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Answer Key

Anna Ellis
B Burlington Books Linda Marks
SUMMER FUN 1 Answer Key
by Anna Ellis and Linda Marks

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Unit Title Page

1 ActionQuest 4

2 Tropical Islands Resort 5

3 Pilgrim Village 7

4 At the Rodeo 8

5 Madagascar 10

6 Good Food 12

7 Tree House Holiday 14

8 Holidays with a Difference 16

9 Holidays and You 17

Unit 1 H 1. is 3. isn’t 5. isn’t
2. aren’t 4. is 6. is
Page 4 
Page 8
A 1. g 3. d 5. i 7. a 9. h
2. j 4. b 6. c 8. f 10. e Listening

Page 5  Laura: Hi Sandy! This is Laura.

Sandy: Oh, hi Laura! Where are you? Are you
C 1. F 2. T 3. T 4. T 5. F
still at your photography summer camp?
D 1. ActionQuest is a summer camp at sea. Laura: Yes, I am. My parents are here for a
2. ActionQuest is fun and hard work. visit, so I’m talking to you on my dad’s
phone. How are you, Sandy?
E 1. fat 3. big 5. hot Sandy: I’m fine. Right now I’m at the zoo with
2. tall 4. long my little sister.
Laura: Then you and I are watching the
F 1. bird 4. elephant 6. tiger
animals at the same time. We often
2. monkey 5. fish 7. snake
take photographs of animals here. I love
3. lion
taking photos of the fish. They’re very
Joy’s favourite animal is a dolphin.
Page 6 Sandy: What about snakes, Laura? Have you
got any snakes at the camp? The snakes
Grammar here at the zoo are very interesting.
A 1. I 3. She 5. They Laura: We’ve got snakes here, but I’m scared
2. We 4. He 6. you of them. I prefer taking photographs of
fish and birds. Oh, and Sandy there are
B 1. are 3. is 5. is some dolphins here, too.
2. are 4. am Sandy: Dolphins? I love dolphins, Laura!
Laura: Then why don’t you come and visit me
C 1. is 3. am 5. are 7. is
at camp next weekend? My parents can
2. aren’t 4. is 6. isn’t
bring you next Sunday.
D 1. Are the birds in the sky? Sandy: That’s a great idea. OK, so see you on
2. Is the ship in the ocean? Sunday.
3. Is the captain on the beach? Laura: OK. Have fun! See you on Sunday. Bye.
4. Are the dolphins near the ship? Sandy: Bye.
5. Is the work easy?
A 1. F 2. F 3. T 4. T 5. F
E 1. No, they aren’t. 4. Yes, they are.
2. Yes, it is. 5. No, it isn’t. Dialogue
3. No, he isn’t.
A 1. My name is 4. Thanks for your help
Page 7  2. This is my 5. You’re welcome
3. Welcome to
F 1. on 4. behind 7. between
2. next to 5. in 8. under Dictation
3. in front of 6. opposite
A 1. lion 5. snake 9. zebra
G 1. in 4. in front of 7. under 2. elephant 6. giraffe 10. tiger
2. between 5. on 3. monkey 7. fish
3. next to 6. behind 4. bird 8. dolphin

B 1. c 3. f 5. d 7. h 9. a Page 13
2. g 4. b 6. i 8. e 10. j C 1. It is in Germany.
2. They wear a swimsuit and sandals.
Page 9
3. The Bali Lagoon is 1,200 square metres.
Writing 4. You can see 20,000 types of tropical plants.
Quick Check 5. You can see restaurants, street shows, a
1. My name is Pam and I’m 15 years old. market and tropical houses.
2. My birthday is on 12th May.
3. I live in London, England.
D Summer: sandals, swimsuit, T-shirt, shorts
Summer and Winter: dress, socks, trousers
B Accept all logical and grammatically correct Winter: boots, jacket, hat
Page 14
Page 11 Grammar
Test Yourself
A 1. has got 4. has got
Vocabulary 2. have got 5. haven’t got
3. haven’t got
A 1. fish, dolphin 3. zebra
2. lion, tiger 4. bird B 1. has got 4. hasn’t got
2. hasn’t got 5. have got
B 1. d 2. b 3. c 4. a
3. has got 6. haven’t got
Grammar a. Brad b. Dan
A 1. are, They aren’t tall C 1. Has the village got tropical houses?
2. are, They aren’t slow. Yes, it has.
3. is, She isn’t old. 2. Have the gardens got trees?
4. are, We aren’t cold. Yes, they have.
5. is, It isn’t in New York. 3. Have the children got a football?
No, they haven’t.
B 1. Is Emma tall? Yes, she is. 4. Have the parents got drinks?
2. Is the beach clean? No, it isn’t.
Yes, they have.
3. Are the snakes long? Yes, they are.
5. Has the mother got a jacket?
4. Is Dave fat? Yes, he is.
No, she hasn’t.
5. Is Tom a surfer? Yes, he is.
6. Has the boy got a hat?
C 1. on 3. next to 5. behind Yes, he has.
2. in 4. under 7. Has the girl got a blue T-shirt?
No, she hasn’t.

