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Potato Chips


United States

Frito-Lay Related brands Wavy Lays K.C. Masterpiece Lay's WOW chips Lay's Stax Markets world 1932 - Herman W. Lay Previous owners 1961- the Frito Company and Lay's merged to form Frito-Lay Inc. 1965 - Frito-Lay merged with the Pepsi Cola Company to form Pepsico, Inc. Website

Lay's is the brand name for a number of potato chip (crisps in British English) varieties as well as the name of the company that founded the chip brand in 1938. Lay's chips are marketed as a division of Frito-Lay, a company owned by PepsiCo Inc. since 1965. Other brands in the FritoLay group include Fritos, Doritos, Ruffles, Cheetos and Rold Gold pretzels.

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[edit] History
In 1932 salesman Herman W. Lay opened a snack food operation in Nashville, Tennessee and, in 1938, he purchased the Atlanta, Georgia potato chip manufacturer "Barrett Food Company," renaming it "H.W. Lay & Company." Lay criss-crossed the southern United States selling the product from the trunk of his car. In 1942, Lay introduced the first continuous potato processor, resulting in the first large-scale production of the product. The business shortened its name to "the Lay's Company" in 1944 and became the first snack food manufacturer to purchase television commercials, with Bert Lahr as a celebrity spokesman. His signature line, "so crisp you can hear the freshness," became the chips' first slogan along with "de-Lay-sious!" As the popular commercials aired during the 1950s, Lay's went national in its marketing and was soon supplying product throughout the United States. In 1961, the Frito Company founded by Elmer Doolin and Lay's merged to form Frito-Lay Inc., a snack food giant with combined sales of over $127 million annually, the largest of any manufacturer. Shortly thereafter, Lays introduced its best-known slogan "betcha you can't eat just one." Sales of the chips became international, with marketing assisted by a number of celebrity endorsers. In 1965, Frito-Lay merged with the Pepsi-Cola Company to form PepsiCo, Inc. and a barbecue version of the chips appeared on grocery shelves. A new formulation of chip was introduced in 1991 that was crisper and kept fresher longer. Shortly thereafter, the company introduced the "Wavy Lays" products to grocer shelves. In the mid to late 1990s, Lay's modified its barbecue chips formula and rebranded it as "K.C. Masterpiece," named after a popular sauce, and introduced a lower calorie baked version and a variety that was completely fat-free (Lay's WOW chips containing the fat substitute olestra).

In the 2000s, kettle cooked brands appeared as did a processed version called Lay's Stax that was intended to compete with Pringles, and the company began introducing a variety of additional flavour variations. Frito-Lay products currently control 55% of the United States savory snack-food market.[1]

[edit] International
Main article: Walkers (snack foods)

Walkers is a snack food manufacturer in the United Kingdom best known for manufacturing crisps. PepsiCo has owned the Walkers crisp label in the United Kingdom since 1991 and distributes Lay's product via this brand name. The logo for the British version is notably similar to the American brand, featuring a red ribbon around a yellow sun. The other Frito-Lay brands are also distributed through the Walkers label. In The Netherlands Lay's are sold in three varieties: Lay's, Lay's Light and Lay's Sensations (Thai Sweet Chili/Red Paprika/Oven Roasted Chicken and Thyne - [available in Cologne/Aachen only through the German locations of Delhaize). Lay's Super Chips (Heinz Ketchup/Mexican Pepper/Perfect Pickles/Salt 'n' Pepper [all through Delhaize) and Lay's Baked Chips (Mediterranean Herbs/through Delhaize). As with Doritos, Lay's are manufactured, distributed and imported in Germany by Frito Lay's Benelux division, Smith's Food Group. In India, Bollywood superstar Saif Ali Khan and Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni endorse Lays. In Argentina, Lays was commercialized before 2001 with the name Frenchitas and Chizitos for the Cheetos. In Australia, Pepsico acquired the The Smith's Snackfood Company in 1998 and marketed FritoLay products under that label, using the name Thins. After Thin's was sold to Snack Brands Australia (Owned by Arnotts), Smith's produced a line of potato chips under the Lay's brand for a brief period of time. The Lay's line was eventually rebranded in 2004 as Smith's Crisps, while the traditional Smith's line was renamed Smith's Crinkles. Thins is still sold in Australia as a direct competitor to Smith's Crisps. In Canada, the chips are distributed through the Lay's label. In Mexico, Pepsico acquired Sabritas S. de R.L. in 1966. Lay's along with other products such as Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos and Ruffles are marketed under the Sabritas brand. The logo for the Mexican company sports the red ribbon, but it has a stylized smiling face instead of the sun. It controls around 80% of the market there. In Israel, the Lay's label is distributed with the name Tapochips (‫)תפוצ'יפס‬

In France, the famous singer Sébastien 'Angel' De Sousa from the Arthur Crew is sponsored by Lay's corp. In Germany, Lay's are sold in three varieties: Lay's, Lay's Light and Lay's Sensations (Thai Sweet Chili/Red Paprika/Oven Roasted Chicken and Thyne - [available in Cologne/Aachen only through the German locations of Delhaize). Lay's Super Chips (Heinz Ketchup/Mexican Pepper/Perfect Pickles/Salt 'n' Pepper [all through Delhaize) and Lay's Baked Chips (Mediterranean Herbs/through Delhaize). As with Doritos, Lay's are manufactured, distributed and imported in Germany by Frito Lay's Benelux division, Smith's Food Group. Several flavors as noted above are only available through Delhaize (Belgian supermarket chain)] which has opened 2 locations in Cologne and Aachen (Delhaize Germany locations, Lay's Flavors Benelux).

In September 2007, Lays changed their logo. It is similar to the previous one, but with more of a 3D look and the letters 'a' and 'y' connected. The bags themselves were also redesigned. In Brazil, chips are distributed under a Lay's sister-company, Elma Chips.

[edit] Slogans
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Happiness is Simple. (2009) Simply Made. Simply Good. (2009) That's another reason to smile! (2007) Food for the fun of it! (2007) Lay's, get your smile on! (2006-) Lay's. Want some? Betcha can't eat just one (1960s-2006) Κανείς δεν μπορεί να φάει μόνο ένα! (Nobody can eat just one) (Lay's Greece) Lays ka mazaa lo(Lay's Pakistan) meaning- Have fun with Lay's You can't eat just one....Lagi bet! (Lay's India) Har programme ka main food (Lay's India) meaning "The main food for every programme" No one can eat just one (Lay's India) É impossível comer um só (Brazil) "It's impossible to eat just one" ¿A que no puedes comer solo una? (Lay's Spain, Peru, México, Chile and Argentina) meaning "You can't eat just one, can you?" Lay's. Vrei si tu? (Lay's Romania) meaning "Want some?" Lay's MAX - More for me,better for me!(Romania) Лэйс - захрустишь,не устоишь!(Russia) Kartą paragavęs negali sustot! (Lithuania) 停不了的乐事! (Lay's China) meaning "Cannot stop the joy!"

sea salt & vinegar. . Tzatziki flavour. smokey bacon. Kérsz? (Hungary) meaning "Want some?" [edit] Flavours Except for barbecue-flavor potato chips. Lay's offers a number of flavor combinations. Oregano. Fries'n Gravy. up until the last 20 years. Sea Salt & Black Pepper and various more. The marketing success of these flavors in Canada sometimes leads to a limited time offering of a flavor to the south. Wavy Lay's have original. Hidden Valley Ranch. In Australia. Greek Tzatziki Cheese with onions. Food and Drug Administration allowed removal of warnings about various health consequences of the fat substitute.[2] In the United States. wasabi. pizza and salt & vinegar. sweet corn and cotija cheese brand can be found in South America. pizza. Interestingly the name 'sour cream' has got Lay's into a lot of confusion in some countries. barbecue. salsa.• Lay's. Cheddar & sour cream. roast chicken. The WOW! brand was rebranded in 2004 as Lay's Light after the olestra formula was altered and the U. barbecue and sour cream & onion varieties. dill pickle. the only flavor of potato chips had been the conventional one. Olive and Tomato. ranch and Au Gratin flavors while Lay's Stax offers original. in addition to the classic chips. spicy Indian masala and sea salt and pepper brands available. Finally in Chile there is a version of Lemon and Cilantro (Coriander) and Sour Cream and Onions. Olive Oil and Tomato. limón (Lime) and a thicker "Deli style" chip. sour cream & onion. The kettle cooked version includes original. a cilantro version exists while a hot & sweet chili. with the dill pickle recently appearing in the United States after a successful run. Cheddar. there are classic. There are hundreds of sub-variations of the Mediterranean line and the company performs constant experimentations to create new flavors and adjust them to each country's liking. Lay's in Greece and Cyprus are made and packed by Tasty Foods and Corina Snacks LTD. Despite an explosion of new flavors. The newest variety. Lasagna. Flavored products in the traditional fried varieties include sour cream & Onion.S. with Mediterranean flavors which include Feta cheese flavor. with curry. In Belgium there is a version of Cucumber and Goats Cheese. mesquite barbecue and jalapeño brands. Barbecue. Outside North America. which were introduced no later than 1958. In India for instance the name was changed to American style cream and onion after consumers reported their discomfort with the idea of 'sour' cream In the baked products. Canadian sellers have a number of varied flavors. the unadorned original is still the selection of 81% of consumers. In some countries such as Argentina variations of the Mediterranean tastes exist include Olive Oil and Parmesan Cheese. hickory barbecue. ranch. poutine. ketchup. Olive Oil and Basil. Lay's Natural has thick cut barbecue and sea salt brands. Flamin' Hot. salt & pepper. Beef Carpaccio with Parmeggiano and Smoked Manchego Cheese. salt & vinegar.

Wavy Original (red). Pepper and Cheese. Onion and Cheese. In parts of South America (notably Argentina and Uruguay). Flavors also come and go usually with an international theme.Another flavor sold primarily in southern Asia is called "Magic Masala. the Lay's Sensations flavors are: Thai Chili. Salmon Terriyaki (Japan). Ketchup. Ham & cheese flavors) and some international "Lay's" flavors plus Russian "Lay's" flavor . and sour cream and green onion In Thailand there is Classic. Greek kebab and Marmite yeast extract. Mushrooms & Sour Cream. Peru has "Lay's Sabores Peruanos" (Lay's Peruvian Flavors). Cheddar. Dill Pickle (bright green). In Romania the Lay`s flavors are: Salt. and Spicy Seafood. Under the Smith's label in Australia. . The flavors available nationwide are the following: Classic (yellow). In Ukraine there is crab. Lay's Max and Lay’s Sticks flavours are: Paprika and Salt. Original. Original. available only in certain parts of the country. Popular flavors are often kept in circulation longer. though there are more. Baked chicken with lemon and thyme. Roast Chicken (light brown). Seafood and Mayonnaise. Chili and Lime. In Poland the chips flavors are: Green Onion. There are currently 12 regular Lay's flavors in Canada. bacon. and oregano. tomato Parmesan. Japanese Nori Seaweed. Hot pepper. Garlic Soft Shelled Crab (Hong Kong). Squid. Lobster. Also traditional "Thai" flavors include Tom Yum. There are a number of unique products in the United Kingdom sold under the Walkers label. unique flavors include Greek Feta & Herb and Italian Tomato & Basil. Pakistan. Thai Chili Paste. tomato and basil. Sour Cream & Onion. that includes a "Peruvian Criollo Chili" sauce sachet. and include such flavors as ham. Chicken. with flavors like queso andino (Andean cheese). Smokey Bacon (brown). Also there is Lays Apettite which is also part of lays and has the following flavors: Kebab. beef & onion. Sea Salt & Pepper (silver). Flavors featured in Thailand include Nori Seaweed. in select Canadian markets (Toronto & Vancouver) Lay's has introduced international flavors such as "Spicy Curry" and "Spicy Indian Masala" to appeal to a wider consumer group. Bacon & Cheese (America). Sour cream & Cheese. Paprika. Sour cream & Onion. Cheese. BarBQ (black). Fromage. Sour Cream & Dill. Soy Sauce. Sweet Chili (blue) and finally Lightly Salted (bright blue). Also. Balsamic Vinegar and Salt (England). for example: French Mayonnaise. Cheese & Onion. new potatoes with basil. Russia has "Lay's MAX" chips (Chicken. Barbecue. Ketchup (dark red).Mushrooms & Sour cream. also recently was released Lay's Dips. and Bangladesh. Paprika." This flavor is very popular in India. Mexican Bar-B-Q. Spicy Chili Squid. Lay's flavored products are sold with the "Lay's Mediterraneas" label. Thai Seafood Dip. Salt & Vinegar (teal). Sour Cream & Onion (green). including prawn cocktail. Basil. Crab and Red caviar.

vitamin C is the highest. Lays Natural has nine grams of fat. Currently. Wavy Lays are identical to the regular brand except for a half-gram less of saturated fat in some combinations.5 grams saturated fat and are 160 calories per serving. A one ounce (28 gram) serving of Lay's regular potato chips has 130 calories and contains ten grams of fat. Frito-Lay's web site[1] states that they use . Lay's Light servings are 75 calories per ounce and have no fat. the Lay's brands contain very few vitamins and minerals in any variety. and have no saturated fat. contain pork enzymes in addition to herbs. There are many flavors of Baked Lays as well. Lay's Classic Potato chips were cooked in hydrogenated oil until 2007. 2. with three grams of saturated fat. cheese and other seasonings. barbecue. The baked variety. At ten percent of the daily requirement per serving. The various brands do not contain any trans fats. See also: Olestra [edit] Pork Enzymes Some Frito-Lay brand seasoned products. two grams of saturated fat and 150 calories. All 3 key Lay's brands are distributed with 2 flavors for each brand. Each serving has 110 to 120 calories. The following flavors are marketed in Germany: • Lay's o o Lay's Natural Lay's Paprika (Bell Pepper) • Lay's Light o Lay's Paprika (Bell Pepper) o Lay's Salted/Natural Lay's Sensations o Lay's Red Sweet Paprika (Bell Pepper) • [edit] Nutritional information As a snack food.5 grams of fat per one ounce serving. including some flavors of Lay's. feature 1. Kettle cooked brands have seven to eight grams of fat and one gram of saturated fat but are 140 calories. the chips are made with 100% pure sunflower oil. and original. Stax typically contain ten grams of fat. introduced in the mid 90's. with a serving containing as much as 380 mg of salt. Baked Lays are produced in Cheddar. Salt content is particularly high. sour cream and onion.Lay's have entered the German market with some success in the last couple years.

