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West Africa

“. . . Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature – Mark 16:15”
A work of the church of Christ Fulfilling the Great Commission

class that begins in January 2018 and are expecting

G reetings to all those who are making this

work in West Africa possible. This has
been a very busy year, and it does not
seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I have
recently returned from overseas where I had the
more to apply. Twenty-eight students are presently
in the four-year part-time program. They attend
classes ten hours per week on Friday and Saturday
with the same curriculum and class requirements as
the full-time students. The desire to study God’s
word is great, and each quarter, the class size
opportunity to participate in a graduation and continues to grow! We are also offering the Bear
seminar in Ibadan Nigeria, another seminar in Valley Master’s Degree at this school with the
Takoradi Ghana, and work with the schools in both number of students varying from fifteen to twenty.
Accra and Tamale Ghana. Lord willing, I return to God has truly blessed this work!
West Africa next month for two more graduations
and seminars in Kpalime Togo and Tamale Ghana. I The Bear Valley School in Tamale Ghana has
will also be traveling to Gueckedou Guinea to look experienced significant changes in the last year
at the potential for a new school, and visiting our two which has had a positive impact on the program. We
newest schools in Kenema Sierra Leone and Ganta presently have fifteen full-time residential students
Liberia during the same trip. Short courses, survey who are scheduled to complete in July 2019. The
trips, seminars, graduations, evangelism, preaching graduation for the previous class is scheduled for
and planning, it seems to go on and on. With your November 2017. We have implemented staff
help, we are training hundreds of preachers changes, alumni visitation programs, a school farm,
throughout West Africa, and bringing thousands of and other upgrades over the last year which have
lost souls to Christ. The church is growing and being greatly improved the image and effectiveness of this
edified, and together, we are fulfilling our mission as school. We pray for the strength to continue!
disciples of our Lord. In this report, I will give a brief The Bear Valley Extension School in Ganta
synopsis of each school and then there will be dozens Liberia presently has fourteen full-time residential
of photos describing many of the major happenings students who are expected to graduate in August
at the various schools in this part of the world. 2018. This school is attracting potential students like
Key Happenings at the Schools crazy with fifty-six applications already turned in for
the class to begin in 2018. If we could increase the
The Bear Valley Extension School in Doboro capacity of the school through a larger budget and
Ghana is continuing to prosper and grow! We facilities then the students are available. The school
presently have forty students in the full and part-time is very active in evangelism and has had 167
Diploma programs. Twelve students will be baptisms over the last year. They have also
completing the two-year full-time residential implemented a leadership training program with
program in December 2017, and we are anticipating sixteen local leaders receiving a Certificate in
their graduation in May of 2018. We already have Leadership this year. We pray that God will continue
interviewed thirteen students for the next full-time to supply the needs for this vibrant program!
Page 2 A work of the church of Christ December 2014
The Bear Valley Bible Institute in Kpalime Togo eighty percent have all hindered the growth of the
presently has ten students who are scheduled to church in this struggling country in West Africa.
graduate in November 2017. We have generally used Regardless, the school has been very active with
this Bear Valley program in the past to convert twenty-one souls baptized into Christ on their first
denominational pastors, and have converted and gospel campaign. They have a new computer training
trained over forty of them since the inception of the program, and are continuing to produce vegetables on
school. We have now developed a new one-year their small farm. May our Lord continue to bless the
curriculum through the Center for Biblical Studies for efforts of these faithful Christians in Sierra Leone.
this purpose that is not affiliated with Bear Our two Bear Valley schools in Cameroon located
Valley. This new set of courses will be utilized to teach in Wotutu and Mbanga continue to train preachers to
and convert leaders and members in the denominations build up the church throughout Cameroon. These
to feed the existing Bear Valley school which will run schools are constantly planting churches and bringing
at the same time. The two programs working side by souls to Christ through there evangelistic campaigns
side should be able to train a high number of men in and other efforst. Please keep both of these schools in
French speaking Togo to preach and defend the gospel your prayers.
of our Lord. Please pray that this transition will be
smooth as we enhance our efforts at this school. It would take pages and pages of writing to explain
all of the happenings in West Africa. Each of the
A new class has just begun at the Bear Valley Institute
existing schools prepare monthly (or more often)
near Ibadan in Butubutu Nigeria with forty-one full-
reports that are posted on the Bear Valley website.
time two-year residential students. This includes a
second-year class of fifteen students and a first-year
You can read more about our work at this link:
class of twenty-six students. As we do every year,
Financial Support
these first-year students are on probation and, due to
limited funds, the class will be reduced to around thirty
students or so. We (Southwest School of Evangelism) We want to thank all of the supporters for their
also have another fourteen part-time students at the contributions to this exciting work in West Africa.
Ikorodu Campus near Lagos. Sixteen students Without you, this effort would not be possible.
graduated and received Bear Valley Certificates on
Saturday, August 25, 2017. The students and staff in Contributions by check need to be made payable to:
Nigeria continue to bring many to Christ as they teach
and study God’s word. This school could do even more Mountain Home church of Christ
evangelism if the funds were available. Please keep our For: West Africa Mission
brethren in Nigeria in your prayers. Mailed to:
The West Coast School of Preaching near Takoradi Mountain Home church of Christ
Ghana presently has twenty-seven students in their full 380 North College Street
and part-time programs. Thirteen students will be Mountain Home, AR 72653
finishing the two-year full-time residential program in
August 2018. We are in the process of recruiting You can direct any questions to the church office at
students for the next class to begin late next year. 870-425-4330.
Fourteen students are now in the part-time program in Or you can contact Steven at:
Takoradi, and we plan to increase the size of this class
over the next year. We are trying to raise the funds to
USA Phone: 971-270-8535
build a new dormitory which will greatly increase our
capacity at the school. We need around $40,000 for the Please email Steven if you would like to receive this
structure. Please let us know if you can help. newsletter by email.
The new Bear Valley program in Kenema Sierra Thanks So Much,
Leone now has seventeen students who are actively
studying God’s word in this difficult part of the world.
With Christian Love
Ebola, civil war and an Islamic population of around
Steven Ashcraft
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New Christians Baptized into Christ

