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GPS ANTENNA HOLDER 1. Choose a locatlon on your front or rear

WINDSHIELD SUCTION MOUNT windshíeldto ínstallthe holder.Makesure this
location does not obstruct your view of the
Note: If your vehicle has a heat reflective
windshieldyou may want to choose a location
on the windshield that ísn't affected by the
heat treatment.Sometimesthe best locationis
up near the rearview mirror.

2. Lift the locking lever to the upright position and position the suction cup, then
depress the locking lever to create a tight suction.

3. Adjust the holder platform to a level position

4. Apply the hook & loop fastener tape or the

metalplates as needed.

- If using wíth an external GPS antenna that

has buílt-in magnet, then you will need to affix
the adhesive-backedmetal plates to the holder
- If usingwith a GPS Bluetoothreceiveror other
devlcewithout any magnet,then you should use
the hook & look fastenertape provided.

Positions GPS Bluetooth Receiver, GPS Antenna, radar
detecter, or other device where you need it in the caro
Installs in seconds without tools. Can quickly and easily Arcadia. CA 91006 USA
Made in Talwan
transfer mount to another vehicle.
Consumer Hotllne
(USA) 800.841.0884
CONTENTS: (INT'L) 626.254.9005

Suction Mount
Adhesíve -backed metalplates x 2 5. To remove the suction mount, 11ftthe locking
M.F 9-5 PST (US West Coast)
. Hook & Loopfastenertape x 1 lever to the upright posítion and then pull on the
suction tab. e Copyright2005 Arkon Resourees. Ine.