enzymes from pigs (porcine enzymes) in some of their seasoned snack chip products to develop 'unique flavors'. The presence of pig-derived ingredients makes them haraam for Muslims to eat. Calories in Lay's chips There are: • • • • • • • • approx 140 calories (16 carbs) in 1 oz of Lay's Kettle Cooked. and calorie charts that you may use as daily guides.9 oz bag of Lay's Baked Cheddar and Sour Cream. further down . • • • For the calories in other foods.9 oz bag of Lay's Baked Original chips approx 1200 calories (220 carbs) in 9.9 oz bag of Lay's Baked Sour Cream and Onion • approx 1200 calories (210 carbs) in 9. see the page links. as well as not being Kosher. Jalapeno Chips approx 150 calories (15 carbs) in 1 oz of Lay's Classic Chips approx 152 calories (15 carbs) in 1 oz of Lay's KC Masterpiece Barbecue Chips approx 150 calories (15 carbs) in 1 oz of Lay's Cheddar and Sour Cream approx 150 calories (15 carbs) in 1 oz of Lay's Salt and Vinegar Chips approx 150 calories (15 carbs) in 1 oz of Lay's Wavy Original Chips approx 160 calories (15 carbs) in 1 oz of Lay's Sour Cream and Onion Chips approx 160 calories (15 carbs) in 1 oz of Lay's Flamin' Hot Chips In Lay's baked there are: • • • • approx 110 calories (23 carbs) in 1 oz of Lay's Baked Original chips approx 122 calories (22 carbs) in 1 oz of Lay's Baked KC Barbecue chips approx 122 calories (21 carbs) in 1 oz of Lay's Baked Sour Cream and Onion approx 120 calories (21 carbs) in 1 oz of Lay's Baked Cheddar and Sour Cream In large bags there are: approx 1100 calories (230 carbs) in a 9. thus also unsuitable for Jews or vegetarians.9 oz bag of Lay's Baked KC Barbecue chips approx 1200 calories (210 carbs) in 9.

Nestle lock horns over Pehli tarikh adWe have ample stock of food grains: FM Mumbai: There is a new twist in the ongoing market warfare between ITC Foods and PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay India in the Rs 3. old days of families and the community coming together. and I am loving every bit n moment of being part of this Iconic brand’s culture. Dec 17. In a . Natural oil and a dash of salt! Lay’s Potato chips are an icon of American Culture. in India! Frito-Lays hopes to bite into ITC’s share with ‘Desi Beats’ Lalitha Srinivasan Posted: Wednesday.200 crore branded snacks sector in India.Just Potatoes. Dec 17. far away from the maddening hectic. The goal of this campaign is to get consumers to think differently about Potato Chips – No Guilt! To celebrate the Lay’s Potato chips people love and the three simple ingredients that make up the product…and blend this with the surreal effect of the good. Potato chips are a staple in 70% of homes. 2008 at 0014 hrs IST Updated: Wednesday. urbane lives of today. and are a mandatory at picnics and parties. 2008 at 0014 hrs IST Font Size Print Feedback Email Discuss Related Articles Experience fine Italian food and wine with OperaCadbury.

To support its high-voltage television campaign. Pepsi’s new brand ‘Desi Beats’ is an exact replica of Bingo’s Mad Angle. it is an all new snack with a stylish Indian twist. However.” informed key industry sources. Frito-Lay will be launching a host of promotional activities which include radio advertising. Ogilvy & Mather (Bangalore) is giving finishing touches to ITC Foods brand new ad campaign. the company is getting ready to launch an aggressive advertising campaign. Targeted at the youth segment. ‘Desi Beats’ is a new age snack from the house of Kurkure. With this move. we have positioned the brand as ‘no fun with out desipan’. Frito-Lay India is fine-tuning its marketing strategy to promote its new launch ‘Desi Beats’ across the country. “In appearance. Frito-Lay India has opted for a swadeshi branding strategy by launching ‘Desi Beats’. we are rolling out a multi media ad campaign featuring cine star Kareena Kapur. Rohit Ohri. outdoor promotion and on-ground activities. It’s a clever strategy of PepsiCo to gain market share in the highly competitive sector. “The product was launched keeping Indian tastes in mind. the market dynamics will soon change in the branded snack sector in India. made by leveraging Pepsico’s Technological know how. Now.” According to a spokesperson from PepsiCo. as part of its flagship snack brand Kurkure’s brand portfolio. using Indian ingredients. “Very soon. which will emphasis the originality of Bingo’s Mad Angles in its communications. senior vice president & managing partner JWT India said: “In our communications. For. On the core advertising strategy for ‘Desi Beats’. the vital question is: Who will emerge as the winner in this battle for market share? .” said an industry analyst in to take on its archrival ITC Foods. ITC Foods will launch its media blitz which will talk about the uniqueness of the product which has fared very well in the Indian market place. Currently. With a shift in brand strategy. To support the launch. imitation is not the best form of appreciation for ITC Foods. Across the road.” he added. PepsiCo is now directly competing with ITC Bingo’s Mad Angles.

Director Marketing. Aliva is a significantly differentiated product that has many firsts: four authentic Indian flavors. India Region . The launch is backed by extensive market research and has been . With Aliva we aim to replicate the success we achieved with Kurkure in a shorter time span. Aliva is being launched across the country from this week. an iconic shape and premium packaging. Frito-Lay India. We will manufacture Aliva at our Ranjangaon plant where we have deployed a new state of the art baking line with Frito-Lay’s flavour technology. CEO. said . “We are delighted to introduce Aliva – a truly Indian innovation. Gautham Mukkavilli. After Kurkure’s enormous success. Speaking at the launch Mr. Aliva is a significant step in the company’s journey of portfolio transformation towards providing healthier and tasty snacking options in line with the local consumers’ needs. Deepika Warrier.Frito-Lay India Delivers a Cracker of a Launch with Aliva Date:09 Jun 2009 Type:Business News Source:Food Ingredients First Sector:Snacks & Nuts Summary:Aliva is yet another milestone in Frito-Lay India’s journey to transform its portfolio to address the growing consumer focus on wellness and ingredients. 09/06/09 Frito-Lay India. a product range developed in India especially for the Indian consumer.” Speaking on the launch Ms. With the launch of Aliva the company aims to create a new sub-segment of great tasting savoury crackers in the greater than 1500M ton biscuit category. “ Aliva is an innovation specially created keeping the Indian palate in mind. said. do good ingredients like wheat & lentils. Aliva is a baked product that will enable our consumers to snack smart with absolutely no compromise on great taste.Aliva. Frito-Lay India has continuously kept its ear to the ground. Aliva marks Frito-Lay India’s creation of a new baked savoury cracker category – borrowing ingredients & textures from biscuits & flavourful experiences from namkeens. Aliva is yet another milestone in Frito-Lay India’s journey to transform its portfolio to address the growing consumer focus on wellness and ingredients. which is what makes us the leaders in the snacks category. Frito-Lay India and President. PepsiCo. the food division of PepsiCo India launched a new brand .

developed basis consumers’ need for a flavourful yet healthy snack. The 360 degree marketing communication plan will revolve around the product core – “Chatpate crackers with Wheat & Daal.” Aliva will be available in four distinct Indian flavours Special Pindi Masala. Our initial market tests have received an extremely encouraging response from our consumers who love the unique combination of authentic Indian flavours with wheat and daal. Tomato & Roasted Spices. Aliva will be available at an introductory price of Rs. Mint Flavour with Herbs & Original Salted using special local spices unique to different regions of the country. 12 for 60 grams.” . Frito-Lay India has drawn an intensive consumer activation campaign to market Aliva. It is a baked product and contains no artificial flavors or colours and has zero transfat.

ropes in Chitrangada . 2009. Also Read Related Stories News Now . published in 2008 The top brass at Frito-Lay.Lay's goes in for new flavour: Co-creation Seema Sindhu / New Delhi November 09.PepsiCo India grows 50 per cent in Q3 .PepsiCo ropes in consumers to develop new potato chip flavour more . is taking the management guru’s advice quite seriously. — C K Prahalad in his book The New Age of Innovation.Frito-Lay to take Aliva to 20 more cities.PepsiCo to build warehouses to ensure consistent potato supply Related Stories News Now More Companies will need to interact with their customers so closely that they actually “co-create” value with them on an individual basis.Frito-Lay India aims to cash in on Diwali gifting . Frito-Lay’s new campaign for Lay’s – “Give Us Your Dellicious Flavour” is giving consumers an opportunity to cocreate the flavour they like for Lay’s.PepsiCo seeks FIPB nod to invest $200 million . the foods division of PepsiCo India. 0:11 IST Frito-lay’s latest campaign comes in the backdrop of a volume war. The winner will receive a mega prize of Rs 50 lakh plus 1 per cent of the sales .

Ad gurus are quick to endorse the brand strategy. Titled 'Fight for your flavour'. It’s not clear whether Lay’s will also follow Kurkure into the lower price segment. Parle has signed Aamir Khan for Smart Chips. and are cooked in rice bran oil (40 per cent less saturated fat) and contains zero trans fats. Lay’s followed with 20 per cent extra content and Parle Products with 50 per cent extra on Musst Chips and Stix. When he sees the tattoo. made from best quality seasonings which contain zero MSG. is the only baked chips and hence being positioned in the healthy category. executed by JWT. Recently. Parle launched Monaco Smart Chips. business head and chief strategist. is to reap "interactive" benefits as consumers love to own brands. Frito-Lay's executive director. Bingo has 13 per cent and Parle’s Musst Chips and Musst Stix have a combined 5-7 per cent market share. Saif ask all of them to tell Lay's about their favourite flavour. But the new Frito-Lay campaign comes in the backdrop of a volume war among the three players (Frito-Lay.turnover from the new flavoured snacks. the campaign had Saif Ali Khan and M S Dhoni. drop boxes. He storms out of the place with a pack of Lays. while Lay’s is available in Rs 5. Water (Mudra’s strategy and design consulting arm). marketing. In the end. “Brands of the future will be owned by consumers and not the marketers. had launched a similar campaign last year which asked consumers to vote for the flavour of their choice between the new launches . But Frito-Lay is unruffled. ITC recently added 50 per cent more content to all its Bingo packs without increasing prices. Kurkure is now available also at Rs 3 a pack. It says that it has already taken the “health positioning” into account. The commercial begins with Saif getting himself a tattoo on his forearm. ITC and Parle). “Personally.Spunky Pimento and Balsamic Blast. best quality natural potatoes. An increasing number of companies (Frito Lay’s competitors included) are doing precisely that to drive up engagement levels and interactivity with consumers. is excited. a girl with raw mangoes tattooed all over her says 'Kacchi Ambi'. Consumers can send in their entries by post. Deepika Warrier. Lay’s is the leader with a market share of around 48 per cent." she says. which will be launched by the end of May 2010. 10 and 20 price points. Even Kurkure ran a campaign which asked consumers for recipes. The campaign. website and SMS. he realises that the artist has tattooed 'kareepatta' (curry leaves) on his arm. email. I am keen to see what interesting and innovative flavour ideas India will give us. The winning entrant’s family was featured on the packets of the snack. Frito Lay. for example. "We have been innovating continuously in the health and wellness area under our "snack smart" programme. which is the former's favourite flavour. Parle is eyeing a 25 per cent market share through an aggressive marketing and distribution strategy. Similarly." says Warrier. which it claims. We’ve ensured that Lay’s offers consumers great tasting chips made from the freshest.” says Ashish Mishra. when he sees a man with a red and green tattoo saying 'tomato chutney'. .

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For all questions and comments contact us. new baked savory cracker . distributors. If you have news you'd like us to know about please click here.Actionable News for the Global F&B Biz. For the latest news on brands. retailers. innovation. FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva . business deals and insights.

the food division of PepsiCo India. India Region. a product range developed in India especially for the Indian consumer.Frito-Lay India. With the launch of Aliva the company aims to create a new sub-segment of great tasting savory crackers in the greater than 1500M ton biscuit category. With Aliva we aim to replicate the success we achieved with Kurkure in a shorter time span. Aliva is a significantly differentiated product that has many firsts: four authentic Indian flavors. Speaking at the launch Mr. PepsiCo.Aliva. After Kurkure’s enormous success. CEO. “We are delighted to introduce Aliva – a truly Indian innovation. Aliva is a significant step in the company’s journey of portfolio transformation towards providing healthier and tasty snacking options in line with the local consumers’ needs. PepsiCo. Aliva is being launched across the country from this week. do good ingredients like wheat & lentils. CEO.Frito-Lay India and President. Grantham Mocksville. We will manufacture Aliva at our Ranjangaon plant where we have deployed a new state of the art baking line with Frito-Lay’s flavor technology. India Region and Deepika Bureau – New Delhi June 4. said. Frito-Lay India and President.Marketing Director Frito-Lay India at the launch of Aliva FoodBizDaily. today launched a new brand . Aliva marks Frito-Lay India’s creation of a new baked savory cracker category – borrowing ingredients & textures from biscuits & flavorful experiences from namkeens. Aliva is yet another milestone in Frito-Lay India’s journey to transform its portfolio to address the growing consumer focus on wellnessand ingredients. an iconic shape and premium packaging.Gautham Mukkavilli. 2009 .” .

