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1. All myths answer a question (spiritual, human nature or science)

2. Writing features used in myths: personification, symbols,

foreshadowing, metaphor and simile, hook, etc.

3. Characterization: Protagonist is the hero/heroine of the myth

There may be an antagonist and a foil.
The protagonist is round and dynamic.
Characters are often animals or supernatural beings.
Characters in myths have voices. Dialogue must be used.

4. Setting: unusual places like remote areas of wilderness, natural

spaces, mythical kingdoms or small villages.
Time is usually in ancient times or a long time ago.

5. Conflict: Char vs. char; char vs. self; char vs. society; char vs. nature
The conflict is found in the question being addressed.

6. Plot: Initial conflict presents the questions, rising action, climax and
falling action, resolution answers the question. Simple plot diagram.
No sub plots.

7. Title: connected to the question

8. Imagery: heavily based on descriptive language…use adjectives,

create pictures in the reader’s mind and activate their senses.