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[20 marks]

Questions 1 to 5

Choose the best answer to complete the sentence.

1 My ______________ are swimming and reading novels.

A hobby
B hobbys
C hobbies
D hobbyes

2 Edie and Jason __________________ for the school bus.

A waited
B waiting
C is waiting
D are waiting

3 David can _____________ play football for his school __________ go diving
during the holidays.

A either…or
B either…nor
C neither…or
D neither…nor

4 We saw a _____________ of bees on the tree branch yesterday.

A nest
B class
C troop
D swarm

5 ____________ are they leaving for Australia?

A Who
B When
C Where
D Which

Questions 6

Choose the most suitable proverb.

6 It is what we do that matters, not what we say. As the saying goes,

_________________ .
A. look before you leap
B. action speaks louder than words
C. cut your coat according to your cloth
D. a bird in hand is worth two in the bush

Questions 7 to 9

Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that follows.

Azwan is switching on his computer in his bedroom. He wants to email __________ (7)
pen pal called Jeffrey. Jeffrey lives ________(8) Canada. Jeffrey is an _____________(9)
person as he enjoys skiing during the snow in December.

7 A his
B her
C our
D their

8 A in
B on
C under
D above

9 A shy
B lonely
C depressed
D adventurous

Questions 10

Choose the word that has the same meaning as the underlined word.

10 Mrs Darren kept her precious jewellery in the safe.

A pretty
B cheap
C unusual
D valuable

Questions 11

Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation.

11 A ‘Do you know how to swim?’ asked the teacher.

B ‘Do you know how to swim!’ asked the teacher.
C ‘Do you know how to swim.’ asked the teacher.
D ‘Do you know how to swim’? asked the teacher.

Questions 12 to 15

Based on the picture, choose the best answer to fill in the blanks in the passage that

Last weekend, Asri and his cousins went for a picnic at the beach. Asri’s mother laid the
mat and arranged the food. His father ______________ a newspaper while looking over
his cousins swimming in the sea. The sea water was 13 cold. Asri and his
sister built 14 sandcastle by the beach. They enjoyed themselves with their
cousins. It was sunset when they 15 their things and went home.

12 A was reading
B was writing
C was holding
D was capturing

13 A little
B fully
C utterly
D extremely

14 A a
B an
C the
D -

15 A pack
B packs
C packed
D packing

Questions 16 and 17

Read the diary entry below carefully and answer the questions that follow.

16 What did the teacher made them do?

A Sit and answer a test.

B Sit beside Alex Aruda.
C Sit in alphabetical order.
D Call names in alphabetical order.

17 What does the smartest kid in class do after finishing the test?

A Reads his test paper.

B Reads a science textbook.
C Reads a science fiction novel.
D Keeps his paper in his drawer.

Questions 18 and 20

Read the story carefully and answer the questions that follow.

18 The phrase a full house means _________________________.

A there were no empty seats

B only a few people were there
C a big crowd was in the parking lot
D there were many people in the house

19 The movie ended ____________________.

A at midnight
B close to midnight
C late in the afternoon
D early in the afternoon

20 From the story, what can we conclude about Rani?

A Rani is a very brave girl.

B Rani is not used to being alone.
C Rani often goes out to see a movie.
D Rani and her uncle are not close.



[30 marks]

Question 21

Write a suitable response for each picture in the space provided.


[2 marks]



[2 marks]



[2 marks]

Question 22

Read the story below and answer the questions that follow.

Write True or False in the space provided.

(a) Agus went into the jungle to look for food.

[1 mark]
(b) The phrase could not believe his ears in the story tells us
Agus was surprised.
[1 mark]

Write your answers in the space provided.

(c) What happened when the parrot saw Agus?



[2 marks]

(d) A few boys had thrown stones at the parrot. Was that action correct? Why?

Answer: _____________________________________________________________

Reason: _____________________________________________________________


[2 marks]

(e) What do you think of Agus? Give reasons to support your answer.



[2 marks]

Question 23

Read the details of the mode of transportation to Ipoh below. Then, answer the questions that

Tick ( √ ) for the correct answer.

(a) If Salim decides to travel from KL Sentral, which type of transportation will he take?



[1 mark]

(b) When will Ramesh arrive in Ipoh if he boards the bus from Ipoh at 10.30 a.m.?

1.30 p.m.

2.30 p.m.

3.00 p.m.
[1 mark]

(c) Match the phrase in List A to the phrase in List B. One has been done for you.

To reserve a taxi, is by train.
The fastest way to Ipoh the fare will be RM55.00
If you go to Ipoh by taxi, one can call 011-93199331.
Travelling to Ipoh by train allows you to buy food on board.

[2 marks]

Write your answer in the space provided.

(d) Would you choose to take a taxi to Ipoh? Why?

[2 marks]
(e) Jamal and his 80-year-old grandfather are planning to travel to Ipoh.
Which is the most suitable transportation for them? Give your reason.

Mode of Transportation: _________________________________________________

Reason: ______________________________________________________________
[2 marks]

Question 24 and 25

Study the advertisement and the announcement given. Then, answer the questions
that follow.

Question 24

Tick ( √ ) for the correct answer.

(a) Based on the advertisement, the Atlantic Princess is a



[1 mark]

(b) The word this in the announcement refers to

the third and fourth guest

the Atlantic Princess
March promotions
[1 mark]

Question 25

Write your answer in the space provided.

‘Isn’t this a fantastic deal?’

(c) Do you agree that the deal is fantastic? Give your reasons to support your answer.
[2 marks]

(d) Why do you think the suites on the Atlantic Princess are more expensive than the
cabins? Give your reason to support your answer.

Answer: _____________________________________________________________

Reason: _____________________________________________________________


[2 marks]

(e) If you are planning of going on a holiday, would you consider going on a cruise
on the Atlantic Princess? Why?
[2 marks]



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