PepsiCo has established a business which aims to serve the long term dynamic needs of consumers in India.pepsico. of which 13 are company owned and . Aliva is a baked product that will enable our consumers to snack smart with absolutely no compromise on great taste. Director Marketing. One of the largest multinational investors in the country. Tomato & Roasted Spices. Frito-Lay India has continuously kept its ear to the ground. Pepsi-Cola beverages. “Aliva is an innovation specially created keeping the Indian palatein mind. snack food and exports business and to support the operations are the group’s 41 bottling plants in India. and its products are sold in approximately 200 countries. The group has built an expansive beverage. Tropicana juices and Quaker foods. It is a baked product and contains no artificial flavors or colours and has zero” FoodBizIntel® Pepsico India Holding Private Limited Address: Global Business Park.Speaking on the launch Ms.communications@intl. Our initial market tests have received an extremely encouraging response from our consumers who love the unique combination of authentic Indian flavors with wheat and daal. said. The launch is backed by extensive market research and has been developed basis consumers’ need for a flavorful yet healthy snack. PepsiCo entered India in 1989 and has grown to become the country’s largest selling food and beverage company.000 people worldwide. The company employs approximately 198. with 2008 annual revenues of more than $43 billion. Its principal businesses include: Frito-Lay snacks. Deepika Warrier. Frito-Lay India.” Aliva will be available in four distinct Indian flavors Special Pindi About Pepsico India Holding Private Limited PepsiCo is one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies. Frito-Lay India has drawn an intensive consumer activation campaign to market Aliva. Gatorade sports drinks. 4th floor. which is what makes us the leaders in the snacks category. Mint Flavor with Herbs & Original Salted using special local spices unique to different regions of the country. The 360 degree marketing communication plan will revolve around the product core – “Chatpate crackers with Wheat & Email : corporate.2880541 Fax: 91-124-2356270 Website: www. Gurgaon 122002 Telephone: 91-124. Tower – A.pepsiindia. Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road.

PepsiCo’s business is based on its sustainability vision of making tomorrow better than baked savory cracker Left by Rajaram Janardfhan at 9/11/2009 6:21 AM Please send me free sample of Aliva Tasty crackers on an early date.LAXMI APT. Add:205. farmers and people. ASHOKA NIKETAN. Source: PepsiCo Print | posted on Thursday. Please send some samples (veg only) and inform the outlets in East Delhi. 9811010737 .new baked savory cracker Left by varun reddy at 9/7/2009 10:10 AM Wishing this product remains as an ever lasting product of pepsi co # re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva . 2009 11:39 AM Feedback # re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva . June 04. # re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva .BHIKAJI LAD MARG. A-41. (BEH.DAHISAR(w) MUMBAI-400068. PepsiCo India’s commitment to living by this vision every day is visible in its contribution to the country. consumers. In addition to this.28 are franchisee owned. Thank you and best wishes! From: RAJARM JANARDHAN. ANAND VIHAR PETROL PUMP) DELHI -110092 baked savory cracker Left by ANIL MEHTA at 9/13/2009 5:11 AM Read your ad with interest. With best wishes ANIL MEHTA RES. PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay snack division has 3 state of the art plants.

Sector-10. baked savory cracker Left by V. Please send me a sample pack of Aliva to relish its taste for my family members. Rajvardhan Singh. South Moti Bagh. 71. The product sounds quite interesting.600 090 # re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva .new baked savory cracker Left by G Krishnamani at 9/15/2009 1:13 PM Saw your interesting full page advt. Flat No. in the Hindu of last week. and hope it lives up to the promise. RK Puram.# re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva . Radhakrishnan at 9/14/2009 2:15 AM I am tempted with your add. Nivedita Kunj. Would appreciate if you can send me a free sample packet at the address mentioned below: G Krishnamani 2A Coral Sands 26 Beach Road Kalakshetra Avenue Besant Nagar Chennai . Nanakpura. New Delhi-110022 # re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva .new baked savory cracker Left by Rajvardhan Singh at 9/14/2009 2:19 AM Please send a sample pack of your new Product "Aliva".new baked savory cracker Left by satish at 9/17/2009 2:31 AM . A Block. New Delhi-110021 # re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva . V. F-31.

new baked savory cracker Left by Pramod Shekhar at 9/24/2009 10:00 AM Kindly send some free sample . Best Wishes.M at 9/23/2009 2:32 PM Kindly send me the free sample. # re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva .new baked savory cracker Left by KAMAL MEHTS at 9/18/2009 7:06 AM YOU ARE REQUESTED TO SEND SOME FREE SAMPLES. Safdarjung Development Area. New Delhi -110016 # re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva .new baked savory cracker Left by Pramod Shekhar at 9/24/2009 10:05 AM kindly send free sample at C7/227. tomato flavors is the best one flavors of aliva . # re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva .hi iam satya from adilabad dist .NEW baked savory cracker Left by baked savory cracker Left by Swaraj Sahni at 10/26/2009 9:04 AM Aliva's taste is purly unique taste. KAMAL MEHTA 9810341232 # re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva . ALSO INTIMATE YOUR SUPPLIER/DISTRIBUTOR NEAR MANDI HOUSE. # re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva .

Kindly send the same at the following address: Shashi Bhushan Flat No. Near Raut Clinic Santacruz (E) Mumbai 400 055 # re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva .Kindly send some sample if possiale. Kilokari. baked savory cracker Left by Regina Dias at 11/17/2009 6:23 AM Please send me free samples of Aliva Biscuits at my following address : Regina Dias 201 Garden baked savory cracker Left by shashi bhushan at 11/6/2009 4:28 AM I have not received yet free samples of Aliva Tasty Crackers. plz send me free sample at Vandana apartment ... Type-IV. Ring baked savory cracker Left by vishal jain at 11/21/2009 2:02 AM Aliva's taste is purly unique taste.9810314689 # re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva . Swaraj sahni 9718271009 New Delhi-110020 # re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva .. New Delhi-14 Mobile No. New DTL Colony.

near children park, millanpally, siliguri-734005 west bengal

# re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva - new baked savory cracker
Left by Rishi Jain at 11/26/2009 11:20 AM

I must say that Frito-Lay India believes in diversity with excellent work done. Bringing their new brand, Aliva in the market has made them the leader once again. The success of kurkure was unbeatable and I am sure it will come with Aliva too. Aliva has great taste & quality; I’m very impressed with its sensory characteristics. I like Aliva biscuit to the extent that I have stop taking any other biscuit in my family and above all everyone in my family likes them very much. The four flavors of Aliva are the best; Special Pindi Masala, Mint Flavor with Herbs, Tomato & Roasted Species and Original Salted.

# re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva - new baked savory cracker
Left by shilpi gupta at 12/4/2009 8:36 AM

Please send me a sample pack of Aliva to relish its taste. shilpi gupta H. No. 1528 laxman vihar phase 2 streeet number 6 gurgaon 122001 haryana

# re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva - new baked savory cracker
Left by Melissa Fernandes at 12/12/2009 12:13 PM

Please send me free samples of Aliva Biscuits at the following address : 202 Garden Palace, Vakola Masjid, Near Raut Clinic Santacruz (E) Mumbai 400 055

# re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva - new baked savory cracker
Left by Hema Suhanda at 12/21/2009 7:16 AM

I have seen the advertisemnet of Aliva. Is it possible to send the Aliva sample to me. Address: 3B/4, Nityanand Baug, Chembur Colony, Near Ashish Theatre Mumbai 400074. Mobile: 9819264455

# re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva - new baked savory cracker
Left by Veena Kanwal at 12/21/2009 7:19 AM

Can Aliva Sample be sent to my residence. I would like to taste it. Himgiri Co.Op.Hsg.Soc.,D-5, Flat No.602, 6th Floor, Lokdhara,Kalyan (E )421306 Mobile: 9820117508

# re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva - new baked savory cracker
Left by Amita & Partners at 12/24/2009 5:20 AM

Dear Mr. Gautham Mukkavilli I am interested in your aliva products for muscat (Oman) market.if you are interested to lonch your product then muscat market is very good I will do the marketing and distributs also only I need your full saport for all hyper market for introductery offer + regs. fees for each flover the charge so i need saport for that. kindly send us sample of your products my address is as under Bakul Mehta Amita & Partners Int'l. l.l.c. P.O.Box:438, P.C. 118,Alharthy Complex, S.O.Oman, GSM No. 00968-99336930

# re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva - new baked savory cracker
Left by PARAS PATEL at 1/5/2010 3:52 AM


# re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva - new baked savory cracker

Left by Anil Kumar Ujjenwal at 1/7/2010 11:16 AM

I came to about your Aliva biscuit product from my colleague who praised your product indiscriminately. I would like to send me a sample pack to me before my regular purchase. My address is as below: Anil Kumar Ujjenwal WZ-66, Tilak Nagar, 80 Sq Yard, Near Sarvodya Kanya Vidyalaya No. 3, New Delhi -110018

# re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva - new baked savory cracker
Left by Tarun at 1/10/2010 9:07 AM

I'm so in love with this... it is amazing.. :)

# re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva - new baked savory cracker
Left by tushardama at 1/16/2010 2:36 AM

hiiiii send your new product free sample A-304 kundlik bhavan /g.g.road/ dombivli-west maharashtra -421202

# re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva - new baked savory cracker
Left by nasim at 1/16/2010 1:16 PM

hi. kindly send me a free sample of ur new products, i will be very thankful to you. my address is: kharuri manzil, 73 siddique street, bhatkal - 581320. karnataka. india

# re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva - new baked savory cracker
Left by ramu at 1/21/2010 2:01 PM

i came to know that aliva taste is awesome,but i didnot taste i requst u to send me a sample of it. address:,kachiguda cross roads,hyderabad-27 room-no:50/ no:9030787323

# re: FBD: PepsiCo's Frito-Lay India launched Aliva - new baked savory cracker
Left by mahak at 2/5/2010 4:56 AM

please send me your free product. Address is: D-462, Nehru Vihar Near Timar Pur, Delhi-110054

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I am keen to see what interesting and innovative flavour ideas India will give us. and Dr T S R Murali. All that the customers have to do is to give their favorite flavour and win fifty lakh rupees and 1 percent of sales from the new flavor. 2009 01:15 PM Lays the hottest potato chips brand in India has announced “Give us your dillicious flavour” campaign. “Considering the diversity of tastes in our country. The program will be on till May 2010.” This will help Lays plan their next flavour as per the taste of the Indian consumer. Speaking during the occasion she said. A commercial featuring Saif Ali Khan is also planned as a promotion for the campaign. The entries for the contest can be sent between November 2009 and January 2010. Aditya Bal. the campaign surely will be exciting. . Director. After this all the four flavors will be launched in the market and the most popular one will be chosen the winner. The campaign was inaugurated by Ruchira Jaitly. Anuja Chauhan. The panel will announce four winning flavors. Vice President Marketing. R&D. author and Executive Creative Director and VP of JWT.November 06. Whoever gets the largest number of votes will take home Rs 50 lakhs and 1% of the total sales turnover. PepsiCo India (Frito-Lay India division). Personally. celebrity chef and anchor NDTV Good Times. So who will judge the winners. PepsiCo India.

Lays. The firm has brands such as Cheetos and Kurkure. A file photo of Gautham Vision ahead: Mukkavilli. “To do that. Further. The innovative initiatives. Lehar and Quaker Oats breakfast cereal. Dhoni in an ad blitz called “fight for your flavour. declining to specify exact amounts it would invest. two new flavours were recently added to Lays chips that is now being marketed by brand ambassadors actor Saif Ali Khan and cricketer M. “We aim to increase our production capacity by a third by next year. and adding Rs5. Uncle Chipps. Kurkure. Similarly. is now marketing these products on platforms such as youth. Cheetos will be available in two new flavours with added vegetables. south Indian actor Simran has been roped in as the brand’s new face over current brand ambassador actor Juhi Chawla. (Ashesh Shah / Mint) Starting next month. is repositioning its brands and investing significantly in growing its market share in the country. “We are strengthening the brand’s presence in the South where the response for Kurkure has been very positive. we are focusing and investing strongly in product innovation.000 crore. he said. which was launched in six new flavours this February to appeal to “consumers with modern and expensive tastes”.New Delhi: Frito-Lay. the foods division of PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. reduced fat and seasonings to appeal to health-conscious youth. however.000 crore in value every year.” where consumers get a chance to vote for their favourite flavour.” said Mukkavilli. and aggressive marketing initiatives so that we can differentiate Frito-Lay from its competition. The four new flavours it added to Quaker Oats in December worked well for the brand as it “doubled in volumes”. managing director of Frito-Lay in India.” said Gautham Mukkavilli. . he said. The company is now exploring opportunities in bringing to India other products under the Quaker brand that include oat-based breakfast bars and cookies. Frito-Lay. Ltd.” he said. to reach distinct consumer groups. An “aspirational” positioning was taken for Stax. Mukkavilli said. and health and wellness.S. come at an increased cost to consumers. Kurkure has also been launched in a new tomato flavour and is now being positioned as a youth brand rather than its earlier avatar of a family snack. that sells brands that include Cheetos. The Indian snack food and biscuits market is worth Rs14. managing director of Frito-Lay in India.

Frito-Lay’s ad spends increased close to 15% from last year to about Rs70 crore this year to accommodate its new plans. According to a media buyer close to the developments. “These initiatives are measures to combat the growing awareness of obesity and health issues in the country. he said.” . which Mukkavilli said “may increase further depending on inflation”. its initiatives are basically trying to prove that its quality is higher than its competitors.” he said. “While Frito-Lay will never really be categorized as a health food brand. PepsiCo’s market share in the salted snack food segment is 60%.The firm has hiked prices across brands by 10%. Ltd filling up rest of the branded market. declining to be named. followed by ITC Ltd at 10% and other players such as Haldirams Foods International Ltd and Balaji Wafers Pvt.