Page 4 A work of the church of Christ December 2014
Page 5 A work of the church of Christ December 2014

Bear Valley Bible Institute

Tamale, Ghana

We are continuing to make our Have you ever wondered how many
rounds in Northern Ghana visiting Ghanaians you can pack in, on and
the previous graduates of the around a van? I would say we have
preaching school in Tamale. We around fifty in this twenty-three-
thank God for these men. passenger van!

We are continuing to make repairs Faithful Christian women make up a

and upgrades on the facilities in large portion of the church in
Tamale. The wall has been rebuilt Northern Ghana. Many times, their
and we are moving forward. We husbands do not participate. We
pray that God will provide our needs. thank God for these women.
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Bear Valley Bible Institute

Kpalime, Togo

Much of the training at the school in 313 people came together from 17
Kpalime is practical and includes congregations to attend a lectureship
personal evangelism on a regular on “The Christian in the World.”
basis. Students are taken to a This is a wonderful opportunity to
community to share the gospel. build up the church in Togo.

World Bible School correspondence We are attempting to set up

courses have been a successful tool computer training classes at most of
throughout West Africa. Whether our schools in West Africa. The new
the sign is in English or French, many information technology class in
are attracted to free Bible Studies. Kpalime seems to be a great success.
Page 7 A work of the church of Christ December 2014

Bear Valley Bible Institute

Doboro, Ghana

We now have almost sixty students in With your help, we are slowly
our programs in Accra including a building up the libraries at our
Master’s class with fifteen to twenty schools. We recently built new
students. Here Denton Landon is shelves in Doboro and need books!
teaching the Masters Class. Do you have library books to donate?

The students in the full-time All of our schools are tuition free
program are earnest in their desire to with room and board provided. You
study God’s word. This school has help provide food, lodging and school
grown so quickly that we need to look supplies for all of our students.
at improving our facilities. Thank you so much for your help.
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West Coast School of Preaching

Takoradi, Ghana

The staff and students at the West One great benefit of working in West
Coast School of Preaching continue Africa is the desire of the people to
to bring souls to Christ. God hear God’s word. Wherever you go,
provided a wonderful baptistry in the you will find those who will give you
form of the Atlantic Ocean. the time to teach them the truth.

