monica Burns
Ms. Mary Abbott Mr. Don Smith Tom and Mary Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Abbott Connie Bellows and Darlene Zwart Chuck and Mary Jo Burpee
Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Adamy Mrs. Viola Benthin Dr. and Mrs. Eric P. Buth
Dr. and Mrs. Marc A. Afman Darlene Berghorst The Honorable George and
Jay Cooper and Eva Aguirre Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Berry Nancy Buth
Natalia and Zeke Alejos John R. Bertsch Anna Moore Butzner
Mr. James A. Alt Dr. and Mrs. William H. Beute Sharon M. Buursma
Mr. Richard J. Alt Mr. Mike Bieker Chet and Joan Byerly
Mr. Robert N. Alt Jr. Ms. Jennifer Billiam-Boak Bill and Jackie Bylenga
Mr. William E. Alt David and Sue Bird
Catherine Amodeo Ruth E. Bishop C:
Gasper J. Amodeo John and Claire Bissell C & H Holdings
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Anderson Mark and Cathy Bissell Ms. Kathy Caines
Betty Ladd Andre Matthew and Vicki Bissell Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Cali
Ray and Alice Andrews Marjorie W. Bjork Ann and John Cameron
Mr. and Mrs. Loren M. Andrulis Lynne Black Mr. and Mrs. C. David Campbell
Angelcare Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Blackwell Jr. Emily and Robert Campbell
Mr. Thomas J. Appel Brad and Sherry Blair Katharine W. Cangelosi
Mary M. Appelt M.D. Mrs. Catherine L. Blake Allan and Claudia Carlson
Dorothy Armstrong Tom Blandford Mr. James W. Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Arnold Mrs. John W. Blodgett Jr. Cascade Engineering
Paul and Marty Arnold Jane and Matthew Bock David M. and Cara V. Cassard
Arthur J. Gallagher Foundation Bill and Anne Boersma Olga Cassard
Employees of Autocam Mr. Michael Bolt Tracey and Rick Cassard
Mrs. Noyes Avery Martin* and Nancy Bolt Mrs. Camille Cebelak
Mr. Rick J. Bolt Mrs. Jane Chamberlin
b: Dianne Boozer Mr. Iain G. Charnley M.D.
John and Janet Baab Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Borowka Tom and Natalie Chase

Stan and Margaret Cheff John and Michele DeBlaay Mrs. Edward C. Foote
Colin Chelovich and Joy and Jim DeBoer Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Ford
Molly Tupper-Chelovich Ms. Mary K. DeBoer Mary and Bill Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Chopp Norman B. and Mary M. De Graaf Barb and Mike Forseman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Christmas Allen and Vivian De Jonge Albert and Laurie Forte
Mr. and Mrs. F. Norman Christopher Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell H. DeJonge Founders Bank & Trust
Steve and Lindsey Chrystan Daryl and Connie Delabbio Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Fox Jr. 9
Roger and Sally Ciapara Mr. Robert Delamar Thomas S. and Maxine J. Fox GIFTS
Mary Clark-Kaiser Judith A. and James P. DeLapa Ms. Winifred K. Fox GROWTH
Mr. Jim Clay Mike and Carla Dells Dr. and Mrs. John P. Foxworthy LEADERSHIP
Brian Cloyd and Jolene DeLuca Chuck and Julie Frayer
Agnes Kempker-Cloyd Tuti and Pete DeMaagd Mr. and Mrs. Randall Freeburg
Ms. Dotti Clune and Barbara DeMoor Michael and Paula Freed
Ms. Jill Henemyer Bill and Carolyn DeNeut Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Freihofer
Ms. Sally L. Coburn and David and Jennifer Denton Walter B. and Susan S. Freihofer
Mr. Chuck Carter David R. and Helene M. Despres Charles French
Mary and Stephen Cohle Detroit Lions Charities Mr. and Mrs. Jack French
Stuart and Nancy Cok Brian Deuby Frey Foundation
Philip and Cynthia Cole David and Bridget De Vos Mr. and Mrs. David G. Frey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Collier Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. DeVos Mr. David G. Frey Jr.
Colliers International Mr. and Mrs. Brian DeVries Brad and Jeanie Friedland
Dr. Michelle Condon Martha and Nick Dewey Richard Fry
Bob and Julie Connors Mr. and Mrs. Timothy DeYoung Chuck and Bette Fuller
David and Tip Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Jameson Dick
Steve and Sue Conway Daniel and Kate Diedrich G:
Mr. Peter C. Cook Stanley and Betsy Dole Margaret Gage
Ann M. and Robert P. Cooper Mrs. Elizabeth T. Donley Geoffrey and Carole Gaiser
Richard C. and Shirley E. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. Dood Iris-Naomi Garcia
George and Peg Cope Beth and Ross Dornan Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Garver
Anne H. Copps Mr. Mickey L. Dotson The Gary Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Corl Nancy L. Douglas Dan and Lou Ann Gaydou
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Corl Jr. Paul and Celeste Doyle Pat and Patty Geary
Tripp and Kelli Corl Douglas and Kristine Dozeman Mr. Brent T. Geers
Irma Cornelius Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Dufendach Leonard and Mary K. Gell
Cornerstone Architects Inc. David G. Dvorak M.D. Ms. Jane George
Ralph and Sheryl Costanzo Matthew and Beth Dykstra Mr. Henry Gignac
Council of Michigan Foundations Ron and Carole Dykstra Gill Industries Inc.
Country Village Mobile Homes Inc. C. John Gill and Rita Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Giles L. Courtney E: Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gill
Ms. Juliette Cowall John and Penny Edison Family Mrs. Richard M. Gillett
Ed and Linda Cox Foundation Ms. Mary Gill-Thornton and
Laurie and Crawford Craft Patricia H. Edison Mr. Jeff Thornton
Dr. and Mrs. Steven A. Crane John and Sydney Edlund Gene and Tubie Gilmore
Crowe Horwath LLP Brian Edwards Karl and Cindy Glass Jr.
Mal Cumming Vernon and Johanna Ehlers Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Gleason
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Cummings Gloria Ellcey Jim and Bebe Glerum
Tim and Anne Cusack Mr. David Elliott Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Goaley
Thomas W. Czerney Mr. G. Preston Elliott Keith and Lisa Gohlke
Mr. Thomas E. Czerwinski Kenneth D. and Frances S. Ellis Grand Rapids Area Furniture
Ben and Susan Emdin Manufacturers’ Association
D: Cheryl and William Endres Ken Grashuis and Lori Lockyear
Randy Damstra and Julie Duisterhof Engineered Protection Systems Inc. Ms. Gloria A. Gregory
Thomas C. and M. Lynn Dandridge Jean Enright Tim and Jodi Grider
Daniel and Pamella DeVos Bill Essling Mr. Jason Griffen
Foundation Doris G. Griffith
Joseph Daniels M.D. and F: Rena and Gary P. Guttrich
Shirley K. Daniels Hank and Marcia Fairchild III
John and Rene Darling Robert and Rudean Fairman H:
Bill and Margie Darooge Anthony and Diane Farage Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hackett Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Datema Sara Ann Farrugia Lewis and Sheryl Haeck
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Daverman Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Fee Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hagist
Gilbert R. and Patricia K. Davis Valerie and Michael Feehan Maureen P. Hale
Lois J. Davis Marilyn and David Fernstrum Mrs. Doris Hall
Ms. Shirley A. Davis Fifth Third Bank Dick and Sandy Hansen
Doris Dean Ralph and Maureen Fischer Mr. David Hanson
Mrs. Bruce Debes Mrs. Richard Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hardy Jr.
Kevin and Laura Harmelink Mrs. William Wren Idema Michael E. Kooistra
Ms. Sharon Harrington Mr. John Illies Ron and Bonnie Kopp
Mr. James Harris Jr. Integrity Business Solutions LLC Jack Korff
Brian K. and Jody L. Hart David A. and Phyllis E. Koslow
Hascall Steel Company J: John and Marnie Kotwick
Richard and Barbara Haslinger Ms. Sue Ann Jabin Norman and Barbara Kravitz
10 David O. Haughey Mrs. Thomas J. Jack Sam Kravitz*
John and Betty Hausig Thomas and Barbara Jackoboice Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kregel
GROWTH Larry and Cindy Havard Carlton and Wendy Jackson Ken and Melinda Krei
LEADERSHIP Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Hawks Phil and Cherry Jacobus Hoyt and Mary Ann Kremer
Janet A. Haynes Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jamula Diane and Mike Kroll
Mrs. Doris B. Heartwell Don and Lois Jandernoa Blake and Mary Krueger
John and Jan Heerspink Russ and Leann Jelsema Janet Krueger and Bruce Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. David Heldt Gregory and Carol Jeltema James and Carrie Kuipers
Daniel M. and Pat Helmholdt Larry A. and Janine M. Jewell Robert and Donna Kurti
Al and Liz Henry May* and Virgil Johanningsmeier Thomas and Sally Kyros
Ms. Deborah Herdegen Mr. and Mrs. Carvel H. Johnson
Paul and Maria Royce Hesse Glen Johnson and L:
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Heuschkel Thomas P. Merchant Mrs. Jane Lacks
Virginia W. Hewitt Linda Mae Johnson Kurt and Lori Lacks
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Heyne Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Johnson Ladies Literary Club
John and Gwen Hibbard Tom and Margy Jones Ms. Jessica Lalley
James V. and Kathleen Delp Higgins Dr. Julian and Judith Joseph Vernon and Anna Marie Laninga
Jack and Marge Highfield Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Junewick Marilyn Lankfer and Jeff Schad
David Hill and Elizabeth Kidd B. Kenneth Larm
Doug and Laurel Hill K: John and Mary Ellen Lawlor
Barbara J. Hoag Sheldon and Lois Kahn Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LeCuyer
Dorothy Tegner Hodgkins Mr. and Mrs. Scott Kapp Mr. Gary Lemke and
David and Susan Hoekema John and Mary Ellen Karcis Mrs. Janeen Boerman Lemke
Ms. Inga A. Hofer Carol J. Karr and Kevin J. Briggs Harvey Lemmen
Mr. and Mrs. Bryson B. Hoff Mary Karrip Joe and Katy Levan
Dirk and Victoria Hoffius Jim and Amy Keane Norman J. and Marilyn Leven
Joan M. Hoffman Keeler Foundation Family Foundation
Ken and Sandy Hofman Mrs. Mary Ann Keeler Mark and Marcie Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Keller David and Susan Lipner
Ms. Mary A. Holland Paul Kellermann and Pat Hartsoe Leo and Margaret Litowich
Earl and Donnalee Holton Elizabeth M. Kelley John and Pat Littleton
Ken and June Holtvluwer Ruth Kemp LM Strategies Consulting
Mr. Mark Holtvluwer Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kennedy III Mrs. Ruth Loeks
Jane Hondelink Kent Charitable Trust Ray and Nancy Loeschner
Peggy and Doug Hoogerhyde Kent County Administration Mr. and Mrs. John H. Logie
Robert L. and Judith S. Hooker Kent Parole—Michigan Dept. Ms. Bucky Love
Mr. Robert Hoover of Corrections LSL Planning Inc.
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Mr. and Mrs. David Hutchings Eric and Jamie Knoll Macatawa Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Huyser-Honig Mr. Kevin Kobiela J. Scott and Beth Mac Gregor
Mary Koenen Frances Maghielse
I: Kate and Jeff Koeze Ernest and Lorraine Malkewitz
Henry Idema II Doug and Louann Kohlbeck William and Janis Malpass


Daniel and Deborah Mankoff Gary and Peg Novosad Amy Price
Mr. and Mrs. James Manning Nucraft Furniture Company Priority Health
Dayle Maples and Mr. Tim E. Proos
David Kampfschulte O: Scott and Annie Pruski
Brenda and Richard Marean Mrs. Samuel Oates John and Ann Puckett
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Dr. and Mrs. J. Chris Norman Jim and Marie Preston Jerry Schaefer and Polly Hewitt



His reserved demeanor belies Brent Geers’ ambition and experience. After graduating from the
University of Michigan, he spent five years in the Army. “It was something I always had in the back of my
mind. After college I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do and figured I was up for the challenge and
adventure,” Brent said. He also spent a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA worker.