Unit 2 Page 15

Page 12 D 1. mice 4. children 7. men

2. feet 5. women 8. teeth
A 1. shorts 5. hat 9. socks 3. people 6. fish
2. sandals 6. jacket 10. shoes
3. swimsuit 7. dress 11. trousers E 1. This 3. That 5. This
4. boots 8. T-shirt 12. tracksuit 2. Those 4. These

Page 16
A 1. T-shirt 5. sandals 9. shorts
Andrea: Good Morning – Tropical Islands 2. hat 3 6. socks 10. tracksuit
Resort, Andrea speaking. How can I 3. jacket 3 7. dress
help you? 4. swimsuit 8. trousers 3
Mr Hopkins: Hello. I want some information,
B See exercise A above.
Andrea: What do you want to know, sir?
Page 17
Mr Hopkins: Is there a show today?
Andrea: Yes, there is – the Caribbean and Writing
Limbo show. Quick Check
Mr Hopkins: Can you tell me about it, please? 1. My name is Christine.
Andrea: Of course. It’s great fun. It’s a 2. What is your name?
traditional Caribbean musical show 3. These water slides are great!
with songs and dances. The dancers
have got traditional Caribbean B Accept all logical and grammatically correct
clothes. They’re beautiful and very answers.
Mr Hopkins: Wow, that sounds great! I love Page 19
Caribbean dancing. The Limbo’s a Test Yourself
Caribbean dance, right?
Andrea: Yes. It’s a dance from Trinidad.
Trinidad is one of the Caribbean A 1. dress 3. boots
islands. The dancers try and dance 2. jacket 4. trousers
under a stick. It’s not easy, but it’s
great fun. B 1. hat 4. shoes 7. socks
Mr Hopkins: Fantastic! What time is the show? 2. T-shirt 5. tracksuit 8. shorts
Andrea: We’ve got a show at 4 o’clock in 3. sandals 6. swimsuit
the afternoon and there’s Grammar
another one at 8 o’clock tonight.
Mr Hopkins: Well, thank you for the information. A 1. teeth 4. people
Can I have four tickets for the 8 2. fish 5. mice
o’clock show, please? 3. feet 6. children
Andrea: Yes, of course. How do you want to
B 1 haven’t got 4. hasn’t got
2. have got 5. haven’t got
3. has got
A 1. is 3. dance
2. are 4. 8 o’clock C 1. This 3. Those
2. These 4. That
A 1. What’s your name
2. Where are you from
3. I’m from
4. I live
5. How old are you

Unit 3 C 1. visit 4. works 7. tells
2. walk 5. picks 8. learn
Page 20 3. talk 6. builds 9. enjoy
A 8
D 1. The pilgrims don’t watch TV.
14 2. James doesn’t work in the house.
3. The children don’t play computer games.
4. Jennifer doesn’t like the life of a pilgrim.
9 3 5. I don’t bake bread.
6. You and your friends don’t live in a big city.
7. We don’t study at the weekend.
7 8. Lisa doesn’t know old English.

6 Page 23
E 1. Does Jenny bake bread on Wednesdays? Yes,
she does.
2. Do Jed and Albert build houses on Mondays?
Yes, they do.
3. Does Jenny pick apples on Tuesdays? No, she
4. Does Jed mend chairs on Thursdays? Yes, he
5. Does Albert brush the horses on Thursdays?
Yes, he does.
Page 21
6. Does Jenny feed the ducks on Fridays? No,
C 1. 21st 3. houses 5. haven’t got she doesn’t.
2. pilgrims 4. grow 6. Andy’s sister
F 1. Do you want to visit the Mayflower?
D 1. cinema 2. Do the pilgrims wear modern clothes?
2. clothes shop 3. Does Jack work in the village?
3. supermarket, restaurant 4. Do the students enjoy the programme?
4. library 5. Do you want to come here again?

