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Class Notes Subject: Computer Organization ee, Date Conducted: Faculty: G. Anitha Page No: ) Topic: [> taital Computers 1 ntvoduction = The déqttal computes is a Agila Systern that Resformt Vastout Computattonal tasks. he Word degital émplies that the informatton % the compulés ts sepresenled by Variables that take a Umited go of drsevele Values. —> these Value: are Proceed folesnallly by components that can maintain a limtted number of descvele Walues) States. Ea: ‘The dlectmal alegitS O,1,.2,--49, for example , Provide 10 Atcerele Naluss. > the erst electronic degtlal compulées, developed * the tale loos, Were vse Patrmastly for numerical Computations. => Br qilal compuléss Use the binary Numnbes System _ which has two oltgtte: © and t. >A binaay ategtt tS called! a bit. > Information is Kepxesented tp olegtl@t conmputees tn Boup of bits. 7 A compul& Sustern ts Subditvided tls two functonat Lh, tae e entttrer: hardware and Softeace CompuTéR Hardulare > the hardware of the Cornpulés Consests of all the electronic Carnponente and electrommechanical dlevreos that cCompstse the Pphystcal entity of the clevice. | Computer Sortware e Computer Softuare conarsts of the fnttruchions and | alata that the computes manipulates to Pesform Vlaxtoul | dala - Processing tasks > A Sequence of tastruchtons for he Computer ts Called a Pogans. > the dala that att manipataléd by the Progam Consttluts the lala base. |—> A Computer Septern ts Composed of tts hardware and the sysiem Sopiware avaslable for tls Use. > the sypiem Softwa Of & Computer Consists of a Coltection of Proqams > the Programs tncluded & a Systems Sopice Package | ann rep jerech to asx the epexating Syste. | Class Notes : ; Unit No: Subject: Computer Organization Lecture No:O2 Faculty: G. Anitha Topicl.1-2. Bloc dtagam of digital Computer > the hardware Ob the Conmpules ts usually ctviclect tale three mojo past, as shown below tn Feqere . > the central Processing Untt Copy) Contatns an axithmell and logic unit for Manipulating clala, a neember of stegistes for Storing olala, and control ctauits for fetching and executing instructions. Randem access Memory CRAM) Central Processing Once} GRU = / Output | Znput AInpuk —output frocessor oe | clevices (TOP) devices | Block oltagcam of a Arg?tel Computer