After a decade away, he returned to Grand Rapids, something he never thought he would do. “Near the
end of my time in the Army, my mom died, so I came back to Grand Rapids,” he said. The experience of
settling her estate focused him. He hired on as copyright compliance coordinator at Grand Rapids
Community College, enrolled at Cooley Law School and bought a 110-year-old house in Midtown’s tiny
Ashby Row neighborhood. “Going through the process of settling my mom’s estate opened my eyes to the
importance of estate planning, the comfort it can bring and the legacy it allows you to leave. I’m drawn
to the idea of helping people plan their legacies,” Brent said. He’ll graduate from law school in 2012.

Between work, law school, his garden and house Brent still finds time for community service.
He is active with American Legion Post 459 where he proudly serves as vice commander and heads the
public relations team. “Post 459 is a traditionally Polish Post located in one of the city’s original Polish
neighborhoods. It was one of the first clubs to host Pulaski Days, something it still does. My role primarily
is membership and I’m reaching out mostly to younger people. We are one of the few Posts with an
increase in membership,” said Brent. The Post has more than 700 members. Brent is a blood donor who
is nearing the four gallon mark and he helped found the Cooley Law School Veterans Corps, a student
group for veterans and those interested in joining the military as a Judge Advocate General. He also
assists with pro bono legal cases with Cooley professors.

He’s already giving back to Grand Rapids Community Foundation, which gave him a college scholarship
while he was a Creston High School student. “I’ve always been aware of the Community Foundation
and the work it does. It has played a part in much of what has happened in Grand Rapids,” he said.

Brent makes annual contributions to the Community Foundation and has named it as beneficiary of
his life insurance policy. One day his gift will become part of the Fund for Community Good. He hopes
his gift will help people innovate and come up with new ideas to improve Grand Rapids.
Ms. Jacqueline A. Schafer Judge Paul J. and Mary Ellen Sullivan Ms. Lauri Van Eyl
Robert and Rose Schenck Greg and Audrey Sundstrom Angel and Peter Van Gorp
Nan Schichtel Frank and Ruth Suskey Mr. and Mrs. Randall Van Houten
Bruce and Joyce Schlanderer Dr. Alfred B. Swanson and Ms. Carole VanHoven
Harold and Carol Schmidt Dr. Genevieve de Groot Swanson Lewis and Norma VanKuiken
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schmieder Dell and Connie Sweeris Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Van Stee
14 Caroline Schoonbeck* Marilyn Sweers Bill and Barbara* Van’t Hof
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Schremp Ms. Karen K. Sweet Mr. and Mrs. Dean Van Velsen
GROWTH David and Jerri Schroeder Mr. Edward Szymas Marianne and Werner Veit
LEADERSHIP Willard Schroeder* Mr. and Mrs. Marvin C. Veneklasen
Gladys Schuil T: Jackie Ver Heulen
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Ms. Nancy A. Scully Michael and Susan Taylor John P. and Lynn Vinkemulder
Mrs. Audrey Sebastian Ms. Ruth G. Taylor Dr. and Mrs. Earl R. Visser
Peter and Joan Secchia Steele and Mary Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Visser
Ms. Melissa A. Seguin Dr. Ralph TenHave Mr. and Mrs. Phil Vogelsang
Seidman Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John E. Terhune Ryan and Angela Voshol
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Ms. Priscilla G. Shuart Mrs. Shirley J. Tillyer Marie and David Waalkes
Abdou N. Sickrey Donald Tilton and Denise Fawcet Bill and Pat Waanders
James and Sheryl Siegel Vicki and Brian Tingley Gary and Janice Walker
Diana R. Sieger Daniel L. and Betsey M. Tinkham Keith P. Walker
Ms. Hermina E. Sikkema Ms. Marilyn Titche Ms. Beverly Wall
Ms. Maureen E. Slade Wayne and Diane Titche Anita Wallgren
Nancy and Doug Slade Robert and Colleen Tobin James P. Walsh
Herman Slanger Trust Ms. Elizabeth M. Topliffe and Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
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Brent Sloop Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Tornga The Waters Corporation
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Dr. and Mrs. Chris Southwick The Trust of the GR Federation of Barbara Wepman
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Paul and Sue Spindler V. Parker and Martha Tuthill Jr. Ms. Jean K. Wernette
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Nicole and Michael Stroster Mr. and Mrs. James Vanderschaaf Ms. Susan Winger
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Dennis and Deborah Sturtevant Rudy and Nancy Van Donk Judy K. Sopeland
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James and Pamela Witte Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bergsma Mr. and Mrs. John H. Foster II
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West Michigan Conference of Kristine Bishop David E. and Dawn O. Fowler
The United Methodist Church Lynne Black Thomas S. and Maxine J. Fox
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Kate Wolters Tom Blandford Mr. Donald H. Freeman
Casey Wondergem* Glen and Betsy Borre Ruth Freeman 15
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Wondergem Todd and Gina Bovee Walter B. and Susan S. Freihofer GIFTS
Phil and Carolyn Wood Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Bowers Jr. Charles French GROWTH
Chuck Wooding Janet and John Boyles Ms. Ellie Frey LEADERSHIP
Ms. E. Gabriel Works and Tom Braciak Mary Meade Fuger
Mr. John V. O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Laurence L. Bratschie Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Fuhs
John and Kathleen Woudstra The Honorable Hugh W. Brenneman Jr.
Mrs. Richard F. Brush g:
Y: Mrs. Gretchen B. Burch Mr. Jim Galer and
Mr.* and Mrs. Marjorie Yardley Robert and Sandy Burnham Mrs. Marilyn Klyn Galer
Greg and Sarah Yoder Charitable Fund Iris-Naomi Garcia
Kurt and Sally Yost Ms. Ann Stuart Burroughs Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Gaston
Dick and Barbara Young Anna Moore Butzner Mr. Brent T. Geers
Sharon M. Buursma Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gilchrist
Z: John and Linda Byington C. John Gill and Rita Williams
Marilyn and Garrett Zack Ms. Anita M. Gilleo
John Zadvinskis c: Mrs. Richard M. Gillett
Michael and Katherine Zago John and Marie Canepa Gene and Tubie Gilmore
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Mr. and Mrs. Timothy F. Ziegler Olga Cassard Gary Goode
Jack and Ruth Zimmerman Mrs. Jane Chamberlin Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Goodspeed
Jack and Jennifer Zinser Elizabeth Chase Ms. Carol Greenburg
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Dennis and Kristen Zoet Brian Cloyd and Agnes Kempker-Cloyd Franklin K. Gregory
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Rev. David Baak and Betty Zylstra Bill and Marilyn Crawford H:
Bob Zylstra and Gayla Jewell Mal Cumming Mrs. Doris Hall
Thomas W. Czerney Mr. and Mrs. Michael Handlin
__________________________________ Mr. Thomas E. Czerwinski Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hardy Jr.
GIFT OR HAVE NAMED THE COMMUNITY Thomas C. and M. Lynn Dandridge John and Jan Heerspink
FOUNDATION IN THEIR ESTATE PLANS. Joseph Daniels M.D. and Shirley K. Daniels Mr. and Mrs. James Hegarty
THE SOCIETY IS NAMED FOR GEORGE John and Edy Davies Mrs. Ruth S. Henkin
AND MARY METZ, WHOSE $100,000 GIFT Gilbert R. and Patricia K. Davis Mr. and Mrs. William R. Heyne
IN 1929 WAS THE FIRST BEQUEST TO THE Joy and Jim DeBoer John and Gwen Hibbard
COMMUNITY FOUNDATION. Norman B. and Mary M. De Graaf Jean and David Hitchcock
Barbara DeMoor Barbara J. Hoag
A: Bill and Carolyn DeNeut Dirk and Victoria Hoffius
Ms. Mary Abbott Wesley and Amy De Vries Michael Hoffman
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Gasper J. Amodeo Mrs. Elizabeth T. Donley Mr. Robert Hoover
Ms. Gwendolyn I. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Dooge Jr. Dr. David J. Horning and
Betty Ladd Andre Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Ducharme Mrs. Betsy R. Horning
Mr. Willem Antonides Mr. Robert J. Dunlap Gregg and Kim Hughes
Mrs. Noyes Avery Ms. Patricia S. Duthler The Reverend Mary S. Hulst
David G. Dvorak M.D. Katherine Humphrey
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Janet R. Bacon e: John Hunting
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Robert H. Beaman Ms. Elaine E. Emmons I:
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Lois Eberhard Beckering
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Tanya and Tom Berg Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Finazzi Phil and Cherry Jacobus

Don and Lois Jandernoa P: Theodore J. and Vicki Vogt
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Ms. Birgit Klohs Mr. Richard E. Riebel Mrs. Mary K. White
Herbert and Glenna Knape Mr. Richard A. Roane Mrs. Barbara Whittenberger
Raymond E. Knape Dr. Jack and Lija Romence John H. and Dorothy M. Wiest
David A. and Phyllis E. Koslow Helen Hutchins Rossano Mrs. Kaye Wilsted
Ken and Melinda Krei Owen Rottschafer M.D. Jim and Connie Winter-Troutwine
Hoyt and Mary Ann Kremer Charles and Stella Royce Mr. Thomas D. Wisnom
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Krissoff Ms. Kathleen M. Russell Mike and Colleen Wolfe
Ms. Marjorie Kuipers Alan and Margaret Ryan Kate Wolters
Dr. Richard J. Woltersom
L: S: Bob and Aleicia Woodrick
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B. Kenneth Larm Jerry Schaefer and Polly Hewitt
Sandra Last M.D. Robert W. Schellenberg Y:
R. Lawrence and Marilyn Leigh Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Schopf Mrs. Marjorie Yardley
Harvey Lemmen Gladys Schuil Dick and Barbara Young
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lemmen Ms. Greta Schuil
Norman J. and Marilyn Leven Mr. and Mrs. James R. Sebastian Jr. Z:
Mike Lloyd Peter and Joan Secchia Marilyn and Garrett Zack
Arend and Nancy Lubbers Mrs. Elaine Shay Mr. and Mrs. John H. Zwarensteyn
Janis A. Lunquist Marilyn and Budge Sherwood Rev. David Baak and Betty Zylstra
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene G. Lyons Diana R. Sieger Bob Zylstra and Gayla Jewell
Ms. Maureen E. Slade
M: Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Snyder __________________________________
Donald W. Maine Dr. and Mrs. Chris Southwick NAMED FUNDS FOR COMMUNITY GOOD
Ernest and Lorraine Malkewitz Robert A. Sprotte ALLOW DONORS TO SUPPORT A WIDE
Frank and Nancy Manning Mrs. Marvin Stahl RANGE OF COMMUNITY NEEDS.
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Rosemary D. Murphy Steele and Mary Taylor Douglas DeBoer Memorial Fund
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Eileen Newman Bruce and Nancy Barnhart
Mrs. Nancy Kehoe Nielsen U: Marjorie W. Bjork
and Mr. Alger J. Nielsen Dr. and Mrs. Ghayas Uddin Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Bloom
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Blossfeld
O: V: Dianne Boozer
Mrs. Samuel Oates Mr. Don VandenBos Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Boozer
Fred Olert Jr. Mr. Lou VanderHave Robert W. and Lynn H. Browne Foundation
Ms. Norma Olsen Mrs. Herbert Vander Mey Mr. and Mrs. Will Caldwell
Mr. Gerald Olson Mr. and Mrs. Rick A. VanHorn Tom and Molly Charles
Mrs. Nancy V. Orr Bill and Barbara* Van’t Hof Mrs. Clifford C. Christenson
Mr. and Mrs. Armen G. Oumedian John P. and Lynn Vinkemulder Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Clark

