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- MAHARASHTRA MARITIME BOARD FORM No. 6 (under Section 7 of Inland Vessels Act, 1917) Declaration of Survey Dae: 06) 201g Ths ist ce that T have surveyed the Idd Vest ame’ DB AT AlcAcy. (Official no. BO R— I’ - 919332. Application No, ‘secordance with ‘he Inland Vessel Act 1917 and applicable State Rules.During the survey, the condition of vessel and its equipment as detailed “in the, “RECORD OF VESSEL EQUIPMENT AND VESSEL INFORMATION” attached es ANNEXURE to this Declaration of Survey. z 1] Miata Nae aa 7 Manish Poepae anil Certificate No 2° | Engine. “Driver Name — /Rank | Certificate No ; 2 [Passenger Allowed Fair Weather _—— _ | Boul Weather aan 3 | Tonnage ‘GRT EZ NRT - Based on the details contained in the Record of Vessel Equipment and Vescel Information together with ‘he number and qualification of personnel mauning the vessel, the vessel is fit and inland waterways worthy for the tradefpurpose upto (Date) © | | 2.014, with following limitations, ffany. - ss VILAG A. SAWANT epee ass, AHARAS ‘Survey Maharashtra Maritime Board, Mumbai losure: Record of Equipment and Vessel Infor Nae) This farm Shoe be sutton OC Win 14 8072 faltr to do so wit etme penalty in tras of ‘Seaton 8 tad Vesses Act, 1917. . 1 3) TNs Gece is val for 45 coy om te doe of ss ad canbe tet es Tempera’ Ceitto under Sectan 8 of tho Intand Vessel At, 1017 a ot