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Good morning, my name is Maria Fernanda Celis Ramirez, and I’m going to talk you about what has

Gud morning mai neim is end aim going tu tolk yu abaut guat jas

happened these days in politics. Colombia’s president and Juan Guaidó, have gathered supplies to

hapent dis deis in politics. Colombias president end juan guaidó, jaf gatherd suplais tu

Venezuela. The countries that have helped with medicines, food, and others, are the United States,

Venezuela. de contris dat jaf jelpt guit medicins, fud end oders arr de iunaited steits

Canada, Brazil, etc. All these supplies were tried to pass on the border of Venezuela, but Nicolas

Canada, brasil etcedera. Ol this suplais guer traied tu pass on de border of Venezuela, bat Nicolas

Maduro put barricades, so the trucks with aid couldn´t pass, and although people protested and

Maduro put berrikeids, sou de tracks guith eid culdnt pass, end althog pipol protested end

Tried to pass the border, Nicolas Maduro send Venezuelan Guard to burn the trucks with the help.

Traied tu pas de border , Nicolas Maduro send venezuelan gard tu bern de tracks guit de jelp

The Venezuelan people tried to save helps, but just two trucks with humanitarian aid were burnt.

De Venezuelan pipol traied tu seif jelps, bat yost tu tracks guit jiumeniterien eid guer bernt

Nicolas Maduro broke political relationships with Colombia and gave to Colombian people which

Nicolas Maduro brouk politicol rileishionships guit Colombia end geif tu colombian pipol guich

lives in his country 24 hours to evict. The next thing that has happened in these days is the blackout

lifs in jis country (tuentifor) hauers to ivect. De next ting tad jas japent in dis deis is de blakaut

in Venezuela that lasted four days. In which Nicolas Maduro said that the blackout

in Venezuela dad lasted for deis. In guich Nicolas Maduro sed that de blakaut

was made by Donald Trump through sabotage, in which the voltage converters were burned and

guos meid bai Donald tromp trug sabotash . in guich de volteich converders guer bernt end

thus, arose the blackout. In addition, the water service was cut too, and the people had to get water

das, arous de blakaut. In adishion, de guarer servis guas cut tu, end de pipol jad tu get guarer

in the rivers to survive, a lot of people died in the hospitals

in de rivers tu survaiv, a lot of pipol daid in de hospitals