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Evaluation Statement of System Proposed For Concrete Slurry Management Meeting PCB Norms

S.No Description SN Engineering Services Proposed Remarks

1 Objective 1. Treatment of Batching Plant Machinery wash water containing thin concrete
slurry with cemented coarse and fine aggregates

2. Recovery of coarse and fine aggregates for reuse in lean mix preparation

3. Recovery of treated water for green belt development

2 Capacity 20 cum/hr
No Description Raw Effluent PCB Discharge Treated Water
3 Raw Effluent Parameter Norms Parameters
Parameters 1 pH <8 6.5 to 9 7-7.5
(Tentative) 2 Specific 1150 Kg/ cum NA
3 TSS <1500 ppm <30 ppm 5 – 10 ppm
4 Oil and <20 ppm < 10 ppm < 10 ppm
4 Technical 1. Slurry water collected in a wahing 1. Slurry Water collected in a
Proposal pit (Collection Tank) Collection cum Attenuation
Tank for collection of effluent
2. Pumped to Recyling Tank with 2 and attenuation of oversized
KW agitator automated with timer gravels
2. Pumoed to Hydrocyclone for
3. Pumped to Concrete Reclaimer centrifugal separation of coarser
(Settling Tank) with 5.5 KW particles in the slurry
3. Coarse Aggregates from bottom
4. Coarse Aggregates settled in of hydrocyclone drained out by
Concrete Reclaimer recovered and gravty
supernatant pumped to Filter Press
S.No Description SN Engineering Services Proposed Remarks
4. Supernatant of hydrocyclone
5. Fine aggregates recovered as cakes passed to Automated Self
and filtrate recovered as treated Cleaning hydraulic Screen
water here in Filter Press Filters for polishing the treated
water and recovery of slurry

5. Slurry particles with backwash

water passed to classifier
mechanism where particles
recovered according to set sizes.

5 Optional Classifier Mechanism for separation of Included

various sizes of particles

6 Cost of Electro Concrete Reclaimer - 19.63 lakhs App 35 lakhs

Components in Automatic Filter Press – 30.58 Lakhs
Scope of Supply
Optional Classifier Machanism – 5 lakhs

Total – 55.21 Lakhs

7 Exclusions 1 Packing and Forwarding charges + Insurance + Freight + GST

(app 20% on basic price)

8 Exclusions 2 Civil Works : Collection Tank and Platforms app 5 lakhs