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A Filipino Junk-free snack Company

Marketing Plan 2019


Campoid, Remelyn C.
Gayacan, Darie Shaine S.
Gemota, John Ramar S.
Maloto, Krystalle Heaven S.
Tan, Kassy Michael B.

Take Root is a Makati-based, junk-free snack company founded by two young entrepreneurs
named Aaileen Payumo – Whisnant and Monica Mendiola in 2014. This idea of establishing
organic and healthy products originated when the both them contracted very similar auto-
immune disorders, which later caused them to reassess their lifestyles and introduced them to
the world of healthy eating. Their discovery in creating an all-natural snack product that would
be safe for their condition without sacrificing their diet and the delight of eating delicious food
were influenced by the wealth of health food stores, juice bars and organic restaurants in New

The product comes with originality, great taste, as well as high-quality packaging—inside is food
that can heal the body naturally and provide a better and healthy alternative for all ages. In
2017, Take Root was given the recognition it well deserved by nabbing a Katha Award in the
International Food Exhibition Philippines (IFEX), the country’s largest international food trade
exhibition for specialty food by winning the Best New Product in the snack food category,
topping thousands of other products.

Being now able to extend its sales in different branches, Take Root is now available in retail at
locations such as Rustan’s Supermarket, SM City branches, Salad Stop!, and Kultura, to name a
few; and it has even made its way all the way up to Green Common in Hong Kong. Due to the
massive retailing opportunities, Take Root has become more accessible to everyone who is
eager to experience the original taste of healthy snacks.

Take Root envisions itself as an agent in promoting healthy living while protecting life by
making plant-powered snacking fun and providing delicious snack options for Filipinos.
III. Positioning Statement

For the health nut seeking good, high-quality health food that nourishes the body and the soul,
without having to sacrifice the excitement of having a great meal for healthy eating. Take Root
is the brand that caters without any disadvantages and will become the stepping stone on your
journey to become a fitter, healthier, and overall, happier you. Unlike the traditional “healthy”
food which usually puts off the average everyday person, Take Root’s products are pack-full of
nutrients that will help aid your body’s healing process while being able to satisfy your cravings
and your daily snacking habits; furthermore, Take Root has a heart and passion for delicious
food and healthy eating, so the client came up with the brilliant idea to combine both. The
brand stays true to its roots, promoting healthy eating habits while sharing the story of how it
came to be, and as the co-founder say, let good habits take root.
IV. The Product/s or Services

Take Root’s Kale Chips stood out for their originality, great taste, nutritional benefits and
high-quality packaging. The first of its kind in the Philippine, these vegan, gluten-free chips
are made from pesticide-free kale grown by small, family-run farms in Cavite and Benguet
and contain no preservatives, added oil or sweeteners. Take Root kale chips are made over
a 12-hour process; each leaf is carefully picked, washed, and undergo the process of drying.
This process produces over low temperatures and retains nutrients without sacrificing its
tastes. Take Roots’s kale chip snacks come from different flavours such as Vegan Cheeze,
Sour Cream and Chive, Garlic bread, Balsamic Vinaigrette and Margherita Pizza Flavor. We
also sell granola (Burnt Honey Almond with Cranberries, Banana Bread with Flaxseed,
Champorado), Homemade Peanut Butter Bliss Balls and Dark Chocolate Brownie Bliss Balls,
Chewies like Dark Choco Banana Chewies, and Banana Chewies, Love Trail Mix, and Banana
Cacao Trail Mix, and lastly, our very own Rooted Bars mainly like Tropical Cashew Cookie
Rooted Bars, Cacao Roasted Almond Rooted Bar, and Energy Bars like Apple Pie Energy Bar,
and Kale Coconut Energy Bar.
As of today’s social media is very influential and informative, Take Root cannot only be
accessible in markets, stalls, and branches but also, the client take orders online for those
who lack in time in doing groceries. The Client’s Instagram, Facebook and official website
are all updated with our latest trend for any season at all time. Take Root also provides
feedback section in our website which shows the testimonies of all individuals who tried to
Take Root and their experience as they try our snacks.

 Target Market (Consumer Analysis)


 Urban area is a busy setting where a lot of people make a living. Most often,
employed individuals go rush to log in a-8 am work and not be trapped in heavy
traffic. Malls, restaurants and stalls are often found here that is why, the client
chose to bring take root products in location because this is where a lot of young
professionals are active and most likely resides.


