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1. What is the importance of grade of cement?

2. Write any 2 advantage of quality of water used in concrete?
3. Write the bogue’s compounds.
4. How do you classify aggregates based on size and shape?
5. What is meant by 53 grade cement?
6. What do you understand by grading of aggregate?
7. What are the different types of tests conducted on coarse aggregates?
8. Write any two advantages of sulphate resistance cement?
9. What are the different types of tests conducted on cement?
10.Write any two advantages of Portland pozzolana cement?
11.Name the major compounds of ordinary Portland cement and mention the
approximate percentage of each.
12.What should be the qualities of water to be used in concrete making?
1. What are retarders?
2. What are the factors affecting concrete properties?
3. What is the purpose of adding an air entraining admixture to concrete?
4. What are the desirable properties of silica fume?
5. Name any 2 chemical admixtures and their significance?
6. What are the admixtures?
7. What is the importance of water proofers added in cement concrete?
8. Define metakaoline?
9. What is the importance of super plasticizers added in cement concrete?
10.What are the factor affecting amount of air entrainment?
11.What is meant by pozzolanic action?
12.State the advantages and disadvantages of super plasticizer in concrete?
1. Write any four methods of mix proportioning.
2. What are the testing methods available for concrete?
3. Differentiate design mix and nominal mix.
4. Give reasons for the variation in compressive strength of the samples of
same the mix
5. Differentiate between nominal mix and design mix
6. What is the minimum grade of concrete to be used as per IS456-2000? How
surface moisture of aggregates is accounted for in the mix design?
7. Write any four grades of cement concrete.
8. On what circumstances high grade concretes are utilized effectively?
9. Write any four methods of proportioning.
10.What are the objectives of a concrete mix design?
1. What is the importance of compaction factor test conducted in concrete
2. Define fly ash concrete
3. List the factor affecting workability of concrete.
4. Name any four properties of hardened concrete.
5. Mention the factors which affect the strength of concrete.
6. What are the advantages of ring tension test?
7. Define bleeding?
8. Why does a concrete cylinder fail at a lower stress than a concrete cube?
9. What are the effect of water cement ratio of concrete strength and
1. Write any two advantages of light weight concrete?
2. What is the main principle involved in geopolymer concrete
3. What is light weight concrete?
4. What is ferrocement?
5. Enumerate SIFCON.
6. Write any two advantages of geoploymer concrete?
7. How geopolymer concrete is more advantages than cement concrete in
construction industry?
8. Define HPC?
9. What is geopolymer concrete? State its advantages