E 1. restaurant 3. post office 5. library G 1. Excuse me 3. Go up

2. bank 4. supermarket 6. cinema 2. turn right 4. Go

Page 22 Page 24

Grammar Listening

A 1. live 5. prefers 9. speak Father: Can you look at the map and tell me
2. grows 6. see 10. learn where to turn? I don’t want to miss the
3. run 7. go road to Plymouth.
4. loves 8. makes Mother: All right! We’re on route 3 at the
B +s + es + ies
Father: Right. So what do I do next?
buys watches carries
gives does tries Mother: Well we need to follow the signs to
repairs goes cries route 44 and then drive east.
eats Father: OK.
talks Girl: There’s a sign – it says Plymouth! >>>

Page 27
Father: Great! We’re on the right road. We can
see Mayflower II first, and then we can Test Yourself
have lunch. OK, Jenny? Vocabulary
Girl: OK, but what is Mayflower II?
Mother: Mayflower II is a replica of the first A 1. park 3. house 5. park
pilgrims’ ship. Some people built it in 2. restaurant 4. cinema 6. street
England. Then, in 1957, a group of
people sailed it to the USA, in the same
B 1. house 3. bank
2. post office 4. library
way as the original pilgrims.
Father: Well – here’s Plymouth. Where do I go C t c h o u s e c h h i
now? i h o s p i t a l p m

Mother: Go towards the sea and turn right onto r u s t u z c v h u u

Water Street. Then, go straight until t r p l i b r a r y s

z c i j e x n w r e e
you can see the ship.
c h t m u n e p c a u
Girl: Is there anything else to do in
c i n e m a m a h t m
Mother: Yes. There’s a pilgrim village near the ship.
1. museum 3. library 5. cinema
Girl: Great. I want to go there, too.
2. hospital 4. house 6. church
Father: OK. We can visit the pilgrim village
after lunch. Grammar

A 1. a 2. b 3. a 4. b A 1. works 3. doesn’t eat 5. love

2. Do you go 4. ask
B 1. work 3. don’t drive 5. goes
A 1. How about 4. Let’s go to 2. takes 4. doesn’t work
2. not crazy about 5. That’s a great idea
3. Why don’t we C 1. Do you work at the village?
2. Does Richard build houses?
Dictation 3. Do they eat fish?
4. Does the boy help his father?
A 1. library 5. hospital 9. park 5. Do your friends like the park?
2. post office 6. restaurant 10. museum
3. bank 7. supermarket
4. house 8. clothes shop Unit 4
B 1. f 5. h 9. b Page 28
2. c 6. a 10. e
3. i 7. j
A 1. ice skating 4. swimming 7. judo
2. football 5. volleyball 8. hockey
4. g 8. d
3. skiing 6. aerobics
Page 25 The hidden word is cowboy.
Writing Page 29
Quick Check
1. The supermarket is near the post office. C 1. T 2. F 3. T 4. F 5. T
2. Students work at the Pilgrim Village. D The cowboy wants to stay on the bull’s back.
3. A pilgrim shows you the village. The rodeo clown stands in front of the bull.
B Accept all logical and grammatically correct E 1. judo 3. hockey 5 basketball
answers. 2. climbing 4. horse riding 6. tennis