Mr. Timothy J. Curtin Mr. Dwight D. Whipple Elizabeth J. Steed Johnson Fund
Davenport University–Grand Rapids Richard and Ellen Wicks Elizabeth J. Steed Johnson Trust
Bob and Lois DeBoer Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Wilson
Joy and Jim DeBoer Ms. Ann Zoellner Earle Vande Poel Fund
Mr. Richard DeBoer Earle Vande Poel Charitable Fund
Teresa S. Decker Engineered Protection Systems Fund
Robert L. Diamond and Sheila Kinney Engineered Protection Systems Inc. Curtis M. Wylie Fund 17
Dickinson Press Inc. New Holland Brewing Co. GIFTS
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Disselkoen Henry A. Fox Family Fund GROWTH
Ms. Gail A. Essenburg Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Fox Jr. __________________________________ LEADERSHIP
Robert and Rudean Fairman Donor Advised Funds Allow
Ms. Jacqueline Fazekas Kent Charitable Fund contributors to recommend grants
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Fitzgerald Kent Charitable Trust for approval by the board of
Ms. Mary Beth Fitzgerald trustees. The Community Foundation
Jon and Mary Forslund Jane and Sam Kravitz Fund for completes due diligence, reporting,
Thomas S. and Maxine J. Fox Community Good and administrative work, ensuring
Mr. Donald H. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Basinski that people’s charitable goals and
O.N. and Joyce French Ms. Shirley A. Boomsma legal requirements are met. Some
Chuck and Bette Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Chamberlain DONORS designate their children or
Mary and Tom Fuller Patricia H. Edison relatives as donor advisors, making
Ms. Kathy Galdys Mr. David G. Frey philanthropy a family activity.
Ms. Gloria A. Gregory Doris G. Griffith
Ms. Maureen E. Gruel Sam Kravitz* Jeffrey and Barbara Arnold
Mr. Steve Gunning Ms. Audrey A. Mann Charitable Fund
Dirk and Victoria Hoffius Harold A. Marks Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Idema Chet and Elaine Maternowski
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Kabat Steve and Molly Parker The Banks Family Charitable Fund
Dick and Deb Kay Rhett and Jeralyn Pinsky Dr. and Dr. Dennis Banks
Mrs. Mary Ann Keeler Mr. and Mrs. Dan Recklein
Mr. and Mrs. William Koski Ms. Marie A. Ruddell Allan R. and Claudia A. Carlson
Janet Krueger and Bruce Goodman Barton and Kathy Steindler Advised Fund
Mr. Paul Kutsche Cheryl and John Tully Mr. and Mrs. Allan R. Carlson
Lacks Enterprises Inc. Roger and Luella Warnshuis
Mrs. Jane Lacks Larry and Betsy Willey Waters Corporation/Cassard Family
LaFleur & Godfrey Inc. Donor Advised Fund
Ms. Sally Langley William S. Martens Hundred David M. and Cara V. Cassard
Marilyn Lankfer and Jeff Schad Club Fund
Mr. William J. Lawrence III Consumers Energy Foundation Center for Systemic Change
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Lettinga Cook Charitable Foundation Advised Fund
Donald W. Maine The Currie Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Fred P. Keller
Ms. Mary W. Manguse Fifth Third Bank W. K. Kellogg Foundation
Metro Health Hospital Grand Rapids Police Department
Ms. Christine Meyer Meijer Inc. Chris-Tina Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Moceri The Secchia Family Joan M. Hoffman
Daniel and Barbara Molhoek Universal Forest Products Inc.
Mrs. Patricia A. Monahan Peter and Pat Cook Fund
Mrs. Nancy V. Orr Theodore R. and Caroline Mr. Peter C. Cook
John and Penny Pestle Schoonbeck Fund
Alice Porter Caroline Schoonbeck Estate Achille and Irene Despres,
Ms. Deborah A. Preston William and Andre Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Risch Willard and Barbara Schroeder Fund David R. and Helene M. Despres
Rordor Foundation Willard and Barbara Schroeder Estate
Ms. Barbara Rosendall The Ebenezer Fund
Ms. Barbara K. Schoendorf Erin Slade Memorial Fund Anonymous
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald B. Shippy Darlene Berghorst
Ms. Barbara A. Terpstra Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Burke Engen Family Fund
Craig Tiggleman Ms. Sally L. Coburn and NETech Corporation
Daniel L. and Betsey M. Tinkham Mr. Chuck Carter
David and Karen Ufer Ms. Sharon Crampton Grubb & Ellis | Paramount
Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Van Allsburg Ms. Mary Jane Dockeray Commerce Advised Fund
Varnum LLP Ms. Linda Dodge Jeff and Susie Schreur
Carl E. VerBeek Ms. Norma J. Fick
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Volk Ms. Maureen Larkin Jamie Hale Memorial Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Waltman Dr. and Mrs. Leon J. Quinn Ms. Sally L. Coburn and
Roger and Luella Warnshuis Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Quinn Mr. Chuck Carter
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Wedemeyer Diana R. Sieger Mr. James L. Dodge



Professional connections introduced Mike and Sue Taylor to Grand Rapids Community Foundation.
Their strong belief in its work has made them donors and enthusiastic advocates.

Mike is an estate planning attorney at Miller Johnson and serves on the Community Foundation’s
Professional Advisory Committee. “Grand Rapids is a very generous community, and many of my clients
want to leave their legacy. I believe in the Community Foundation’s mission and work. It’s a quality
organization, and I have a lot of respect for the staff. When I have clients with a philanthropic interest,
I talk about the Community Foundation and the work it does. A number of my clients have set up Donor
Advised Funds, scholarship funds or Field of Interest Funds,” Mike said.

Sue traces her personal connection with President Diana Sieger back to their days in the Junior League.
Knowing Diana created Sue’s awareness of the Community Foundation. Sue is co-owner of Maplewood
Flowerbox, a corporate floral service. “We started helping with Community Foundation special events
many years ago. We put a lot of love into our work. We’re proud to be connected,” she said.

The Taylors share the value of giving back to the community but each has special interests. As a Mary
Free Bed Guild past president, Sue focuses on helping people with disabilities. She supports Mary Free
Bed and Very Special Arts. Mike is personally connected to The Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation Scholarship
Fund at the Community Foundation. He helped make the connections that established the fund after
Josh’s accidental death in 2001. The Taylors’ son B.J. went to school with him. “The fund is a great legacy
for Josh,” Mike said. He also is partial to the Donald J. DeYoung Education Fund and the John Ball Zoo Fund,
because he personally knew the judge and he also served as president of the John Ball Zoological Society.

The Taylors earmark part of their annual Community Foundation contributions to those special funds
and they also support the Fund for Community Good. “It goes to support so many good things, and
we know the Trustees do fine work making decisions about needs. It is hard to find anything in Grand
Rapids that isn’t connected to the Community Foundation. The breadth of what it touches is enormous.
It is a great way to be involved in what is happening here,” Mike said.

The couple supported the capital campaign for the Community Foundation’s building. “It was wonderful
to see what has been done to bring back the old ice house. They’ve created something that is open to
the whole community,” Sue said.
The Brian K. and Jody L. Hart Mr. Jeffrey S. Battershall Mr. Justin W. Stemple
Charitable Fund Richard L. Bouma Ms. Elsa ter Kuile
Brian K. and Jody L. Hart Conrad and Molly Bradshaw Cheryl and John Tully
Ms. Deidre Buchanan Ms. Beverly J. Turner
Heerspink Family Advised Fund John and Angela Bursch Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Van Haren
John and Jan Heerspink John and Debra Byl Ms. Karen J. VanderWerff
20 Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Chovanec Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Wagner
Allen I. and Helen J. Hunting Mr. Bruce W. Christensen Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
GROWTH Advised Fund Sue Conway Mr. Stephen C. Waterbury
LEADERSHIP Allen and Helen Hunting Mr. J.A. Cragwall Jr. Bruce Young
Ms. Mary Daniel Ms. Cheryl K. Zylstra
David and Phyllis Koslow Fund Mr. and Mrs. Dale F. De Longpre
David A. and Phyllis E. Koslow Mr. Cameron S. DeLong __________________________________
Mr. Kevin Dougherty Field of Interest Funds Direct the
Chester and Elaine Maternowski Douglas and Kristine Dozeman Community Foundation to support
Family Fund Mr. John D. Dunn projects and programs within the
Chet and Elaine Maternowski Mr. Daniel P. Ettinger donor’s charitable interest area.
Ms. Marilee Fisher
Patricia P. and Armen G. Oumedian Ms. Nancy Gravelin African American Heritage Fund
Family Fund Mr. Peter L. Gustafson Anonymous
Mr. and Mrs. Armen G. Oumedian Andy and Cara Hakken Ms. Veneese V. Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Hall Huey G. and Mary Copeland
Louis Padnos Iron & Metal Mr. Scott Hancock Joseph Daniels M.D. and
Company Fund Mr. and Mrs. Shane B. Hansen Shirley K. Daniels
Louis Padnos Iron & Metal Company Ms. Christina Heyboer Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. Davis
Mr. Timothy L. Horner Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Dawkins
Kate Pew Wolters Fund Ms. Valerie Howard Beverly A. Drake
Kate Pew Wolters Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Hubbard Mr. and Mrs. James P. Hackett Sr.
Ms. Cara Jansma Ms. Sonya Hughes
Pimm Donor Advised Fund Ms. Luanne Kantor Robert Hurd and Diane McMillan
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Pimm Sr. Dick and Deb Kay Win and Kyle Irwin
Mr. Chad E. Kleinheksel George Ira James and Ellen James
Timothy Fund Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon P. Kok Ms. Louise J. Johnson
Estates of Mr. and Mrs. Titus J. Hager Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Kretschman Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Nobert F. Kugele Drs. Courtney and Ora Jones
Roger and Jacquelyn Vander Laan Mr. Joseph A. Kuiper Mrs. Mary Martin
Family Fund Ms. Madelaine Lane Dr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Mathis
Roger and Jacquelyn Vander Laan Mr. Gordon R. Lewis New Hope Baptist Church
John and Susie Logie Gerald and Carole Redwine
The Earl and Gert Visser Ms. Kellen Lynch Ms. Gloria Weekley
Charitable Fund Mr. Philip Lynn Allen and Jonse Young
Dr. and Mrs. Earl R. Visser Mr. and Mrs. Rodney D. Martin Rev. David Baak and Betty Zylstra
F. William and Beverly McKee
The John J. Wheeler Charitable Fund Ms. Molly E. McManus Cherry (Mrs. James) Carpenter
Mr. John J. Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Christian E. Meyer Fund for Children
Jeffrey and Susan Meyers Mrs. Karen Carpenter Millar and
Windrift Fund Mr. and Mrs. Austin Morris Dr. Dan P. Millar
Ms. Winifred K. Fox Mr. Melvin G. Moseley
Ms. Anita A. Newsome Bruce Alexis Cornelius Memorial
WKKF Advised Fund Mr. Jeffrey A. Ott Fund for Mental Health Agencies
W. K. Kellogg Foundation Mr. Steven A. Palazzolo Irma Cornelius
Mr. Mark B. Periard and
__________________________________ Dr. Barbara Periard Charles Evenson Fund for
Corporate Charitable Funds Mr. Christopher J. Predko the Environment
Allow businesses to simplify giving, Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. Rabaut Ms. Valija Rauceps
gain tax advantages, and establish Ms. Janet L. Ramsey
a permanent source of charitable Mr. Richard A. Roane Homeless Prevention Endowment Fund
contributions. The Community Mr. Vernon P. Saper Andrew and Janay Brower
Foundation manages logistics Ms. Bonnie Schaub Bill Essling
and administrative tasks, allowing Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Sevald Greg and Kim Longworth
business to focus on giving. Mr. Ernest M. Sharpe Rev. David Baak and Betty Zylstra
Mr. Todd Simpson
Warner Norcross & Judd Fund Mr. Eugene E. Smary and Mary I. and David D. Hunting
Ms. Susan Aclin Mrs. Anne Varner Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Loren M. Andrulis Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Smith Estate of Mary I. Hunting
Mr. Edward J. Bardelli Ms. Pamela K. Squire Mr. Andrew Knauf
Gordon and Janet Moeller, C. Robert and Patricia Muth Fund The Honorable Nanaruth and
Food Security Fund Mr. and Mrs. Henry M. Nelson Mr. Steven Carpenter
Anonymous Ken and Kathy Nelson Betts and Jim Casey
Ms. Shelly L. Belstra Patricia P. and Armen G. Oumedian Margot, Todd and Jane Cavalier
Helen M. Bode Family Fund Dr. and Mrs. R. Jack Chase
Steve and Cindy Borders Ms. Linda S. Pacic Jean and Charles Day
Mr. Rafael D. Diaz Mr. William L. Parker and Bob and Lois De Boer 21
Dr. and Mrs. Gene E. Fonger Mrs. Barbara J. Huschke-Parker Gail DeYoung GIFTS
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf Hanka Dr. Holly A. Perkins Mary DeYoung GROWTH
James and Ruth Holkeboer Mary I. and Robert C. Pew Mr. Max Doering LEADERSHIP
Bernard and Helen Hoogland Donor Advised Fund John and Marilyn Dooge
Ted and Leta Kubasiak Ms. Barbara Powell Mr. David Henry Dorr
Mr. Gary Lemke and Mr. and Mrs. John A. Rose Robert* and Jean Dugan
Mrs. Janeen Boerman Lemke Luanne Helder Schaftenaar Pat and Dan Esch
Mr. Richard Liberatore Bill and Kay Farr
Rob and Mary Miller __________________________________ The Honorable Patricia D. Gardner
Gordie and Jan Moeller Scholarship Funds Help students and Mr. Kim DeStigter
Jeanne P. Moeller pursue educational goals. Donors may Scott and Gail Haebich
Mr. Charles E. Strikwerda participate in the selection process Marvin and Delores Haight
Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Walstra or allow the Community Foundation Janet A. Haynes
Matt Whitney and Bridget Clark-Whitney to handle candidate approval. Dirk and Victoria Hoffius
Joan and Jim Zawacki Win and Kyle Irwin
Mr. Robert J. Zieger Altrusa Scholarship Fund Wayne and Judith Jackson
Altrusa International of Mr. and Mrs. A. Ray Kalliel
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Youth Field of Interest Fund Mrs. Noyes Avery Lea P. Menko
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Direct the Community Foundation Mr. Richard Liberatore Edna Claire Schooley
to support educational projects The Honorable Benjamin and Mr. and Mrs. James M. Shade
and programs. Dr. Denice Logan Mr. Thomas P. Sibley
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Pearson Diana R. Sieger
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Ms. Mary Beth Guidry Achille and Irene Despres, Keith and Myra Rudy
Ms. Shirley A. Hoch William and Andre Fund
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Ms. Sarah Jolman Peter Armstrong Aquinas College
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Bill Essling University of Michigan Grand Rapids Mr. and Mrs. William P. Lindhout
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Scholarship Fund Mr. Gary J. Mendels
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GROWTH Miller Johnson West Michigan Family Fund Mrs. Peggy Vroman Muir
LEADERSHIP Diversity Scholarship Fund Mr. Andrew S. Muth
Miller Johnson Chad Vollmer Scholarship Fund Fred Olert Jr.
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Professional advisors:
Grand rapids community foundation recognizes
the importance of professional advisors in the 25
charitable gift process. Their work is a valuable part GIFTS
of our long-term success. GRANTS

