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Early Marriage

Anita Rezeki Carolina, 1706977916, EFN II Class C

Introduction :
Early Marriage, especially for girls is very common in the developing countries. Most
people who live in developed countries really understand the impact of early marriage.
Early marriage may bring negatives effect such as, psychosocial disadvantages,
hardship on financial, lack of emotional maturity, barrier of education, violence and
abandonment. People really need to know why early marriage is not best solution to
life choices. (Thesis Statement).
Body Paragraph :
1. Lack of maturity. Marriage needs lots of commitment, understanding and
the capability to shoulder numerous responsibilities which cannot be
expected from two very young people.
2. It is a fundamental right. marriage is the right for everyone to choose to
marry or not.
3. Quit School. Young couples may not be able to continue higher education
because they must take responsibility in managing the household and in the
end because their education level is low, they cannot get a job and develop
4. Health risks. Health can also be affected because young pregnancy can have
a negative impact on overall health, especially for women. Because the
woman's womb isn't ready.
Conclusion :
1. Writer’s opinion :
From the above arguments we can conclude that early marriage is not good
solution. Early marriage is a wrong action that will only have a negative impact
for girls or boys who are very influential both psychologically and biologically.
2. Suggestion :
 The government must make policies and regulations better and clearer
about early marriage.
 Changing the mindset of people who consider early marriage to be a
normal condition.
 Dare to speak and refuse if you don't want early marriage