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Here are the steps in filing a cyber libel:

If posted thru Facebook:

1. Legal Documentation (not just simple screen shots) of the libelous posts
a. Get the URL of the FB account (to distinguish it from similar accounts)
It is not proper to report the name used in the account, you have to get the unique
b. Get the URL of each libelous post

Note that you cannot get these URLs if you are using a mobile device. Use a desktop
or a laptop computer instead.

2. Trace the owner of the account

a. Seek help from the experts in getting the IP address of the owner of the account
b. The IP address(es) obtained must be accompanied by Date and Time Stamps

3. Have someone prepare your Complaint-Affidavit patterned for cyber crime

complaint format
a. Mention the URLs (Facebook Account and Posts)
b. Attach the libelous posts with their corresponding URLs as ANNEXES
c. Proper Markings of Annexes

4. Have your Complaint-Affidavit Notarized

a. Do not go to fake Notary Public, otherwise it will ruin your Complaint-Affidavit
and render it useless.
b. Go to a Notary Public with a decent office and make sure that the lawyer (and
not his assistants) will sign your notarized affidavit.

5. File the Complaint Affidavit before the City Prosecutor

a. Go to the City (or Provincial) Prosecutor's Office in the City (or Province)
where you live
b. Seek his/her advice

If you are directed to the NBI or the PNP, please do so.

If everything else failed, get in touch with me.

Engr. Antonio E. Jimeno Jr., ECE