Kaif comes in as the perfect ambassador from the cricket world. values that Saif Ali Khan has popularised in his film characterizations. light hearted. Together Saif and Kaif represent the two contrasting values which are embodied in the flavour experience. fun and endearing. They will also feature in the new advertising campaign that is centered around the irresistibility of Lay's chips and passion for cricket in India. "On the other hand. Saif and Kaif will promote the brand and will be involved in the ICC World Cup promotions that Frito Lay will run in February. Saifn-Kaif Hot and Sweet Chilly. . which has introduced American Style Cream and Onion. He is seen as a guy who infuses fun in any situation.Saif-n-Kaif from Frito-Lay Frito-Lay India. This will keep the buzz around the brand alive and the company will deliver on its promise of providing continuous excitement to its consumers through its products." Lay's will continue using the duo through various exciting innovations in promotions. The contrasting personality traits of the two stars are seen as being core to the twin taste in the new flavour . manufacturers of leading snack brands announced Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan and Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif as brand ambassadors for Lay's Potato Chips. research with core target audience (13-18 boys and girls) indicates that Saif is relatable and brings with him an ease and a boy-next-door's natural wit-'n'-charm. The company also launched its newest flavour." said Kaif. I am sure Saif-n-Kaif Hot & Sweet Chilly. tangy taste is a flavour that will go down well with the younger generation. The range of international flavours has established the brand as a unique pioneer with flavours that no one can match. packaging and new flavour launches. As brand ambassadors. India.Saif-n-Kaif Hot & Sweet Chilly Caribbean Style. In addition. BBQ chicken. Frito-Lay. The NatWest win established him as a gritty cricketer to reckon with. promotions and ad campaigns. The launch of Saif-n-Kaif Hot & Sweet Chilly Caribbean Style is a timely addition to the flavour repertoire of Lay's. Mohammad Kaif symbolises the fiery spirit of young India. mischievous. Spanish Tomato Tango and Italian Cheesy Paprika flavours in the last two years. said Manu Anand." said Saif. Managing Director. Caribbean Style with its spicy. Caribbean Style to coincide with the ICC World Cup 2003. To further highlight the official chip status of Lay's in the world cup. "I am happy to be the brand ambassador for Lay's along with Saif. Cricket and Bollywood are the two passions of India and I am sure people are going to enjoy seeing us in the forthcoming campaign. "It is very exciting to be associated with a fun brand like Lay's. "Lay's personality is warm.

• Our plants are also certified to ensure that the product. Lay’s. with its irresistible tastes. has also steadily established itself as an indispensable part of the “snacking culture” in India since its launch in 1995. 2003 Lay’s .Be a Little Dillogical Brand History Lay’s .The new flavour will be available across the country in packs priced at Rs 5 and Rs 10’s largest and favorite snack food brand. international & Indian flavors and young imagery has established itself as a youth brand and continues to grow in the hearts and mind of its consumer! Know More Brand Advantage • Lay’s is a SNACKSMARTTM product is 100% vegetarian Quality Standards Lay’s is made in automated plants in three locations – Channo (Punjab). process. Previous Articles Published on 6th Feb.Rs. • AIB International: one of the best auditing body which confirms process and product safety. These plants are also audited and certified by various external agencies. • Certification by TQCSI (Australia). Rs. The flavojur is being launched in three price points . • Our plants are ISO 14000 certified which confirms that the manufacturing process ensure environmental safety. 10 and to mark the ICC Cricket World Cup. 5. a new cricket bag is being launched at Rs 20. Kolkata and Pune. environment and people safety have been maintained at very high level and this certification is issued by OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series – USA) Know More . which confirms that products are manufactured in Food Safety Environment & manufacturing has adequate controls to ensure product tracking. These certifications include • HACCP (Hazard analysis & critical control point).

It now has 40% less Saturated Fat. Zero Trans Fats and no added MSG .Did You Know? Lay’s is a SNACKSMARTTMproduct. and then seasoned with delicious flavors! Lay’s also answers the call of the ever growing ‘health-consciousness’ trend in India. Lay’s is made with India’s best quality fresh potatoes. simply sliced and cooked in Rice bran oil. Zero Trans Fats and no added MSG! Frito-Lay potato chips have taken out 40% of unhealthy saturated fats for you QUICK BRAND FACTS • • • • World’s largest and favorite snack food brand Launched in India in 1995 Lay’s comes in variations i. Wafers and Stax Lay’s has 40% less Saturated Fat.e.

LAY\'S brand potato chips can inspire. 100% pure joy. And. not to mention 50% less saturated fat than regular potato chips. of course. . Made with 100% pure sunflower oil. all the great taste you love.

Potato Chips • LAY'S® Balsamic Sweet Onion Flavored Potato Chips • • • • • • • Gluten and Casein Free Gluten Free Lactose Free MSG Free Porcine Free Soy Free 0g Trans Fat Lactose Free Porcine Free Kosher Triangle K 0g Trans Fat Good Source of Potassium Good Source of Vitamin C Gluten Free MSG Free Porcine Free Soy Free 0g Trans Fat Gluten Free Porcine Free 0g Trans Fat Good Source of Potassium Good Source of Vitamin C LAY'S® Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips • • • • • • LAY'S® Cajun Herb & Spice Flavored Potato Chips • • • • LAY'S® Cheddar & Sour Cream Flavored Potato Chips • • • • • .

• LAY'S® Chile Limon Flavored Potato Chips • • • • • • • • Gluten Free Porcine Free 0g Trans Fat Good Source of Potassium Good Source of Vitamin C Gluten and Casein Free Gluten Free Lactose Free MSG Free Additive Free Soy Free Kosher OU Onion Free 0g Trans Fat Good Source of Vitamin C Gluten Free Soy Free Kosher Triangle K Onion Free 0g Trans Fat Good Source of Potassium Good Source of Vitamin C Porcine Free 0g Trans Fat Good Source of Potassium Good Source of Vitamin C LAY'S® Classic Potato Chips • • • • • • • • LAY'S® Dill Pickle Flavored Potato Chips • • • • • LAY'S® FLAMIN' HOT® Flavored Potato Chips • • • • .

LAY'S® Garden Tomato & Basil Flavored Potato Chips LAY'S® Hot & Spicy Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips • • • • • • • • • • • • Gluten Free MSG Free Porcine Free Soy Free 0g Trans Fat Gluten Free Porcine Free Soy Free 0g Trans Fat Gluten and Casein Free Gluten Free Lactose Free MSG Free Soy Free Kosher OU Onion Free 0g Trans Fat Good Source of Vitamin C Gluten and Casein Free Gluten Free Lactose Free MSG Free Additive Free Soy Free Kosher OU Onion Free LAY'S® Light Original Potato Chips • • • • • • LAY'S® Lightly Salted Potato Chips • • • • • • • • .

• • • 0g Trans Fat Gluten and Casein Free Gluten Free Lactose Free MSG Free Porcine Free Onion Free 0g Trans Fat Good Source of Vitamin C Gluten and Casein Free Gluten Free Lactose Free MSG Free Additive Free Soy Free Corn Free Kosher OU Onion Free 0g Trans Fat Good Source of Vitamin C Gluten and Casein Free Gluten Free Lactose Free Porcine Free Soy Free 0g Trans Fat LAY'S® Limon Tangy Lime Flavored Potato Chips • • • • • • • • • • LAY'S® Natural Sea Salt Flavored Thick Cut Potato Chips • • • • • • • • LAY'S® Pepper Relish Flavored Potato Chips • • • • • .

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• 0g Trans Fat Baked Gluten Free 0g Trans Fat Baked Gluten and Casein Free Gluten Free Lactose Free MSG Free Onion Free 0g Trans Fat Gluten Free MSG Free Porcine Free 0g Trans Fat Baked Gluten Free MSG Free 0g Trans Fat Baked Gluten Free Porcine Free 0g Trans Fat BAKED! LAY'S® Cheddar & Sour Cream Flavored Potato Crisps • • • • • BAKED! LAY'S® Original Potato Crisps • • • • • BAKED! LAY'S® Parmesan & Tuscan Herb Flavored Potato Crisps BAKED! LAY'S® Sour Cream & Onion Flavored Potato Crisps BAKED! LAY'S® Southwestern Ranch Flavored Potato Crisps • • • • • • • • • • • • .

• LAY'S® Kettle Cooked Jalapeno Potato Chips • • • • • • Gluten Free Contains Peanuts Porcine Free Kosher OU 0g Trans Fat Good Source of Vitamin C Lactose Free Contains Peanuts Kosher OU 0g Trans Fat Good Source of Vitamin C Gluten and Casein Free Gluten Free Lactose Free Contains Peanuts Porcine Free Kosher OU Good Source of Vitamin C Gluten and Casein Free Gluten Free Lactose Free MSG Free Contains Peanuts Additive Free Soy Free Corn Free LAY'S® Kettle Cooked Maui Onion Potato Chips • • • • • • LAY'S® Kettle Cooked Mesquite BBQ Potato Chips • • • • • LAY'S® Kettle Cooked Original Potato Chips • • • • • • • • .

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Sour Cream & Onion Flavored Potato Crisps LAY'S® Wavy Au Gratin Flavored Potato Chips LAY'S® Wavy Hickory Barbecue Flavored Potato Chips • • • • • • • • • • • Porcine Free 0g Trans Fat Gluten Free 0g Trans Fat Good Source of Vitamin C Gluten Free Porcine Free 0g Trans Fat Gluten and Casein Free Gluten Free Lactose Free MSG Free Additive Free Soy Free Kosher OU Onion Free 0g Trans Fat Good Source of Vitamin C Gluten Free Porcine Free 0g Trans Fat Gluten and Casein Free Gluten Free LAY'S® Wavy Original Potato Chips • • • • • • • LAY'S® Wavy Ranch Flavored Potato Chips LAY'S® Classic Potato Chips 6 • • • • • .

• • • Count Singles • • • • • Lactose Free MSG Free Additive Free Soy Free Kosher OU Onion Free 0g Trans Fat Good Source of Vitamin C Dips LAY'S® Smooth Ranch Dip LAY'S® French Onion Dip • • • • • • • Gluten Free Corn Free 0g Trans Fat Gluten Free Porcine Free Corn Free 0g Trans Fat How We Make Our Snacks .

FRITOS® corn chips. we believe that snacking should be good and fun. Black Gold Potato Frito-Lay's standards for the quality of the corn and potatoes are among the highest in the food industry. the less we do to them. takes great pride in being a third generation farmer and one of Frito-Lay's largest suppliers. so farmers like Gregg make sure that our ingredients are planted. "Our potatoes are specifically grown to be Frito-Lay potato chips." "We have quality controls at each of our farms to make sure our potatoes are of the highest grade " – Gregg Halverson." says Gregg.At Frito-Lay. and TOSTITOS® tortilla chips. corn and grains. then we cook them in natural oils like sunflower and corn and top them off with a sprinkling of salt or seasoning. It all starts in the rich soil of an American farm. grown and harvested with the utmost attention to detail and quality. Because we start with farm grown ingredients. and that's the way we like it. Black Gold's CEO. . in North Dakota. like Black Gold Potato. So we start with real. Gregg Halverson. "We have quality controls at each of our farms to make sure our potatoes are of the highest grade. From Farm to Store The life of a Frito-Lay potato or corn chip is a pretty simple one. Choose a story at left to learn how we make LAY'S® potato chips. the better they are. CEO. farm-grown ingredients like potatoes.

and sunflower oils to name a few. But what does this mean for you? It's important to realize that not all fats are created equal. Our snack-making strategy is pretty simple. fish and vegetable oils such as corn. like whole grains and real fruit. we've been making our snacks from simple. but did you know that it can also be good? For over 75 years. we're proud of the fact that we removed partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) from our cooking oil way back in 2003. It doesn't take much to make a simple snack taste great. . peeled. cut into slices and rinsed to clear off any excess starch. potatoes and vegetable oil. soybean. more of the good. And we've always been ahead of the pack when it comes to taking out the ingredients you don't want (such as trans fats) and putting in more of the good stuff. While nearly all foods contain some fat. then sprinkled with salt or seasoning to become America’s favorite potato chips. Good fats are unsaturated . good ingredients like corn. You'll find high levels of these good fats in nuts. the Bad and the Ugly. You can think of the three different types of fats as the Good. That means our chips have zero grams of trans fat because we cook them in all-natural oils such as corn oil and sunflower oil. canola. Goodbye Trans Fats At Frito-Lay. Next. Sensible Snacking Snacking is a fun thing to do.After Gregg's potatoes arrive at a nearby Frito-Lay plant. it's the type of fats that are key in determining the wholesomeness of particular products. they're washed. Not all fats are created equal. They've been shown to reduce levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol. Frito-Lay snack chips and nuts contain mostly good fats. really: less of the bad. they're cooked in all-natural oils like sunflower oil and corn oil.monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. That's why Frito-Lay snacks taste better and are of the highest quality. and maintain HDL (good) cholesterol.

It's also important to know exactly what salt is. a 1 oz serving of Lay's potato chips contains less than 1/12th of a teaspoon of salt. most often found in foods like french fries. doughnuts. Sodium chloride. helps maintain our body's fluid volume and electrolyte balance. The 2005 Dietary Guidelines recommend that Americans consume no more than 2300 mg of sodium per day (about 1 tsp of salt). They're mainly found in beef. and excessive amounts will increase the risk of heart disease by raising "bad" cholesterol levels. we've dramatically reduced the amount of saturated fats in our products. "bad" and "ugly" fats in all of our products by checking the nutrition label on the back of the bag. That's less salt than in a serving of wheat crackers. By switching to healthier oils. because they can increase the risk of heart disease by raising "bad" cholesterol and lowering "good" cholesterol. They're considered the least healthy fats. Our Tostitos SCOOPS! tortilla chips contain less salt than a serving of fruit yogurt! It might sound strange. because the salt in a Frito-Lay chip is sprinkled on the surface. so it is one of the first tastes your tongue detects. Then there's the Ugly – trans fats. lard and butter. and crackers. Less Salt Than You Might Think You probably think of corn chips and potato chips as salty foods. but the surprising fact is that Frito-Lay snacks contain less salt than you might think. what we call salt. What's the Right Portion? .Saturated fats are what can be called the "bad" fats. Frito-Lay snack chips contain zero grams of these "ugly" trans fats. This is why Frito-Lay chips taste saltier than some other common foods. rather than baked in. You can see the amounts of "good". For instance. but it's true. and the role it plays in your body.

Put simply. we offer single-serving snack bags. Portion your snacks out. Some more handy tips for sensible snacking include: -Try not to eat directly out of the bag. As an average. which take the guesswork out of portion control. specified by the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act. a "serving size" is a standardized amount of food. on the other hand. or 1 oz of Tostitos with homemade guacamole. Try not to eat directly out of the bag.Snacking is an important part of a healthy diet. sustain energy or simply live a better lifestyle. so you know how much you're having. but it can be hard to know exactly how much you're eating. so you know how much you're having. Snacking sensibly can curb your appetite between meals and keep your energy up during a busy workday. or a couple of servings. To help you find your way around this sometimes confusing territory. A "portion size". Maintaining a balanced diet is tough. whether you want to lose weight. a good portion for a mid-afternoon snack would be 1 oz of Tostitos tortilla chips with a couple of teaspoons of salsa. Portion your snacks out. is the amount of food you choose to eat – it could be half a serving. . as well as innovations like our 100 Calorie Mini Bites. and it helps to know exactly what we mean when we describe "serving sizes" and "portion sizes" on our packaging and information. Some bags may contain multiple servings.

