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Role of Banks in International Trade

A project Submitted to
University of Mumbai for partial completion of the
degree of
B.Com (Banking & Insurance)
Under the Faculty of Commerce

Kartik N. Patil

Under the Guidance of

Prof. Dr. Shraddha Shukla
Shailendra Education Society`s Arts, Commerce &
Science College,
Shailendra Nagar, Dahisar (East), Mumbai – 400 068

April 2019

Chapter No. Topic Page No.

1 Introduction 02
2 Research Methodology 06
3 Review of Literature 10
4 Data Analysis & Interpretations 13
5 Conclusion and Suggestions 17
Bibliography 21
Annexure 30

I the undersigned Mr/Ms______________________________________________________

here by, declare that the work embodied in this project work titled
_____________________________________________________________” forms my own
contribution to the research work carried out under the guidance of
_______________________________________________________ is a result of my own
research work & has not been previously submitted to any other University for any other
Degree/ Diploma to this or any other University.

Wherever reference has been made to previous works of other, it has been clearly indicated as
such & included in the bibliography.

I, here by further declare that all information of this document has been obtained & presented
in accordance with academic rules & ethical conduct.

Name & Signature of the Learner

Certified by

Name & Signature of the Guiding Teacher


To list who all have helped me in difficult because they are so numerous & depth is so

I would like to acknowledge the following as being idealistic channels & fresh dimensions in
the completion of this project.

I take this opportunity to thank the University of Mumbai for giving me chance to do this

I would like to thank my Principal, Dr. Swati Pitale for providing the necessary facilities
required for completion of this project.

I take this opportunity to thank our Coordinator Prof. Dr. Shraddha Shukla, for her moral
support & guidance.

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude towards my project guide Prof. Dr.
Shraddha Shukla, whose guidance & care made the project successful.

I would like to thank my College Library, for having provided various reference books 7
magazines related to my project.

Lastly, I would like to thank each & every person who directly or indirectly helped me in the
completion of the project especially my Parents & Peers who supported me throughout my

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