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All the girls on the block knocking at my door He might got the biggest car
Wanna what it is make the boys want more Don´t mean he can drive me wild
Or he can go for miles
Is your lover playing on your side? Say he got a lot of cash
Says he loves you Darling he can´t buy my love
But he ain´t got time It´s you I´m dreaming of
Here´s the answer
Come and get it They try to romance me
At a knocked down price But you´ve got the nasty
And that´s what I want
Full of honey So baby, baby come and save me
Just to make him sweet Don´t need those other numbers
Crystal balling When I got my number one
Just to help him see
What he´s been missing Last night I lay in bed so blue
So come and get it Cause I realize the truth
While you´ve still got time They can´t love me like you
I´ve tried to find somebody knew
Get your boy on his knees Baby they ain´t got a clue
And repeat after me, say They can´t love me like you

Take a sip of my secret potion Used to get it when I want

I´ll make you fall in love You were pouring out your love
For a spell that can´t be broken I could never get enough
One drop should be enough Now I´m dealing with these boys
Boy you belong to me When I really need a man
I got the recipe Who can do it like I can
And it´s called black magic
They tried to romance me
Take a sip of my secret potion But you´ve got the nasty
One taste and you´ll be mine And that´s what I want
It´s a spell the can´t be broken So baby, baby come and save me
And it´ll keep you up all night Don’t need those other lovers
Boy you belong to me When I got my number one
I got the recipe
And it´s called black magic L-O-V-E, love the way you give it to me
When you´re with me, boy I want it everyday
If you´re looking for Mr right
Need that magic
To change him over night
Here´s the answer
Come and get it
While you´ve still got time
When I was just a little kid, We keep behind closed doors
I was sitting on the garden wall Every time I see you, I die a little more
Well, I must´ve bumped my head ´cause Stolen moments that we still as the curtains
I don’t dance the same no more falls
It´ll never be enough
And now I step out of the crow As you drive me to my house
And I party on the other side I can´t stop these silent tears from rolling
And ain´t no uptown sucker gonna tell me down
how to live my life You and I both have to hide on the outside
Where I can´t be yours and you can´t be
We´re gonna get weird all night mine
I said, “Now let´s get weird all night” But I know this, we got a love that is
Weird people on the dance floor
We´re just doing what we came to do Why can´t I hold you in the streets?
´Cause we´re all weird people and we love it Why can´t I kiss you on the dance floor?
Don’t let them other suckers hate on you I wish that it could be like that
´Cause we´re all weird people an we´re Why can´t it be like that? ´Cause I´m yours
shaking Why can´t I say that I´m in love?
From the basement to the roof I wanna shout it from the rooftops
You know the people on the bus and the I wish that it could be like that
people on the street Why can´t it be like that? ´Cause I´m yours
People like you and the people like me
Weird people It´s obvious you´re meant for me
Every piece of you it just fits perfectly
I see a slick city boy Every second, every thought are in so deep
With his fellas hanging by the bar But I’ll never show it on my face
He got the money and the Benz But we know this, we got a love that is
But it don’t mean a thing at all homeless

Well, mister, let me tell you this, I don’t wanna live love this way
You can get a little weird for free I don’t wanna hide us away
´Cause it don’t matter who you are, I wonder if it ever will change
You can be who you wanna be I´m living for that day, someday

Well, there´s something ´bout that boy When you hold me in the street
Well, there´s something ´bout that boy And you kiss me on the dance floor
I ain´t doing nothing wrong, baby, I´m just I wish that we could be like that
felling myself Why can´t we be like that? ´Cause I´m yours
I´m just gonna twerk it out like I ain´t afraid I´m yours
for my health
I call my girl ´cause I got a problem Hold up, wait, you used to be a friend of me
Only a curl is gonna solve it Back then boy, you didn’t even notice me
Why now, you trying to get a hold of me
Then I don’t really care, We never even spoke so what makes you
Just get him out of my hair, yeah think you know me?

Let´s switch it up, get it of my shoulder It´s funny how the tables turn
I´ve had enough, can´t take it no longer I´m sitting back baby watching you burn
No regrets, it´s a lesson learned
I´m over him I swear, ´Cause what you think ain´t my concern
I´m like yeah
About time that I let you know
Gotta get him out my hair My ride and I assume control
You blew it baby years ago
´Cause he was just a dick and I knew it Can´t get with me now I´m grown
Got me going mad sitting in this chair
Like I don’t care Grown now, grown now
Gotta get him out my hair Don’t you know that I´m grown now
I tried everything but it´s useless Don’t you know that I can hold my own, boy
He pushed me so far you missed the boat
Now I´m on the edge Can´t get with me, now I´m grown
Make him disappear
Go get him out my hair Your voice dropped, you thought that you
could handle me
Okay, gotta bleach him out, peroxide on him You played me, but now you trying to holla
Hair on the floor like my memory of him me
You´re washed up and now I´m in a different
Now I feel brand new, league
This chick is over you Trying way too hard and I don´t need your
We´re going out, ain´t got no worries
Drama now, now it just seems so funny You didn’t want me it took too long
You didn’t want me and now I´m gone
Put my hands up in the air, Oh what a shame baby now I´m grown
I´m like yeah

Girlfriend you need to get your phone, erase

that number
Don’t call him back ´cause he don’t deserve it
And when you see him in the club
Just flip your hair, don’t show him any love
´Cause you´ve had enough
Here I go again, baby Oh my gosh, I did it again
I hear your name and it´s like I´m breaking,
aching I don’t even know how I did that
You still got that power hanging over me Need a round of applause
It´s always over but still happening Just like cream to a kitty cat
Here I go again, baby Lining up at the door
Maybe it´s the way I work it
I just wanna scream out ´til my voice breaks My beach bring the boys to the shore
Even if the tears fall and my heart hates me Maybe it´s the way I flirt
Baby I love you That they get hurt, they just don’t learn

