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CONTENTS or aa eres cela 1 Cities (ps-i3) to be: affirmative, negative, | Cities and adjectives Fact sheet about.a city question, short forms Places in a city Magazine article from there is, there are: Buildings and places in-flight magazine afficmative, negative, A leatlet (Cambridge) B question, alot of Presentsimple: affirmative, | Jobsand places of work | Profile of different working negative Jobs in an office people Present simple: questions University website page Question words Verbs and words connected | Discussing how much you M dverbs of frequency with water know about water Festivals Publicity leaflet Festival programme Perens Articles ‘Types of film Website about world can, can’t: ability and Leisure activities, sports nema possibility Holiday accommodation, Health club leaflet activities Leaflets for holiday resorts ee) Comparison: comparative Transport QSA in magazine adjectives Air travel Magazine article on arban Comparison: superlative transport adjectives Count and uncountable | Food and drink Magazine article from ‘nouns, some and any International food health magazine much, many, alot of; how | Acharity leaflet ‘much? how many? | Hyer for conference CTNaUee eke) STS tementary Baca Rec Lue CteL Interviews nalanguage Asking personal questions | On the Street Using your dictionary (h school | Asking questions about Key li Saying wh “Asking questions about Key language: Saying where "TV programme clferent cities _ places are Adescription of city a Adjectives A | Task: Describing where ae _ Pronunciation contractions, | places ae Linkers: and | Reporting on someone's Inan office | Using your dictionary (2) “jobistudy | ey language: Asking for _ Discussing jobs “information ay | Tale Asking and answeri | Pronunciation: word stress Were : | Capital letters | | | TWintersiew about desens | Talking about water and Ata festival Classroom language deserts ‘Key language: Making. outings and habits ee ueaietad Linkers: Sequencing phrases saentlneoceggestions | Proncuedtand they Pronunciation: showing. Himterest Interviews with members of | Talking about films "Ata travel agent’s ‘Working with numbers. || ahealth club euiauace chee ae : ies i mn, saying. 7 A description of a table or Pronunciation: weak or politely bargeaph strong vowel linked sounds Tasks Exchanging basic | APPFONimation information Choosing a car Ata ticket agency Planning your written work: Discussing different means | Key language: Buying a ticket| Organising information of transport asl Booking a travel tid per Tasks Booking a travel ticket |p scription of a transport Pronunciation: vowel sounds, system ; stress in compound nouns Paragraphs, Topic sentences, Ordering ideas Linkers: but Intertew abouteating | Deserbing photos Ata conference Correcting your writing: Discussing food problems Key language: Requests and | eking mistakes oilers | Pronunciation: intonation | Tak Taking bout umbers|Afetaurant cov pene | Commas nots es us y