Page 30
Clown: My clown name’s Flint. Flint’s a name
Grammar from the wild west. The names of
rodeo clowns are often from the Wild
A 1. is running 4. am writing
2. are riding 5. is getting
Reporter: You’re rodeo clowns, but do you wear
3. is starting 6. are working
clown’s clothes?
B eat – eating sit – sitting Clown: Oh, yes. We wear clown costumes and
walk - walking run - running do silly things. But the real work starts
shout - shouting stop - stopping when the bull rider comes into the ring.
climb - climbing swim - swimming Reporter: What happens then?
bake – baking die – dying Clown: Well, rodeo clowns usually work in
give - giving lie - lying
threes. Today, I’m working with Tex and
compete - competing tie - tying
Eddie over there.
make - making
Two clowns shout at the bull from a
dance - dancing
distance and the third clown is the
barrel man. He gets near the bull. The
C 1. are having 4. is playing clown’s got a barrel and he jumps into
2. are watching 5. is singing it when the bull comes very close to
3. are walking 6. am having him.
Reporter: Phew! What does he do then?
D 1. isn’t going 4. are watching Clown: Well, he waits until the bull moves
2. am having 5. aren’t competing away. Then he jumps out of the barrel
3. isn’t helping again.
Reporter: It sounds dangerous!
Page 31
Clown: It is very dangerous – we sometimes
E 1. Is Tom watching the show? get hurt. But we don’t usually get hurt
2. Is Tom buying a ticket to the rodeo now? badly.
3. Are the bulls running? Reporter: Wow! Do you enjoy your work?
4. Is Tina sitting on a black horse? Clown: It’s great to hear everyone in the
5 Are Jodi and Harry eating ice cream? audience clapping their hands ... and
when the cowboys thank us – the
F 1. No, he isn’t. 4. Yes, she is. rodeo clowns – for our work, it’s a
2. Yes, he is. 5. No, they aren’t. wonderful feeling. The cowboys like the
3. No, they aren’t. clowns to be in the ring.
G 1. is running 4. doesn’t like Reporter: Do you mind if we stay and watch the
2. Do you want 5. thinks show?
3. are playing Clown: Of course, you can. You’re welcome!
Reporter: Thanks for talking to us Flint, and good
H 1. go, are going 3. do, are doing luck.
2. rides, is riding 4. is buying, buys
A 1. Flint 4. rodeo clown
Page 32 2. wear 5. want
Listening 3. threes

Reporter: Good afternoon and welcome to the Dialogue
show. Today, I’m talking to a rodeo A 1. now 4. usually
clown at the Wild West Rodeo Show. 2. It’s amazing 5. this year
Hi there and thanks for talking to me. 3. Do you ever
What’s your name? >>>

Dictation C 1. Are you watching
2. Do your friends like
A 1. hockey 5. tennis 3 8. skiing 3. Is Ben helping
2. judo 6. basketball 3 9. horse riding 4. Do they make
3. football 3 7. aerobics 10. climbing 5. Are the people listening
4. volleyball 3

B See exercise A above. Unit 5

Page 33 Page 36
Writing A 1. face 6. body 11. ear
Quick Check 2. hair 7. leg 12. tongue
1. because 2. and 3. but 3. head 8. eye 13. finger
4. teeth 9. nose 14. arm
B Accept all logical and grammatically correct 5. neck 10. mouth
Page 37
Page 35
Test Yourself C 1. T 2. T 3. F 4. F 5. T

Vocabulary D c k f a c e
n e t e

v o l l e y b a l l f c


e y
c t u f o o t b a l l t
u l

e a
e e b s k i n r c o c e
g e r f o o t s h o

e i c e s k a t i n g n

r m e
n n w f s o t b a z l n

r i a e r o b i c s n i

a r n o s e
h s m z i n i c f z o s

t h o r s e r i d i n g

1. tennis 3. football 5. horse riding

i n

h a
2. aerobics 4. ice skating 6. volleyball

i r

B 1. skiing

3. swimming


2. basketball 4. hockey g
t h l e
t o n g u e
A 1. is working Parts of the Body Parts of the Head
2. Are the children running neck face
3. am not talking arm teeth
4. is crying hand eye
5. aren’t dancing leg ear
finger nose
B 1. work 4. is cleaning foot mouth
2. start 5. are preparing shoulder tongue
3. finish hair

Page 38
Man: W
 ow! I didn’t know that! What else is
Grammar there to do?
Woman: Err, let’s see. Oh, yes, there are guided
A 1. F 2. F 3. T 4. T 5. F tours in different parts of the country
B 1. A frog can’t jump high. and you can go round Antananarivo,
2. A fish can swim. the capital. It’s got beautiful narrow
3. A snake can’t run. streets and houses from wood. The
markets are fun as well. You can also
C 1. You can see the lemurs in the forest. visit a place called Ambalavao and see
2. I can play football on the sand. how they make paper.
3. The aye-ayes can find insects easily. Man: And what about the beaches? I love
4. Can we swim in the sea? sitting on the beach and swimming in
5. We can have a wonderful holiday in the sea.
Madagascar. Woman: Oh, the beaches are beautiful and you
can swim in the sea, but you must be
D 1. mustn’t – b
careful – there are sharks in the water.
2. mustn’t – d
Man: Well, I’m definitely going to arrange a
3. must – c
holiday there. It sounds fantastic.
4. mustn’t – a
Woman: OK, so when do you want to go?
5. must – e

Page 39 A 1. F 2. F 3. T 4. T 5. T

E 1. b 2. e 3. a 4. c 5. d Dialogue
F 1. c 3. b 5. d 7. f A 1. I’m so excited 4. Can they
2. e 4. g 6. a 2. What are you 5. I must hurry
3. can
G 1. Its 3. My 5. My
2. Our 4. her Dictation
H 1. The aye-aye’s 4. The boys’ A 1. mouth 5. hair 9. leg
2. My sister’s 5. The guide’s 2. arm 6. nose 10. body
3. Dad’s 6. Geckos’ 3. neck 7. ear
4. fingers 8. eye
Page 40
B 1. g 5. a 9. j
2. h 6. f 10. d
3. c 7. b
oman: Hello, can I help you, sir?
4. i 8. e
Man: Yes, please, I’m thinking about a
holiday in Madagascar. It sounds like Page 41
an interesting place.
Woman: Oh, it’s a wonderful place to visit. For Writing
example, there are many fantastic Quick Check
national parks. You can see hundreds 1. The big crocodiles swim quickly.
of unusual animals there – for example 2. The small boys are sitting quietly in the jeep.
lemurs and special types of frogs.
Man: Why are the animals there so special?
B Accept all logical and grammatically correct
Woman: Well, almost 75% of the animals in
Madagascar don’t live anywhere else in
the world. >>>
Page 43 D Sweet Food: chocolate, cake, biscuit
Test Yourself Vegetables: potato, broccoli, carrot
Milk Products: cheese, butter, yoghurt
Fruit: apple, orange, banana
1. finger
2. legs, arms Page 46
3. mouth, teeth
Grammar A Countable Nouns: biscuit, apple, egg, sandwich,
banana, carrot
A 1. can’t 2. can 3. can’t 4. can
Uncountable Nouns: chocolate, tea, sugar, water,
B 1. Can the girl catch the frog? No, she can’t. cheese, milk
2. Can the aye-aye climb the tree? Yes, it can.
3. Can the baby bird fly? No, it can’t.
B 1. an egg 4. some tea
2. some water 5. some cheese
C 1. must 2. must 3. mustn’t 3. some apples 6. a banana

D 1. Their 2. Her 3. Its 4. Your C 1. any 5. any 9. some

2. an 6. the 10. The
E 1. Dave’s 2. The boys’
3. any 7. any
4. the 8. the
Unit 6 D 1. a 5. some 9. any / a
2. an 6. The 10. some
Page 44
3. a 7. an
A p p r c s a l a d 4. a 8. a
c h i c k e n k p

b i s c f i s h i Page 47

c z








E 1. There are 3. There aren’t 5. There is
2. There is 4. There isn’t
l t t e b y e a a

b r e a d s u f t F 1. There are some 5. There isn’t any

c h o c o l a t e 2. There aren’t any 6. There is an
3. There is some 7. There is a
1. bread 4. fish 7. chicken 4. There are some
2. chocolate 5. egg 8. cake G 1. Is there, No, there isn’t.
3. salad 6. pizza 2. Are there, Yes, there are.
3. Is there, Yes, there is.
Page 45
4. Is there, No, there isn’t.
C 1. a. It has got ancient houses. 5. Are there, No, there aren’t.
b. It has got beautiful beaches.
c. It has got the El Bulli restaurant.
H 1. How many 4. How much
2. How many 5. How many
2. It is one of the best restaurants in the world.
3. How much 6. How much
3. You can eat special breads, vegetable and fish
meals and chocolate desserts. Accept all logical and grammatically correct
4. A meal is €175. answers.
5. 800,000; 8,000

Page 48 A Nancy Greg Jason Tina
Listening chicken and

Tina: Isn’t this a great restaurant? There are so tuna salad 3

many things to choose from on the menu. pizza 3
What do you want, Nancy? chips 3
Nancy: I’m not sure ... maybe I’ll have pizza ... . chocolate cake 3
No ... No ... It’s not healthy! I’ll have a tuna
apple juice 3
Tina: That’s a good idea, Nancy. Tuna salad is chocolate milk 3 3
very healthy. What about you, Greg?
Greg: Well, I don’t care about healthy food and Dialogue
I love pizza – so I’m ordering pizza, some A 1. Can I help you 4. Would you like
chips – and chocolate milk ... that sounds 2. I’d like 5. I prefer
like a good meal to me. 3. How many
Tina: Pizza, chips and chocolate milk isn’t a
healthy meal. Everybody needs to eat Dictation
healthy food, Greg. What are you having to
drink, Nancy? A 1. chicken 5. milk 9. cake
Nancy: Um … apple juice. I love apple juice. 2. egg 6. apple 10. carrot
Tina: OK, so Greg and Nancy know what they 3. bread 7. chocolate
want. What about you, Jason? 4. pizza 8. orange
Jason: I can’t decide ... everything sounds
B 1
i r
Tina: It is! 3 4
c h o c o l a t e
Jason: Um ... I ... I want chicken and vegetables.
a r k a
Greg: What? Chicken and vegetables – but you
k a d
can have chicken and vegetables at home 5
a p p l e n
... that’s boring.
Jason: I like chicken and vegetables so I’m having 6
c h i c k e n
chicken and vegetables.

