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Republic of the Philippines

Province of Aklan
Municipality of Malay


SANGGUNIANG BARANGAY OF __________________________

R E S O L U T I O N NO. 2013-_____


THE SANGGUNIANG BARANGAY OF __________________________,

WHEREAS, The Sangguniang Barangay of _________________________ ,

Municipality of Malay, Province of Aklan being a duly constituted legislative body
organized by law is primary tasked to enact, pass and adopt ordinances, resolutions
and such other legislative measures, in the effective administration of the affairs of the

WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 50 of the Local Government Code (R.A. 7160),

the Sangguniang Barangay is mandated to formulate and /or update its Internal
Rules of Procedures within ninety [90] days after assumption to office.

NOW, THEREFORE, on motion of Kagawad __________ and duly seconded by

Kagawad __________________________ , Be it

Resolved, as it is hereby resolved to adopt the following Internal Rules of Procedure in

the exercise of this body’s legislative functions;


Section 1. Composition. The Sangguniang Barangay of ___________________

shall be composed of the Punong Barangay as Presiding Officer, Seven (7) Kagawads
and one (1) Sangguniang Kabataang [SK] Chairman as ex-officio member.

Section 2. The term of office of the Sangguniang Barangay Members of

________________ shall commence on December 01, 2010.

Section 3. All the members of the Sangguniang Barangay before assuming

office, shall take their oath of office before a person authorized to administer oath,
copies of which shall be filed with the office of the Municipal Mayor concerned and
provided to the local DILG Office.



Section 4. The Presiding Officer. The Punong Barangay shall be the regular
Presiding Officer of the Sangguniang Barangay. The Presiding Officer shall only vote to
break a tie.

If for some reason or another, the Punong Barangay is unable to preside in a

regular/special session, the Sangguniang Barangay members present constituting a
quorum, shall elect from among themselves a temporary presiding officer, who shall
also vote in case of a tie.

Section 5. Powers and duties of the Presiding Officer. The Presiding

Officer shall:
a. Preside over the session of the Sangguniang Barangay.
b. Preserve order and decorum during sessions and, in case, of disturbances or
disorderly conduct in the session hall or within the premises, take necessary
measures or as the Sangguniang Barangay may direct.
c. Decide all questions of order, subject to appeal by any Sangguniang
Barangay member in accordance with these Internal Rules of Procedure.
d. Sign all legislative acts and/or other measures as authorized by the
e. Exercise such other powers and perform such other functions as may be
provided by law, ordinance or regulation.

The regular presiding officer shall not be a Chair of any standing committee
deliberations. He may, however, be elected as Chairperson of any special or adhoc
committee which the Sangguniang Barangay may organize for a special purpose.


Section 6. Appointment. The Barangay Secretary shall be appointed by the

Punong Barangay with the concurrence of majority of all the Sangguniang Barangay

Section 7. Duties and Functions of the Secretary. The Secretary shall:

a. Attend meetings/sessions of the Sangguniang Barangay and keep the
minutes of its proceedings.
b. Record in a book kept for the purpose, all ordinances and resolutions
enacted/adopted by the Sanggunian with their corresponding dates of
enactment and publication.
c. Forward to the Punong Barangay for appropriate action ordinances and
resolutions enacted/adopted by the Sangguniang Barangay which have
been certified by the presiding officer within ten(10) days after passage.
d. Attest, keep and affix the Sangguniang Barangay Seal (if any) on all
ordinances/resolutions approved/signed by the Punong Barangay.
e. Forward to the Sangguniang Panlungsod / Bayan concerned for review
copies of approved resolutions and ordinances within ten [10] days after
f. Translate into major dialect spoken in the Barangay all ordinance and
resolutions immediately after approval and post the same in at least three
[3] conspicuous places.

g. Keep her / his office and all records/documents not otherwise classified as
confidential in character, open to public inspection during business hours.
h. Perform such other functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinances.


Section 8. Regular Session. The regular session of this Sangguniang

Barangay shall be on _______________________ of the month, at ____________a.m./p.m. at
the _____________.

