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May 5, 2018

To whom it may concern,

It is with confidence that I recommend Miss Melissa Mielko for a teaching position. For
the past 15 years, I have taught elementary school students in a regular education classroom
setting as well as in an instructional support capacity. I have had the pleasure of working with
Melissa and mentoring her through her first year in a fourth grade position. Throughout the
school year I have worked with Melissa closely on a daily basis and have come to know her
well. She possesses several qualities that make her a terrific teacher.
First, Melissa’s dedication to her students and our school is to be commended. She is
often at school early and stays late most evenings to ensure that her lessons are in order and
that she has prepared the best instructional materials possible for her students. Melissa often
comes to talk with me to inquire about ways to better her approaches to new topics and units.
Weekly, Ms. Mielko attends grade level meetings with myself and the rest of our grade level
team in order to plan, calibrate student work, and discuss strategies and other school related
topics. Melissa has been an active participant in all of our meetings and also took on planning
our grade level’s trip to the Camden Aquarium scheduled for the end of May.
As this was Melissa’s first year as a classroom teacher, I was impressed and inspired by
her efforts to create a safe, caring, and hardworking classroom environment through the use of
Responsive Classroom strategies and structures. She has also been commended on her
classroom management and report with her students. When it came to grappling with new
curriculum, Melissa sought out myself and her teammates when necessary to be sure she
clearly understood the structure of each unit as well as the mini lessons and supports that would
be needed to support all learners along the way.
While working with Melissa, it became evident early on that she was open to ongoing
feedback about her practice. She came to observe me several times and invited me to observe
her class as well. Later in the year, Melissa also invited our district literacy coach into her class
to demo a guided reading lesson, where she gained further insights, and shared with her team.
Finally, Ms. Mielko was always willing to volunteer to be a part of school events both
after school and even on weekends. She trained to judge our Oedessy of the Mind district
competition, joined our Science Fair Committee, and volunteered to help out with PTO
fundraisers. When our middle school reached out to ask her to coach the girl’s softball team,
she happily took on the challenge as well.
In my opinion, we were lucky to have Miss Melissa Mielko as one of our fourth grade
teachers this year. She worked extremely hard and learned so much throughout her first year of
teaching and I was honored to be her mentor. I believe that she will be a true asset to any
school district, school, staff, and, of course, students. Teaching has so many facets, and
Melissa works hard to be at her best in each of them.

Mrs. Megan Klimowicz
Cambridge School
4th Grade