To determine your clients’ motivation for and knowledge of philanthropic giving,you might start with these questions:




Community Foundation Services for A Word of Thanks: We recognize the 2009/10 Professional
Advisory Committee for its work to strengthen our
Professional Advisors
organization and the community we serve.
Planned Giving Design Center: This national online tool Daniel Baas, Founders Bank & Trust
provides the latest information and resources regarding Glen Borre, Miller Johnson
planned giving and charitable gifts. Subscriptions are free Jason Brinks, Crowe Horwath LLP
Robert Brower Jr., Miller Johnson
Sharon Burtrum, Northern Trust Bank FSB
Brian Downs, Legacy Trust
A Guide To Giving Handbook: Discuss the range of giving Christopher Edgar, Miller Johnson
options with your client by using these stories of Grand Pamela Cross, Rhoades McKee PC
Rapids residents who have included the Community Charles Frayer, Crowe Horwath LLP
Frederick Gaul, Fifth Third Bank
Foundation in their estate plans. Dirk Hoffius, Varnum LLP
Thomas Jeakle, Prangley Marks LLP
The Community Foundation’s website,, David Jensen, BDO Seidman LLP
has an extensive resource section for professional advisors Carol Karr, Miller Johnson
Neil Kimball, Mika Meyers Beckett & Jones
under the “plan” tab on the home page.
Bonnie Kopp, JPMorgan Private Client Services
Marilyn Lankfer, Varnum LLP
For more information, call the Community Foundation Daniel Miller, Edward Jones Investments
development staff at 616.454.1751 or visit Jeffrey Power, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP Thomas Roberts, Macatawa Bank
Robert Schellenberg Jr., Schellenberg & Evers PC
Miles Schmidt, Miles V. Schmidt CPA PLC
Michael Taylor, Miller Johnson
Michael Van Haren, Warner Norcross & Judd LLP
Marilyn Zack, staff



Since 2000, Grand Rapids Community Foundation has been helping to preserve and protect farmland
in Kent County. We’ve made more than $600,000 in grants for land-use planning and to purchase
and preserve farmland. “Kent County would not have the program it does without the help of
philanthropy. Grand Rapids Community Foundation and the Steelcase, Wege and Frey foundations all
played an important role in our success,” said Kendra Wills, who staffs the Kent County Agricultural
Preservation Board.

Preserving farmland is important because 91 percent of America’s fruit and 78 percent of its vegetables
are grown near cities. Kent County is Michigan’s sixth most agriculturally productive county and is
among the nation’s largest producers of apples. To slow development of the county’s 170,000 acres of
farmland, Kent County’s Board of Commissioners set a long-term goal of protecting at least half the
county’s farmland from development. Its short-term goal is to protect 25,000 acres of high-priority
farmland by 2013. So far, 928 acres on eight farms have been preserved, with another five farms totaling
almost 500 acres scheduled for preservation in late 2010 or early 2011. This is done primarily through
purchase of development rights (PDR). PDR protects farmland by purchasing development rights from
farmers in exchange for a permanent agricultural conservation easement on the property deed, which
prevents using the land for anything other than farming or open space.

Bonnie Robinson is an ardent advocate for farm preservation. She learned about Kent County’s farm
preservation program when she was the Sparta Township clerk. She and others traveled to Maryland
to see firsthand a successful model of farm preservation. “When I came back, I talked seriously with Ed,
my husband, and our son Lance. We knew we wanted to protect our farm. We didn’t want to see houses
built here, because this is good farmland. This land has been in the family for so long and we wanted to
keep it that way,” Bonnie said. After nearly two years of work, they were successful in obtaining a PDR.

Robinson’s Maple Grove Farm near Sparta is the sixth farm property to be preserved in Kent County.
Ed and Lance operate a 154-acre dairy on land that’s been in Ed’s family since 1951 and will be farmed
long into the future.




Getting into, paying for and completing college is an impossible dream for many first-generation
college students. The whole process—applications, financial forms, unfamiliar terminology and
customs, multiple deadlines—can intimidate and frustrate students whose parents didn’t attend college.
“Research shows that attaining a college education is far less likely for students who are ethnically diverse
and low income than for students who are Caucasian and more affluent. Where students receive their
K-12 education, their socioeconomic level or their skin color should not be barriers to considering and
achieving a college education,” said Rhae-Ann Booker, director of Pre-College Programs at Calvin College.

Under the leadership of Grand Rapids Community Foundation, the Kent County College Access Network
(KCCAN) is working to make the college entry process more familiar and approachable. KCCAN launched
in spring 2010 after the Governor’s Summit on Education. “We are building a network of people from
higher education, the City, Grand Rapids Public Schools, some suburban schools, the Chamber of
Commerce and other youth-serving nonprofits. We focus on getting students into college and helping
them stay there,” said Ruth Bishop, Community Foundation education program officer.

“The Community Foundation has taken the lead with getting the right people at the table for conceptualizing
the network and serving as a bridge between statewide and local college access efforts. In addition to my
commitment to eliminating barriers to higher education, the long-standing, strong reputation of the
Community Foundation made it easy for me to agree to serve on the network,” Rhae-Ann said.

Mario, now a junior at Grand Rapids Montessori, will apply for college in part because of the Community
Foundation Youth Enrichment Scholarship (YES) he received in fourth grade. This program provides
funds each year for five years so students with high potential, but limited financial means, can attend
summer camps. Mario has attended art, science, soccer and computer camps. These experiences have
given him an idea of what he might want to study in college. “I’d like to work with computers or be
an architect. I like fixing things and solving problems,” he said. He has his sights set on Grand Valley
State University or Aquinas College. Mario’s past participation in YES makes him eligible for an annual
college scholarship. “Programs like YES connect families, students and resources with the goal of college
in the future. It is part of the preparation we know they need,” Ruth said.
financials 2009/10

statements of financial position, june 30: 2010 2009

Investments, at Market Value $ 189,872,234 $ 172,638,924
Beneficial Interests in Perpetual Trusts 2,994,681 2,872,799
Pledges, Gifts, and Other Receivables 3,660,518 1,378,062
Notes Receivable 2,986,299 2,790,811
Property, Furniture and Equipment, Net of Accum. Dep. 4,912,363 5,105,950
Cash Value of Insurance on Contributor’s Life 436,340 414,602
Reinsurance Contracts 1,320,190 1,118,222
Contributions Receivable—Split-Interest Agreements 4,457,172 3,660,512
Financing Costs 362,213 417,078

Total Assets $ 211,002,010 $ 190,396,960

Grants and Scholarships Payable $ 5,312,300 $ 3,572,750
Long-Term Debt 4,000,000 4,000,000
Charitable Gift Annuities Payable 2,555,470 2,677,518
Funds Held on Behalf of Nonprofits 10,400,433 9,151,132

Total Liabilities $ 22,268,203 $ 19,401,400

Designated $ 22,060,130 $ 20,573,847
Discretionary 66,140,716 61,398,306
Donor Advised 48,280,780 41,925,190
Field of Interest 13,322,032 12,389,543
Nonprofit Funds 4,863,572 4,218,209
Scholarships 12,222,597 10,007,427
Temporarily Restricted 15,868,344 14,507,402
Permanently Restricted 5,975,636 5,975,636

Total Net Assets $ 188,733,807 $ 170,995,560

Total Liabilities and Net Assets $ 211,002,010 $ 190,396,960

22.3% 19.9% 29.4% 31

7.9% 3.6% GROWTH
15.3% FIXED

statements of ACTIVITIES, YEAR ENDED June 30 2010 2009

R E V EN U E S A N D G A I N S / ( LO S S E S )
Investment Income $ 3,583,873 $ 5,417,508
Realized Gains/(Losses) on Sale of Investments 1,729,847 (15,693,996)
Change in Market Value of Investments 19,256,238 (32,052,285)
Bequests and Gifts 7,809,470 8,246,431
Change in Value of Charitable Gift Annuities (290,561) (383,015)
Change in Value of Split-Interest Agreements 796,660 (1,121,256)
Less: Amounts Allocable to Nonprofits (1,710,750) 1,530,576