Tina: Greg, Jason likes healthy food – and that’s
Page 49
good. OK then we’re ready to order. Let’s
call the waiter. Writing
Nancy: But Tina, what about you? What are you Quick Check
having? 1. c 2. a 3. b
Tina: Oh ... I’ll have a chocolate cake and some
B Accept all logical and grammatically correct
chocolate milk.

Page 51 D There were two bedrooms in Lee’s tree.
Test Yourself There wasn’t electricity in the tree house.
Lee was at an outdoor film.
A c v s w f q b m l o
E r f f l o o r

h f t m i l k i i r o a t w n i o

c h e e s e m o e i o l g a s o o

e z y p h f s r g s f l x l j d m

s q b r e a d w g t c e i l i n g

s t a i r s p

B 1
f i s h
1. room 3. floor 5. stairs
p i z z a
2. ceiling 4. wall 6. roof
b i s c u i t
c h i c k e n
Page 54
c a k e Grammar
c h o c o l a t e
m i l k
A 1. was 3. were 5. was
a p p l e
2. were 4. was 6. was

B 1. I wasn’t in Australia last year.

Jenny’s favourite food is fish and chips. 2. We weren’t in a hotel.
3. The kitchen wasn’t in the garden.
4. The bathroom wasn’t in the tree house.
A 1. c 2. u 3. u 4. c 5. c 5. The bedrooms weren’t small.
6. The film wasn’t in the cinema.
B 1. some 2. a, The 3. any 4. an
C 1. was 3. weren’t 5. wasn’t
C 1. There is 4. Is there 2. weren’t 4. were
2. There aren’t 5. There isn’t
3. Are there D 1. Were, Yes, they were.
2. Was, No, he wasn’t.
D 1. How much 4. How many 3. Was, No, she wasn’t.
2. How many 5. How many 4. Was, No, it wasn’t.
3. How much 5. Were, Yes, they were.

Page 55
Unit 7
E 1. There were 4. Was there
Page 52 2. Were there 5. There was
3. There weren’t 6. There wasn’t
A 1. bedroom 6. hall
2. shower 7. stairs F 1. Were there any animals on the island?
3. living room 8. dining room 2. There was a shopping centre in the city.
4. bathroom 9. kitchen 3. There were four rooms in the tree house.
5. toilet 10. garden 4. There wasn’t any electricity on the island.
5. Was there a nice beach in Hawaii?
Page 53 6. Were there any people on the beach
C 1. T 3. T 5. F yesterday?
2. F 4. T 6. F

G Personal Pronouns Possessive Pronouns Clerk: No, I’m sorry. Our prices don’t
I mine include breakfast. But you can make
you yours breakfast in the kitchen.
he his Mrs Davis: Yes, I suppose that’s OK.
she hers Clerk: So, when do you want to come?
we ours Mrs Davis: Um … on the 5th of August. That’s
you yours next month – Is that OK?
they theirs Clerk: I think so. Let me check. OK. Yes,
there’s no problem. You can come on
H 1. mine 3. his 5. theirs the 5th of August. Let me take your
2. yours 4. ours details and we can do the booking.

Page 56 A 1. Mrs Davis’ friends 4. six

Listening 2. Five 5. $145
3. is 6. August
Clerk: Tree House Holiday Village. Can I
help you?
Mrs Davis: Yes, my name’s Anne Davis. My A 1. Excuse me 4. How long
friends were at the Holiday Village 2. turn left 5. It’s not far
last year and they were very happy. 3. for about two minutes
So we want to have a tree house
holiday, too. Dictation
Clerk: How many of you are there?
Mrs Davis: There are five of us. My husband and
A 1. stairs 5. dining room 8. garden
2. hall 6. door 9. toilet
I and we’ve got three children.
3. bedroom 7. kitchen 10. window
Clerk: Well, we’ve got great tree houses
4. floor
in the forest. Five people can stay in
any of the tree houses. So that’s no B 1. kitchen, dining room
problem. 2. bedroom
Mrs Davis: My friends were in a house with two 3. garden
bedrooms and a living room. 4. stairs
Clerk: Oh, they were in the big tree house, 5. hall
then. It’s wonderful! Do you want
the same house? Page 57
Mrs Davis: Well, is there a kitchen in it?
Clerk: Yes, there’s a small kitchen.
Mrs Davis: That’s great! Our friends were happy Quick Check
there so … Yes, we want that house. 1. at, on 2. in 3. in
Clerk: How many days do you want to stay B Accept all logical and grammatically correct
here? answers.
Mrs Davis: We want to come for six days. How
much does it cost? Page 59
Clerk: Well, there are other houses for $125
Test Yourself
a day but the house you want is
$145 a day. Vocabulary
Mrs Davis: $145 Does the price include
A 1. F 2. T 3. F 4. T 5. T

B 3
t B 1. saw 4. had 7. took
b e d r o o m 2. went 5. made 8. bought
i o i
3. heard 6. came
h a l l o l
i f e C 1. went 5. didn’t go 8. saw
n t 2. had 6. stayed 9. bought
g 3. did 7. had 10. slept
4. slept
D 1. cleaned 4. didn’t wash 6. didn’t clean
A 1. was 3. wasn’t 5. Was 2. didn’t clean 5. worked 7. didn’t work
2. were 4. weren’t 3. made

B 1. There were 4. There was Page 63

2. Was there 5. Were there
3. There wasn’t E 1. Did Sarah and Brad stay, Yes, they did.
2. Did Dave dive, No, he didn’t.
C 1. mine 3. theirs 5. ours 3. Did Tina and Jane stay, No, they didn’t.
2. hers 4. his 4. Did Gina see, Yes, she did.

F 1. When 3. Why 5. Who

Unit 8 2. Where 4. What 6. How

Page 60 G 1. Where did Val read about the unusual hotels?

2. When did Keith go to Paris?
A 1. bed 5. cupboard 9. door 3. Who did you visit yesterday?
2. table 6. sofa 10. lamp 4. How did you find the hotel?
3. chair 7. shelf 11. picture 5. What did you have for breakfast at the hotel?
4. window 8. carpet 12. desk
Page 64
Page 61
C 1. didn’t have 4. a hobbits’ motel
2. ice 5. swim Jodi: Pete… you can’t believe this place …it’s
3. New Zealand 6. two amazing!
Pete: Where are you, Jodi?
D Accept all logical and grammatically correct Jodi: We’re at a safari park in South Africa.
We’re staying in little houses in the middle
E 1. chairs, lamp, tables, carpet, sofa of the jungle. It’s fantastic.
2. windows, bed, desk, shelf Pete: Wow!
Jodi: Each little house has got two rooms! My
Page 62 bed’s next to the window and yesterday I
Grammar saw a gorilla drinking water from the small
swimming pool outside. I was really scared.
A walked died stopped cried Pete: A gorilla? I can’t believe it! Do you see a
talked loved shopped tried lot of animals?
Jodi: Well, yesterday, we went on a special bus
needed liked planned carried
into the jungle and we saw zebras, giraffes
played baked clapped studied
and other animals too.
Pete: Did you see lions and cheetahs? >>>

Page 67
Jodi: We saw a lion. It was asleep under a tree,
but we didn’t see any cheetahs. Test Yourself
Pete: That’s a shame! Vocabulary
Jodi: But, we saw some elephants and rhinos. 1. sofas
They were far away but we looked at them 2. pictures
with our binoculars. There was a baby 3. tables, chairs
elephant too. It was so cute. 4. carpet
Pete: Wow! You’re so lucky! What about at 5. cupboard, shelves
night? What do you do? 6. window
Jodi: Well, last night we went to a party in the 7. desk
hotel. It was fun! 8. lamp
Mum: Jodi, come on. We’re going.
Jodi: Oh, my mum’s calling me. I’ve got to go. Grammar
See you next week.
Pete: Great. Have a good time. Bye! A 1. ran 4. stood 7. played
2. loved 5. cried 8. stopped
3. walked 6. heard
A 1. T 2. T 3. T 4. F 5. T
B 1. went 4. didn’t buy
Dialogue 2. didn’t enjoy 5. Did you come
A 1. Did you have 4. I couldn’t believe it 3. Did you travel 6. sent
2. it was great 5. That’s amazing C 1. When 3. Why 5. What
3. Where was it 6. What did you do 2. Who 4. Where
A 1. shelf 5. bed 9. chair Unit 9
2. lamp 6. table 10. carpet Page 68
3. sofa 7. window
4. cupboard 8. door A 1. a 6. g 11. j
2. i 7. f 12. b
B top row: 5, 6 3. k 8. l 13. c
second row: 9, 7 4. d 9. h 14. m
third row: 4, 1 5. n 10. e
fourth row: 3, 2
fifth row: 10, 8 Page 69

