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4 Sankosha U.S.A., Ine, 1901 Landmeier Road Elk Grove Village, 11. 60007-6452. Tel: (847) 427-9120 Fax: (847) 427-9634 Sehoha-—— September 28, 2018 Pacific Westem Machinery 23204 SE 27th St. Sammamish, WA 98075 Attention: Mr, David Hong Re: Distributorship Agreement Dear David: As you know, Sankosha U.S.A., Ine. (“Sankosha”) and Pacific Western Machinery (“Distributor”) entered into a Non- Exclusive Distributorship Agreement on or about September i, 2017 (the “Agreement” for the sale and distribution of Sankosha/Ajax products, By its terms, the Agreement will expire (or has expired) on August 31, 2018 unless the ‘Agreement is renewed in writing by Sankosha and Distributor, ‘This letter will confirm that the parties wish to renew the Agreement. Accordingly, Sankosha and Distributor hereby agree that the Agreement is renewed for an additional period of one year (the “Renewal Period”) through and including August 31, 2019 (he “New Expiration Date”). Jn conjunction with the renewal of the Agreement, the Agreement is also hereby amended and modified to provide for the following changes during the Renewal Period: 1. The Minimum Purchase Requirement shall be $150,000.00; 2, “Territory” shall mean only the following geographic area: Non-exelusive WA Except as set forth herein, the Agreement, as amended to date shall remain in full force and effect as written through and including the New Expiration. Please sign and return this letter confirming the renewal of the Agreement as set forth herein, This fetter will be of no force and effect unless Distributor executes the same and delivers a fully executed copy to Sankosha within 14 days of the date hereof, Sincerely, SANKOSHA US. ACKNOWLEDGED AND AGREED DISTRIBUTOR By: _ Title: