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Intern Name: Carmen Williams

Internship: 2018SP-ED-321-01

Submitted: Apr 26, 2018 Supervisor(s): Desiree Pointer-

Mace, Christine Bukowski
Course/Term: ED-321 - 01-XList : Middle School Tchg & Field ( 2018SP ) Mentor(s): Jessica Cattarozzle
Assessor: Jessica Cattarozzle (Mentor) Site: Frank Lloyd Wright
Intermediate School, 9501 W
Cleveland Ave, West Allis
WI 53227
Comments: Carmen is extremely professional and open to feedback. She is very reflective and applies her past experiences Subject(s): Science
to her current work with students. Carmen did well with the middle school aged students. She was well-planned, yet flexible
and applied a sense of humor to help diffuse potential conflicts and situations with students.
Grade(s): 6th, 7th, 8th

Summative Evaluation of Candidate Performance

Inadequate Emerging (2.000 pts) Proficient (3.000 pts) Distinctive (4.000 pts) N/A
Conducts self in a
professional manner:
Professionalism attendance, preparation,
1/5 (20%) respect. (Dispositions:
Respect, Responsibility,
Comments: Very mature and professional in all aspects of this placement.
Encourages development
of a positive self-image in
Developing learners: gets to know
Students students, positive
1/5 (20%) interactions with students).
(Dispositions: Respect,
Interactions Interacts effectively with
with students, colleagues,
Colleagues, administrators, parents.
Students, (Dispositions: Respect,
Families Collaboration,
1/5 (20%) Communication)
Comments: Limited ability in this placement to have contact with parents or administration, but work with students and science colleagues has went well.
Demonstrates effective pre-
professional teaching skills:
planning, implementing
lesson (Dispositions:
Teaching Skills
1/5 (20%)
Respect, Responsibility,
Reflection, Collaboration,
Communicates effectively
through speaking, writing,
and listening: gives clear
Communication directions, listens to
1/5 (20%) students, uses
(Dispositions: Respect,
16.000 pts | 80 %