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Test corners
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Test corners

1.Name of good: Test corners

2.Main application: Temperature rise test
3.Work condition: AC 220V~50Hz
4.Technical Parameters
 Test angle size: 800x800x1000mm
 Thermocouple: Thermocouple with a diameter less than 0.3mm
 Thermocouple arrangement: All drawn on a wire
 Copper for Temperature Testing: diameter 15mm, thickness 1mm(Brass plate)
 Temperature measuring point: 48
 Test angle temperature measuring point: With 100*100mm covering
 Plywood: Thickness of about 20mm, the front is painted with no light black paint,
and the back is pasted with gray film board.
 General requirements IEC60335-1

5.Basic configuration
 Test corners: 1 set
 Spare Brass plate

6.Installation connection
After opening the box, connect the plug of thermocouple wire to the interface of
temperature measuring. And connect the end of thermocouple wire with plug to the
terminal of thermo-detector ’s rear cover.

7.Operation method
 Put the test sample on the test angle as required and on the power supply.
 Through the trunking, thermocouple leads the power to the terminal of

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thermo-detector ’s rear cover of the side.

 Measuring the temperature of each point of the current measurement surface

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