What's In Our Snacks Frito-Lay snacks start with real farm-grown ingredients. packed with Thiamin. Or corn.” But Frito-Lay chips are fried in healthier oils like corn and sunflower oils. which contain 80% or more of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fat—the “good fats. which naturally contain vitamin C and essential minerals. If you go for too long without eating. Even salt. if you're considering making a serious change to your diet or eating habits. Frying itself isn’t unhealthy—it’s the type of oil in which the frying is done that matters.-Store your daytime snacks in the kitchen. Of course. and Phosphorous – all necessary for healthy bones. -Bring your own afternoon snack to work. Certain oils. nerves and muscles. which help lower total and LDL “bad” cholesterol and maintain HDL “good” cholesterol levels. corn and soybean oils contain good polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. rather than at your desk or in your bag. one of the world's most popular grains. Good stuff like potatoes. is essential for the body.” . which can support a healthy heart. such as tropical and partially hydrogenated oils have saturated fats or trans fats. -Schedule snacks into your calendar. That way you won't be tempted to munch when you're not really hungry. vitamin B6. we recommend you speak to your doctor or dietician first. You might be surprised at how much good stuff goes into your favorite snack. Straight Talk on Snacking Q: Aren’t all fried foods unhealthy? A: Actually. You won't end up grabbing an unhealthy option. you might end up overeating when you finally find time to eat. Our all-natural sunflower. which are considered “bad fats. And it's not just the obvious ingredients. no. teeth. when eaten in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

which support heart health because they have a higher ratio of good fats to bad fats and 0g trans fat. All Frito-Lay chips start with real. And all of our chips are cooked in either sunflower.Q: Aren’t your chips high in fat? A: Most of our chips range from 7-10 grams of fat per 1oz. we were the first major food company to remove trans fats from our snack chips starting in 2003. Q: Don’t Frito Lay chips have trans fats? A: Nope. Q: What’s in your chips. which have 3. an amount comparable to many other snack choices. We also offer snacks. . The good news about all our chips is that we make them with “good fats”—polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. and salt and have NO preservatives. And our 100 Calorie Mini Bites offer 100 calorie portions of some of our most popular brands including DORITOS® and CHEETOS®. Frito-Lay offers a number of options to help with portion control. Frito Lay chips (and any food. Q: Won’t eating chips make me fat? A: Weight and weight gain always goes back to calories in. and fresh-tasting chips every time. in fact) can be a part of a healthy lifestyle but moderation is important. Another ingredient fact: all Frito-Lay potato chips are naturally a good source of vitamin C (10% of your daily value) from the potatoes. which are an easy way to ensure the right portion. All Frito-Lay chips have 0g trans fat per serving. we make great-tasting snacks that start with quality. simple ingredients (corn or potatoes) and are minimally processed. Q: Doesn’t Frito-Lay make junk food? A: At Frito Lay. serving. which have heart health benefits because they can actually lower bad cholesterol. so long as the total calories consumed do not increase. or corn oil. In fact. natural oil. soybean. including our multipacks and variety packs. seasoning makes up less than 5% of the ingredients in our chips. anyway? A: Our most popular snack chips are based on 3 simple ingredients: potatoes or corn. In our seasoned varieties.5 grams of fat or less per serving. like Baked! LAY’S® potato crisps. calories out. farm-grown ingredients.

crackers. snacking can be useful in managing weight and sustaining energy throughout the day. LAYS. so they offer the good mono. Snacking can be part of a healthy. Frito-Lay chips account for only about 1% of the sodium consumption in the U. Q: Isn’t snacking just a bad habit? A: Clearly there is a difference between mindless eating and snacking to curb the appetite between meals. can be part of any balanced diet. And all Frito-Lay chips have 0g trans fat per serving. Frito-Lay snacks have less sodium than you might think—a serving of LAY’S® Classic potato chips have a similar amount of sodium to a slice of bread. Salty snacks taste salty because the salt is on the surface of the chip. In fact. diet comes from common foods like bread and cheese. The primary source of sodium in the U.S.No Chips : Just Air > Very . Frito-Lay uses certified organic blue corn in our Natural Blue Corn TOSTITOS® tortilla chips. fat.Q: Frito-Lay makes salty snacks…so aren’t they high in sodium? A: Actually. Q: I am on a modified diet that restricts salt. no. like a slice of white bread. Other foods like crackers have the salt mixed and baked in so they don’t taste as salty. or even cottage cheese. Go ahead and turn the bag to check the nutrition and ingredients panel! Frito-Lay snacks are cooked in healthier oils. not genetically modified. not because they are high in sodium. portion size. and not treated by radiation. and not just in the produce section. They are made from all natural (not-synthetic) ingredients. When keeping healthier ingredients. artificial fertilizers. As far as salt goes.S. So Frito-Lay snacks. enjoyed in moderation. balanced lifestyle and offers many benefits. Organic snacks are made with organic ingredients that have not been treated with pesticides. Are my favorite Frito-Lay snacks off limits? A: Good news! Frito-Lay offers a lot of different snacking options to address various nutritional concerns. human waste or sewer sludge. and cholesterol.and polyunsaturated fats that are associated with lowering bad cholesterol when they replace saturated fats. Q: What does “organic” have to do with snacks? Does Frito-Lay use any organic ingredients? A: Organic food options are becoming more widely available. and personal calorie needs in mind. Chips have comparable sodium per serving to many other foods. Pepsico india Complaints .

NO CHIPS IN PACKET Comments . Warm Paramjit Singh Read comments Regards Add a comment More LAYS. it is about the brand Frito Lays. I still have the packet in my possesion and it is still filled with air.No-N214B. and there are people out there to help me. I want to escalate this matter.10 packet. MFD:20-Jun-08 and to my surprise when I tried to open it I realized there is nothing in but just air. It is not about Rs. Pepsico india complaints LAYS. Pepsico india Posted: 2008-12-10 by Paramjit Singh Send email No Chips : Just Air > Very Embarrassing I bought a packet of (Lay's-American Style Cream &Onion) potato chips a few days ago 32g B.Embarrassing View all LAYS. Pepsico india . I have the packet in my possesion and I will escalate this matter to the highest authority. They better reimburse me for my embarrassment and improve in quality. cause I went through embarrassment in front of my 5 year son who only likes these chips as a snack. how can such a big company like Lays float products in the market before proper quality check. Pepsico india complaints LAYS.

MFD 29TH November 2008.Com and I seriously love lays chips and is mine all in all favourite and i can leave without breathing but cant survive without eating lays even for one day. now thing is that I told to distributer and he refused me to change the matarial. I am prem singh (Asstt. I request the authorities to please take notice of this and to make proper inspection of the chips before being your lavanya. The problem which i faced with your MNC is that once when i brought a lays chips and opened it i shock to see only three four pieces in it and i was almost shock to see that how come such a quality brand company be so careless and am so very disgraced that the just three four chips which was present in it was over fried and not in a condition of eating and i just wanted to write a letter regarding this along with that wrapper attached to it.NO N106B. 404 days ago by Prem Singh Chundawat [send email] dear sir. BEST BEFORE FOUR MONTHS FROM MANUFACTURE. each counter sale is 10 box/week. introduced into the loyal market or you will lose your loyal consumers. WELCOME TO THE COMPETITION WORLD. GOOD NEWS SPREADS VERY SLOW but BAD NEWS SPREADS VERY FAST because such an modern world we are living in. The Rs 20 packet was a total waste of money because the chips were burnt and had to be thrown.413 days ago by Manoj [send email] Am MANOJ and am doing my B.. consumer. Manager purchase) ashoka cinepelx udaipur We have 3 counter for sale of lays / kurkure etc. .I think these chips should be taken of the market or proper inspection of the quality of the chips should be made in order to satisfy the consumers. I still have the packet with me and i want to bring this in your notice that the chips in the packet were totally burnt n were inedible and not worth consumption . 412 days ago by Lavanya Bhagra [send email] I bought a packet of [magic masala] lay's chips today on the 21st of December 2008 80gms B.. Being a MNC please check to the contents of your pack before packing because a single damaged pack might look like a small mistake to you but its something big problem to us because we people depend on you people with only hope that you provide us the best quality which we require and if there is any disappoints like this then people will surely change their minds are have an bad impression about you. but one month ago your seles boy gave me one month old stok and my boys didnt chek.


Amitabh Baisakh (RM east) along with entire team members & distributors announced the opening of CFA in Upper Assam shortly. a Sales officer. residing in Kolkata. Till Today It’s three years passed. They congrats me for my selection as CFA For PepsiCo. I am a engineering student of NIT. Everything went ok till the construction over. I have cheated A MNC Pepsico India(FritolayEast). I want to take the distributorship of lays in the kolkata i would like to know your criteria for taking the distributorship in kolkata . 170 days ago by Shriratan Sadai [send email] Dear Sir.Please Help. Last day i bought a pepsi cold drinks bottle from a shop near AG BLOCK in Salt Lake. 00000... I found that there was a typical fungal growth in side the bottle floating on the liquid. nothing has happened. and also in an official meeting in Guwahati (Assam) Mr. I would request you to send me the criteria and if needed you can contact me at 9830611312. Tarun Agarwal 09435091691 267 days ago by Suvro Banerjee [send email] Hi. They told me to built a godown about 15000sq.feet immediately so they can start their CFA operation. I reported to nearby "suppliers of your company"(pepsico) who instead of ownig up the problem showed quite STUPID.00 and started immediately construction for huge godown for PepsiCo. IDIOTIC reason for the case. .. Please help. I got an opportunity to work for PepsiCo and subsequently taken loan from bank about 50..very cheap never want it for all time fav cause of the quantity quality i have no words its fantastic. durgapur. thanking your's (SHRIRATAN SADANI) 164 days ago by Philip [send email] you faithfully hi.EASTERN REGION SO PREM BE POSIIVE 320 days ago by Tarun Agarwal [send email] For Target achievement & Growth. 164 days ago by Tapobrata Chatterjee [send email] Please let me know the address details of the Pepsico India Holdings contact for corporate purchase at kolkata at the earliest. I want to know that this is WHAT U MEAN BY CUSTOMER CARE?????? Finally are your going to do something about this issue so that common people like me of this country get the justice that they deserve. Area Sales Manager & Regional manager of PepsiCo(Fritolay) had given verbal proposal of CFA for their company Pepsico India (Fritolay Division) in Upper Assam. Being a responsible citizen I am waiting for an answer.. i bought a packet of lays american cream and onion. kolkata-64.Please Help. and there was only air in the packet u guys need to increase the amount in a packet . I thought.


Sour cream-based dips are the most popular flavor. reaching 87 million dollars. has a very profitable dip product line. We are neither affiliated with the author of this essay nor responsible for its content. 67 percent of all dip sales are linked to salty snack usage. In 1981 their sales reached 30 million dollars. with the sales figures almost tripling by 1985. Borden. While cream cheese-based dips are the third most popular and they take up about 15 percent of the total sales. and it accounts for about half of all total dip sales in the US.15/oz. Frito-Lay Inc. But the wholesale price of these products is only $0. are accounted for in supermarket sales. are taking up about 25 percent of the total market. which is about 775 million dollars. However. The other 45% of the sales by supermarkets is considered to be shelf stable goods and these are typically sold for an average price of $0. The major producers of these products are Frito-Lay and also some regional chip manufacturers. but also has shown tremendous sales growth over the past few years. Dips are most frequently used with salty snacks. this success brings the corporation into a very unique situation as well as bringing up a very good question of "how to develop this further?"ン Their options boil down to two different viewpoints.Essay. On the other hand. range. use the professional writing service offered by our company. and their retail prices were typically in the $0. regional dairies and store brands. only 33 percent of total dip sales are . In this market the major competitors are Kraft. which has an annual sales forecast of 10 million dollars and it is a bridge between the chip and the vegetable dip markets. the cheesebased dips.09 to $0.20/oz. This is not only a great deal now. Research Paper: Frito-Lays Dips Economy Free Economy essays posted on this site were donated by users and are provided for informational use only. About 55% of the total sales by supermarkets require refrigeration. The free essay on this page was not written by our writers and should not be viewed as a sample of our writing service. Nationally. The company in 1986 has also introduced sour cream-based French onion dip.09/oz. The first is the "chip dip"ン category or secondly. The second most popular segment of the market.07 to $0. fresh and competent research / writing done on the subject of Economy. 80 percent ($620 million) of the total dip sales. the newer and edgier "vegetable dip"ン category. in fact. If you need high quality.

a New York based diversified consumer goods and services firm with annual sales over 8 billion dollars in 1985. There were three dips sold by the company until 1983. During 1983 and 1984. SWOT Analysis Frito-Lay is a manufacturer and marketer of salty snack foods. About 20 percent of the dips used in the US are homemade. which can help the sales of the dips. nearly as many consumers use refrigerated salad dressings for dips. but that quickly changed with the introduction of cheese dips and other very popular products. The company does have a well-experienced marketing department but they have a weak leader. there were a number of cheese-based dips introduced by the company. Taco Bell. introduced their dip lines. Not only the existing competitors releasing new products.000 other outlets were convenience stores. Inc. The net sales of FritoLay in 1985 approached $3 billion. Dollar Sales of Frito-Lay'sâ Dip (in Millions of Dollars) Year Mexican Dips($) Cheese Dips($) Sour Cream Dip ($) Total Dips($) 1986(forecast) 41 48 10 99 1985 39 48 _ 87 1984 40 55 _ 95 1983 38 5 _ 43 1982 35 _ _ 35 1981 30 _ _ 30 Frito-Lay distributes its products through 350.000 were nonfood outlets and the remainder 249. Pepsi Cola Bottling. 47. It is estimated that about 35 percent of refrigerated salads sold in the states is used as dips. in 1985 the market's total advertising expense was 58 million dollars which was up 25 percent from the year before. especially in 1984-85. Prior to 1983 dips line was viewed as a non-promoted profit producer. However. It is also estimated that annual sales of the vegetable dip market are about 67 million dollars and the market is growing about 18 percent annually (this trend has been consistent since 1978). liquor stores and service stations.linked to vegetable usage.000 outlets were supermarkets. and 20. All the dips were displayed in the salty snack section of supermarkets. due to the increasing popularity of dips. As big as the market is for dips. There are many internal factors of the company. Frito-Lay's introduced its' first two dips in the 1950's and they had only three types of dips until 1983. A well developed line of salty snack foods are offered by the company. PepsiCo Foods International. where majority of the dips were sold. Frito-Lay is a nationally recognized leader in the manufacturing and marketing of salty snack foods and their net sales approached 3 billion dollars in 1985. but also many well financed companies.000 outlets were small grocery. such as Campbell Soup. Kentucky Fried Chicken. where 80 percent of dip sales are made. The dips are displayed besides the salty . is a division of PepsiCo Inc. Competition in the dip market is increasing very aggressively.000 outlets nationwide. during 1983 and '84 many other types of dips were added to their product line. The growth in the popularity of Mexican foods in recent years has created a huge increase in the size of the dip market. This data indicated increasing competitors and that leads to increasing advertising expenses. In 1985 34. there is an increase in market dip substitutes. The dip business is part of the Frito-Lay Company. which affect their strengths and weaknesses. Frito-Lay. which is nationally recognized. Divisions of the parent company also include Pizza Hut.

