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GPa STEVEN B WOLFSON MAR 19 2019 lark County District Attomey BLACK Nevada Bar #001565 : on JAY P. RAMAN BY Chiet Deputy District Actomey TWIRELACR DEPUTY Nevada Bar #010193, 200 Lewis Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89155-2212 (702) 671-2500 Attomey for Plaintiff DISTRICT COURT, CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA, THE STATE OF NEVADA, | Plaintiff, ave | CASENO: C-17-324821-2 ALEXIS PLUNKETT, aka, zl : Alexis Anne Plunkett #7042408 Per NC Defendant. GUILTY PLEA AGREEMENT 1 hereby agree to plead guilty to: += POSSESS PORTABLE, TELECOMMUNICATION DEVICE BY A PRISONER (Category D Felony - NRS 212.165 - NOC 58368), as more fully alleged in the charging document attached hereto as Exhibit "1", My deci 1 to plead guilty is based upon the plea agreement in this case which is as follows: ‘The State will make no recommendation at sentencing, but may correct the record. 1 agree to a suspension of five (5) years and one (1) day with the State Bar of Nevada, and agree to never practice law in the State of Nevada again. After entry of plea, bail shall be set at $40,000.00, with mid-level electronic monitoring if bail is posted. I shall not have any direct or indirect contact with the vietim from Case No. 19F04050X. The State will not file any additional charges from evidence gathered from the search warrants in this case and in 19FO4050X. Additionally, the State will not oppose dismissal of Case No. 19F04050X. 120170170880 N17F08821-GPa-{PLUNKETT_ALEXIS)-001 DOCX, i agree to the forfeiture of any and all weapons or any interest in any weapons seized and/or impounded in connection with the instant case and/or any other case negotiated in whole or in part in conjunction with this plea agreement, T understand and agree that, if | fail to interview with the Department of Parole and Probation, fail to appear at any subsequent hearings in this case, or an independent magistrate, by affidavit review, confirms probable cause against me for new criminal charges including reckless driving or DUI, but excluding minor traffic violations, the State will have the unqualified right to argue for any legal sentence and term of confinement allowable for the crime(s) to which I am pleading guilty, including the use of any prior convictions I may have Scocwmraanueuon to increase my sentence as an habitual criminal to five (5) to twenty (20) years, life without 11 J] the possibility of parole, life with the possibility of parole after ten (10) years, or a definite 12. | twenty-five (25) year term with the possibility of parole after ten (10) years. 13 Otherwise I am entitled to receive the benefits of these negotiations as stated in this 14 } plea agreement 15 CONSEQUENCES OF THE PLEA 16 I understand that by pleading guilty | admit the facts which support all the elements of 17 | the offense(s) to which I now plead as set forth in Exhibit "1". 18 | understand that as a consequence of my plea of guilty The Court must sentence me to 19 | imprisonment in the Nevada Department of Corrections for a minimum term of not less than 20 || one (1) year and a maximum term of not more than four (4) years. The minimum term of 21 | imprisonment may not exceed forty percent (40%) of the maximum term of imprisonment. 1 22 || understand that | may also be fined up to $5,000.00. I understand that the law requires me to 23 | pay an Administrative Assessment Fee. 4 I understand that, if appropriate, I will be ordered to make restitution to the vietim of 25 | the offense(s) to which I am pleading guilty and to the victim of any related offense which is 26 || being dismissed or not prosecuted pursuant to this agreement, I will also be ordered to 27 || reimburse the State of Nevada for any expenses related to my extradition, if any. 28 | 2 .w20172017FO6K2I\I7FO8K2I-GPA-{PLUNKETT_ALEXIS)-001 DOCK, T understand that I am eligible for probation for the offense to which I am pleading guilty. I understand that, except as otherwise provided by statute, the question of whether I receive probation is in the discretion of the sentencing judge. I understand that I must submit to blood and/or saliva tests under the Direction of the Division of Parole and Probation to determine genetic markers and/or secretor status. J understand that if | am pleading guilty to charges of Burglary, Invasion of the Home, Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Sell, Sale of a Controlled Substance, or Gaming Crimes, for which I have prior felony conviction(s), 1 will not be eligible for probation and may receive a higher sentencing range | understand that if more than one sentence of imprisonment is imposed and | am eligible to serve the sentences concurrently, the sentencing judge has the discretion to order the sentences served concurrently or consecutively. Tunderstand that information regarding charges not filed, dismissed charges, or charges to be dismissed pursuant to this agreement may be considered by the judge at sentencing. T have not been promised or guaranteed any particular sentence by anyone. I know that my sentence is to be determined by the Court within the limits prescribed by statute. I understand that if my attorney or the State of Nevada or both recommend any specific punishment to the Court, the Court is not obligated to accept the recommendation I understand that if the offense(s) to which I am pleading guilty was committed while I was incarcerated on another charge or while I was on probation or parole that I am not eligible for credit for time served toward the instant offense(s). L understand that if ] am not a United States citi zen, any criminal convietion will likely result in serious negative immigration consequences including but not limited to: 1. The removal from the United States through deportation; An inability to reenter the United States; 3. The inability to gain United States citizenship or legal residency; Wt 3 \W\20172017Foww21\17F08821-GPA-(PLUNKETT_ALEXIS}-001 DOCK