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Amrita Ajaykumar

This chapter records the perception of dealers towards Johnson Tiles in Ernakulam district.
Dealers are the key players in any form of business. Dealer is a person or firm engaged in
commercial purchase and sale. Dealer may signify firms that buy or resell products at retail or
wholesale basis. A producer cannot sell all his products directly to consumer; he has to
depend upon intermediaries to push, off, his products. A dealer is an intermediary who helps
to market a product. A dealer is one who purchase and sells products. A dealer may be a
wholesaler or a retailer or a distributor or any agents. The perception of dealers towards a
Tile manufacturing firm may widely vary from that of other building materials in terms of
price, quality, service, commission etc. The marketing of the product is depending on the
demand of the product or it is done through the order from the customers. Thus the study
focuses on the formulation of a marketing survey among the dealers of the company to make
improvements in the sales of the product through the dealer network.


A Study on Dealers Perception towards Johnson Tiles when compared to the other tile
manufacturing companies in India. Prism Johnson is being quality brand with a good brand
image in the Tile manufacturing industry now; it is facing more competition from different
brands of tiles in the market. So, a research has been done to know perception of dealers.


The principal task of marketing management is to fulfill the aspirations of the consumers. It is
thus imperative to understand what the consumers want; how they make the choice; or what
their sources of information are and how they influence processes etc. In this process an
organization can identify new opportunities in the market; evaluate and monitor marketing
actions; and in general, evolve better marketing program to serve the interest of consumers.
Thus market research acts a link between the consumer and the marketer.
Role of Market Research

“Market research is defined as the systematic and objective search for and analysis of
information relevant to the identification and solution of any problem in field of marketing”.
According to American Marketing Association (AMA) marketing research is defined as “the
systematic gathering, recording and analyzing of data about problems relating to the
marketing of goods and services”.
MR is the function which links the consumer, costumer, and public to the marketer through
information – information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems;
generate; refine and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and
improve understanding of marketing as a process. MR is a systematic collection and analysis
of information that is ultimately used in evolving some marketing decisions. Likewise,
marketing managers should provide a clear detailed scenario of the problems faced by the
company before the market researcher.

The Market Research Process

MR exercise may take many forms but systematic enquiry is features common to all such
forms. Being a systematic enquiry, it requires careful planning of the orderly investigation
process. It is an oversimplification to assume that all research processes would necessarily
follow a given sequence, MR often follows a generalized pattern which can be broken down
and studied sequentially.

Some aspects of marketing research

Consumer marketing research especially involves various techniques as the attitude

measuring scales, the psychographics, the demographics, the semantics, etc. Any consumer
marketing research involves in-depth analysis of the personality and age, income, family,
habits, etc., as these tend to influence the answers of the consumers.

 To Study business operation by players involved.

 To elicit opinion about sales in future from trade people.
 To fine out the media to promote through dealers.
 To find out which companies promotional activities and services are good.
 To fine out customer feedback.


Research design:

(a) Sampling Technique:

The technique which is to be used in the study is Simple Random sampling procedure.

(b) Sample Unit:

The study will be done with the help of dealers of different brands of tiles in Ernakulam

(c) Sample Size:

50 Dealers belonging to different areas of Ernakulam district is to be drawn.

Source of data:

(a) Primary Data:

Primary Data will be directly collected from the dealers of different brands of tiles in
Ernakulam with the help of a structured questionnaire.

(b) Secondary Data:

Secondary Data will be collected from the Company websites, Journals and
company broaches.