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Hope Archer

Student Teacher Hastings, Michigan

Northeastern Elementary September 2018 – April 2019
• Develop and teach two original unit plans that align with MI State
Common Core Standards: Maps for the Beginner, and United
States Symbols and Values
• Instruct students using formative and summative assessments Seeking an elementary teaching position in
• Introduce collaborative experiences in small groups. which I can motivate students to become
• Strategize ways to differentiate instruction
lifelong learners and extend their knowledge
• Implement Reading Street Curriculum
to serve the community.
• Implement NY Engage Mathematics Curriculum

Substitute Teacher Kent Intermediate School Districts

EDUStaff 2013-present
• Thornapple-Kellogg District, Caledonia District,
Byron Center District, Hastings District Grand Valley State University April 2019
• Long Term Position (Fall 2016): Art Teacher, McFall Elementary Graduate Teacher Certification Program
Language Arts: K-8th Grade Endorsement
PTO Board: Trustee Middleville, MI MTTC Language Arts Elementary - Apr. 2018
Lee Elementary School 2015-2017 MTTC Elementary Education – Jan. 2019
Paraprofessional Reading Teacher: Title 1 Dutton, MI Instruction and Curriculum
Dutton Elementary 2001-2003
• Teach small groups of 1st and 2nd graders Moody Bible Institute, Chicago
• Adapt curriculum to meet needs of my readers Bachelor of Arts degree May 1997

Grand Valley State University

ACADEMIC David G. and Mary L. Annis Graduate Teacher
*NERD Camp, upcoming 2019 Certification Scholarship, 2018
Fire-Up Conference, 2018 and 2019
The Trauma Informed Teacher, 2018 Thornapple Area Enrichment Foundation
Diversity Training, 2018
Southside Pediatrics Scholarship, 2018
Reading Street Curriculum, 2018-2019
Engage NY Math Curriculum, 2018-2019 Virginia H.H. Root Scholarship, 2018

First Aid/CPR/AED American Red Cross, 2018

*Google Certification, upcoming 2019
Smartboard Technology Training, GVSU, 2018
Google Classroom Training, GVSU, 2018
Technology Showcase Training, GVSU, 2018
Virtual Classroom Training, GVSU, 2018

*These are potential trainings with completion by the end of July 2019.
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Coordinator of Elementary Church Service

First Baptist Church of Middleville (3 years to present)
• Vision Casting; collaborate in creating goals for the program
• Teacher Training
• Administrative duties – schedule, research curriculum, communication

Lifeguard and Swim Instructor

• YMCA, American Red Cross
• Tampa, FL, Chicago, IL, and Hastings, MI

Coordinator of Children’s Ministries

Peace Church
• Oversight for multiple ministries; Assess Curriculum
• Training for Leaders
• Lead Children’s program

Youth Mentor
Chicago inner-city, in Michigan at Peace Church, and First Baptist Church of Middleville
• Developed teaching materials and taught youth in mid-sized groups.
• Trained students to write their own lessons and lead children in multi-cultural settings:
1) the inner city of Chattanooga, TN, and 2) Native American reservation in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Afterschool Tutor
Chicago, IL
• Elementary, Korean students

Holly Donnini Eric Heide

Mentor Teacher Principal
Northeastern Elementary School Northeastern Elementary School
Hastings, MI Hastings, MI

Dr. Ellen Schiller Aimee Litteral*

GTC Supervisor Art Teacher
Grand Valley State University McFall Elementary School
Education Department Middleville, MI

Jon Washburn*
McFall Elementary School
Middleville, MI

*Long-term substitute position, Fall of 2016