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Trench Crawler Trench walls, whether deep water or coastal, provide homes to

thousands of marine species. In these aquatic settings, where

danger may come at you from any direction, the advantage of
This piscine creature clings to the rocky wall of the abyss by burying having a wall at your back is even more significant than on land.
Aetaltis Bestiary

two serrated, hook-tipped appendages deep in crevices, while two In a trench crawler’s territory, however, this safety is an illusion.
more snap out to impale nearby prey.

Trench Crawler CR 2 APPEARANCE

XP 600 Trench crawlers resemble 5 ft. long primitive fish with placoid
N Medium animal (aquatic) scales. Its colors vary widely from brick red, for those living in
Init +6; Senses blindsight 60ft; Perception +4 deep sea trenches, to bright reds, yellows, and golds in coral
DEFENSE communities. When camouflaged in its natural habitat, it’s
AC 14, touch 12, flat-footed 12 (+2 Dex, dorsal and posterior fin-spins lie flat against its skin.
+2 natural) The creature’s arms end in serrated hooks that can
hp 22 (4d8+4) pierce a turtle-shell. Sages recently discovered
Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +1 that the crawler’s hooks, teeth, scales, and
OFFENSE rasping tongue are laced with iron. It is
Speed 5 ft., swim 20 ft., believed that eggs are laid near hydro-
Writing & Game Design by Rich Howard

climb 10ft. thermal vents, allowing the young to

Melee bite +3 (1d6+1), 2 claws +5 fix iron disgorged into the sea.
(1d8+2, plus grab)
Illus. by Eric Lofgren

Special Attacks trench hook

Str 14, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 2, Contrary to rumor and myth, the trench
Wis 10, Cha 6 crawler is a naturally occurring crea-
Base Atk +3; CMB +5 (+9 grapple); ture. Its ability to fix iron from the
CMD 17 surrounding water is the result of a
Feats Multiattack, Improved rare organ also found in some sea
Initiative snails. Trench crawlers exposed to
Skills Climb +10, Perception +4, magical or alchemical elements from
Stealth +6 (+10 in rocky terrain), vents which tap into other planes or pockets
Swim +14 of stagnant magic may possess hooks infused with
Racial Modifiers +8 Swim, +4 Stealth (in rocky terrain), other elements (silver or adamantine for instance).
+4 Climb
Environment Ocean trenches
Organization solitary, or family (3-5) CRAWLERS
Treasure none Trench crawlers’ main mode of movement is to crawl along
SPECIAL ABILITIES reefs and outcroppings with its hooks, but they can swim at
Burst of Speed (Ex) Trench crawlers can swim at 5 times its high speeds in short bursts. They secure their hooks in small
normal swim speed (100 ft) for 10 rounds per day. These crevices and lay flat against the trench wall to ambush prey. Its
rounds need not be consecutive. vision is poor, but a form of electroreception allows it to detect
Trench Hook (Ex) The trench crawler’s hooks give it a +4 bonus its victims. Its primary food sources are fish and sea turtles, but
to grapple checks. This bonus increases to +8 if more than its jaw can unhinge to consume larger prey.
one claw attack is successful against the target in a single Highly territorial, a trench crawler will tolerate other crawl-
turn or if one or more claws hit with a critical. If the target ers only if prey is plentiful. Other predators are not tolerated
of a critical hit frees itself from the grapple, it takes an at all. When a trench crawler attacks, it lashes out with one or
additional 1d6+2 damage. more hooks, keeping at least one buried deep in the rock wall.
It is extremely difficult for an impaled victim to pull away from
a trench crawler, which often waits for its prey to exhaust itself
or die from blood loss.

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