 The target market of our products are those individuals who belong and qualified
into middle and upper social class specifically, the young professionals.Young
professionals described by the metro edge organization are people between the
ages of 21 and 40. Most preferably, the client will target unmarried (single)
individuals in any gender. Commonly, these young professionals are working in
companies, institutions or organizations with high expectations of work and


 As they are called to be professionals, they live in a venue of work where there
are a lot of demands and expectations of labor. They can be seen as competitive
and diligent to give a high- quality effort to fit in the standards of the
organization they’re in. Being hectic, a lot of them are primarily losing the time to
look after their health and healthy lifestyle. Thus, being prone to illnesses and
poor immune system are high. And by that, having Take Root snack chips is a
wise idea to have for those individuals who lacks time of taking care of their
selves because of the schedules but still wanted to keep their body fit and
healthy as well.
 Competitor Analysis

Brand About the Company Product Analysis


RADICAL The family  Radical
ORGANICS behind Radical Organics was
Organics a snack
decided to take created as a
home some of solution to
these shells food
periodically and waste: perfect
experimented in ly edible (and
their home organic)
kitchens for coconut meat
ways to from a
preserve the manufacturer
refreshing, making
healthy, white from juice (or
snack that we coconut
love to slurp up water—
while it’s fresh whatever)
during the was being
summer. Their tossed out
experimentation with the
led them to coconut shell.
current formula Radical
of a product Organics mak
that they es toasted
released just coconut chips
2017: Radical in three
Organics. flavors:
coconut sugar
and sea salt,
simply salted,
and chili
& lime. Their
bags of small,
snacks do not
contain any
flavoring or
relying only
salt to
preserve the
treat, and
when sealed,
they last for
up to 2 years.
In fact, the
most complex
recipe only
has five
and the
simplest one
only two.
 All the
used are
organic, with
the coconut
meat and
coconut sugar
being locally
sourced, and
the sea salt,
chili and lime
coming from
the US (They
explain to us
that they
could not find
suppliers with
in the country
to meet their
The brand
opted for
toasted chips
to create a
snack, and to
healthier to
available fried
chips found
snack shelves.

THE The Archipelago Natural Health  All products

ARCHIPELA Food & Philippines main Branvr are source
GO FOOD Beverage is locates at Suite 1005, and made in
AND Co. was born The Infinity Tower the
BEVERAGE out of the belief 26th Street, Bonifacio Prices of Philippines,
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have absolutely 1634. Carting may also low as methods,
everything you available in their 110 php. local
need for life website and their email products, and
and energy. We our Filipino
challenged farmers.
ourselves to  Our trail mix
share with you is all natural
the flavors we and minimally
love in the way processed,
we enjoy eating handcrafted
them. They with care
have a mission using honest
which is to ingredients, in
make snacks so small batches.
good, you’d Contains no
want to take a artificial colors
piece of the or flavors,
tropics additives or
everywhere preservatives.
with you.
Oh So Oh So Healthy! Fruit Mango Oh So Healthy! is
OH SO Healthy! is a Crisps are available at Banana a 100% locally
HEALTHY! 100% locally any :Metromart, Fruit made snack line
made snack line Rustan’s, SM Snack Crisps OH
with 100% natural
with 100% Exchange, and SO
natural Shopwise Supermarket. HEALTHY. ingredients turned
ingredients Oh So Healthy! Fruit ₱95.00. into Fruit Crisps.
turned into Crisps are available at 162. The handpicked
Fruit Crisps. any Metromart, Kimchi flavors are Filipino
The handpicked Rustan’s, SM Snack Crisps
favorites like
flavors are Exchange, and (50g) OH
Filipino Shopwise Supermarket, SO mango, banana,
favorites like and LAZADA. HEALTHY. guava, coconut, and
mango, ₱110.00. purple yam. . Those
banana, guava, Guava components are
coconut, and Banana then turned into
purple yam. Fruit flaky and crispy
Crisps OH
chips without the
HEALTHY. use of oils. It is
₱95.00. generally much
Yam healthier since it
Coconut does not make use
Fruit of unhealthy fats,
Crisps OH artificial sweeteners,
or preservatives.
HONEST Honest Crop had The Honest Crop All chips  Honest Crop
CROP been established procures taro and costs as focus on its
by Joana Tan. sweet potato from low as 90 goal which is to
Honest Crops is farmers in Tarlac php each. help our
also an organic, and bananas from homemakers
healthy and Zamboanga but who cook our
natural snack chips and the
reselling of snack
brand which also farmers who
products can be
provides better produce them.
tasting and found also in some The company
health benefits. markets/ groceries. wants to focus
Products are also on the back
available in online end which is
shop;Shopee farming and
 Taro and
Sweet Potato
Chips are their
main products
—they are fried
in coconut oil,
then baked, to
make them
extra crisp and
to reduce the
oil. Their
version lets the
stand on its
own. These
unglazed chips
are thick cut
and allow for a
chewier chip
 However,
unlike Take
Root, Honest
Crop is much
smaller as a
company and it
does not have
any website or
page where
buyers could
Also, they lack
in doing
campaigns and
strategies to
introduce and
promote their
products. It
has lesser
varieties of
products for
the consumers’

