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The Day the Universe Exploded My Head

Poems to Take You into Space and Back Again

Allan Wolf
illustrated by Anna Raff

Hang on tight for a

raucous bounce through
the solar system,
propelled by funny,
fanciful, factually sound
poems. Nonfiction notes
about each poem and a Use The Day the
glossary are included. Universe Exploded
My Head in your
classroom to teach
space science and poetry.

HC: 978-0-7636-8025-1
Illustrations © 2016 by Anna Raff
• TEACHER TIPS The Day the Universe
Exploded My Head
o After reading a selection of the
If your students had fun
poems, have students choose with this book, check out:
their favorite planet or space The Blood-Hungry Spleen and
topic and write and illustrate Other Poems About Our Parts
their own poem.

o Ask students to find a recent

news article about space
exploration and compose a
poem about it.

o Have students stage a readers’

theater using poems from the
PB: 978-0-7636-3806-1
book as well as the poems they
Allan Wolf
wrote themselves. illustrated by Greg Clarke