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Granite Educator Summative Evaluation Summary

District: Granite School District School: Magna

Teacher: JASMIHN WILLIAMS Department: Elementary
Grade: 2 School Year: 2018-2019
Observer: Brett Bawden

Summary Information
Educator Employee ID: 67426
Educator Status: Provisional - First evaluation due by November 15 and second evaluation due by March 15
Provisional Year: Identify the year of teaching experience within the district.
Year 1

Lines of Evidence
Number of Relicensure Points: 30
Provisional - (Observation dates required)
Observation # 1: 2018-10-24
Observation # 2: 2019-02-28
Career-(Observation dates required)
Observation # 1:
Observation # 2:
Educator Optional Lines of Evidence
Student Work✔ Observations✔ Professional Development✔
Patron/Student Feedback✔
Other Line of Evidence: (Describe) PLCs
Describe the evidence gathered:

Domain I. Instruction and Assessment

The Educator...
A. Consistently communicates clearly and accurately (4) Above Standard
B. Uses a variety of effective instructional strategies (3) Meets Standard
C. Uses a variety of engagement strategies (4) Above Standard
D. Involves students in meaningful learning (3) Meets Standard
E. Makes reasonable and appropriate individual accommodations. (4) Above Standard
F. Uses assessment to guide instruction and verify that meaningful learning is taking place (4) Above Standard
G. Systematically reviews and reinforces concepts to support long-term learning. (4) Above Standard
Comments on Domain I

Domain II. Planning and Preparation

The Educator...
A. Uses appropriate curriculum materials in planning (4) Above Standard
B. Plans and prepares for the needs of diverse learners (4) Above Standard
C: Sets goals and makes instructional decisions based on data gathered from multiple sources (4) Above Standard
D: Applies knowledge of developmentally appropriate practices when planning instruction (3) Meets Standard
E. Collaborates with colleagues in planning instruction, effectively using resources, and providing support for improved
student learning
(4) Above Standard
Comments on Domain II

Domain III. Learning Environment

The Educator...
A. Shows and elicits respect while developing and maintaining positive rapport (4) Above Standard
B. Supports colleagues (4) Above Standard
C. Advocates, nurtures, and sustains a culture for learning (4) Above Standard
D. Manages procedures (4) Above Standard
E. Manages student behavior (4) Above Standard
F. Prepares and maintains an environment conducive to learning (3) Meets Standard
Comments on Domain III

Domain IV. Professional Responsibility

The Educator...
A. Participates in professional growth and reflection (4) Above Standard
B. Interacts and communicates with all constituency groups (4) Above Standard
C. Maintains professional appearance and behavior (4) Above Standard
D. Performs necessary non-instructional duties (3) Meets Standard
E. Demonstrates professional leadership (3) Meets Standard
Comments on Domain IV

Educator Areas of Strength

The following standards are areas of strength:
I-D: The educator involves students and/or staff in meaningful learning.
I-D: The educator involves students and/or staff in meaningful learning.
II-B: The educator plans and prepares for the needs of diverse learners.
III-D: The educator manages procedures.
IV-B: The educator interacts and communicates with all constituency groups.
Administrator Lines of Evidence
Observations✔ PLC Work✔
Stakeholder Input✔
Other: (Describe)

Educator Areas for Growth

The following Domain(s)/Standard(s) are areas for growth:
I-F: The educator uses assessment to guide instruction and verify that meaningful learning is taking place.
Administrator Lines of Evidence:
Other: (Describe) PG&E

Status of Employment

GSD Educator Rating

Instructional Effectiveness Score: 3.7
Student Growth Data: Yes
Stakeholder Input: Yes
Overall Educator Rating Above Standard
Status of Employment
A. Has this educator's performance been satisfactory during the period covered by this evaluation?
B. Based upon this evaluation, would you recommend the continuation of this educator's employment? (For provisional educators,
mark only for the March 15 evaluation)
Supervisor's Comments:
Ms. Jasmihn has show tremendous growth in her practice as an educator this year. Her lesson are always engaging and she works
hard to built equitable routines and practices. She works great with her team and has built a great relationship with all her students
and their parents.
Educator's Comments:
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