VI. Marketing Activities

Activity 1

Mangrove Tree Planting Activity

Title: “You Have Roots Here Now, Grow With Us.”

The main objective of this Mangrove Tree Planting Activity in partnership with the LGU
of Leganes, is to get more people involved when it comes to saving and preserving the
environment especially focusing on the marine ecosystem which can also help in water
and air purification, while also promoting better sales for Take Root products. For each
person who has participated in this activity, a Mangrove Tree will be planted and named
by the participant, through this, we are celebrating the spirit of Valentine’s Day by not
only showing love to yourself by purchasing the products of Take Root which can
nourish the body and kick-start your health, all while also giving back to our
environment by planting tree which can also help it heal. We believe that the more we
put out love to the world, the more we receive it— and in this case, we love ourselves
while loving the planet we live in.

1. For every purchase of any Take Root Full Hearts Gift Box (290 Php), the
customer will receive a stamp card that will be marked for every product
2. Upon the receiving the official Take Root stamp card, the customer is now
qualified to join the “You Have Roots Here Now, Grow With Us.” campaign and
will be able to redeem a sticker from any Take Root branch, counter, or online
for every product purchased.
3. Once the purchase has been made, the customer will now be able to attach the
sticker to the stamp card and can collect more stickers in accumulated purchases
of Take Root products until the stamp card is completed.
4. When the stamp card has been completed, the customer will now be able to
present it to any branch, counter, or online (via direct messaging through
Instagram or Facebook) and upon approving the legitimacy of the presented
stamp card, each customer will receive a different verification code that they will
be able to enter in the official campaign page that will be found as soon as you
open the Take Root website (
5. After entering the verification code, the user will be now redirected to a
registration page that will require him/her to enter basic information such as full
name, gender, birth date, address, and contact number or email address. This
information will be submitted and sent to the organizers of the campaign
6. The customer will receive an invitation to the event via e-mail, he/she will have
full discretion whether or not to attend and participate at the event as long they
respond to the e-mail before the given RSVP.
Activity 2

Social Media Campaign

Title: “In Sickness and in Health.”

We believe that our body is our best possession. Thus, we are responsible for
maintaining it fit and healthy throughout our lives. However, some instances will put us
in a situation where we will be challenged because of illnesses we can’t avoid. And to
those who bravely fight back with their conditions, Take Root will serve as a medium
for them to share their story and inspire people on how they overcome their condition.
Take Root Philippines will organize “In Sickness and in Health” social media campaign
with the hashtag #takerootstory in connection with the love month. This will serve as a
medium for our loved ones who had a unique and inspiring story of having health-
related illnesses and been courageous to survive. And since social media has been
influential, they will post their story in their facebook account with the official
VII. Budget

Estimated Budget:

“You Have Roots Here Now, Grow With Us” Campaign

Specifics Amount per piece (Php) Total Amount (Php)

Mangrove seedling 10 Php x100 1,000 Php
Tarpaulin 1,000 Php x1 1,000 Php
Southwest Bus 1,500 Php x2 3,000 Php
Saneth Catering (good 20,000 Php 20,000 Php
for 100 persons)
GNG Documentation 10,000 Php 10,000 Php
Caretaker of Katunggan 1,500 Php x1 1,500 Php
Eco Park
Php 36,500.00

“In Sickness and In Health” Social Media Campaign

Specifics Amount per piece (Php) Total Amount (Php)

1st prize: cheque + The 10,000 Php + 1,100 11,100 Php
Junk-Free Lover Bundle Php x1

Consolation Prize: The 750 Php x3 2,250 Php

Gluten-Free Lover
2GO Express Shipping 110 Php 110 Php
Php 13, 960
VIII. Metrics
The success of the marketing activities will be measured using the following


o Number of Sales
o Number of participants for the mangrove tree planting activity
o Number of seedlings
o Cost of expenses


o Number of likes/reacts
o Number of comments
o Number of shares
o Number of sales
o Number of participants
o Cost of expenses