were not favored by the front-door store delivery system. vegetable dip market. A Frito-Lay region or division manager always required participating. The company sales force will need additional training and marketing expenditure at the supermarket level to capture interest and assist in the placing of the new product.000 outlets that distribute the products nationally. If the stores can't or won't make space in their produce sections. Frito-Lay uses a "front-door store"ン delivery system that is suited the 270. the normal front-door delivery system will need to be changed. New contacts with the produce managers in each store will have to be developed so as to get proper positioning and exposure for this new dip. This can helps to increase sales of the dip. Naturally. Principally. then this venture faces the possibility of a very limited lifespan. There are four geographical zones that organize the distribution system and cover the entire United States. People are loyal but still want to try new tastes sometimes. Cheese dip was introduced and it has a good initial penetration of the market. there are always risks that are associated with any undertaking. in a free market. Frito-Lay has the opportunity to capitalize on their present commanding position in the dip market by expanding their product line to include vegetable dips that will complement their successful cheese and picante (Mexican) dip lines. could penetrate and stake a claim to a large and undefined. as the new sour cream dip will be positioned in a different part of the supermarket. accounting for about 50% of dip sales in the salty snack dip segment of the market. Now if Frito-Lay can muster the resources and intestinal fortitude.S. Whenever a person buys some chips they will also be heavily inclined to buy a dip to go with it. there isn't a shelf-stable sour cream-based dip offered by anyone (Frito-Lay has one ready to be released).snack food section. away from the rest of the Frito-Lay salty snack food products. The Frito-Lay Company has national awareness and has distribution center across the U. yet extremely viable. The vegetable dip market is estimated at $23 million in sales per year Further. Inc. Combining this prior information with the additional fact that after cost analysis. they could really start working on the next billion in sales for the company in '87. This can also shows that a different kind of dip will catch people's eye and get interest in buying it. The company is organized around four geographical zones and each zone contains distribution centers to provide inventory for the sales force. the sales force makes 400. sour cream dips are the most popular flavor. The Cheese dip sales have tapered off because the novelty of shelf-stable cheese dips has passed. the gross margin on the sour cream dip will be a healthy 45% and you have all the makings of a cash cow product line. This growth rate has been sustained since 1978.000 non-chain outlets. The company does try to offer more choice of dips but is still not enough. Frito-Lay recognizes the up and coming health consciousness of Americans and is considering the expansion into the vegetable dip niche. This is necessary because the chain-store buyers responsible for the outlets in the chain also approve in-store merchandising plans as well. This is a market which does not have a major competitor in a strong competitive position. The company has 350. They have many kinds of distributors throughout the states but the majority of Frito-Lay dips are sold through supermarkets.000 sales and delivery calls. People need different taste and more choice. Thirty-three percent of salty snack food tonnage sold in the United States was captured by Frito-Lay. Perhaps the marketing department could develop new display racks that would attach to the top of produce bins and offer . Frito-Lay. During an average day. The company faces several threats from the market that must be objectively weighed when conducting the planning for expansion into a new market segment. With the correct launch and positioning. The supermarkets. This will also help a brand recognizing by the customers. and consumers are becoming more concerned over the content of the food they eat and buying enough "substitute dip" (salad dressing) to support growth in this market at an astonishing 18% compounded rate per annum. which are chain-store accounts. Each salesperson has their own route for selling the company products.

In 1986. we will know what product category Frito Lay. selling expense and freight expense stays the same in 1985 and 1986. which was $ 55 million and in 1985. Frito Lay. Enclosure 2 will show the calculation of the assumption that Frito Lay. which about 49% for Mexican dip.supermarkets additional marketing space without sacrificing floor space. markets the sour cream dip and doesn't increase advertising and promotion expenses for cheese dips. It is recommended that the French onion dip line be placed with the sour cream line to address the demand and growth trends of the market. Inc.000. the trend of sales of chip dip declined about 12. gross margin and trend of expenses. The amount of general administrative overhead expense. this product will be in a different section of the supermarket and thus new advertising must be developed and broadcast to the consuming public to inform them where to look in their neighborhood market to find this wonderful new dip to use with their healthy vegetable snacks. only did one marketing action. that will increase selling expenses to 25% of total sales. shelf-stable sour cream dip. The company launches its' new product. We will try to calculate if the company increases those expenses and doesn't market new product (sour cream dip) in 1986. We assume that retail price of shelf stable dip is $ 0. without increasing advertising and promotion expenses for cheese dips? What level of sales does Frito Lay.110) due to increasing sales. we will analyze these two categories in detail. the company plans to achieve $ 99 million in total sales. as mentioned. Enclosure 1 will show the calculation of this assumption. which will increase its selling expenses. increased its advertising and promotion expenses to increase cheese dip sales (whose trend of sales is going down) without marketing sour cream dips? What would happen if it markets sour cream dips. a "chip dip"ン category and a "vegetable dip"ン category. This assumption is based on the average retail price for shelf stable dip.$ 0. . For analyzing two viewpoints. Inc wants to complete their planning review for the line of dips sold. which was $ 48 million. but without increasing of advertising and promotion expenses for cheese dips.110) will be divided proportionally between Cheese dips and Mexican dips.16 per ounce for every kind. Concurrently. in 1986. Additionally. The last assumption is that the sales trend of chip dip is declining.20 per ounce. We also need to make an assumption about retail price. Inc. Inc. Based on the amount of sales in 1984.000) and promotion expenses ($ 594. Inc.617. Inc. We also assume that COGS is the only variable cost. trend of cheese dips sales is decreasing 12.72%. as the company is proposing to launch a new product line. have to achieve to maintain its $ 99. the risk that the product won't be noticed and/or accepted by the consumer is higher than normal for a new introduction. which ranges from $ 0. Perhaps if another dip selection was developed and offered along with this line.72% from its prior year sales. It depends on what strategy is applied. The amount of other fixed cost is staying the same.023. In plan of action. trend of sales. with only one selection so far and it will be positioned in the supermarket far away from the rest of our products. then consumers would be exposed to more shelf space of Frito-Lay'sâ product and be more inclined to trust the brand name and try it. There are two different viewpoints expressed. The amount of consumer advertising expenses and consumer and trade promotion expenses will vary. the company has already increased its advertising and promotion expenses and also marketed its new shelf-stable sour cream dip. The company maintains its gross margin at the same rate in 1985 and 1986. What would have happened if Frito Lay. 45% for Cheese dip and 45% for Sour cream dip.13 . must emphasize in its' 1987 sales planning because. The company increases advertising expenses ($ 1. Plan of Action In late 1986.000 total sales goal? With this information. we will go back to early 1986 and assume that Frito Lay. The increasing amount of expenses ($ 1.

000 to reach its $ 99 million total sales and $ 12. The market for this product (shelf-stable sour cream dip) is not near being full yet and there are no competitors that have marketed self-stable sour cream dips.111 to reach its break-even point.603. which is good for the company.763.900. the company only has to increase sales $ 15. Gross margin from this action is about 46%. the company must to do this to increase its sales in the full market. In enclosure 2. should elect to extend its sales effort into the sour cream vegetable dip market. Inc.146. we conclude that in 1987 sales planning. it is the overall potential of the vegetable dip market that makes this option an outstanding one. whereas in fact. This will prohibit the company from increasing its' advertising and promotion effort in 1987. Frito Lay. enclosure 1 and enclosure 2. Based on the analysis of SWOT.73% market share to reach BEP. This is much easier because the company only has to get a 5. Though its unit gross margin is little bit lower than cheese dips and its' total gross margin is almost the same. but advertising and promotion expenses are almost reached the budget line.64 to reach its $ 99 million in total sales. which means that a golden opportunity exists for the company. It is very hard for it to do because the company is facing a fully saturated market for cheese dips. .Outcomes Enclosure 1 shows that the company has to increase sales $ 16.

In south Mumbai. At C3. As a part of its Chai Time Achievers campaign. Frito Lay is reacting with consumer promotions. the owner of a distribution agency for Lays said there was a supply issue. The action is also visible at retail points. claimed they had been promised a premium if Bingo display was better. About 35 AC BEST buses in Mumbai. We have employed various strategies to successfully create an identity in the market in a short span of time. set its eyes on this segment a couple of months back. But not all organised retailers believe in monopoly. Kolkata’s second largest retailer. a shop owner said. Across the country the action is visible. the top selling brand reacted with its own version of trolleys parked next to Bingo’s display. Across the country. The company executives could not be reached for comment. much like others in his trade. is enjoying himself. with the launch of Bingo. Kurkure and Lays dominate the branded snack market. a margin that is 4-5 per cent higher than competitor Frito Lay’s. ITC introduced mega-size wafer trolleys outside most mom-and-pop outlets. In places like Bangalore. “The brand name Bingo signifies victory. As tobacco-to-hotels major. But there are genuine stock issues for Frito Lay. Stocking flavoured potato wafer packs is no longer a waferthin business. The retailer said they would rather offer choice to consumers. almost all of whom also sell ITC cigarettes. for the past one month. But this time the small-time snacks seller in Mumbai. 45.Business Standard June 06. According to ITC Foods executives. Lay’s. Last week. But we haven’t received supplies of Lays. Of course there were some places where ITC Bingo blocked out its competition. Bingo has laid claim to the large format outlets by tying-up with big retailers like Future Group’s Food Bazaar. Pepsico battle it out in wafers market V B Kunal Singh. at least in some parts of Mumbai. “We sell both Lays and Bingo. Pepsico’s snack foods company. announced a major branding initiative for its Kurkure brand. Small retailers. which is in much demand. this category is sizzling. the company has launched an advertising blitzkrieg across the country to create awareness among consumers.” said ITC Foods Chief Executive Ravi Naware. With its sole objective of deep distribution. Frito Lay. ITC. followed by the Metro in Kolkata would be branded by Kurkure. 2007 ITC. promotional events like games and competitions based on Bingo have become a regular feature at large malls like Garuda and Forum on weekends. but he admits that Bingo the latest entrant has offered smaller shops like his. The brand also tied-up with the Aerosmith rock concert that recently happened in the city. Singh will not talk about exact margins. is in the middle of the crossfire between packaged foods majors Pepsico and ITC. over the next few months the company will run a campaign where consumers .” Similarly.

“We are offering a wide range to ensure that the consumer is not restricted to a monotonous taste. He adds that Bingo has also got an interesting range in the pipeline. as well as interactive display units at the point of purchase. Foodworld representatives in Bangalore admit that Bingo has emerged as a “hot selling” snack.” . The entry was prompted by the fact that there are few players in this segment. it’s still early days to say whether Bingo will emerge victorious. “Frito Lay is still cashing in on the popularity and brand loyalty that it managed to establish with consumers over the years. of which 25 winners would be selected. “It is being replenished on a daily basis. These families then would be featured on 1 million packs each before October 2007. But as of now. There is a big opportunity for us. It spent close to two years for developing Bingo. Lays or Kurkure have not been replaced. Although consumers want to try Bingo. ITC claims that it has done its homework well. radio and outdoor campaign. The contest is being promoted through a television.” adds Naware.” a Foodworld representative said.” Naware adds.000 crore and ITC is looking at grabbing a 50 per cent share of the market at the earliest. But in metros like Kolkata.can send in recipes using Kurkure. “We found that there was only one organised large player at the national level in the packed snacks segment apart from some regional players. “We are replenishing the stock every day in all metros and cities with population in excess of 10 lakh.” says an ITC executive. Smaller outlets in Kolkata confirmed that sales of Lays or Kurkure had not dipped. consumers have not yet switched over from Lays and Kurkure. He adds quickly that the market for the packed-snack-on-the-go segment in India is around Rs 2.

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28 59.48 7. Just quit and do something you really love.Diversity is taking on new meaning in corporate America as globalization changes the business landscape.STOCK CHART SEC FILINGS QUOTE AND NEWS 59.35M as of Feb 05. Executives Say PR Newswire 8 hrs ago Comment WINSTON-SALEM. .9 0.218%) 59.13 (0. 6:40 PM EST Mkt Cap93. Feb. That was the message diversity executives from IBM.C. PepsiCo... post-crisis Wall Street not exactly what you signed up for? Don't whine about the government screwing with your livelihood. Wal-Mart and Hewitt Quit Your Depressing Wall Street Job And Start One Of These Awesome Careers Clusterstock Feb 05 Comment Are you frustrated with your pay this year? Is the new.79 45.39 64.. N.06B Diversity is Taking on New Meaning in Corporate America. We've found.51 Day 52 Wk Vol Avg Vol P/E 17. 5 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -.