Total Revenues and Gains/(Losses) $ 31,174,777 $ (34,056,037)

E x p e n ses
Grants and Scholarships Authorized $ 9,753,201 $ 9,101,346
Charitable and Philanthropic Expenses 925,942 927,910
Community Initiatives 212,196 201,566
Less: Amounts Allocable to Nonprofits (461,449) (787,413)
Supporting Services:
Fund Management 39,659 29,277
Management and General 746,441 912,107
Development and Marketing 789,737 797,443
Investment Management and Trust Fees 1,065,968 1,127,928
Property Management 364,835 461,507

Total Expenses $ 13,436,530 $ 12,771,671

Change in Net Assets 17,738,247 (46,827,708)

Net Assets, Beginning of Year 170,995,560 217,823,268

Net Assets, End of Year $ 188,733,807 $ 170,995,560

Audited financials have been given an unqualified opinion by our auditors, Plante & Moran PLLC. If you would like a copy of the full audit, please call
the Grand Rapids Community Foundation at 616.454.1751.
Total grants and scholarships authorized: $9,753,201

J U LY 1, 2009 TO JUNE 30, 2010

Making a Grant Request: Grand Rapids Community Foundation’s Community Action Committee and the Board of Trustees award grants
six times a year, after a comprehensive review by staff members. Grand Rapids Community Foundation accepts pre-applications and grant applications through-
out the year. Minimally, grant applicants must serve people in Kent County, must be a 501(c)(3) organization and work in the areas of academic achievement,
arts and social enrichment, economic prosperity/vibrant neighborhoods, healthy ecosystems and healthy people. Our guidelines detail other criteria necessary
for funding consideration. Teacher and student minigrant applications for classroom projects are submitted and awarded each fall. Scholarships are processed
in the spring with an early April deadline for application and a June notification date. To learn more about submitting a pre-application, applying for a grant,
minigrant or scholarship, please visit the Community Foundation web site at or call 616.454.1751.

This listing also includes grants made Catherine’s Health Center First Presbyterian Church
from Donor Advised Funds held at Catholic Central High School First Steps Kent
the Foundation. Catholic Charities West Michigan First United Methodist Church
ACCESS of West Michigan Catholic Secondary Schools Flat River Outreach Ministries Inc.
ACLU Celebration Education Fund Foundation Fighting Blindness
Acton Institute CEO’s for Cities Fountain Street Church
Adoptive Family Support Network Challenger Elementary Frederik Meijer Gardens
All Saint’s Academy Cherry Street Health Services Friends of Ashish
American Leprosy Mission Child & Family Resource Council Friends of Grand Rapids Parks
American Red Cross of Greater Children’s Advocacy Center Gerald R. Ford Council Boy Scouts
Grand Rapids Children’s Assessment Center of America
Anthropos Arts Christian Performing Artists Fellowship Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids
Arbor Circle Corporation Christian Reformed Church of Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore
Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids North America Grand Rapids Area Council for
Arts Organization Marketing City of Grand Rapids the Humanities
Strategy Initiative ClearTalent LLC Grand Rapids Christian High School
ArtServe Michigan Coit Creative Arts Academy Grand Rapids Christian Middle School
Association for the Blind & Community Foundation Insights GRACE (Grand Rapids Area Center
Visually Impaired Community League Inc. for Ecumenism)
Baxter Community Center Community Media Center Grace Episcopal Church
Bethany Christian Services Community Rebuilders Grand Action Foundation
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Comprehensive Therapy Center Grand Haven Area Community
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Conductive Learning Center Foundation
Blandford Nature Center Congress Elementary School Grand Rapids African American
Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp Council of Michigan Foundations Health Institute
Boys & Girls Club of Benton Harbor Council on Foundations Grand Rapids Art Museum
Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids DA Blodgett–St. John’s Grand Rapids Community College
Youth Commonwealth Dégagé Ministries Foundation
CA Frost PTSA DeVos Children’s Hospital Foundation Grand Rapids Urban League Inc.
Calvin College Diocese of Venice/Foundation 2000 Grand Rapids Community Legends Inc.
Camp Blodgett Direct Relief International Grand Rapids Public Schools
Camp Geneva Dominican Sisters–Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Rowing Association
Camp Greenwood Dwelling Place of Grand Rapids Inc. Grand Rapids Sweet Adelines
Camp Henry— Encore Grand Rapids Symphony
Westminster Presbyterian Church Exodus World Service Grand Rapids Urban League Inc.
Camp Roger Fair Housing Center of West Michigan Grand Valley State University
Camp Tall Turf Family Network Grandville Christian School
Campus ECC (Ken-O-Sha) Feeding America West Michigan Greater Grand Rapids Interfaith
Cape Eleuthera Foundation First Congregational Church of St. Johns Hospitality Network
Guiding Light Ministries Safe Haven Ministries Inc. Children’s Assessment Center
Habitat for Humanity The Salvation Army Eastown Community Association
Haiti Foundation Against Poverty Sarett Nature Center Girls Choral Academy
Hastings Area Schools SECOM Ministries Grand Rapids Public Schools
Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan Senior Meals Program Inc. Hispanic Center of Western Michigan
Heart of West Michigan United Way Senior Neighbors Inc. Holy Name of Jesus Parish 33
Help Pregnancy Crisis Aid Inc. Sherwood Park Global Studies School Kent Michigan State University GIFTS
Holy Name of Jesus Parish Shoreline Christian School Extension GROWTH
Home Repair Services of Kent County Sibley Elementary School Kids’ Food Basket LEADERSHIP
Hospice of Michigan–Grand Rapids S.O.U.L. of Philanthropy Project Neighborhood Church Ministries
Hudsonville Christian Schools South Church Oakdale Neighbors
Hugh Michael Beahan Foundation Spectrum Health Foundation The Other Way Ministries
Immaculate Heart of Mary School Spring Hill Camps Rescue Youth
Indian Trails Camp St. Cecilia Music Center Specialized Language
Inner City Christian Federation St. Mary’s Catholic Church Development Center
International Aid Inc. St. Mary’s Doran Foundation United Methodist Community House
Island School St. Stephen’s Catholic Church
Jewish Federation of Grand Rapids St. Stephen’s Education Foundation
Junior Achievement of Michigan Student Veterans of America Distributions from Nonprofit
Great Lakes Sudanese Grace Episcopal Church Endowment Funds
Kandu Incorporated Triangle Foundation American Red Cross of Greater
Ken-O-Sha Early Childhood Union High School Grand Rapids
Kent County United Methodist Community House The Arc Kent County Inc.
Kent County Department of United Way of Collier County Calvin Christian School Education
Human Services University of Miami— Foundation
Kent County Parks Department Institute for Cuban and Camp Blodgett
Kent Intermediate School District Cuban American Studies Camp Fire USA West Michigan Council
Kent Regional 4C University of Michigan Christian Rest Home Foundation
Kids’ Food Basket University Prep Academy DA Blodgett–St. John’s
Kids in Distressed Situations Inc. Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts The Economic Club of Grand Rapids
KVO–Lincoln Campus Urban Resource Systems Friends of Grand Rapids Opportunities
Lakeview School District Van Andel Research Institute for Women
Lighthouse Communities Inc. Volunteers In Service (V.I.S.) Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore
Lincoln School Well House Grand Rapids Ballet Company
LISC (Local Initiatives Support Corp.) West Leonard Early Childhood Center Grand Rapids Children’s Museum
Literacy Center of West Michigan West Michigan Strategic Alliance Grand Rapids Jaycees Foundation
Living Water Community Church West Side Christian School Grand Rapids Lions Club
Living Water Inc. Westminster Child Development Center Grand Rapids Public Library Foundation
Local First Educational Foundation Woodrow Wilson International Grand Rapids Symphony
Lotte Lehmann Foundation Center for Scholars Guardian Angel Homes Inc.
Lutheran Child & Family Service Worldwide Christian Schools Humane Society of Kent County
of Michigan YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids Indian Trails Camp
Mel Trotter Ministries Youth Enrichment Scholarship Program Jenison Christian School Education
Michigan State University YWCA West Central Michigan Foundation
Midtown Neighborhood Association John Ball Zoological Society
Muscular Dystrophy Association of In addition to these grants, Kenowa Hills Education Foundation
Grand Rapids The Community Foundation awarded Kent County Parks Foundation
NCCS Camp Newaygo 385 grants of less than $2,500 to nonprofit City of Lowell
Natural Resources Defense Council Inc. organizations. Mental Health Foundation of
The Nature Conservancy— West Michigan
West Michigan Office Northview Education Foundation
Neighborhood Ventures Meijer Good Schools for Opera Grand Rapids
New Life Christian Fellowship Grand Rapids Good Classrooms Pilgrim Manor Retirement Community
North Kent Service Center CA Frost Environmental Science Specialized Language Development
Northern Michigan Hospitals Academy St. Bernard Catholic Church
Ottawa Hills High School Harrison Park Elementary St. Stephen’s Catholic Church
Our Hope Association Sherwood Park Global Studies Academy The Salvation Army
Planned Parenthood of West and Unity Christian High School
Northern Michigan Visiting Nurse Foundation
Porter Hills Retirement Communities Grand Rapids Community Foundation West Side Christian School
& Services Inc. Youth Grant Committee Grant Awards Educational Foundation
Potter’s House Christian School Cannonsburg Challenged YWCA West Central Michigan
Project C.O.O.L. Ski Association
Reentry Roundtable of Kent County Certification for the Incarceration
Restorers Inc. Child & Family Resource Council
Grand Rapids Community Foundation manages the assets of
these Community Funds. Grants made from the Funds benefit
nonprofits in each location and are recommended by a
volunteer advisory committee.
Total COMMUNITY FUND grants authorized: $929,054

Southeast Ottawa Community Fund The Lowell Area Community Fund

Barnabas Ministries Inc. (YOUTH) City of Lowell
Council of Michigan Foundations Flat River Outreach Ministries Inc.
Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids
Greater Ottawa County United Way Greater Lowell Chamber Foundation
HUGS for Horses & Children Youth Ranch Kent Michigan State University Extension
Jenison Public Education Foundation (YOUTH) Lowell Area Arts Council
Michigan State University Extension-Ottawa County Lowell Area Historical Museum
Lowell Area Schools
Lowell Area Schools Education Foundation
Ionia County Community Fund Lowell Charter Township
Belding Area Schools—School Service Fund Lowell Community Wellness
Belding Area Schools—School Service Fund (YOUTH) Rockford Ambulance Inc.
Children with Hair Loss
City of Ionia
Classic Car Club of America Museum Inc. Sparta Community Fund
Council of Michigan Foundations Camp Blodgett (YOUTH)
ENRICH of Ionia County Council of Michigan Foundations
Feeding America West Michigan Kent County Conservation District
First Congregational Church Music with a Message for Kids Inc. (YOUTH)
Friends of Fred Meijer Heartland Trail North Kent Service Center
Gerald R. Ford Council Boy Scouts of America Sparta Area Schools
Ionia County Historical Society Sparta Area Schools (YOUTH)
Ionia County Intermediate School District Sparta Cooperative Preschool
Ionia County Intermediate School District (YOUTH)
Ionia Public Schools
Ionia Public Schools (YOUTH) Wyoming Community Fund
Lakewood Education Foundation American Cancer Society
Michigan State University Extension—Ionia County Arbor Circle Corporation
Muir First Christian Church Camp Blodgett (YOUTH)
Music with a Message for Kids Inc. (YOUTH) Certification for the Incarceration
Portland Public Schools Cheff Therapeutic
R.E. Olds Museum City of Wyoming
Saranac Community Schools Council of Michigan Foundations
St. Patrick’s School Family Network
United Methodist Church of Portland Holy Name of Jesus Parish (YOUTH)
Home Repair Services of Kent County
Hospice of Michigan—Grand Rapids
Junior Achievement of Michigan Great Lakes
Mel Trotter Ministries
Michigan Restaurant Association Educational Support Foundation
Neighborhood Church Ministries (YOUTH)
Planned Parenthood of West and Northern Michigan
Prodigal Human Services
(YOUTH): grant from youth grant committee fund West Michigan Veterans Assistance Program
For more than 50 years, Grand Rapids Community Foundation
has supported students in their pursuit of higher education. 35
This year, 1,238 students applied for scholarships and GIFTS
539 received awards. GRANTS
Total scholarship grants authorized: $544,893