Section 9. Special Sessions. Special sessions may be called by the Punong

Barangay or a majority of the Sangguniang Barangay Members as often as necessary
and when public interest so demands.

Special session requires written notice which shall be served to the

Sangguniang Barangay Members stating the date, time and purpose of the session
twenty four [24] hours before the scheduled special session.

Section 10. Call to Order. The Presiding Officer shall open the session by
calling the Sangguniang Barangay session to order by banging the gavel twice.

Section 11. Attendance in Session. Every Sangguniang Barangay Member

shall be present in the session except for some valid and unavoidable reasons as
previously reported to the Sangguniang Barangay through the Barangay Secretary.

After roll call, the Barangay Secretary shall report to the Presiding Officer the
number of members present and absent in order to determine the quorum.

Section 12. Open to the public. The Sangguniang Barangay sessions or

committee meetings shall be open to the public unless a closed door session is
decided by an affirmative vote by the majority of the Sangguniang Barangay
Members present, there being a quorum.

Closed door sessions/meetings are resorted to when public interest, security,

decency, morality or when confidential matters are being considered. Only the
Sangguniang Barangay members, the Barangay Secretary and such other persons
authorized are allowed in this closed door sessions.

Section 13. Suspension and Adjournment of Sessions. Sessions may only

be suspended or adjourned upon the motion and seconding of said motion by the
Sangguniang Barangay members. The Presiding Officer, may through his assumed
motion, can declare a recess of short intervals or adjourn the session.

Section 14. Opening and adjournment to be entered in Minutes. The

exact time of opening and adjournment of session shall be entered in minutes.

Section 15. Quorum. A majority of all Sangguniang Barangay members shall

constitute a quorum to transact official business.

Section 16. Absence of Quorum. Where quorum cannot be obtained for the
moment in a given session, the Presiding Officer may declare a recess until such time
a quorum is constituted, or a majority of the members may move for adjournment or
may compel the attendance of any absent members without justifiable cause by
designating a member of the Sangguniang Barangay, to be assisted by a member or

members of the police force, to arrest the absent member and present him at the
session hall.

If there is still no quorum despite the enforcement of the above remedial

measures, the Presiding Officer may, through his assumed motion declare the
session adjourned for lack of quorum.


Section 17. Standing Committee. The Sangguniang Barangay shall elect the
Chairperson and members of the following standing committees based on R.A. 7160
with their corresponding scope.

a. Committee on Appropriations - All matters relating to budget, fund

obligation and such related fiscal matters.
Chair : __________________
Members: __________________
b. Committee on Women and Family - all matters relating to the welfare and
plight of the women and family.
Chair : __________________
Members: __________________

c. Committee on Human Rights - All matters relating to the exercise of the

rights of women, children and men.
Chair : __________________
Members: __________________

d. Committee on Youth and Sports Development - All matters relating to the

development of sports and the welfare of the youth.
Chair : __________________
Members: __________________

e. Committee on Environmental Protection - All matters relating to the

ecological balance and protection of the environment.
Chair : __________________
Members: __________________

f. Committee on Cooperative - All matters relating to the organization of

cooperatives and their sustainability.

Chair : __________________
Members: __________________
Note: The Sangguniang Barangay may form such other committees they deem
necessary based on the needs of the Barangay such as:

a. Committee on Education & Culture - All matters related to education, culture,

moral & religious activities.

b. Committee on Social Services - All matters relating to the delivery of service,

public health, social welfare.

c. Committee on Ways and Means - All matters relating to the enactment of tax
measures, imposition of fees and charges.

d. Committee on Rules - All matters relating to the formulation and observance of the
Internal Rules of Procedures and prioritization of the calendar of business.

Section 18. Limitation. No Sangguniang Barangay member shall be Chair of

not more than two standing committees; nor shall any member of a committee
participate in any matter where he has a pecuniary interest.

Section 19. Special Committees. The Sangguniang Barangay may organize

special committees as they deem necessary whose officers and members shall be
elected by a majority vote of all the Sangguniang Barangay members.

