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does quite good in conversing and expressing thoughts using the English language.
He needs to still try harder, though and learn more English words for improvement.

He initiates to compose sentences, moreover he may acquire to include a diversity

of words from his electronic dictionary to exemplify well the conceptions.

copes with the English language pretty good. He just needs to listen more
carefully, though.
He also has to learn new words in English so that he can widen his vocabulary and
understanding of the language.

He was able to interchange his conceptions concerning the class discussion, yet he
can further elucidate his every conceptions with enough details.
Moreover some guidance and hints were made for him for better understanding.

He has to study more about this.

had a challenging time, but I enjoyed it. I noticed that you were really trying to
do your best. However, more confidence will still be needed for you to improve.
You also have to try harder in concentrating and remembering things. I still
suggest that you should practice more with your grammar skills and pronunciation
You also have to still learn more words in English so that you have a better
understanding of things especially when it comes to this language.
I really want you to excel so please keep trying! Have a good day and keep safe!

It's a happy Thursday and I was happy to spend it with you today Min Hyuk! It was
also a pleasure meeting you.
I was happy with how you did today because you cooperated pretty well. It's just
that you need improvement when it comes to your abilities and skills.
I suggest that you practice some more. You have to be confident and attentive, too
when having the lesson.
I want you to try learning more English words so that you could have a better
understanding of this language.
I know that you could do better as long as you keep on trying. Have a nice day and
take care always! ^_^

Park Min Hyuk can definitely elevate his language skill, if he takes note of a few
hints to establish a effectual usage of his second language.

I was very pleased to have the wonderful chance to meet you today Si Kyung!
Happy Thursday! Thank you for doing your best in cooperating and trying during our
challenging, but wonderful lesson.
I noticed the effort you put in when it came to giving out answers, too. It's just
that I still think that you need improvement.
I want you to practice more with your grammar and pronunciation skills.
You also have to learn more words in English so that you could understand more
I want you to keep yourself focused and confident at all times. Speak louder, too!
Have a nice day and take care! ^_^
It was a pleasure meeting you today! I was happy to have you today in the class,
too even if you just had the phone class again.
Next time, please have your microphone fixed and ready so that we could have the
video class instead of just the phone class.
Anyway, I was still thankful because you did a good job in showing your
cooperation throughout the lesson.
However, I noticed that you need more improvement. I want you to show more
confidence when using the English language.
You need to make yourself focused in class, too so that the things that are taught
to you are remembered.
You can do better by practicing more with your grammar and pronunciation skills,
Please learn more English words as well for a better comprehension of this
Have a good day! ^_^