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ate MARKET MOOS 3SHNOD HSIIDNA SSANISNG JALVIGAWYISLNI YaddN David Cotton David Falvey Simon Kent 4 PEARSON a ar Rae act nN Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate, Hariow, Essex, (M20 216, England ‘nd Associated Companies throughout the world womarket-leadernet © Pearson Education Limited 200: The rights of David Cotton, David Falvey and Simon Kent to be identified {5 authors of this Work have been asserted by them in accordnce with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Allrights reserved; no part ofthis publication may be reproduced, stored Jno retrival system, oF transmitted In any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying recording, or otherwise without the prior written permission of the Publishers. Fst published 2001 ‘New edtion 2008 Book Pack ISBN-13: ¢784-4058-310-5 ISBN-0: 14058-23105 for Pack ISBN-13: 9781-40s81913-6 'SBN-10: r4os8-x315% Pack 'SBN-13: 978-1-4058-13389 'SBN-10: -4058-1338-5 Set in MetaPlus 10.5/12.5pt Printed in Spain by Mateu Cromo, S.A Pinto (Madrid) ‘Acknowledgements ‘Special thanks from the authors to Chis Hatley, jacqui Hiddleston and ‘Steghen Nicholl for ther contributions tothe course, above and beyond editorial guidance ‘The authors would like to thank the following for thet invaluable help during the project: Melanie Byrant, Paul Cousins, lan Lebeau, Peter Falvey, Sarah Falvey, Gisele Cotton, Lynne Rustecki, Allan Smith, Steve Clarke, Graham North, Jeremy Keeley, Caire Warren, Vivienne Levy and all he staff and students ofthe English Language Centre, London Metropolitan University ‘The authors would keto thank Kate Godtick and the Longman team for their invaluable support. The authors and publishers are very grateful tothe following people who agreed tobe interviewed forthe recorded material in this book: Sarah Andrews, Sue Barat, Niall Foster, Steve ower, Tamar Kasrlel, ‘Anuj Khanna, lef Kimbell, jeremy Keely, Ward Lincoln, Roger Mortis, Catherine Ng, Mike Seymour, Alan Sith, Paul Smith and Helen Tucker. ‘The publishers ané authors are very grateful tothe following reporters ‘who suggested changes tothe previous edition and to the draft ‘manuscripts ofthe curent edition: Peter Bendall, Auken Bosma, lan Duncan, John Rogers and Mike Wyatt. We are grateful to the fllowing fr permission to reproduce copyright materia: "News International Syndication for an extract from ‘Communication - it's ‘much easier said than done by Clare Gascoigne published in The ‘Sunday Times 28th November 2004 © News international Syndication 2004; Financial Times Limited for extracts from ‘Coffee Culture comes to the coffee-growers’ by john Authers and Mark Mulligan published In the Financial Times ath September 2003 © Financial Times 2003, AIG knows everyone in Asi’ by Shawn Danan, Francesca Guerera, Amy Kamin, Justine Lau, Angela Mackay, Richard MeGregor, Adrian Michaels and Michiyo Nakamoto published inthe Financial Times &th lune 2004 © Financial Times 2004, "The dangers of not looking ahead’ by Andrew Boiger published in the Financial Times 1st June 2004 © Financia Times 2004, ‘internet shopping the sequel by Nell Buckley published inthe ‘Finoncial Times 29th November 2004 © Financial Times 2004, “Customers first: the message for ths or any other yearby Michael ‘Skapinker published inthe Financial Times 1h January 2005 © Financial Times 2005, Keep your relationship with clients afta by Morgan Wizel published in the Financial Times aist january 2005 © Financial Times 2008; ‘Making a corporate marriage work’ by Stefan Stern published in the Finacial Times 6th February 2005 © Financial Times 2005, and ‘New ‘working model by Michael Skapinker published inthe Financial Times 27th September 2004 © Financial Times 2004 Guardian Newspapers Limited for an extract from ‘The Guardian profile: Steve Jobs" by Duncan Campbell published in The Guardian s8th une 2004; Virginia Business Magazine for an adapted extract from "Perks that work’ by Robert Burke published in Virginia Business Online htp://; Howard Cant for an adapted extract fram "The key to success: none of us iss smart as allof us’ by Howard Cant, published in Benjarong ‘Magazine website December 2002 hitp:// /beniarong: “Tutorau Limited for an extract from ‘introduction to raising Finance’ from the Tutor2u fee resources for students website; and Paul 8. Thornton for an adapted extract from ‘The Big Three Management Ses’ by Paul B. Thornton published on the CEO Refresher website ‘wwn.retreshercom, In some instances we have been unable to trace the copyright owners of material and we would appreciate any information which would unable us to do so, Ilustrations Acknowledgements [Nick Baker for 8,10,87; Wave Design for 52 Photo Acknowledgements We are grateful tothe following for their permission to reproduce copyight material and photographs: ‘Alamy/Goodshoot RF prs), Z. Kang p2s, Sohm pst, PWinkel p60, ‘Frazer Photolibrary Inc, Pictor International p7o, LGibbon pact), ‘Artemisia prnq(), Acestock pizo(i), Photo Japan piza(); Corbis p22, aris p13(b) China Photos/Reuters pr, D.Pu'u pa6, ADaix p75(mn, Carroll p 75(0D, EVOst p77, Cooke pa, C& A, Purcell pla, TArtuza B83, G.Palmer pgs, LWA-D. Tara p13, L Manning pxt4(@ Empies/l.Buckle p36(pitch). E-Terakoplan p68. 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