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First Party:

Second Party:


Whereas, the first party has the capacity to issue a Manager’s Check .(Prime Bank). Whereas
the second party has the intent to purchase a Manager’s Check for one year and one day,
therefore, both parties agreed as follow:
1- The introduction as a part of this agreement.
2- All banking actions and any related process is to be done and executed only and exclusivel
y through prime banks in accordance with international banking rules and regulations.
4- The Procedures: a- Each party has to be sign and seal herein agreement by his own
bank, thereafter copies are mutually delivered after signing this agreement by both

b- First party issues a Manager’s Check within 24 hours all authentication of the
contracts in banking, and he will send a copy for the secound party.
c- Second party he verify of check by swift199 based on the special banking
information, within 2 hour maximum he will get the answer,
d- First party after he recive a verfiy he will send the original Check to secound
party, and he must be able to ensure that the customer gives the order of exchange.

e- Second party he will cashed % from his amount within 5 banking days based of
the deali ng between tha banks,

f- Secound party he have to get letter from his bank to gurantee a pay face value
after one year and one day.
j. In case of second party does not send a swift MT199, in which he confirms receipt of the M
anager’s Check and he cant verfiy from the check , in this case he has to pay all fees in co
nnection of this process with total value 0000 Euros.
First party signature Second party signature
5- This agreement is governed by the law of ICC, Paris.
6- The face value of the purchase is 60% from the manager’s check value.
7- Above mentioned agreement is mutually agreed by both party.

8- Herein transaction is to be made through Prime Bank's .

9- all corresondent and verfiy will be made basis banking system (SWIFT) and any
answer out of this system she will be negative, each party they hold all financial and
legally responspilty.

10-The banking details:

The First Party:
Bank Name:
Bank Address:

Account Number:
Responsible officer:

First party signature :


The second party :

Bank Name:
Bank Address:
Account Number:

First party signature Second party signature