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CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION Tay Of Motor Vessel under section 19F of th inland Vessel Act, 1917 (1 0F 1917) Maharashtra Marine Board — sion Does eb cars soa eaew (eeeo aE t) aa TH TIT (AG enonanttm nna) Pom of Ragin AEE FIRST REGISTRY Registation Number 5 BANDRA CONVERSION FROM C. V. ACT 1838 TO |. V. ACT 1917 BDR-IV-01982 13-04-2017, ‘Ths isto cert that in asoedance with Section 19 of Inland Vessel Aet, 1917 (of 1917: the epstration requested ar ves D.BACLAKASIET hasbeen approved by this office, Therefor Maharashtra Maritime Board her by Grants & Authors Cevifcate of Registry tthe veel whose particulars are ven Belo. pairs aewaie a BY gets arm I eet (to A) CTA Ow a SE D.B.AL. AKASH wera atevirarerd ‘eh ar soredieerarge es ape er ate Sara weer reg as arteries are opera ogee sone ae fee ans . PARTICULARS OF VESSEL | SIFT qusfiet ST VGET hi D.B.A.LL AKASH | ame hae ‘SHRI AKASH ANIL JAIN OWNER OF WS. AKASH INFRA aaa aA Oars ARTES RIT HO, APT SHAW & WADAR IND: ESTATE, SJ WARG, LOWER PAREL (Wj MUMBAI aO0OTS Com nm cen 9820157868 Frets Nave oT VET : as Regan Ea Tous Namie oT Vessel | D. B. GANNON OCT Bal Peau Registration Romberg aeons a sare Gate ae a PRS OTBUTE TALYAW aot oa on _srorararedt afentre Fea Tang of VssoTmTT P= seer ae wa. i. Scar VeSSeTWGTFC ia TTT 8 coon WILD STEEL Taced ra 15 : see ge 22 Typ a Vasa DUMB BARGE (FLAT TOP PONT orga Te ReoeredToOeGE | Ra ot BERS thner 2 rat DERE TOAST nb BTS ez ae sa ie MAIN ENGINE PARTICULARS / yey girarer avait TT ERS WE Tar Engine Voor BUTE a gPeraver en gree aie a Ma nglne Se7aT NORE sa sya gare ae Port} wa. ane oo a.m. @. ao. No.of Shats NRT oF OVINE fair en ne oF Vos rere fs ene ae Tye oF Engine fora se This VessaT is apr mortgaged to: 0.00 fetter no. Dated 13-01-2017 Romark Issued Date 13-01-2017 BANDRA ight aie Fee: sunaBlumoai~400 059