Altrusa Scholarship Fund Guy D. and Mary Edith Halladay Josephine Ringold Scholarship Fund
Trust Fund
Noyes L. Avery Jr. and Margery J. Seeger Scholarship Fund
Ann E. Avery Fund Donald and Florence Hunting
Gladys A. Snauble Scholarship Fund
Memorial Fund
Black Men Building Resources
Christine Soper Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Fund The Jack Family Educational Fund
Dr. William E. and Norma Sprague
Geraldine Geistert Boss Camilla C. Johnson Scholarship
Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Fund Trust Fund
Dorothy B. and Charles E. Thomas Fund
Harry J. Brown and Lucille B. Brown Lowell Area Community Fund
in support of the Ringold Scholarship
Scholarship Fund Scholarships
Dorothy J. Thurston Scholarship Fund
Orrie and Dorothy Cassada Peggy (Kommer) Novosad
Scholarship Fund Scholarship Fund Chad Vollmer Scholarship Fund
Llewellyn L. Cayvan Kommer Scholarship Fund Mildred E. Troske Scholarship Fund
String Instrument Scholarship Fund
Ladies Literary Club Scholarship Fund University of Michigan GR Alumnae
Paul Collins Scholarship Fund Trust Scholarship Fund
Lavina A. Laible Scholarship
Country Fresh LLC Scholarship Fund Trust Fund University of Michigan Grand Rapids
Alumnae–Margaret Appelt Kerr Fund
Gerald M. Crane Memorial Music Stephen D. Lankester Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Fund University of Michigan Grand Rapids
Sherman L. and Mabel C. Lepard
Alumnae–Meta Prange Murphy/
Achille and Irene Despres, William Scholarship Fund
Lucille Prange Fund
and Andre Scholarship Fund
Lowell Englehardt/
Keith C. VanderHyde Scholarship Fund
Donald J. DeYoung Education Fund Runcimen Scholarship
Roger and Jacquelyn VanderLaan
Edwin F. Doyle Scholarship Fund John T. and Frances J. Maghielse
Family Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Fund
Economic Club of Grand Rapids
Jacob R., Mary M. and Lenore K.
Scholarship Fund Meijer Family Educational
VanLoo Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Fund I
Virginia Valk Fehsenfeld
Warner Norcross & Judd
Scholarship Fund Meijer Family Educational
Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Fund II
Melbourne and Alice E. Frontjes
Donald W. Wells Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Fund The Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation
Scholarship Fund Elmo Wierenga Ottawa Hills Alumni
Carolyn Gallmeyer Fund
Scholarship Fund
Robert L. and Hilda Treasure
Mathilda Gallmeyer Mitchell Scholarship Fund Walter C. Winchester Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Fund
Dr. Patricia E. Newby Violet Wondergem Health Science
Grand Rapids Combined Theatre Close Up Scholarship Scholarship Fund
Scholarship Fund
Patricia P. and Armen G. Oumedian Audrey L. Wright Scholarship Fund
Grand Rapids Scholarship Scholarship Fund
Association Fund Youth Enrichment Scholarship Program
Forrest Arthur Pletcher
Hackett Family Scholarship Fund Memorial Fund



In summer 2009, Grand Rapids Community Foundation gathered leaders from arts and cultural
organizations to talk about the economic downturn’s effect on operations, attendance and donations.
“Essentially the arts organizations told us they needed continued support from patrons—people going to
performances and exhibitions, buying memberships and encouraging others to attend and participate.
We wanted to help support the arts and cultural community as a whole. Not an easy task,” said Diana
Sieger, Community Foundation president.

Together the arts leadership group came up with an “all arts” marketing outreach effort. The Community
Foundation awarded a $150,000 leadership grant to launch the promotional campaign and (WYA) website. The arts-only website features information about visual art,
dance, literature, music, youth programming and cultural offerings. The Arts Council of Greater
Grand Rapids, the project’s key partner, maintains the website. Any Arts Council member may post
event information.

“The website has leveled the playing field for arts and cultural organizations. Circle Theatre and
Actors Theatre can have the same visibility as Civic Theatre. Turning Point School of Dance is as visible
as the Grand Rapids Ballet, and UICA receives the same exposure as Grand Rapids Art Museum.
We want this to be the go-to site for the arts in Grand Rapids and beyond,” said Caroline Older, Arts
Council executive director.

“Whether it’s opera, theatre or an art exhibition, What’s Your Art GR? helps make all arts and culture
offerings available to the community and beyond. We at Opera Grand Rapids are delighted because,
though it’s our favorite art, opera might not be everybody’s first ‘arts thought.’ A visit to the What’s Your
Art GR? website could trigger someone to experience this extraordinary art even if they may not have
previously considered it,” said Michael Havlicek, executive director of Opera Grand Rapids.

Besides increasing ticket and membership sales for the arts and cultural community, What’s Your Art GR?
has helped the Arts Council increase its own capacity. Memberships are up by 17 percent, including
new members on the lakeshore. “We have increased the level of strategic marketing support we can
offer members, and we have more ongoing and regular communication with members because
of WYA,” Caroline said.
total number of funds: 514
total assets held: $21 1,002,010