When the weather is too hot inside, With your help, we were able to get a
the brethren in Takoradi bring the nice copy machine for the school in
classroom outside. All of our schools Takoradi. It is through your special
are doing a wonderful job of holding contributions that we provide for the
fast to the true doctrine of Christ. special needs at our schools.
Page 9 A work of the church of Christ December 2014

Bear Valley Bible Institute

Butubutu (Ibadan), Nigeria

The students are regularly divided These students spend 35 to 40 hours

into groups for weekend evangelism per week sitting on hard benches
at different locations throughout studying God’s Word. That is the
Nigeria. These men are ready to go kind of devotion and sacrifice that we
share tracts and the Good News. all need to develop in our lives.

On this weekend campaign in Ekiti Makinde is the director of the school

State in Nigeria four souls were near Ibadan Nigeria (shown on left).
added to the Lord’s Kingdom. We I am continually amazed by the
thank God for our new brothers and devotion, work ethic, and sacrificial
sisters in Christ. nature of this brother in Christ.
Page 10 A work of the church of Christ December 2014

Bear Valley Bible Institute

Kenema, Sierra Leone

The students prepare to travel for a As a result of open air preaching and
gospel campaign in the Kailhun door to door evangelism, twenty-one
district of Sierra Leone. The souls were added to the Lord’s
instructors are instilling a strong church. The new Christians were
evangelistic spirit into the students. lining up to be baptized into Christ!

The school buys the food for the The church of Christ in Sierra Leone
school in bulk, and a cook prepares is growing in both numbers and
the meals throughout the quarter. maturity as a result of our efforts in
This allows the students to focus on Kenema. Working together, we can
studying God’s word. make a difference in West Africa.
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Bear Valley Bible Institute

Ganta, Liberia

We have library shelves at the school The students at the Bear Valley
in Ganta library that need to be filled school in Ganta Liberia have now
with books. If you know a preacher moved into their second year of
who wants to donate a library to help studies. This will greatly strengthen
train preachers let us know the church in Nimba county.

When you are disabled in West The students continue to farm

Africa special means must be vegetables on the land on the school
developed to get around. This man is premises. We thank Healing Hands
using a homemade wheel chair for for getting us started. We also have
that purpose. weekly agriculture training.
Page 12 A work of the church of Christ December 2014

Bear Valley Bible Institute

Wotutu and Mbanga, Cameroon

Many times, items we have lying are Saving souls is the focus of the Bear
prized possessions to our students Valley schools throughout the world.
throughout West Africa. These There is no better way to accomplish
donated neckties will be used over this task then sitting down and
and over again by the students. sharing God’s word with others.

Here we have a long line of future The school in Mbanga is very active
and present preachers in new in the classroom and the field
matching Bear Valley T-shirts. They through their evangelistic efforts.
can now look sharp and neat in the More information can be found on
mission field and the classroom. the Bear Valley website.
Page 13 A work of the church of Christ December 2014

Northern Togo Evangelistic Work

One-on-one Bible Study is the key to This is part of our team of preachers
church growth throughout the world. who are sacrificing themselves for
Our preachers are working hard to the salvation of others: Francis,
spread the Good News in French Nimde, Johnathon, and Nicodemus
Speaking Northern Togo. (Fidele is taking the photo).

The church in Tandjoure continues We recently held a follow up

to grow as Johnathon helps another campaign in Niamtougou in
young lady obey the gospel of our Northern Togo. As usual many
Lord. Please keep the work in children came to watch the Jesus film
Northern Togo in your prayers. in their local language of Kabiye.
Special Evangelism Campaign
Page 14 A work of the church of Christ December 2014

Dago – Southern Ghana

We recently held an evangelistic

campaign in the fishing village of
Dago in southern Ghana.
Working together with a group of
graduates from the West Coast
School of Preaching eleven souls
were brought to Christ over the
week. Here are some of the photos.
Page 15 A work of the church of Christ December 2014

Some pictures of the children

Page 16 A work of the church of Christ December 2014

Some More Children