Inc. Feb..827 shares traded.PEP Is On the Move Market Intelligence Center Feb 04 Comment PepsiCo (PEP) appears to be on the move today and is now at $60. 5 /PRNewswire/ -. Diamond Foods Said to Bid for Potato-Chip Maker Kettle . today announced that Zein Abdalla. is expanding on its hydration expertise and staking out new ground by delivering a Advertising: An Advocacy Ad Elevates Interest in All the Ads New York Times Feb 05 Comment The spot. PepsiCo Europe. Texas. Feb.76 (-1. chief executive officer.Y.Three players. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -. Feb.24%) on volume of 817. has been the subject of one of the most intense tugs of war over an ad in many years. N. In a bold move to give diehard Madden NFL fans ultimate control of their gaming experience.PepsiCo.53. Over the last 52 weeks the stock has ranged from a low of $45.. Doritos and EA SPORTS Partner to Let Fans Choose The Madden NFL 11 Cover Athlete for the First Time Ever PR Newswire Feb 04 Comment PLANO. intense snack brand within PepsiCo's Frito-Lay Lance. Fans choose.Gatorade Evolves From Sports Drink to Sports Performance Innovation Company PR Newswire Feb 05 Comment CHICAGO. will present at the Consumer Analyst Group PepsiCo (PEP) NewsBite . Doritos tortilla chips . a division of PepsiCo (PEP). featuring the college football star Tim Tebow and his mother. down $0. PepsiCo to Present at CAGNY PR Newswire Feb 05 Comment PURCHASE.39 to a high of $64.the bold.Building on the momentum from its brand refresh with the G campaign last year. 4 /PRNewswire/ -. one of the world's largest food and beverage companies.48.. PEP was covered in a was covered in a. One cover. Pam. The Gatorade Company. (NYSE: PEP).

a second-year receiver. are among the bidders for premium potato-chip maker Kettle Foods. but 89 In Helping Haiti. N. PepsiCo Strengthens Cross-Company Collaboration with BT and Cisco TelePresence PR Newswire Feb 02 Comment EL SEGUNDO. Feb.. Calif. Tropicana(R) Launches Tropicana Juicy Rewards(TM) Offering the Goodness of OJ Plus Big Savings on Healthy Pursuits for the Family PR Newswire Feb 03 Comment CHICAGO. giving in to surging input costs at last. 2 /PRNewswire/ -. Feb. most Americans (98%) are looking for more value from the things they buy. but PepsiCo is doing its best to cool things down and keep the energy lower than ever. Pepsi hike rates to offset rising costs The Times of India Feb 03 Comment Soft drink majors PepsiCo and Coca-Cola have increased prices of some of their products by up to 20%. 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -.Bloomberg Feb 04 Comment Lance Inc. and Diamond Foods Inc. At the same time. will be deploying Cisco TelePresence(TM) systems across PepsiCo's major offices . Calif. HFC-Free Cooler at Super Bowl PR Newswire Feb 03 Comment PURCHASE. and SAN JOSE..A new survey(1) shows that given today's economy. Pierre Garcon Wins Fans in Miami New York Times Feb 03 Comment Pierre Garcon. one of the world's largest food and beverage companies. most (95%) say they value spending time with family and having fun. has helped his parents’ homeland while helping Indianapolis reach the Super Bowl.Y.BT and Cisco today announced that PepsiCo. according to people familiar with the matter. PepsiCo announced today Coke. Feb. PepsiCo Debuts Energy-Efficient.In Miami temperatures are heating back up and excitement is building for the Super Bowl. 3 /PRNewswire/ -.

FL. ... which agreed to sell itself to PepsiCo Inc. Feb. or $1. Advertising: Pepsi Invites the Public to Do Good .. 1 /PRNewswire/ -. . Rihanna.Pepsi Bottling swings to a profit MarketWatch Feb 02 Comment Pepsi Bottling Group Inc. Miami to Perform at VH1's 'PEPSI SUPERBOWL FAN JAM' PR Newswire Feb 02 Comment NEW YORK. Pepsi and the NFL have joined forces once again to bring the worlds of football and music together with VH1's "PEPSI SUPERBOWL FAN JAM. PEP's penny may get it over the line Sydney Morning Herald Feb 01 Comment The final chapter in the takeover offer for Energy Developments kicks off with Pacific Equity Partners declaring its unconditional offer final and offering a 1¢ increase. to $2.PepsiCo chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi revealed the plan in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph. Justin Bieber and Timbaland With Special Guest Keri Hilson Touch Down In South Beach.VH1.76 a share." Taking place on the beach in the host city of South Beach. or 40 cents a share. PepsiCo expects health focus to provide multi-billion dollar sales boost International Business Times Feb 01 Comment PepsiCo has confirmed that it is aiming to triple its US$10bn revenues from the healthy drink and food market with the launch of several products.28 a share. from a loss of $271 million. this year's PEP lifts Energy bid by 1c The Australian Feb 01 Comment PACIFIC Equity Partners yesterday added a cheeky 1c a share to its $430 million bid for Brisbane-based group Energy Developments. Revenue in the. a year earlier. said Tuesday that it swung to a fourth-quarter profit of $90 million..

Pepsi is instead inviting the public to vote on worthy causes to which it will donate money. PEP opens its wallet The Australian 3 hrs ago Comment PRIVATE equity group Pacific Equity Partners has lashed out with a one cent a share increase in its bid for Energy Developments. its Indian-origin chief executive Indra Nooyi has said. Nooyi backs Obama. Pepsi push harnesses Facebook potential Financial Times 7 hrs ago Comment The soft drinks maker is launching a $20m digital campaign that includes a heavy presence on social networking site Facebook. Pepsico to launch $30 billion push into foods The Economic Times 1 hr ago Comment Pepsico plans to launch a $30 billion push into nutritional and healthy foods. says US protectionism inevitable in pressing times The Times of India Jan 29 Comment Rallying behind US President Barack Obama's move to discourage outsourcing. a move that highlights a shift among consumer goods advertisers One Outrageously Cheap Stock Motley Fool Jan 29 Comment One name worth buying today. PepsiCo chief Indra Nooyi has said that protectionist tendencies are "inevitable" during pressing times like a global recession. .New York Times Feb 01 Comment Abstaining from the Super Bowl commercial scrim this year.

Jan. CHK. PepsiCo Australia gets new marketing boss International Business Times Jan 26 Comment Kim McConnie has been elevated to the post of Marketing Director for PepsiCo Australia and New Zealand. according to reports..Seven Summits Research issues PriceWatch Alerts for PEP. Seagate Technology. (Note: You may have to copy this Fireworks for PEP pair The Australian Jan 26 Comment STAND by for the first post-change-of-control board meeting of Energy Developments in Brisbane tomorrow.Critical Alerts for Pepsico. STX.McConnie took the place of Amanda Thomson at the beginning of the month. 26 /PRNewswire/ -. Seven Summits Strategic Investments' PriceWatch Alerts are available at http://www. Abbott Laboratories. Released by Seven Summits Research PR Newswire Jan 26 Comment CHICAGO. as Thomson moved back home to the UK to take up. Chesapeake Energy. respectively.iotogo. Utah. Doritos and Microsoft Announce 'Avatar Crash Course' and 'Harm's Way' Finalists of Unlock Xbox Competition PR Newswire Jan 25 Comment PLANO. distributor and marketer of the beverage and foods maker in the Lankan market. ABT. NC and Justin Carpenter of Ogden. Jan. and Harris Corp. are the two Scroll upScroll down Suggest other news sources for this topic SEC FILINGS ." unique game concepts created by Jill Robertson of Raleigh. and HRS.The Doritos brand today announced that "Avatar Crash Course" and "Harm's Way. the only bottler. according to reliable sources.. 25 /PRNewswire/ -. RJ Corp set to seal deal with ole for bottling ops The Economic Times Jan 26 Comment RJ Corp is in advanced talks to buy the franchisee bottling rights of PepsiCo from Ole Springs Bottlers.

07/23/08 View All Filings for Pepsico (PEP) RELATED WIKI ARTICLES Related Articles      more ▼ Discussion History Bookmark Print Coca-Cola Company (KO) Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) Kraft Foods (KFT) U.SEC FILINGS (See all) 10-K (Feb 09) Older: 02/15/08. 10/15/08. Economic Cycles Health & Wellness     WIKI ANALYSIS TOP CONTRIBUTORS Ashwak Hauter Morgan Alcalay . 04/22/09. 02/27/06. 02/28/05 10-Q (Oct 09) Older: 07/22/09. 02/20/07.S.

Strong demand growth in international markets -.[4] PepsiCo's diverse portfolio can mitigate the impact of poor conditions in any one of its markets. (NYSE:PEP) is a global manufacturer. Frito-Lay. the Coca-Cola Company (KO). and marketer of food and beverages. the majority of PepsiCo's revenues do not come from carbonated soft drinks.[2] Unlike its major competitor. Gatorade. owning many well-known brands including Pepsi.[1] PepsiCo operates in over 200 countries. distributor. and Quaker Oats.[3] In fact.[3] Additionally.Sean Hinton PEP AT A GLANCE PepsiCo Inc. beverages account for less than 50% of total revenue.the company serves 86% of the world's population and international sales account for 48% of . with its largest markets in North America and the United Kingdom. Tropicana. over 60% of PepsiCo's beverage sales come from its key noncarbonated brands like Gatorade and Tropicana.

65/pound.1 billion. a 9.[5] [6] PepsiCo is highly exposed to raw materials costs. aluminum. PepsiCo recognized a $346 million mark-to-market loss on derivatives used to hedge its commodity exposure.revenue -. Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) and Whitman (PAS).6% increase from helping to offset a sluggish domestic market and provided the company with opportunities for continued expansion. PepsiCo made an offer to acquire its two largest bottlers. increasing eps by $. The deal was turned down. for $6 billion in a combined cash and stock deal. 2009.[15] PepsiCo expects to record another $30-60 million charge in 2009 to complete the program. forcing PepsiCo to make a sweetened $7. which will close six plants in an effort to streamline PepsiCo's global supply chain. On April 20. the company incurred restructuring costs of $543 million in relation to its Productivity for Growth program. The company expects to gain full control of 80% of its North American market and increase pre-tax profit by $300 million. PepsiCo said that the acquisition will be completed by the end of Q1 2010.[15] Quarterly Earnings Q1 2009 Contents . According to PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi. and juice concentrates fluctuate widely.[10] Company Overview PEP Revenues by Segment[11] PepsiCo is the largest snack and non-alcoholic drink producer in the United States. the company posted revenues of $43.[9] In early January 2010. PepsiCo hopes to streamline manufacturing and distribution through the acquisitions. [14] Next. net income fell by 9% to $5. For example. 2009. allowing it to bring new products to market more quickly and efficiently. In 2008.[7] PepsiCo should benefit from lower input prices after the collapse of the commodities super spike of 2008. PepsiCo has been able to grow revenues and net income through product diversification and international expansion. aluminum prices have fallen more than 60% from their 2008 highs of $1.15. Prices for the most important input materials.[11] Although the carbonated soft drink market in the US has gradually declined since the mid-2000s. First. with 39% and 25% of the respective market shares. adding $4 billion in debt to PepsiCo's balance sheet.[13] The fall in net income was attributable to two reasons.[8] The deal is expected to close in late 2009 or early 2010. sugar.3 billion.8 billion offer on August 4. the acquisition is necessary to consolidate profit as there is not enough total profit in the North American beverage industry to support investments in several different companies.50/pound to less than $0. PET plastic. corn.[12] The increase in revenues was primarily driven by higher sales volumes in the key European and Asian markets as well as company wide price increases.

3. Frito-Lay North America.[22] The second largest division. the company was negatively impacted by a 7% foreign exchange loss due to the strengthening US dollar.2.[18] PepsiCo's volumes remained roughly constant between the quarters.1 Pepsi Must Face a Declining Demand for Carbonated Soft Drinks 2. Earnings Per Share (EPS) would have grown by 8%.[20] Worldwide.135 billion. The decrease in net revenues was due to a weakening of the company's US beverage operations. 1 Company Overview     1.[23] Both Gatorade and Aquafina had double-digit volume declines.1 Global Footprint 3. PepsiCo Americas Beverages.5%. a 1.[21] Through the first three quarters of 2009. Net income remained roughly constant as input costs fell in line with net revenues. executives attribute the decline to casual . its two largest bottlers. Ignoring these changes. net income fell less than 1% to $1. discussing Gatorade. the largest division of PepsiCo. PepsiCo posted revenues of $8.23 billion.[17] Q2 2009 In the second quarter of 2009.2 Bottlers 1. Pepsi 3.3 Coke vs.2 The Dollar Affects International Performance 3 Competition       3. grew net revenue by 5% and increased volume by 3%. revenues would have grown by 5.3.2. Ignoring currency fluctuations. beverage volume increased 0.08 billion. driven by gains in the the Latin America Foods and Asia/Middle East/Africa divisions.[18] Q3 2009 In the third quarter of 2009.1 Quarterly Earnings 1. a 1% decrease from Q1 2008 figures.5%. net income fell less than 1% to $1.1 PepsiCo Must Survive a US Slowdown While Capturing International Growth 2.2 Diversified Product Offering 4 References In the first quarter of 2009.2 Commodity Costs are Pressuring Margins 2.263 billion. as well as a 2% net decrease in sales volume.5% decrease from Q3 2008.66 billion. with snack gaining 1% and beverages losing 1%.1 Beverages 3. net income increased 12% to $2. PepsiCo had revenues of $11.592 billion. PepsiCo posted revenues of $10. saw net revenues decline by 9% and total volume decline of 6%. which decreased by 9%.3 Operating Segments 2 Trends & Forces      2. Frito-Lay was the fastest growing consumer goods company in North America. a 3% decrease from Q2 2008 figures.[19] The increasing value of the US Dollar negatively affected net income by 7% and the company had $9 million in costs associated with its merger with PBG and PAS.5% while snack volume increased 2%. in addition to the strengthening dollar. which adversely affected revenues by 8.[16] Although net pricing across PepsiCo's product line increased by 7% during the quarter.2 Snacks and Convenient Foods 3.

athletes. 8% of Operating Income)[29] manufactures. net revenue declined 10% and 2% respectively.[1]  Latin America Foods (14% of Revenue. and claims its share of income under the equity method of accounting. driven primarily by foreign currency weakness compared to the US Dollar. and distribution of the final products. markets and sells cereals. Pepsi made a $7 billion offer to acquire Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) and PepsiAmericas (PAS).consumers' budget worries and insist that the core consumer. Rice-A-Roni. markets and sells a number of leading salty and sweet snack brands. Cap n' Crunch cereal.[8] Additionally. Cheetos. In August 2009. packaging. 13% of Operating Income)[29] manufactures. markets and sells branded snacks. The company was formed in 1999 when five of Pepsi’s bottling companies consolidated to form PBV. Cheetos. Aunt Jemima mixes and syrups. PepsiCo grants bottlers the use of Pepsi trademarks and other brand rights within certain geographic regions. and Life cereal. are still buying the brand. Rold Gold Pretzels. Popular products include Quaker Oatmeal. PepsiCo has a 33% stake in Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG).[28]  Pepsi Bottling Ventures is the third-largest domestic bottling company within the Pepsi system. Doritos. PEP sells these concentrates to bottlers for production.[24] In Latin America and Europe. Doritos Tortilla Chips. pasta and other branded products. Popular products include Lay's Potato Chips. PepsiCo has a 43% stake in PepsiAmericas (PAS). and claims its share of income under the equity method of accounting. rice. and Ruffles.[1]  Quaker Foods North America (4% of Revenue.from 60% of all nonalcoholic beverages in 1999 to 35% in 2009 PepsiCo hopes to consolidate the earnings of the three companies for shareholders.Pepsi's acquisition of Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) and PepsiAmericas (PAS) is expected to be completed in the 4Q2009 or 1Q2010 PepsiCo's beverage division manufactures concentrated syrup forms for all of Pepsi's beverage brands. and SunChips. PepsiCo believes the acquisitions will streamline company-wide distribution through economies of scales.[25] Bottlers *Note . As the US carbonated beverage market shrinks . Three companies distribute 60% of PepsiCo's North American beverage volume:[26]  The Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) is the largest of PepsiCo's bottlers.[27]  PepsiAmericas (PAS) is the second-largest bottler in the Pepsi system. Operating Segments PepsiCo operates in six divisions:  Frito-Lay North America (29% of Revenue. 43% of Operating Income)[29] manufactures.[3] . Popular products include Gamesa.

