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Marketing Strategies For CommonWealth Games Delhi 2010 - Presentation Transcript

Commonwealth Games 2010

Integrated Marketing & Communication Elements
Mascots, Logo & Slogans
Bank Notes, Coins and Stamps
Bank Schemes
Video Games & Films
Colleges Involvement
India On Road Campaign
Promoting in Other Sports Events
Marathon 300,200, 100 days prior to event
Post Offices & Other Government Institutions
Corporate Advertising
Mascots, Logo & Slogans
Shera, is the mascot of CWG. Shera truly represents the modern Indian. He is an
achiever with a positive attitude, a global citizen but justifiably proud of his
nation s ancient heritage.
The logo of the CWG Delhi is inspired by the Chakra, the national symbol of free
dom, unity and power.
The logo tagline is in an invitation to every person across all divides Indian a
nd Commonwealth - to let go of themselves and participate in the Games to the be
st of their abilities, in the true sprit of the Games.
Launch limited edition currency notes and coins for CWG. Famous Athletes or Stad
ium can be imprinted on notes Postal stamps similar to the one introduced in 198
2 Asiad Games should be launched. Printing of CWG Inland letters and post cards.
Bank Notes, Coins & Stamps
CWG specific outlets to be launched in metros. Vending machines dispensing merch
andise at metro & railway station
Partnerships to launch special merchandise like Mobile Phones, Bags , Sports Equ
Specially designed for CWG Indian Art & Craft souvenir to be promoted and sold a
cross the world
Games merchandise like mascots, apparel, key chains, mugs, t-shirts
Online shops to provide access to the merchandise all over the world
Innovative Schemes
CWG special Fixed Deposit Schemes with maturity during the games to increase spe
nding during games.
Start events like Guinness book of world record signature campaign with the obje
ctive to send Best wishes to our team throughout the country.
Brand Government initiatives like Green Delhi as Commonwealth Green Delhi . Brand Delh
i a Delhi 2010(twenty ten) in all announcements in railway stations, airports and s
tate transports.
Incredible India branded with CWG and offer packages for tourism during games
CWG specific volunteer plan to generate participation from all sections of socie
Bus Tickets and Railway tickets advertising CWG
CWG designed auto rickshaws launched with easy financing
Cultural festivals in tourist locations promoting CWG
Video Games & Films
Video games can be developed and launched on platforms like Nintendo, Sony PS3,
Animated movies showcasing India, Delhi , CWG spirit can be developed to attract
the large population under 15 years of age.
Browser based online games showcasing spirit of Delhi and common wealth games
Advertising in Cineplex and multiplex promoting CWG
There are around 2500 bus stops in Delhi , in few stops we can have games messag
es, mascots or games slogans written
OOH Bus Stops
Delhi is ready
New Low floor buses can be used for advertising to promote games and Delhi outsi
de and inside India
Common Wealth Express Train can be launched to spread the spirit and message of
games all over India
CWG special Autos to be designed and plied across Delhi and other cities
OOH Designer Buses , Autos & Trains
Delhi is ready
Promote CWG through civic amenities like sulabh shauchalaya through out the coun
try. NHAI , Skyscrapers to be used for promoting games
OOH Buildings , Civic Amenities
Delhi is ready
Giant Screens to be installed in major areas of Delhi
These screens can be used to show live matches, ads, news, weather updates. Thes
e should be installed permanently and they have a potential to usher in feeling
of togetherness and unity
OOH- Giant Screens & Billboards
Delhi is ready
Schools ,Colleges & Universities Involvement - India
Tap the power of youth all over India
Competitions and Contests in school ,colleges and universities
Drawing Competitions, Sports events
Essay writing, Photography contests
Winners to be given free tickets to the event
Cultural Activities with eminent personalities promoting CWG
Group Events like - Paint a 5Km long cloth in many colleges simultaneously wishi
ng all the best to our Athletes. Enter this into Guinness book of records
Promoting CWG through partnerships with state sports associations and university
/colleges/school sports events
Schools , Colleges & Universities Involvement - International
Involve Indian students present in universities/colleges throughout the world, s
pecially in commonwealth nations
Indians abroad could be identified to promote CWG in their universities/colleges
. Material, videos and other relevant material to be provided to them to promote
the event.
Online forum to discuss the events and the Delhi/travel related information to b
e provided. Bringing out International Newsletter with information related to de
velopments in CWG and articles from eminent athletes.
Release DVD internationally, highlighting about Commonwealth Games 2010, Delhi a
nd India
Release multimedia CDs showcasing the achievements of Indian athletes
Music Album of audio and video theme songs dedicated to CWG2010
Marathon to promote the spirit of CWG
Conduct series of City Marathon in major spreading the message of CWG Games
In International Marathons Shera, CWG mascot, can be placed inviting people to c
ome to India
Celebrities, Sports Legends and Athletes can be asked to promote CWG during thes
e marathon
Promoting CWG in other Sports Events
CWG2010 can be promoted in other sporting events taking place in or outside Indi
Airtel Delhi Half Marathon - 1st November
South East Asian Games - December
Singapore Marathon - 12th December
Cricket India-Australia Series Nov/Dec 09
Youth Olympic Games Singapore , August 2010
Winter Olympics Vancouver , February 2010
IPL 3 April-May 2010
Other National Events
India on Road Campaign
Convoy of vehicles cars, trucks , bikers and other sports enthusiasts on road to
nook and corner of India
Conducting Fun games , telling about CWG Games , trying to spread the importance
of sports
Promoting CWG thorugh street plays, social messages
Online CWG 2010 Website
Need for an exhaustive website of CWG India 2010
With Queen Baton about to begin , we need to cover each country in detail about
General Introduction , Culture ,Tourist Places
Sports Culture , Other stories about the country
Website should have detail info about Delhi
Hospitality Facilities , Dos & Don'ts etc
Blogs and Forums
India Ingenuous Sports
Advertise and promote CWG through traditional games like wrestling, kabaddi and
Roadmap for Marketing & Communicating Strategy
Roadmap for Marketing & Communicating Strategycontd
Roadmap for Marketing & Communicating Strategycontd
Delhi, 2010
We are waiting for you
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