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Learning activity 3

Evidence: What was happening when it happened?

Part A

The images below show a series of events. Write sentences in past continuous or
past simple.


I – iron – a – shirt / I – burn – it

Answer: I was ironing a shirt when I

burned it.

1. He – paint – the – wall / when – the –

baby – spill – the – can- of – paint

He was painting the wall when the baby

spilled the can of paint.

2. I – water – the plants / when –

a – frog – leap – out – onto – my – feet

I was watering the plants when a frog

leaped out onto my feet.
3. I – sweep – while – I – dance

I was sweeping while I danced.

4. They – watch – a – movie – when – they

– fall – asleep

They were watching a movie when

they fell asleep.

5. She – write – while – she – talk – on –

the – phone

She was writing while she talked on the


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Part B

Think about when you were 12 years old. Write three paragraphs about the things
that you used to do, you used to like or used to hate and explain why. You have
some ideas in the box.
I used to be a rebel.
I used to be lazy.
I used to work hard.
I used to like all the teachers.
I used to play a lot of video
I used to wear a uniform.
I used to hate vegetables.
I used to have longer hair.
I used to play football.
I used to wear glasses.

When I was 12 years old I used to play marbles, I jumped the rope, I played
spinning, I played coca, I mounted skates

When I was 12 years old I liked to do my homework, I liked to cook, I liked to go

with my friends to learn to dance, I liked to train basketball

I did not like to get up early, I did not like to eat meat, I did not like the school
where I was studying at the time, I hated the natural science teacher

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