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MARCH 2019
Based on the readings and extra information gathered from the internet:

• Identify Figure 1.1. Types of intellectual property from Ryder, R. D., & Madhavan,
A. (2014). Intellectual Property and Business : The Power of Intangible Assets. (pp
5-7) reading.
• Build a comparative chart following the structure below:
What are intellectual property rights?

Intellectual property refers to the exclusive rights granted by the State over the
creations of the human intellect, in particular, inventions, literary and artistic works,
and distinctive signs and designs used in commerce. Intellectual property is divided
into two main categories: industrial property rights , which include patents, utility
models, trademarks, industrial designs, trade secrets, plant varieties and
geographical indications; and copyright and related rights , which are related to
literary and artistic works.
IP Comparative Chart
Student name: Jhon Alexis
Albino Méndez
IP form
IP Type Description Example
It is a property title that is
Patents are the set of rights
granted to any new form,
granted to an inventor, whether
configuration or arrangement of
a natural or legal person, of a
elements, of any artifact, tool,
new product or technology
instrument, mechanism or other
during a specific time in
object or of any part of it, that
exchange for the disclosure of
Patents 1. allows a better or different
the invention.
operation, use or manufacture
The registration of patents is
of the object that incorporates
included in the industrial
you or that provides you with
property of a state and the use
some utility, advantage or
of the invention only falls on its
technical effect that you did not
have before.
The commercial name is the
sign or denomination that
identifies a company in The emblem or name with which
Trademarks 2. commercial traffic and that you market certain pants will be
serves to distinguish it from the brand of the product
other companies that carry out
identical or similar activities
Protected works include, among
others, the following: novels,
Copyright is an established,
poems, plays, newspapers,
legal discipline that regulates
computer programs, databases,
Copyrights 3. the relationship of the author or
films, musical compositions,
creator with his intellectual
choreographies, paintings,
creation and of this with society
drawings, photographs,
sculptural works, architectural
works, advertising, maps,
technical drawings, works of art
applied to the industry.
The industrial or business secret Trade secrets are generally
is all knowledge about products defined in broad terms and
or industrial procedures, whose include sales and distribution
Trade Secrets 4. maintenance in reserve provides methods, typical consumer
its possessor with an profiles, advertising strategies,
improvement, advance or lists of suppliers and customers,
competitive advantage and manufacturing processes.
Any design that represents a The designs of industrial
brand and that is legally packaging must be registered as
registered cannot be mutated or an industrial design, which
Design 5.
used to generate income, the grants an exclusive right for its
design patent protects only the use for 25 years. Only in the
aspect of physical support USA are there design patents.
We have technical data, such as
a detailed description of a
The confidential information is
manufacturing method, others
that in which a company
are of a commercial nature,
Confidential information 6. contains valuable information
such as a list of names and
for the conduct of its business
addresses of customers that
and sustainability of it.
might be of interest to a
When the scheme has been
designed in compliance with a
There is no formal registration
work or service contract for this
process for the protection of
purpose or within the framework
circuit layouts
of an employment relationship
To carry out the protection of a
in which the designer has that
Circuit layouts 7. circuit design, it must be
function, the right to protection
registered as an industrial
will correspond to the
design, which must comply as
contracting party of the work or
new and be registered by its
the service or the employer,
unless otherwise stipulated in
the contract.
The selection of a domain name The domain names of
has become an important companies can be registered
commercial opportunity. A within the "top level domains",
Domain names 8. domain name is the name called "TLD". You can choose
registered by Internet users to between "generic top-level
identify the website of your domains" ("gTLD"), such as
company. .com, .net, .org.
The rights are translated into
benefits for the breeder,
The breeder's rights are the
acquires legal recognition as the
benefits obtained by those who
creator of a plant variety; it has
Plant Varieties 9. discover or generate a new plant
exclusivity to exploit and exploit
variety and can legally acquire
up to 18 years the variety; and
these rights are non-
3. Identifying traditional IP from previous activity, draft three creative
infographics, one for each type: Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks including
the following:

• Student name, date, group number

• IP type (Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks)
• Colombian office in charge of rule the registration according to the type of IP
• Registration process according to the type of IP
• Requirements and fees