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Tomer Cohen-Facility manager, Site Manager.

Address: Ami Street 8/11 Rehovot , Israel ID: 034443606 | Age: 39 | Family status: Married + 3| 972-529555930 , 08-9495000
Twelve years managerial experience. Facility manager, director of engineering and projects administration.
executives and employees directly in a range of areas: engineering/ telephone / flights abroad for workers/ security/
reception/ project management / cleaning and appearance of the site / farm/ transportation for workers/Post/ dining
room and catering. Experience in managing subcontractors, budgeting, management and negotiating with public
bodies. Extensive experience in system maintenance with a strong emphasis on quality and safety standards.
2011-2008: Master's Degree MBA specialization in Management and Organization.
2003-2000: BA in Technology, major in Electrical and Electronic Engineering registered engineer in the Register of
2000-1998: Electronical Engineer certified with excellence.

Professional experience:
2013 - Present: Facility manager (Site manager), director of Infrastructure and Administration, Company
Engineer and Project Manager at Syngenta Israel.
• Executive Engineering Management/ security/ farm/ telephone/ reception/ flights/ transportation and all site
• Global responsibility for site budget and management of contractors/ maintenance/ security/ board/ telephone/
flights/ dining etc.
• Responsible for managing service call systems onsite and site maintenance management systems.
• In charge of compliance with the legal requirements regarding fire protection/ power/ regional council/ sewage
and so on.
• Closing contracts and service agreements with suppliers and subcontractors in order to ensure company
streamlining and reducing costs.
• The provision of administrative solutions to technical problems and contractual factors on site where necessary in
consultation with lawyers, CEO, Human Resources, procurement etc.
• Writing work procedures in the areas of Engineering & Maintenance/ telephone/ flights/ security/ contractors/
farm/ quality/ environment issues and safety
• Manage negotiations with public and private entities – regional councils/ lease/ contractors/ IEC/ fire protection
and so on
• Goal setting for employees, salary increments, promotions etc.
2012 -2013: Plant Engineer and Project Manager at OSEM
• Managed overall site maintenance, maintenance staff, quality control and division of labor
• Responsible for equipment maintenance budget for purchasing new equipment
• In charge of equipment for the production facility of the company
• Direct responsibility for managing contractors’ on-site inspections, bids and quality control
• Full responsibility for the proper functioning of production equipment, writing preventative maintenance
procedures and safety procedures
• Ensured compliance with legal requirements and standards regarding electricity

2010-2012: Project Manager at Galil Engineering, Intel

• Management and supervision of site contractor’s work at Intel site (over 150 employees)
• Managed project advancement budget.
• Ensured correct allocation of work and coordination with internal organizational interfaces.
• Worked with schedules and meeting of deadlines under system constraints.
• Collected feedback on the performance of contractors' work, improving work efficiency with a focus on safety,
sticking to deadlines and quality of work.
• Carried out weekly report analysis of the contractors, work planning and worked continuously to improve

2006-2010: Director of the clean room production teams at DNS Intel Israel
• Provision of services to Intel in the field of industrial machines in the production process.
• Implementation of procedures, assigning of tasks, monitoring activities and providing feedback on a weekly basis.
• Allocation of objectives and outputs, salaries, bonuses, promotions and expenses for courses.
• Employee training on how to use the machines, complex troubleshooting include robotics, chemistry and
• In charge of the maintenance of the machines by analyzing logs for tracking the product of the machine - directly
with Intel.
• Inventory management, ordered parts from abroad, outputs control of central warehouse inventory, inventory
2006-2002: Bezeq- Initially in the role of engineer then later in the role of director of technical staff for
communication networks.
• Team manager of internet regulations, domestic, foreign exchanges and telephone.
• Operation and control technicians in the field, work schedule and allocation of tasks, consultation.
Enrichment courses:
▪ Safety and the environment course in Switzerland.
▪ Certified auditor under ISO 9001 quality management systems.
▪ Certified auditor course HSE Integrated Systems (environmental quality).
▪ Negotiations and conflict management course.
▪ Lean course for lean Management.
▪ Business English course for executives.
▪ Comprehensive Excel Course.
▪ Course in customer service management, selling skills, communication networks.
▪ Safety Officer Course at Intel.
▪ Mediation course run by Tel Aviv University

Computer software: very good control of office software, email, Web and orders from abroad, MS PROJECT,
broad knowledge of SAP
Voluntary work: Volunteer at a boarding school on a monthly basis as a Math and English tutor
Military service: Full military service (honorably discharged) as a member of the electrics team for the Israel Air
Force in the control unit 506 in Tel Nof
Languages: Mother tongue Hebrew and very good English

I'll be happy to elaborate in a personal meeting.

Best regards,
Tomer Cohen
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