Community Funds August and Anna Behrens Fund for Girl Scouts of
Cascade Community Foundation Fund Michigan Shore to Shore
East Grand Rapids Community Foundation Fund Anna Bissell Charity Trust Fund
Ionia County Community Foundation Fund D. A. Blodgett Services for Children and Families Fund
Belding Education Fund Estate of Minnie C. Blodgett for Clinic for Infant Feeding
Belding Schools Fund Calvin Christian School Education Foundation Endowment Fund
George H. Bird Scholarship Calvin College Service Learning Center Fund
Burger Fund Camp Blodgett Endowment Fund
Frost Renaissance Foundation Camp Fire–Harriet D. and Mary Dively Fund
Don and Emma Goodell Scholarship Fund Camp Fire–WoHeLo Fund
Faith Community Christian School Fund Catherine’s Health Center Fund
Healthy Youth & Healthy Seniors Fund Cedar Springs Education Foundation Fund
Ionia County Community Foundation–Youth Fund Cherry Street Health Services–Fund for the Disadvantaged
Ionia County Parks Preservation and Maintenance Fund Christian Rest Home Foundation Fund
Ionia FREE Fair Fund Dr. Edwin P. and Florence H. Creaser Fund
Ionia Public Schools Scholarship Fund David G. Dvorak, M.D. Scholarship Fund
Lakewood Educational Foundation Fund The Economic Club of Grand Rapids Endowment Fund
Paul and Alberta Allen Scholarship Fund for Lakewood High School George and Louise Egeler Fund Supporting YESP
George W. Romney Fund—Enrich of Ionia County Volunteer Center George E. and Erma C. Evans Designated Fund for the Salvation Army
Saranac Community Schools Edward J. and Frances T. Frey Memorial Fund for
Saranac Community Schools Scholarship Fund St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
Paul and Alberta Allen Scholarship Fund for Saranac High School Edward J. Frey Junior Achievement Fund
Edwin A. and Maxine Cahoon Compagner Memorial Fund Grand Rapids Ballet Agency Endowment Fund
Thomas P., Della and George Eddy Scholarship Fund Grand Rapids Children’s Museum Fund
Ben A. and Lucy C. Simons Memorial Education Fund Grand Rapids Jaycees Foundation Douglas B. Wicks Fund
W. W. Sprague Family Fund Grand Rapids Lions Club Activities Commission Fund
The Lowell Area Community Fund Grand Rapids Maya Lin “Ecliptic” Art Maintenance Endowment Fund
Southeast Ottawa Community Foundation Fund Grand Rapids Public Library Foundation Fund
Wayne D. Jones Community Fund Grand Rapids Symphony Mosaic Scholarship
Southeast Ottawa Community Foundation–Youth Fund Grand Rapids Urban League Fund
Sparta Community Foundation Fund Grand Rapids Youth Commonwealth Endowment Fund
Glenn S. Bradford Fund Grand Rapids Youth Commonwealth–
Clare and Helen Finch Fund Harry Dolan Camp O’Malley Scholarship Fund
Paul C. and Inez L. Miller Fund Grandville Athletic Boosters Endowment Fund
Sparta Community Foundation–Youth Fund Grandville Christian School Foundation Fund
Wyoming Community Foundation Fund GROW Bonnie Miller Endowment Fund
Tommy Brann Fund Guardian Angel Homes Endowment Fund
John and Margaret Kuiper Family Fund Karl Hascall Variety Club Fund
Wyoming Community Foundation–Youth Fund Home Repair Service Endowment Fund
Hudsonville Christian School Foundation Fund
Designated and Nonprofit Funds Humane Society of Kent County Agency Endowment Fund
Actor’s Theatre Company Endowment Fund Humane Society of Kent County–Elsie Eggebrecht Fund
American Red Cross Agency Endowment Fund Humane Society of Kent County–Clarence and Catherine
John Arnold Endowment Fund for Feeding America Thielman Endowment Fund
West Michigan Food Bank Indian Trails Camp Endowment Fund
Aquinas College Frey Scholars Fund Indian Trails Camp–Cabin Fund
The Arc Kent County Endowment Fund Indian Trails–Paul Clark Blanding Memorial Scholarship Fund
Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids Fund Jenison Christian School Endowment Fund
Association of Fundraising Professionals Jenison Public Education Foundation Fund
West Michigan Chapter Fund John Ball Zoological Society Wildlife Conservation Endowment Fund
Frank and Ann Battistella Grand Rapids Art Museum Fund Laureen Kennedy Child Care Fund
Kenowa Hills Education Foundation Fund The Ebenezer Fund
Kent County Agricultural Preservation Fund Engen Family Fund
Kent District Library Fund Fishell Fund
Ladies Literary Club Fund for Literacy Center of West Michigan Founder’s Fund
Leadership Grand Rapids Fund Tom and Mickie Fox Family Advised Fund
Lowell Area Historical Museum Endowment Fund Walter B. and Susan S. Freihofer Fund 39
Lowell Area Schools Education Foundation Endowment Fund The Jack and Jill French Charitable Fund
LCTV Endowment Fund Furniture Manufacturers’ Heritage Advised Fund GROWTH
Meijer Wealthy Theatre Fund C. John Gill and Rita Williams Family Fund GRANTS
Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan Fund Richard and Elizabeth Gillett Family Fund
Noorthoek Academy Endowment Fund The Tim and Kerry Goaley Charitable Fund
Northview Education Foundation Endowment Fund The Jack and Sue Hagist Charitable Fund
Opera Grand Rapids Fund Jamie Hale Memorial Fund
Opera Grand Rapids–Betty Van Andel Fund The Brian K. and Jody L. Hart Charitable Fund
Pilgrim Manor Endowment Fund Hascall Family Donor Advised Fund
Charlotte M. Raniville Fund for the Benefit of Mary Free Bed Guild Janet A. Haynes and Kelsey Haynes Winston Advised Fund
Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Fund Heerspink Family Advised Fund
George W. Romney Fund– The David and Cathy Heldt Charitable Fund
Heart of West Michigan United Way Volunteer Center The Heuschkel Family Fund in Memory of Emilie
Ronald McDonald House Fund Beverly and William Heyne Fund
Rotary Club of Lowell Foundation Fund Stuart and Barbara Hoffius Family Fund
Safe Haven Ministries Inc. Endowment Fund Thomas E. and Geraldine K. Hogan Fund
St. Cecilia Music Society Building Endowment Fund Earl and Donnalee Holton Advised Fund
St. John’s Home Endowment Fund Ken and June Holtvluwer Fund
Senior Meals on Wheels of Western Michigan Fund The Bart and Fran Housman Charitable Fund
Senior Neighbors Fund Allen I. and Helen J. Hunting Advised Fund
Douglas Leon Spalding Memorial Fund David and Marilyn Hunting Fund
Spirit of Solidarity Fund William and Beatrice Idema Fund
Nellie H. Stevens Grand Rapids Teachers’ Travel Fund JCT Donor Advised Fund
Kathryn and Dennis Sullivan Charitable Fund Thomas J. and Margaret L. Jack Fund
The Kathy Timmer Specialized Language Development Linn Maxwell Keller Donor Advised Fund
Learning Center Memorial Fund Herbert and Glenna Knape Family Fund
Unity Christian High School Education Support Fund David and Phyllis Koslow Fund
Wege Wealthy Theatre Fund Lafayette Fund
West Michigan Center For Arts and Technology Fund Loeks Family Fund
West Michigan Dental Foundation Fund Judson M. and Lynn E. Lynch Family Advised Fund
West Side Christian School Fund The EWM Fund
Women’s Resource Center Founder’s Circle Endowment Fund Chester and Elaine Maternowski Family Fund
World Affairs Council of West Michigan Endowment Fund Wayne G. and Rosemary Martin Family Fund
YWCA Women and Girls Development Fund in Honor of Judy Lloyd Barbara Mayo-Johnson Donor Advised Fund
The Fred and Lena Meijer Fund
Donor Advised Funds Fred and Lena Meijer Grandparents Fund #1
The ACH Fund Fred and Lena Meijer Grandparents Fund #2
Robert N. and Catherine R. Alt Family Fund Fred and Lena Meijer Grandparents Fund #3
Anonymous Advised Funds (2) Fred and Lena Meijer Grandparents Fund #4
Jeffrey and Barbara Arnold Charitable Fund Fred and Lena Meijer Grandparents Fund #5
The Banks Family Charitable Fund Fred and Lena Meijer Grandparents Fund #6
Kip and Chris Barber Fund Fred and Lena Meijer Grandparents Fund #7
John R. Bertsch Fund Hendrik and Gezina Meijer Fund
John and Claire Bissell Advised Fund Frank H. and Virginia L. Merlotti Advised Fund
Matthew and Vicki Bissell Advised Fund Paul C. and Inez L. Miller Fund
Armand F. and Gretchen B. Burch Donor Advised Fund The Moore Brower Charitable Fund
Allan R. and Claudia A. Carlson Advised Fund C. Robert and Patricia Muth Fund
Center for Systemic Change Advised Funds The Myers Family Fund
Chris-Tina Fund Leonard and Eileen Newman Fund
Roger and Sally Ciapara Donor Advised Fund Patricia P. and Armen G. Oumedian Family Fund
Colliers International Fund Louis Padnos Iron & Metal Company Fund
Peter and Pat Cook Fund Padnos/Sarosik Fund
Richard C. and Shirley E. Cooper Advised Fund Park Avenue Partners Fund
Robert J. and Katherine M. Daverman Fund The Eugene and Janice Perkins Charitable Fund
Eleanor Hager Defoe Fund Peterson Memorial Fund
DeLapa Family Fund Mary I. and Robert C. Pew Donor Advised Fund
Achille and Irene Despres, William and Andre Fund Virgil and Louise Phelps Advised Fund
Richard and Helen DeVos Advised Fund Pimm Donor Advised Fund
Dyer-Ives Neighborhood Fund Rimbaud Fund
River City Fund Herbert and Doris Vander Mey Fund for Treatment
The Scott and Anne Rush Charitable Fund of Neurological Diseases
Nancy and Doug Slade Dynamic Donor Advised Fund Youth Field of Interest Fund
Sligh Memorial Fund
Richard E. Smoke Advised Fund Operating/Special Project Funds
40 William E. and Norma Sprague Charitable Fund Administrative Fund
Dr. Alfred B. Swanson and Special Project Funds
GIFTS Dr. Genevieve de Groot Swanson Advised Fund Atlantic Philanthropies Fund
GRANTS Arvin L. and Pearl M. Tap Fund Building Campaign Fund
Steele A. and Mary D. Taylor Advised Fund Cherry Street Health Services–Matching Campaign
The Fawcett Tilton Donor Advised Fund Coalition of Community Foundations for Youth
Timothy Fund Good Classrooms Fund
Wayne and Diane Titche Fund ENTF Fund
Daniel and Alice Trapp Family Advised Fund Grand Rapids Police Department History Book Project Fund
Anne Heyboer Vander Heide Fund JEHT Foundation Reentry Initiative Fund
Roger and Jacquelyn Vander Laan Family Fund Knight Foundation Citizen Journalism Fund
The Earl and Gert Visser Charitable Fund Meijer Good Schools and Good Classrooms Fund
The Timothy and Susan Visser Charitable Fund Nonprofit Technical Assistance Fund
Warner Norcross & Judd Fund Red Brick Building II Inc.
Waters Corporation/Cassard Family Donor Advised Fund Rosa Parks Sculpture Project Fund
The John J. Wheeler Charitable Fund Secchia Grove Project Fund
The Sue and Jim Williams Donor Advised Fund S.O.U.L. of Philanthropy Fund
The Miller Willit Family Fund Vandenberg Statue Project Fund
Windrift Fund Charitable Gift Annuity Funds (48 funds)
WKKF Advised Fund
Kate Pew Wolters Fund Scholarship Funds
The Beth Anne and Timothy F. Ziegler Charitable Fund Altrusa Scholarship Fund
Noyes L. Avery Jr. and Ann E. Avery Fund
Field of Interest Funds Black Men Building Resources Scholarship Fund
Kathryn L. Adamson Fund for Children Geraldine Geistert Boss Scholarship Fund
Kathryn L. Adamson Fund for the Elderly Harry J. Brown and Lucille B. Brown Scholarship Fund
African American Heritage Fund Orrie and Dorothy Cassada Scholarship Fund
George M. Ames Fund Llewellyn L. Cayvan String Instrument Scholarship Fund
Lucy E. Barnett Trust for the Elderly Thomas D. Coffield Scholarship Fund
John, Margaret and Maryellen Berry Fund Paul Collins Scholarship Fund
Cherry (Mrs. James) Carpenter Fund for Children Country Fresh LLC Scholarship Fund
Commercial Economic Development Fund Gerald M. Crane Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
Bruce Alexis Cornelius Memorial Fund for Mental Health Agencies Achille and Irene Despres, William and Andre
George M. and Lucinda Ann Edison Memorial Trust Fund Scholarship Fund
Anne Katherine VanLoo Eldred Education Fund Donald J. DeYoung Education Fund
Emma Sherwood Evans Trust Fund Edwin F. Doyle Scholarship Fund
Charles Evenson Fund for the Environment Economic Club of Grand Rapids Scholarship Fund
William S. Folz Fund for Cancer Research Virginia Valk Fehsenfeld Scholarship Fund
Fund for Academic Achievement Melbourne and Alice E. Frontjes Scholarship Fund
Fund for Arts and Social Enrichment Carolyn Gallmeyer Fund
Fund for Economic Prosperity Mathilda Gallmeyer Scholarship Fund
Fund for Healthy Ecosystems Grand Rapids Combined Theatre Scholarship Fund
Fund for Healthy People Grand Rapids Scholarship Association Fund
Fund for Vibrant Neighborhoods Hackett Family Scholarship Fund
Healthy Youth & Healthy Seniors Fund Guy D. and Mary Edith Halladay Trust Fund
Cecilia Hoagland Fund for Local Veterans Donald and Florence Hunting Memorial Fund
Arthur H. Holmes Handicap Fund The Jack Family Educational Fund
Homeless Prevention Endowment Fund Camilla C. Johnson Scholarship Trust Fund
Mary I. and David D. Hunting Family Fund Kommer Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth J. Steed Johnson Fund for Healthcare and Ladies Literary Club Scholarship Fund
Community Health Lavina A. Laible Scholarship Trust Fund
Ken, Melinda and Andrew Krei Youth Fund Stephen D. Lankester Scholarship Fund
Ladies Literary Club Fund for Literary Arts Sherman L. and Mabel C. Lepard Scholarship Fund
The C. Lincoln Linderholm Trust John T. and Frances J. Maghielse Scholarship Fund
Duncan Littlefair Literary Fund for Children Meijer Family Educational Scholarship Fund I
Gordon and Janet Moeller, Food Security Fund Meijer Family Educational Scholarship Fund II
Needy Children Field of Interest Fund Miller Johnson West Michigan Diversity Scholarship Fund
Estate of Annette Richards The Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation Scholarship Fund
Kathryn and Dennis Sullivan Charitable Fund Robert L. and Hilda Treasure Mitchell Scholarship Fund
Social Venture Investors Fund Harry J. Morris Jr. Emergency Services Education Scholarship Fund
Kenneth M. Sweers Fund for the Homeless Dr. Patricia E. Newby Close Up Scholarship Fund
Peggy (Kommer) Novosad Scholarship Fund Leon W. Hall Fund
Patricia P. and Armen G. Oumedian Scholarship Fund Stanley C. Hall Fund
Reverend Lyman Parks Sr. Scholarship Fund Richard and Barbara Haslinger Family Fund
Forrest Arthur Pletcher Memorial Fund Minnie E. Haven Fund
Josephine Ringold Scholarship Fund Elizabeth Herkner Fund
General Scholarship Fund Edward M. Herpolsheimer Fund 41
Margery J. Seeger Scholarship Fund Karl E. Herpolsheimer Fund
Gladys A. Snauble Scholarship Fund Dirk and Victoria Hoffius Fund GIFTS
Christine Soper Scholarship Fund Orianna D. Hooker Fund GRANTS
Dr. William E. and Norma Sprague Scholarship Fund Arthur J. and Sue H. Hoover Fund LEADERSHIP