Page 65 C 1. F 2. T 3. F 4. T 5. T
Writing D 1
s i n g e r
Quick Check 2
v e t
1. Wow! 3
p h o t o g r a p h e r
2. Our holiday was nice.
a c t o r
3. What time did you leave the hotel? d o c t o r
4. We went to Switzerland, France, Belgium and w a i t e r
s e c r e t a r y
Holland. 8
g u a r d
B Accept all logical and grammatically correct
answers. Pam is a reporter.

Page 70 Page 72

Grammar Listening

A 1. are going to go 4. aren’t going to watch Manager: Hello everybody. Welcome to

2. is going to help 5. isn’t going to join Dawson’s Electronics. We hope you
3. am going to start 6. am going to listen all enjoy your day here. Dawson’s
always has a day once a year, for
B 1. are going to read 4. is going to prepare
children to come to work with their
2. is going to give 5. isn’t going to sing
parents. We hope today is going to
3. aren’t going to stay 6. am going to have
be a good day for you all.
C 1. Jacob is going to play football. Before we start, I want to look at the
2. Paul is going to fall on a banana skin. plan for today with you. At
3. Mr and Mrs Smith are going to ride their 9 o’clock you’re going to meet Mrs
bikes. Robson. She’s going to tell you about
4. Marla is going to read her book. our safety rules. After that, you’re
5. The Black family is going to have lunch. all going to the meeting room at
half past nine. Mr Wendel is going
Page 71 to explain about the company and
the different things we do here. Any
D 1. Are you going to study science next year? questions so far?
2. Are you going to use a computer at school
Boy 1: Are we going to do any of the work?
next year?
Manager: Of course. I’m going to explain that
3. Are your friends going to study in your class
to you now. After that, you’re going
next year?
to get into three groups. Each group
4. Are you going to have the same English
is going to work in a different section
teacher next year?
for an hour and then move to the
Accept all logical and grammatically correct next section. The three sections are
answers. the laboratory, the office and the
E 1. are not going to travel Boy 2: I think we’re going to be hungry after
2. are going to stay that!
3. are going to do Manager: I think you’re right. Don’t worry. After
4. are going to go that, you’re going to the restaurant.
5. is going to help You’re going to get a big lunch there
6. am going to take today.
7. am going to send Girl: What about after lunch?
F 1. They are going to the amusement park. Manager: After lunch, you’re going to shadow
2. They are going to the art museum on Tuesday. your parents.
3. They are taking pictures in the city. Girl: What’s that?
4. They are going to the park on Thursday. Manager: It means you’re going to follow your
5. They are going to the beach on Friday. parents and see what they do all day.
Oh, here’s Mrs Robson now so let’s
G 1. at 3. in 5. on get started.
2. at 4. at 6. on
A 1. b 2. d 3. e 4. a 5. c

Dialogue Grammar
A 1. What do you want 4. Why are you going A 1. is going to enter, is going to write, are going
2. nervous 5. I’m planning to to enter
3. soon 2. Are you going to start, am not going to pack

Dictation B 1. Are you going to see a film later?

2. Is your friend going to visit you tomorrow? /
A 1. dentist 6. waiter Are you going to visit your friend tomorrow?
2. doctor 7. singer 3. Are you going to meet your friends at the
3. reporter 8. policeman weekend?
4. chef 9. computer technician Accept all logical and grammatically correct
5. artist 10. vet answers.
B 1. e 5. g 9. a C 1. are meeting 3. aren’t leaving
2. c 6. f 10. j 2. Is Frank bringing
3. i 7. d
4. b 8. h D 1. at 2. at 3. in 4. at 5. on

Page 73
Quick Check
1. Monday 2. because 3. First

B Accept all logical and grammatically correct


Page 75
Test Yourself
1. dentist 6. chef
2. waiter 7. reporter
3. vet 8. artist
4. singer 9. doctor
5. photographer 10. actor


0 0 0 6 8 6 7 3

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