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AD1: Always #LikeAGirl

The ad concentrates on the message, PROPOSED SOLUTION
"What is it like to throw like a girl?"
The phrase "like a girl" captures the One way to approach this gender
negative power of an insult and how stereotype issue is to drive
damaging it is to girls especially in popularity through top of mind
puberty. It also puts a spotlight on awareness with the help of social
gender stereotypes. media.


Social media campaigns when executed
Through this campaign, celebrities will
correctly succeeds. This approach will
be able to use their platform and
be able to let girls know about the
reach out to their target audience in
imporatance of being empowered and
captializing on the surge of female
by simply being a girl is enough. Turning
insult into a confidence movement.


As a brand, advertisement is a way of connecting your product to the needs of your audience.
Advertisements that target emotional appeals to resonate the message of your product to the people.
Emotional targeting is difficult because as a brand, you need to sell and in order to sell your product, you
have to consider various of factors making sure that the message you are trying to put out is appropriate.
However, emotional targeting when done correctly can surpass your expectation as a marketing director
of the brand. Emotional targeting advertisements are commonly used by brands now a days with the help
of social media. This approach is highly effective in terms of promoting your product and spreading
awareness of an issue.

The phrase or expression “like a girl” is so short and simple yet has an underlying message behind
it that is often ignored by everyone. Young girls and women may or may not realize the effect of phrase
like “like a girl” and how it degrades their confidence. Digging deeper into the causes of the drop in
confidence, gender stereotypes have a big impact on girls during puberty, as this is the time when they
learn what it means to be a girl, and young womanhood comes to be defined by a set of rules, like beauty
and submissiveness. This also affects young boys and men in general. Degrading phrases or expression
are so ingrained in our culture that it is part of our language. Engaging celebrities to reach out and use
their platform will make a bigger influence on the audience especially the younger generations.
Always’ “Rewrite the rules, always” tagline is fitting for this advertisement. The brand targeted
the gender stereotype issue, “like a girl” and integrated it with their tagline and used that as a campaign
for awareness and call out the underlying issue behind that phrase or expression. The #LikeAGirl
movement was a complete success. The message quickly grew into a social media conversation and
received positive feedback.