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- As we know that in this modern era, the role of information technology in everyday life is certainly

very influential. This is inseparable from our activities which are often supported by information
technology itself. Information technology is able to answer the demands of a job that is faster,
easier, cheaper and saves time.
- So, I strongly agree with the motion that technology can help students in the field of education to
look for the information faster and easier. We used to look for the information through the books,
newspapers, magazines, which is make us slower to get the information. It's also not efficient for
the students to look for the newest information in the field of education. Nowadays, the students
can use technology to look for the information faster and easier through the internet. By using
internet, the students can browse the information faster with just one-click only they can look for
any information that they need. It is also efficient because all of the students can access the latest
information on the internet through their devices.
- Technological developments also make any information easily search able, not limited to space
and time. With the development of technology will also make the latest information will be
directly accessible to us at that time. Furthermore, with technology, students can learn more and
more widely about anything, so students can develop their potential more.
- Technology that can help students to be able to access information faster has also become more
numerous and growing.