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Critique paper about K-12

Macula, Queenie Trett R


In June 2016, approximately 1.5 million children across the Philippines walked through
school gates for the first time to attend senior high school. The Department of Education is
gearing up for this moment for several years. The Philippines has embarked on this ambitious
reform to align its education system with most other systems around the world and to raise
national competitiveness. The government sees K-12 system as vital for ensuring that all
Filipinos are equipped with the basic skills required to play a full and productive role in society.

As a Filipino learner, I consider senior high school as a training ground for all of us.
Subjects in first semester and second semester in Science Technology Engineering and
Mathematics has a big difference from the subjects in junior high school not only that but
subjects that are being offered to us are not just knowledge based but also focuses on skills that
are really relevant to the global demand for workforce and even though first semester is just
starting I can say that I’m learning new things fromm my lecturers.

Oral Communication taught me how to communicate with other people. I also learned
different dimension and barriers of communication. Finding x and y is really hard but General
Mathematics taught me different ways and formulas to deal with this problems . In this subject
I’ve learned that our language history is complicated before, Komunikasyon at Pananaliksik sa
Wika at Kulturang Filipino enlightened my mind that I must appreciate and love my national
language specially nowadays young ones must know any things related to our language history
or even about our culture to enrich our identity as Filipinos. I also learned that Technology can
make our lives easier and we can have access to information not only that but we can also be
connected to different people in this global village, ICT is helping me to improve my
technological skills which I can use in my daily life or in the future. And through Earth and Life
science I learned that the Earth is 4.5 billion year’s old, amazing isn't it? It also taught me how
beautiful and unique the Earth is. Our teacher said that we should appreciate our planet Earth and
we should love and protect it. In Pre Calculus, it made me realize that if you do not understand
the beginning concepts, you will not be able to understand more advanced concepts afterwards.
The better you understand the basics, the easier it will be to learn advanced concepts afterwards.
Studying philosophy opened up possibilities and ideas I had never thought about before, and in
doing so, helped me become a deeper thinker and a more open-minded individual. English
academic and professional purposes, once you are a poor listener you are also a poor speaker.
disaster readiness and risk reduction teaches us to be aware to the disasters that will going to
happen in the future. To be honest, I never expected that the Chemistry uses several
complimentary disciplines as well, such as technology and mathematics, to carry out its
functions. The combination of chemistry with technology, for instance, enhances quality of life
by expanding knowledge of and access to various physical and biological resources. It is
wonderful to discover something you have never thought about, thank you research! I didn’t
expect that I can also apply what I have learned to statistics can also be used to a research.
Personal development helps me to understand more about my surroundings and it helps me to
develop myself as well as my relationship to other people. And lastly, reading and writing taught
me that reading is important because it develops the mind and understanding the written word is
one way the mind grows in its ability.
The subjects in first semester and second semester in Science, Technology ,Engineering
and Mathematics are starting to develop and improve my skills which I can use in the near
future. It is also helping me to improve my confidence to speak and share my thoughts in front of
other people.

Learning never stops at school because learning is something that is continues, as the
saying goes “Life is the best teacher” Yes, it is because you can learn something in life that you
can’t learn in school but Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world.” Education is the key for eliminating gender inequality,
for reducing poverty, to create a sustainable planet, for preventing needless deaths and illness
and for fostering peace.

Indeed, knowledge is power.