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The DynaTAC The MicroTAC

The History of The next major innovation

to the cellphone happened
Cell Phones in 1984. This next cell
phone was the successor to
The smartphone is a the DynaTAC being called
marvel of engineering that the MicroTAC. It was "The
has connected hundreds Motorola MicroTAC was the
"The first mobile phone call was of thousands of people. In smallest and lightest
made 40 years today, on April handset on the
this brochure, we are
3, 1973, by Motorola employee market"(Motorola
going to go through the
Martin Cooper"(Seward). He DynaTAC). Unfortunately, it
first cell phone built in only ran on the AT&T
called the device the
1973 to the modern cell network and could only
DynaTAC, which stood for the
Dynamic Total Area Coverage phones of the 20th receive and send calls. The
device. The cell phone was the century. MicroTAC was also created
first of its kind that did not Scheumer by Motorola.
require a backpack or a car to
transport around making it the
“first commercial handheld
cellular phone"(Ha). It weighed
around two pounds and could
only make phone calls but it (Meyers)

was the first in the world.

IBM Simon Motorola RAZR iPhone



The IBM Simon is The Motorola RAZR was What is considered one of the
considered to be the first released in 2004. It was first modern smartphones the
modern phone that's had a "marketed as a "fashion" iPhone pushed cell phones into
touch screen. It was phone in 2004, selling 50 the 21st century. With the
million units by iPhone's sleek design and an
launched in 1993 and in
mid-2006"(Meyers). It was a array of "apps", it quickly
addition to being able to
became an example of what
receive and deliver calls. It major step for cell phones as
smartphones could become. It
could be used for a they started to become
was created by Steve Jobs at
multitude of purposes that mainstream as it adopted
Apple in 2007 and shipped with
ranged from being a "mobile color displays along with the
limitless capabilities which are
capabilities to connect to the
phone, pager, fax machine, still being expanded upon
internet. Along with this, they today. It "ended up selling over
and PDA, all rolled into
became much cheaper and 6 million units in its first year on
one"(Meyers). It paved the
lighter which added to the four carriers in four countries"
way to what we consider as
appeal of the phone. (Ritchie).
the modern smartphone.