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Sky Fuller

March 8, 2019
Product Reflection
After choosing my topic of the importance of fine arts education funding in primary
school, it was hard for me to choose what I needed to do for my product. But, I realized if I
wanted to make an actual change I had to go to the source, the government. Most school boards
do not even respect children enough to listen to their ideas, but I had to give it a shot anyways.
So, I decided I would make a presentation to the school board on why they should allocate more
money to arts programs in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. I knew that would not be enough so I
wanted to create something that could actually be used and valued, so I decided to make a music
The focus of my essay was to show how fine arts education should be funding because of
how it helps to enhance learning for children. Music and songs are easier to remember, allowing
them to learn knowledge in a fun way. My music book consists of songs from five different
subjects: math, geography, history, science, and English. Each subject has songs that include
basic things that are taught in primary schools, making teaching easier for instructors and
learning better for students. Playing the piano has always been a big part of my life which is
why I decided to personally play each of the songs for everyone to hear.
This music book could not possibly cover every single topic that needed to be taught, but
it was a start. I wanted to show that music does have value. Simple songs we all learned when we
were younger such as the alphabet song have stuck with us forever because music has a large
impact. But, my main audience is to teachers and parents of younger children just beginning
The hardest part of my product was my presentations to the school board. Public
speaking has never been my strong suit and I was standing in a big room with cameras and full
of people listening to just my voice. While I knew my proposal would most likely not be put into
action because who actually listens to a 16-year-old? But, my presentation was a life lesson. I
went into the room with confidence and had to step out of my comfort zone.
My product helped me to remember doing something I love, playing the piano. But also
forced me to do something I hate. But, I appreciate my experience and as I go forward in life I
will remember that everything will not be ideal, but do everything to the best of your ability and
that is all you can do.