Don’t knw how I´m still breathing I don’t even know

I got this hole up in my heart baby Why they fall like dominoes
And it doesn’t matter what no one say
Even though it´s broken, I love you anyway Oh my gosh, I did it again
Here I go again, baby He said I broke his heart, it keeps happening
I don’t know why they always fall for me
I just wanna scream out ´till my voice breaks Why they always fall for
Even if the tears fall and my heart hates me Oh my gosh, I did it again
I just wanna know how I can save me He said I broke his heart, it keeps happening
Even if these three words choke and take me I don’t know why the always fall for me
Baby I love you Why they always fall for

I feel your touch when I´m alone at night Then boys getting too ambitious
But it´s just me who´s holding tight They should win an award
And this life don’t feel like you Got twenty more, plenty more fishes
There´s nothing left but these “I love you´s” But I still come first
Maybe I´m superstitious
I want to break this curse
The say they want to lay it on me
I´m their one and only girl

Oh my gosh, I think I did it again

Broke his heart, why does this keep
Don’t come crying when I say it´s the end
I´m ringing the alarm, boy you better run on
I´d cross a desert and an ocean All day I dream about shh with you
To get away from the pain of your storm All day I dream about shh with you
I chased the sunlight, been running from They say that it´s overrated, well, they ain´t
your shadow doing it right
So that I could heal and didn’t feel All day I dream about shh with you

That zigzag shooting through my heart Since I met you I been thinking all day
That zigzag hit me like a dart I been googling ways to keep you
Electricity, electricity entertained
Oh, this love´s tearing me apart It´s been 3 weeks since we started to play
I been running like the light from the dark Now we´re serious, babe, ´cause what you
Electricity keeps on hitting me do is crazy

Oh, lightning strikes twice I never had somebody who could do them
And it burns like ice things
I wish I didn’t love you again Make me say ooh, ooh, ooh
Lightning strikes twice So come on baby, baby, come on pretty baby
And it burns so nice You´re gonna get it tonight
I wish I didn’t love you,
But I do Slaving in the kitchen, iced you a cake
Then I served you a plate, but that ain´t what
Those eyes, one look and I´m enchanted you ate, no
Your voice a serenade and it sings to my We been busy doing all fifty shades
heart While we listen to Drake, we on that hot love
One kiss, turned the skies to gray and emotion
I´ll never get away, no shelter from the rain
You got that goodie-goodie and I´m addicted
O fortuna I´m on that kissy-kissy, bang-bang delicious
Velut luna All day I dream about it, baby
Statu variabilis So how´s about it
Semper crecis You I´m all about that
Aut decresis All day I dream about, wait
Vita detestabilis All day I dream about, wait
All day I dream about shh with you
Every time that I hear your name, oh
Baby, you´re the pleasure, the pain Excuse me, do me or lose me, get me to the
bedroom, do your duty
Milkshake-milkshake, bet you´d like some of
that strawberry
Like a wave gonna come tsunami,
Wanna take this ride, better hurry
´Cause me one, you there´s a million,
And they all wanna huh my Brazilian
You used to tell me that you loved me once I can´t keep breaking up with you,
What happened, what happened? You messed with my heart baby,
Where is all of this coming from? Now it´s black and blue,
What happened, what happened? Love isn’t fair,
You say I´m crazy and there´s nothing wrong So I swear,
You´re lying and you know I know That this time,
Baby what have we become? This is the end.
What happened?
And I can´t keep lying,
We used to never go to bed angry Lying to myself,
But it´s all we ever do lately Oh I´m thinking you´ll love me right,
And you´re turning away like you hate me But you never will
Do you hate me, do you hate me? Oh It´s too much to bear,
So I swear,
You can take this heart That this time,
Heal it or break it all apart This is the end.
No, this isn’t fair
Love me or leave me here Said I´m gonna leave
But I´m never leaving
Do you remember when you loved me once? Now I know that I really don’t need
What happened, what happened? You had your fun
And you´d hold me here just because Now the party´s done
What happened? And you beg on the floor
As I walk out the door
And love me baby please ´cause I could still Boy we´re through
be the only one you need
The only one close enough to feel you All the tears I´ve cried
breathe All the lonely nights
Yeah I could still be that place where you run Boy I lost my mind
Instead of the one that you´re running from But now I´m sure

You can say what you want

But love isn’t here anymore

And I won´t be missing, missing you,

And no one can love you,
The way I used to do,
But love isn’t fair,
And I swear,
That this time,
This is the end,

I promise baby
This is the end
You know it´s the end
This is the end.
13. I WON´T 14. CLUED UP
I got my pride, my self-respect I used to dress like everybody else
Need nothing more, want nothing less I wanted to just blend in
Cause all that I got should be enough to They told me no, keep my dreams on the low
make it work Told me I´d never win, yeah
Cause all that I want is to love and just be I love to be different
loved Guard up to opinions
Then let ‘em in
I´ll never let it go, ´cause we can do this on
our own
I´ll never let it go, we have too much to let it

And I won´t let anybody tell me no

I won´t take anything for granted
´Cause I know that nothing good comes easy
If it did, I wouldn’t be me, let it go and let me
do it cause
I won´t

I got my heart, my head up high

I will be strong, I will survive
Cause all of the hurt will wash away with the
And all that we´ve learned will be enough to
shine again

Hold your head up, see the daylight

Hold your head up cause your future´s
looking bright
These stones and sticks are what make me
These stones and sticks are all I need

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