Section 20. Committee Meetings, Hearings and Reports. The committee

shall meet at least once a month and hearings shall be held in public buildings. The
committee report shall be submitted to the Sangguniang Barangay accompanied by
the minutes.


Section 21. Order of Business. The Order of Business of the Sangguniang

Barangay for every session shall be:

a. Call to Order
(Invocation, Singing of Pambansang Awit – Optional)
b. Roll Call
c. Reading or Consideration of Minutes of the previous session (Privilege Hour/
Question Hour - Optional
d. First reading and referral of committee of proposed ordinance
e. Committee Reports
f. Calendar of Business - Unfinished Business
- Business for the Day
- Unassigned Business
g. Adjournment


Section 22. Ordinances and Resolutions, Distinguished. Legislative

actions of a general and permanent character shall be denominated as Ordinance,
while those which are of temporary character shall be denominated as Resolution.

Proposed ordinances / resolutions shall be in writing and shall contain the

following; an assigned number, a title or captain, or enacting ordaining clause and a
date of effectivity. Every proposal shall be accompanied by a brief explanatory note to
justify its approval.

Section 23. Legislative Stages of Ordinance and Resolutions. All

proposed ordinances and resolutions shall go through the process of legislation such
as first reading whereby title of the proposed ordinances/ resolution is read and
referred to appropriate committee. Said committee is only given thirty (30) days after
referral to submit its findings for inclusion in the calendar of business.

The same proposal shall go through the process of Second Reading wherein the
full text is read and subjected to debates and discussions. All proposals except
resolutions passed on second reading shall be included in the calendar for third

Section 24. Five Minute Rule. During the deliberation every member
whether pro and con is only allowed a maximum of five [5] minutes to speak.

Section 25. Majority Approval Requirement. No ordinance or resolution

shall be passed unless approved by a majority of the members present, there being a
quorum. Any ordinance or resolution authorizing the payment of money or creating
liability shall require the affirmative vote of a majority vote of all the Sangguniang
Barangay members.

Section 26. Approval by the Punong Barangay. Every ordinance/resolution

passed by the Sangguniang Barangay shall be forwarded to the Punong Barangay for
approval whose name shall be affixed on the last page and his initials on every page.

Section 27. Effectivity of Enactment. Unless otherwise provided in the

ordinance or resolution, the same shall take effect after the lapse of ten (10) days from
the date a copy is posted in at least three (3) conspicuous places.


Section 28. Addressing the Chair. When a member desires to speak, he shall
rise and respectfully address the Chair, “Mr. Chairman” or “Mr. Presiding Officer”.

Section 29. Recognition from the Chair. The member desiring to speak shall
wait for his recognition from the Chair.

Section 30. Time Limit for Speaker. Any member recognized by the Chair is
allowed to speak not more than 15 minutes counting the period of interpolations.

Section 31. Decorum and Conduct During Sessions. Any member

who obtained the floor shall confine himself to the issue on the floor avoiding
personalities and uttering words inconsistent with decorum. During sessions all
Sangguniang Barangay members shall be in appropriate attire.

Section 32. Discipline of Members. The Sangguniang Barangay may punish

its members for disorderly behavior and, with the concurrence of two-thirds (2/3) of all
its members, suspend/exclude her / him from the session. If the penalty is suspension,
it shall not exceed sixty [60] days.


Section 33. Who can Move. Any member of the Sangguniang Barangay
can move for the suspension of the rules which requires a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the
members present, there being a quorum.



Section 34. Amendments. Any portion of these Rules may e amended by a

majority vote of all the Sangguniang Barangay members.


Section 35. Effectivity. These Rules shall take effect on the date of its


Barangay Secretary


Presiding Officer

Adopted this ______________ day of __________________, 20______ at

__________________________ on motion of Kagawad _____________________, seconded by
Kagawad _______________.

With Conformity:

____________________________ _________________________
Sangguniang Barangay Member Sangguniang Barangay

____________________________ _________________________
Sangguniang Barangay Member Sangguniang Barangay

___________________________ _________________________
Sangguniang Barangay Member Sangguniang Barangay

Sangguniang Barangay Member