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Date People Concerned Event

June 19, 1861 On June 19th José Rizal is born

to become the seventh child
born to his parents.
June 22, 1861 Father Rufino Collantes Rizal was christened with the
Father Pedro Casanas name Jose Protasio Rizal-
Mercado y Alonso-Realonda by
the parish priest, Father Rufino
Collantes. His godfather was
Father Pedro Casanas.
1864 Jose learned the alphabet at the
age of 3. His first teacher was
his mother.
1867 At the age of 5, Rizal manifested
his artistic talents through
sketching and wax-and-clay
1869 Rizal wrote his first poem in
Filipino which was entitled “Sa
Aking mga Kababata.” The main
theme of the poem was love of
one’s native language and it
was Rizal’s earliest expression
of nationalistic sentiment.
1870 Paciano Rizal His brother Paciano brought
Justiniano Aquino Cruz Rizal to Biñan, Laguna. He was
placed under the tutelage of
Justiniano Aquino Cruz, studying
Latin and Spanish. In this town
he also learned the art of
painting under the tutorship of
an old painter by the name of
Juancho Carrera.
1876 When he was 15 years old and
was a student in Ateneo de
Manila, he wrote the poem, “In
Memory of my Hometown.”
1877 Rizal earned his Bachelor of Arts
degree with the highest honor
at Ateneo. During the following
year, he passed the licensure
examination in surveying.
1879 Rizal won the first prize in
literary contest. The prize-
winning poem, “La Juventud
Filipina” (To the Filipino Youth).
1882 Rizal completed his medical
course at the University of Sto.
1884 Earned a medical degree at the
Universidad Central de Madrid.
1886 Left Spain for Germany to study
ophthalmology at the University
of Heidelberg. In spring of 1886,
he wrote the poem, “To the
Flowers of Heidelberg.”
1887 Wrote the first novel entitled,
“Noli me Tangere” (Touch me
1889 Rizal’s article, Los Agricultores
Filipinos (The Filipino Farmers)
was published in La Solidaridad.
1891 El Filibusterismo, Rizal’s second
novel, was published in Ghent,
1892 Rizal organized the La Liga
1896 Rizal was falsely accused of
leading the Philippine
revolution by Spanish officials.

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