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Fantom VS Editor

Fantom VS Editor
This online Help explains how to use the Fantom VS Editor VSTi plugin in SONAR.

The VS-700R V-Studio I/O interface includes an integrated Roland Fantom VS hardware synthesizer that is stocked with over
1,400 patches from the world renowned Roland Fantom synth. You can play MIDI data from SONAR through the Fantom VS

The Fantom VS Editor lets you edit Fantom VS patches and parameters from within SONAR, and the results of your editing
can be saved in a SONAR project file.

The Fantom VS Editor VSTi plug-in is installed automatically when you install the SONAR VS-700 software. Please refer to the
SONAR VS-700 Owner’s Manual for detailed instructions on how to configure and connect the SONAR VS-700C V-Studio
Console and VS-700R V-Studio I/O interface to your computer.

Figure 1. Fantom VS Editor

Figure 2. SONAR VS-700R audio interface and Fantom VS hardware synth

Fantom VS synth features:

● Integrated Roland Fantom VS hardware synthesizer
● Stocked with over 1,400 patches from world renowned Fantom Synth

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● Hardware synth offers low latency and low-CPU performance

● VSTi plug-in, synth editor, and routing within SONAR for seamless integration of Fantom VS into your creative workflow
● Expandable via SuperNATURAL expansion board (ARX) slot found in VS-700R V-Studio I/O
● Double synth capability with additional VS-700R V-Studio I/O (available separately)


Overview of the Fantom VS

The interface

Using the Fantom VS Editor

Initial MIDI device settings in SONAR
Opening Fantom VS Editor
Selecting a patch
Editing patch parameters
Creating a patch
Saving project data


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