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Air Conditioning Tools RECOVERY, RECYCLING, RECHARGING SYSTEMS R-12 or R-134a Air Conditioning Recovery/Recycling Units Warranty: Manufaturors Two Year ice Eoin. Beamog, i site2528 Pn 0) 7588070 matkee European Union com (285-7353) + 285-7852 replaces ciscontinved $U-6499 * Simplest, easiest to use airconditioning tha markt today Operation is quick and efficient lowers ar conditioning service cons + Easytooperate [ust connect quick canect couplings to vehicle and push Recovery Recycle switen —unit completes recovery and recyle process) Built with quality components, suchas 1/2 HP, olkless compressor, nw advanced sh resistant scalo, dual protected solenoids Vacuum timo allows technician to st time m pump automatically and two-stage vac pulls adi LOD display (simpy sell ta system quickly receives reigerant) Largo 75 mm (3.5 in) gaugos allow toehncian to easly monitor aie conitioning system ‘touch air purge eliminates nor condensabls in system how much ollis needed to koep compressor fully ubicatoa ‘Automatic tank ul and high pressure shutofts +s resistant + Singlepass fering sytor * Buin manifold ga * Moisture inaicator + Tankrefilladanter * Modular design for eaay repair + Large onaumatc tes * Premium hoses approved to SAEZ97 Fully Sy tested * Bultin accessory and toot sto Specifications Rezovery Tank 22.7 ka 50 * Oyorall Siz: 63 x88 x 13 4 Weight $4 kg (120) Vacuum Pump: 2stage 6 cfm Hose Longe: 45 m (05 ft 1 208-1985: 1/2 in ACME fora x 13mm male (2527 x58 in) © ouch ol drain, after every service, els us adaptar Pan Nanber Description altage Warranty ‘Ar Conetoning Recovery nase ir Condoning Feeowe 110, 60H Two Years Tir Constoring Recovery ns-1388 Patera ent 20,50 He Two Years Service / Repair Parts Pan Number Daseig Sie mens |__| Warrangy 208-1311 Retigerant Fer = x x Six Months 200-8 Reigerant Prefiter x x Six Months 200-1318 | Cyer wit Yovave [noon | 227g SOE) x x ‘Ore Year 20H-1322 [R12 Hose Assembly, Red | 635mm (tin) | — x ‘Ore Year 208-1325 | R12 Hose Assembly, Ble | 635mm l/Ain) | __— x ‘Ore Year 208-1385 [18a Hose Assembly, Blus_| 635 mm [Vin x = ‘One Year 708-1386 | A-1Ma Hose Assembly, Red | 635 mm [V4in) x = ‘One Year 704-1358 | Couple, R13, Low Side = x = ‘One Year 206-1940 | —Couslor R-1ate, High Side = x = ‘Ore Year 208-105 R- 13 Refi Adaater = x x ‘One Year Fy 200-137 R-T2Flex Hose, Sle | 638m ii) | — x ‘Ore Year Fy 2-13 ei? Fox Hose, Red [635mm in) [| — x ‘ne Year 2 2u0-1348_ | Gongressor Rebula KC = x x Six Monte e a 3 24 Conditioning Tools RECOVERY, RECYCLING, RECHARGING SYSTEMS AC Recovery Kit Model Usago: All Machinos Warranty: Manut Air Con ‘Used to recover the at contoning eystem ‘rcs recovery unt, 30 Ib DOT tank, 6 yellow hose, 72" blue and red conver hoses, UL approves high and law side BT34a ‘manual couples, and ol purge botle ‘+ Moots SAE J2810 and wos with ll refigorans| + Usod to recover and remove ol refrigerant + Smooth and 285-476 ioning Service Machine ‘+ YHP loss comprossor with igh volume fompressor has automatic low pressure cutat suit + Stainless steel ball valve design manifold + Gaugos display in PSI BAR, and MPA Specifications Dimensions: 432 x 254x305 mm (17x 10x Win} Model Usage: CT660 Truck Warranty: Manufacturers Gas Analyzer Group + Used to perform a fully automatic air conditioning + quipped with conta functions designed to provide inuitive and rapid incraction with + Easily removable one piece composite cover allows gaining unobetruted acest ‘oall interior components fr service and maintenance Key features include, hgh and low pressure gages, power switch, contrl panel and LCD spl, cl ran ote and Oving, removable cove, low and high side service hoses and couplers, fil eyindr hose, now refigorart storage shal, origoran done optional, turret and Specifications + Dimansions: 50x22 x35 in # Weight 118 Part Description ITS ‘Rr Conaoning Senviee Machine Consumables Mod Usage: None Warranty: Manut European Union Compan, CE marked + Uso to quickly, easily and accurately determine refrigerant purty in refrigerant storage ylides o ect in vehicle alr conditioning systoms + Ullles nondisporsve infrared INDIR) technology to determine weight concentration of refigerant types R12, RI3a, R22 hydrocarbons and ar * Includes B12 and R12 sample hoses, 1242 ‘iting adapter, 12 VDC power cor, quick onnect hose pot, 25 cn printer por, ll umbirg and portable storage case ‘Large graphic soley with on-screen instructions Part Number 327501 = Ula fast ond ost time Blenc1D software to identity the prevence of popular SNAP Approved Blend Refrigerants * Interral, rechargeable batter option for orless operation in any location + Hard shell cary/storago case Reference NEHSo 7, Service Manual Specifications + Dimensions: 140x200 x 60 mm (54x + Voltage: 118 — 1806, 18 Amp Deseription Analyzer 2:2 Conditioning Tools CHARGING SCALES AND MANIFOLD GAUGES Recharge Oil Pump Warranty: Manufactuors One Year + Used to replace olin airconditioning systom —* Can be usod for B-12 systoms uso a gular orconpeer altro been onved chase wth nh tig fo ih was ith ten pe \ zor eba sors wenn Ks syste res * Includes battle with calibration mars, = Volume pe stroke: 108 (152) upto 2070 «Pa (200 SI and low sido F-134a cou v APAIRINFORMATION [—Deseviption Feenarge Oi Pump 10950 Hash Avera South Pov 0 7583070 Refrigerant Filter, Refrigerant Prefilter (varall Sz diamater x langthy 29.2 x tioning RcovoryfRoryeling —-24.4em|11.8x 100 in) Warranty: Manufacturors Six Months * Service pars for: 285-1352 Ai Cond Unt R-13¢a, 110 208-1318 Refrigerant Prefer: 285-7353 Ai Conitaning Recovery /Roeyting Unit F13¢a,220 Volt * Function: Removes moisture and oil breakcown particles Specifications * Connections: 1/ n male flee x 1/4 in female 208-1217 Rigarant Fite fae * Capaciy 41 int *# Overall Size (diameter x length: 78.2 EPA INFORMATION + Color: Blue 88:2 mm (20x25 in) icon Co Dame eae Sut Beomeotn, $8 262 [aise Hefrgerat ker Automatic Refrigerant Charging Scales Wearanty: Monta Year Union compliant. CE marked Specifications 961) Weigh: Limit 50k (110) bulk tank rattle with al eigerants + Weigh: Resolution: 1.0% kg (0.02) + Program eigerant amount and scale + isla: 18g alpha ruretic LCD automatically shut off whan hating i ae lees sonar + operat tue 10°rocercyso° to aig 0h) Be + Core balancing for acute charing 2 a + Dimensions WxLxH:34x28x10ent135 A + Tae function zeros cisolay for easy charging” gta 2 + Alcomecion eee iin caso BOE! « Yt aig tt Ey Ey AEPARINFORMATION 5 Pan irota * Pounds to klogram switch a TB Eaower Dive [_— aeserigton ower, | futmate tigeran Charging Seale 220-20 sya Vib Bich ars Tock a In conn aot porches ce