Dorothy B. and Charles E. Thomas Fund in support of Walter D. Idema Fund

the Ringold Scholarship Walter D. Idema Charitable Trust
Dorothy J. Thurston Scholarship Fund Clare and Grace Jarecki Fund
Mildred E. Troske Scholarship Fund Elizabeth J. Steed Johnson Fund
Trust of the Grand Rapids Federation of University of Kent Charitable Fund
Michigan Alumnae Club Mary Jane Kirchgessner Trust
University of Michigan Grand Rapids Alumnae Trust Scholarship Fund Jane and Sam Kravitz Fund for Community Good
Margaret Appelt Kerr Fund Robert J. Kulms Trust
Meta Prange Murphy/Lucille Prange Fund Perry M. and Hazel A. Lawr Fund
Rosemary Scott Fund Ben H. Lee Jr. Fund
Roger and Jacquelyn Vander Laan Family Scholarship Fund Harvey E. Lemmen Fund
Keith C. VanderHyde Scholarship Fund Clara T. Limbert Fund
Jacob R., Mary M. and Lenore K. VanLoo Scholarship Fund Gertrude Lindberry Fund
Chad Vollmer Scholarship Fund Charles W. Loosemore Fund
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Violet Wondergem Health Science Scholarship Fund Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. McCobb Fund
Audrey L. Wright Scholarship Fund Isabel McLeod Fund
Youth Enrichment Scholarship Program George and Mary Metz Charitable Fund
Mary D. Morman Trust
Unrestricted Funds Estate of Melanie L. Muir
Fund for the Community Good Estate of Dr. Clifford T. Nelson
Contributions Receivable (split-interest) Francis J. O’Connor Fund
John H. and Nancy L. Batts Trust, Mr. and Mrs. Max Doering Charlotte M. Raniville Fund
Trust, Diane S. Farage Trust, Edwin R. Hondelink Trust, Leonard and Dora Rosenzweig Fund
Clare and Grace Jarecki Trust, Ben Lee, Jr. Estate, Millard M. Theodore R. and Caroline Schoonbeck Fund
Moore and Viola M. Moore Trust, C. Allen Payne Trust, Grace L. Schouten Memorial Trust Fund
Caroline P. Schoonbeck Trust, Dorothy Scholwalter Estate, Willard and Barbara Schroeder Fund
Marvin D. Stahl Trust, G. F. “Deck” and Ruth Stewart Estate, Margery Seeger Fund
Herbert E. Thurston Family Trust, Kenneth Vonk Trust Erin Slade Memorial Fund
Marian A. Aldrich Fund Estate of Isabelle and Herman Slanger
American Box Board Community Fund Eileen Slootmaker Fund
Employees of Autocam Fund Mary A. and Lenore G. Smith Fund
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Harvey and Margaret Brower Fund Joseph and Helen Tulos Fund
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Eugene D. Conger Fund Biem H. and Irene G. Vandermass Fund
Louis A. Cornelius Trust Englebert J. and Lelah Sexton Vogt Trust
Dallas and Helen Darling Fund Estate of Ralph A. Voigt
Cornelia De Fouw Fund Jeanette Shelly Warner Fund
Douglas DeBoer Memorial Fund John C. Whitcomb Fund
George and Louise Egeler Fund Marion Stuart White Fund
Engineered Protection Systems Fund Estate of Zoe F. Whitworth Trust
Henry A. Fox Family Fund Mrs. Imogene W. Wickett Fund
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Frey Fund Arthur D. Wolf Foundation Trust
Jim McKay and Twink Frey Fund Charles D. and Irene A. Worden Fund
Mrs. L. C. Gardner Fund Estate of Curtis M. Wylie
Carol E. Greene Fund for Community Good George L. and Esther B. Young Trust
Chester A. Hall Fund




Is homelessness too complicated to solve? Local leaders think not. “The solution to homelessness is
housing,” said Janay Brower, who coordinates the Grand Rapids Coalition to End Homelessness.

The coalition’s 10-year vision—ending homelessness in Kent County by 2014—is not about building
bigger better shelters. Instead, this community collaborative of 150-plus partners is changing the system
so that everyone can have safe, affordable, permanent housing. It works to prevent homelessness,
rapidly rehouse people in crisis and build infrastructure.

“We have a ‘housing first’ focus,” Janay said. This approach links community providers and created a
Salvation Army-based central intake and referral system. It helps people remain in their current home
or move to more affordable housing. Only when there are no other options are people connected
with a shelter. “The need is high, but assisting more people with homeless prevention funds kept them
from becoming literally homeless. The number of people who entered the system as homeless in 2009
was 15 percent lower (5,118) than in 2008 (6,022). Community begins with housing. The reality is
Grand Rapids needs more affordable housing, defined as costing no more than 30 percent of income,”
Janay said. Most local households at risk for homelessness spent at least twice that on rent.

Grand Rapids Community Foundation has been involved in ending homelessness since the coalition
began. It has awarded $850,000 in grants, convened key conversations and supported the upcoming
Roof to Roots public awareness campaign. Laurie Craft, a Community Foundation program director,
chairs the coalition. “The Community Foundation is great at long-term thinking and planning. It has
high expectations of the new system we’ve created and holds us collectively accountable,” Janay said.

Bernice Shields lived with a man who abused substances but she never imagined becoming homeless.
“I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I had to leave. And that made me homeless,” Bernice said. She didn’t
want to burden struggling family members so went into the shelter at Dégagé Ministries and kept
attending culinary arts classes at Grand Rapids Community College. “It felt like there was no way out.
I was ready to give up. I can understand why depression comes on so fast,” she said. The central intake
process connected her with Community Rebuilders, a coalition partner that helped her find housing.
She moved in on her birthday and enjoys cooking again for her daughters and friends. “I’m so grateful
for the help I got from Dégagé, Open Door and Community Rebuilders. I really am. I’ll be here for
the rest of my life,” she said.

community foundation trustees

AND leadership

CHAIR: Cecile Cave Fehsenfeld Eva Aguirre Cooper Paul T. Doyle

President, Schuler Books & Music Director of Community Affairs, WOOD TV 8 Principal, Paul T. Doyle & Associates LLC

VICE CHAIR: Carol J. Karr Wayman P. Britt Paul M. Keep

Partner and Chair of Probate and Estate Planning Assistant County Administrator, Editor, The Grand Rapids Press
Practice Group, Miller Johnson Kent County Administration

NOT PICTURED: Thomas Kennedy, Catholic Central High School, Student Trustee; Thomas R. Hilliker (resigned November 2009), Retired, Macatawa Bank;
Michael S. Hoffman (resigned May 2010), President, Hoffman Jewelers
Arend D. Lubbers PRESIDENT: Diana R. Seiger Marcia L. Rapp
President Emeritus, Grand Valley State University Vice President, Programs
Lynne M. Black
Bonnie K. Miller Vice President, Finance and Administration Marilyn W. Zack
Retired, United Bank Vice President, Development
Roberta F. King
Robert W. Roth Vice President, PR and Marketing
President and CEO, RoMan Manufacturing Inc.
Natalia Alejos, Receptionist Kevin Harmelink, Controller
Ruth Bishop, Education Program Officer Mary Karrip, Development Administrative Assistant
46 Gina Bovee, Development Director Cris Kooyer, Youth and Education Program Officer
GIFTS Lisa Brown, Donor Services Associate Kate Luckert Schmid, Program Director
GROWTH Jan Burns, Special Projects Coordinator Amy Price, Program Administrative Assistant
LEADERSHIP Laurie Craft, Program Director Ann Puckett, Grants Administrator/IS Associate
Bridget De Vos, Development Research Associate Amanda St. Pierre, PR and Marketing Specialist
Barb Forseman, Finance Administrative Assistant Jill Tiefenbach, Program Administrative Assistant
Rená Guttrich, Executive Assistant Jonse Young, Development Director

Advisory Council Kerby Wallick Scholarship Marilyn Titche

Bob Roth, chair Lynne Black, staff Selection Vert Trice
Christina Arnold Kevin Harmelink, staff June Anderson Jacquelyn Vander Laan
Andrew Brower Diana Sieger, staff Ron Apol Lou VanderHave
Tripp Corl Mary Appelt M.D. Gary Walker
Kurt Dietsch Meijer Good Claudia Bajema Anita Watson-Phillips
Floriza Genautis Classrooms Kathy Boylon Barbara Wepman
Jeff Gietzen Selection Committee James Brady Carol Werkema
Maxine Gray Dorothy Armstrong PhD Fredrick “Fritz” Briscoe James White
Jeff Hill Beth Batts Daniel Brooks PhD Fredericka Williams
Keith Hopkins Rhae-Ann Booker PhD Dorothy Jo Butler Josephine Wislocki
Sonya Hughes Ruth Buntin-Majawa Jack Clifford Ruth Bishop, staff
Joseph Jones Walter DeBoer EdD Clay Coleman
Linda McCarter Cheryl Endres John Darling Trusteeship
Paul Moore Jean Enright Gail DeYoung Cecile Cave Fehsenfeld, chair
Minnie Morey Temprance Mann Milton Ehlert Paul Doyle
Mike Mraz Kathy Meuser Hugh Eisen Carol Karr
Carol Paine-McGovern Bernard Stanko EdD Patricia Gardner Diana Sieger, staff
José Reyna Thomas Visser Victoria Gibbs
Carlos Sanchez Cris Kooyer, staff Dareather Greer Youth Grant
Emily Stoddard Furrow Kathy Hackett Gabe Audu
Eddie Tadlock Meijer Good Schools Janet Haynes Tiffany Boorsma
Dan Van Kalker for Grand Rapids Robert Hendrickson Chaslyn Burt
Beverly Wall Review Team Randall Hoekstra David DeStigter
Gina Bovee, staff Ruth Bishop Wendy Lewis Jackson Allison Endres
Jonse Young, staff Lynne Ferrell-Robinson Cleopatra Jeffries Nnenna Ezeh
Susan Heartwell Jennifer Jordan Sarah Fagerman
AUDIT Edwin Hernandez PhD Cathryn Keating Grace Feenstra
Kenneth Peirce, chair Angela Morris Kathy Keehn R.J. Ferrell-Tillman
John Hogan** Linda Patterson Rodney Lewis Kyrstan Forseman
Bonnie Miller Cris Kooyer, staff Tammy Looman Kierstdea Furey
Christopher Rosmarin Elias Lumpkins Mary Jane Gallegos
Lynne Black, staff Meijer Good Schools Marney MacAdam Matt Gammans
Kevin Harmelink, staff for Grand Rapids J. Joseph Mapes Elisabeth Gladyness
Diana Sieger, staff Site Visit Team J. Stephen Marshall Nikaysha Haight
Dorothy Armstrong PhD Rodney Martin Tabitha Haight
COMMUNITY ACTION Beth Batts Diane McMillan Elizabeth Herman
Eva Aguirre Cooper, chair Rhae-Ann Booker PhD Pam Mitchell Tom Kennedy
Jeanne Arnold EdD Andrew Brower David Mix Nick Kooyer
Shavon Doyle Sally Coburn Carole Morgan Williams Caroline Liske
Cecile Cave Fehsenfeld Cheryl Endres Mary Margaret Munski PhD Vlastibor Minarovjech
Reneé Hampton Lynn Heemstra Carol Muth Mariah Nawrot
Joyce Henry Lucy Joswick Patricia Newby EdD Kathryn Nowicki
Michael Hoffman Diane McMillan Helen Oudendyk Jenna Rood
Rick Treur Carole Morgan Williams Armen Oumedian Deja Smith
Marcia Rapp, staff Carol Paine-McGovern Ken Parrish Khayriyyah
Jacque Rhodes Anke Pearson Muhammad Smith
INVESTMENT REVIEW Robin Smith-Colton PhD Phillip Pearson Akeram Suleiman
Michael Rosloniec, chair Kevin Stotts Charles Pletcher Mackenzie Swart
Samuel Cummings Jeffrey VanWinkle Virginia Proctor Alex Tarr
R. Jack Frick Cris Kooyer, staff Nancy Reahm Dakota Wolter
Maureen Hale** Susan Rios Cris Kooyer, staff
Bonnie Miller Fred Sebulske III
Peter Perez Wendy Stock
Bob Roth Dorothy Thurston

** THROUGH DEC. 31, 2009

philanthropy starts with
a desire to make a difference

Grand Rapids Community Foundation provides the professional services

to help you accomplish your philanthropic goals. Whether you make an
annual gift to the Fund for Community Good or a major gift to create your
own named fund, both will have enduring value as permanent community
endowments. Giving cash, stock, real estate, retirement assets or even
intellectual property are all ways to support the community you love.
You can donate these assets during your lifetime or through a planned gift.
The Community Foundation, working with your attorney, accountant or other
advisor, can help create a plan that will achieve your philanthropic dreams.

For more information, call Marilyn Zack, Vice President of Development,

at 616.454.1751 x127.
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