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Definiton Poem

The poem is one of a range of literary works that are bound with the rhythm, ritma,
rima stanzas, lines, and are characterized by dense language. The poem is also an art of
writing which uses language as the quality of the estetiknya or keindahanya. The poem
is distinguished into two i.e. the old poem new poems &.
Old poem is a poem that is bound by certain rules. The rules are: the number of words
in one line; the number of lines in one of the temple; RIMA (persajakan); the large
number of syllables in each line; and rhythm.
The new poetry is poetry that is not bound by the rules so that its shape is more free
than the old poem, either in terms of the number of syllables, lines, or poetical.

Characteristics Of The Old Poem

There are some traits of long poems, such as the following:
1. The form of folk poetry of unknown name its author.
2. Bound by rules such as the number of rows in each temple, and the number of
syllables in each row.
3. Submitted by word of mouth so often referred to with the oral
literature/literature oral.
4. Using the language/style Majo fixed (static) & cliché.
5. It contains about the Kingdom, fantastic & istanasentris.

The Characteristics Of The New Poetry

These are the characteristics of the new poetry, among others:
1. Note the name of the author
2. Development orally and in writing
3. not bound by rules such as the number of rows, number of syllables and rhyme.
4. Use the language/style Majo changeable (dynamic).
5. generally contains about life
6. Usually more use of rhyme pantun & poem
7. Shape is more neat and symmetrical
8. have a more regular end rhyme
9. on each line in the form of Union syntax
Example Poem

The Beauty of Natural Land

Birds are chirping so melodiously

Indicating a new day is starting
The beauty of the nature keeps me amazed
As if the world is made just for me

I close my eyes for a moment

I stretch my hand and breathe
I feel the cool breezes
The feeling of calm and peace

O the creator of nature

My admiration for this nature
Can’t be explained by words
The beauty of nature will never fade

The wind that rushes to the mountains

Makes plants in the mountains dancing
It is really beautiful
Like a garden in paradise

The beauty of nature is perfect

It always makes everyone stunned
It always makes everyone amazed
However, we must take care of it

For the beauty will never disappear