[3]  United Kingdom & Europe (15% of Revenue. the housing slump[32] and a weakening job market[33] are putting the breaks on consumer spending in North America. even in the typically recession proof drinks and snacks market. markets and sells beverage concentrates. Pepsi also followed it's June. markets and sells a number of leading salty and sweet snack brands. Emerging markets such as China. 10% of Operating Income)[29] manufactures. By tying the increased volume of cooler space to PepsiCo products. and Izze. and Cheetos.4B purchase of 75% of Russian juice maker Lebedyansky to tap into fast growing eastern European and Russian markets[34]. under various beverage brands. Commodity Costs are Pressuring Margins . PepsiCo Americas Beverages (25% of Revenue.[3]  Middle East. Popular products include Lay's. Pepsico offered to purchase Lucky snacks of Brazil in an effort to expand its foot print in South America and the attractive Brazilian market. markets and sells a number of leading salty and sweet snack brands. In fact. Tropicana. 2007 acquisition of Ukrainian juice maker Sandora with the $1. Doritos. and Cheetos. Africa. Doritos. Mountain Dew. Eastern Europe and Latin America present strong growth opportunities for Pepsico. fountain syrups and finished goods. In Feburary. Pepsico has sought to expand its presence is fast growing emerging markets through several acquisitions. Walker's.[30] Trends & Forces PepsiCo Must Survive a US Slowdown While Capturing International Growth Soaring food and energy prices[31]. Popular products include Lay's. 8% of Operating Income)[29] manufactures. and Asia (13% of Revenue. PepsiCo plans to continue its expansion into Russian markets with a partnership with Pepsi Bottling Group (PBG) to invest $1 billion in the country by 2012. the company hopes to grow revenues in this emerging market. India. 2007. 29% of Operating Income)[29] manufactures. Smith's. Popular products include Pepsi. rapid volume growth in these emerging markets have offset the worst of the damage in the company's core domestic market over the course of 2008. Gatorade.[18] The company's most recent efforts involve the distribution and installation of coolers throughout India.

the increasing value of the dollar could be a significant factor driving revenues down overseas. carbonated soft drinks have dropped from 60% to 35% of total US beverage volume. the company was the largest private potato grower in the country. Some of the raw materials used by PEP include grains such as corn. aluminum. and has continued this trend through 2009. Between July and December 2008.[7] Changes in the prices of such raw materials could impact total production costs and the company’s profit margins. consumers have been moving away from the sugared drinks. opting instead for diet beverages.50/pound to less than $0. it might pass on the increase to customers. which is used as a sweetener. oats and rice. Even within the CSD segment. If a bottler's raw materials become more expensive.3 million in five farms in China. The Dollar Affects International Performance Changes in the strength of the dollar compared to foreign currency could impact the company by decreasing both costs and revenue in dollars. Tradingmarkets. Public campaigns to ban sales of soft drinks and fatty snacks in schools have also negatively impacted demand for sugary sodas. Since 1999. wheat flour.65/pound. all sales made in foreign currency end up being worth less because the amount of US dollars the company gets per sale decreases. juices.2007-2009 PET resin prices.[36] The farms primarily produce potatoes for the company's potato chip brands and by 2005.[18] Competition . These factors have driven a shift in consumption away from CSD to healthier alternatives.[37] In her 2008 visit to China. The primary raw materials used by bottlers are high fructose corn syrup. aluminum prices have fallen more than 60% from their 2008 highs of $1. PEP has increased its development of both diet CSD and non-CSD beverages. used for plastic bottles. used to make cans. sugar. Specifically the company primarily deals with the British Pound. and water. making it one of the country's largest agricultural companies. Euro. and PET Resin. fruit and vegetable products like oranges. Changes in bottlers' production input costs can also indirectly impact PEP's profits. which could lead to a loss of market share as customers switch to more affordable alternatives.ref>PepsiCo to Set Up Five Farms in China. which do not generally contain any sugar or calories. For example.[8] Rising health and wellness concerns can be attributed to increasing concern for obesity as well as education campaigns on the part of the FDA as well as non-profit groups. PEP is responsible for purchasing the raw materials used to make its products in all its markets and also acts as an agent for the purchase of its bottlers' raw In an effort to insulate itself from market forces. In response to this shift in consumer demand. the dollar regained nearly all its 2007 losses against foreign currencies. Since over half of PepsiCo's sales are in international markets. As the strength of the dollar increases. 1/27/2010</ref> Pepsi Must Face a Declining Demand for Carbonated Soft Drinks Consumer demand for CSD has been negatively affected by concerns about health and wellness. and vegetable and essential oils. PepsiCo has invested $29. and juice concentrates. potatoes. CEO Indra Nooyi said that the company is planning to invest $1 billion in China by 2012. such as tea. PepsiCo is much better situated than CocaCola Company (KO) to react to these changing trends. On the other hand the cost of foreign inputs (food and other commodities that go into PepsiCo products) sold in foreign currencies would decrease with the strengthening dollar. With its popular Tropicana and Gatorade brands. and Canadian dollar. ¢/pound [35] PepsiCo's profitability can be affected directly and indirectly by the costs of various production inputs. Australian dollar.

2008 U. which puts it in competition both with Frito-Lay and . Snack Market by volume[38] PepsiCo's Frito-Lay and Quaker brands compete in various parts of the larger food industry.S. Its snack foods manufactured by the Frito-Lay segment hold a commanding share of the U.S. Coca-Cola Company (KO) has a higher worldwide share of carbonated soda beverages. PepsiCo's presence in the snack and convenient food industries. non-alcoholic beverage volume. diary. as well as its industry-leading innovations in the non-carbonated soft drink segment. market. a market in which KO does not participate. the Coca-Cola Company (KO) is PepsiCo's main competitor.[39] PepsiCo's revenues are also substantially higher than Coca-Cola's.S. In 2008. accounting for around 39% of domestic snack food sales in 2006. but PepsiCo has a more diverse product line and leads the industry in non-carbonated soft drink innovations. while PEP held a 25% share. non-alcoholic beverage market by volume[38] Beverages In the domestic beverage market. gives it a somewhat more balanced portfolio than Coca-Cola and provides the company with some protection against further declining demand for CSD. Coca-Cola had a 23% share of the U. Kraft's products include snacks. and cereal products. PepsiCo's main competitor in the food market overall is Kraft Foods (KFT).S. cheese. Snacks and Convenient Foods 2008 U. due to PepsiCo's snack and convenient foods business.

Forbes.0 8. ↑ 1. 1/11/2010 ↑ 11. 48 . 3.. ↑ PepsiCo to buy bottlers for $7. but what about our capital? Which company will add the best flavor to your investment portfolio? Although both companies share powerful brand names and global franchises. Furthermore. ↑ PepsiCo Expects to Close Bottler Deals in 1Q. particularly carbonated beverages.2 PEP 2008 10-K pg. Coca-Cola easily trumps Pepsico.8 billion.1 Aluminum Price Charts. shares up. 8. it stands to benefit greatly from the continuing weakening of the dollar as sales denominated in foreign currencies are suddenly worth more dollars back home.0 3. 12.1 PEP 2008 10-K pg. Kraft does not participate in both the food and soft drink markets. 1. there are two important distinctions between Pepsico and Coca-Cola that any investor should consider before choosing between these comestible titans: Global Footprint When it comes to international presence.3 3. 11. 106 ↑ 7. On the other hand. Coke vs. 54 ↑ PEP 2008 10-K pg. 14. While KO is essentially a oneproduct company that focuses on beverages. Coca-Cola's heavy dependence on beverages. 2-4 ↑ ↑ PEP 2008 10-K pg.8 bln.1 3. Pepsi For decades now. 7.Quaker products.[40][41] Coca-Cola's impressive global footprint puts it in a better position to benefit from strong growth across the globe. giving PEP the advantage of having a more diverse offering of products.0 11. 4. Coke and Pepsi have battled for our hearts and minds. Pepsico's extensive portfolio of beverages.. makes it more susceptible than Pepsico to a growing aversion to soda which is perceived as fattening and unhealthy.2 PepsiCo to buy Pepsi Bottling. Pepsico has a much broader product base that includes beverages. 5. 10. 13. ↑ PepsiCo Interactive 2008 Annual Report. because Coke generates so much of its revenue abroad. At the same time. Much like the Coca-Cola Company (KO). 3 ↑ Pepsi's bottler bid: Changing the channel again. Pepsico's heavy dependence on North America makes it much more susceptible to a slowing US economy.1 8. Coca-Cola generated around 75% of its revenue overseas compared to 48% of revenue for Pepsico. In 2008.2 3. 6. 1 ↑ 3. 9. 2 ↑ PEP 2008 10-K pg. particularly in the developing world.4 PEP 2008 10-K pg. References 1. ↑ 8.0 7. PepsiAmericas for $7. foods and snacks puts it in a better position from the trend to healthier eating. ↑ PEP 2008 10-K pg. Diversified Product Offering Another important distinction between the two companies is their product offering.0 1. foods and snacks.

0 18. 26. 37 ↑ KO 2008 10-K pg.1 PEP 2008 10-K pg. 12/19/2005 ↑ 38. 33 ↑ PEP 2008 10-K pg. Tradingmarkets. 77 ↑ PEP 2008 10-K pg.3 29. 25. 1/27/2010 ↑ To Bag China's Snack Market. 28 ↑ PEP Q3 2009 10-Q p. Seeking Alpha ↑ PEP Q3 2009 10-Q p.36 ↑ PEP 2008 10-K pg. 31. 24. Company Reaffirms Full-Year Guidance.15. 34. 4 ↑ The Boston Globe. WSJ. 34. 27. 32 ↑ PEP Q3 2009 Earnings Call PEP 2008 10-K pg. 37. 18.4 29. ↑ PEP Q3 2009 10-Q p.1 PEP 2008 10-K pg. ↑ 15. 3 ↑ PEP 2009 10-Q pg. 41. 17. 6 ↑ PEP 2008 10-K pg. 20. 30.0 15.0 38. Pepsi Bottling Buy 75% of Lebedyansky Juice ↑ PET Price Chart. Pepsi Takes Up Potato Farming.2 18. 29. 28. 39. 32. 19. 101 ↑ 29. 22. Diversified Portfolio and Growth Strategy Deliver Solid Second- Quarter Results. 38. 71 Categories: Consumer Products | Food & Beverage | Mature | Packaged Goods | Soft Drinks* . ↑ PepsiCo to Set Up Five Farms in China. 35 ↑ PEP Q3 2009 Earnings Call Transcript. 36.3 PepsiCo's Strong. 33. 26 ↑ 18. 49 ↑ PEP 2009 10-Q pg. 100 ↑ PEP 2008 10-K pg.1 18. 35. 7 ↑ PEP 2008 10-K pg. 21. 23.2 29.Surging costs of groceries hit home ↑ Bloomberg Case-Shiller Index Falls ↑ NYTimes Unemployment Rising ↑ PepsiCo.0 29. 40. Seeking Alpha ↑ PEP Q3 2009 10-Q p.1 29. 27 ↑ PEP Q3 2009 10-Q p. 16.

or investment advice and is provided with no warrants as to its accuracy. earnings call analysis.715. The use of trademarks or service marks of another is not a representation that the other is affiliated with.23 3. 2010. earnings ratios. See data providers for more details.06% AAPL 195. Privacy Policy. By continuing past this page.373. Market data by Xignite. sales revenues and other operating metrics.67 1.78% . or is endorsed by Wikinvest. 2008. stock quotes. is sponsored by. Stock market data. and other fundamental data is provided by data partners.10% 0. share prices. endorses.29% 0. products. competitors.46 1. sponsors. About | Blog | Press | Feedback | Help | Get involved Advertise | Licensing & Partnerships | Jobs Sign in to Save þÿ AAPL BDIY MSFT SPX DJI COMP My Quotes (6)(close) þÿ 195. you agree to abide by these terms.02 1. Stock market quotes delayed at least 15 minutes for NASDAQ. services and branding cited herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Use of this site is subject to express Terms of Service. and Disclaimer.00 28.Wikinvest © 2006.012. including US and International equity symbols.18 10. 2007. conference call transcripts. or price targets should not be construed as research. 20 mins for NYSE and AMEX.46 2.65% 0. Company names.066.78% 1. including but not limited to company data. 2009. market share. Any information provided by Wikinvest.12% 0. business analysis. industry information. trading tips or recommendations.

066.BDIY 2.00 1.29% .65% SPX 1.12% MSFT 28.02 0.715.18 0.

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