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Divine Intervention Episode 87

USMLE Step 1 Neuro Review 1

Some PGY-1
35 yo F with a PMH of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis presents with a
chief complaint of “blurry vision” in her L eye. HEENT exam is
+ve for 20/200 vision in the L eye but 20/25 vision in the R eye.
She denies pain in the involved eye. 2 years ago she had a 3 week
episode of L arm weakness that resolved with high doses of
Prednisone. Dx? Pathophysiology? What is your dx in a patient
that recently had a viral URI but presents with bilateral LE
weakness that has progressively gotten worse over the last 3 days.
Pathophysiology? What are the 2 major parts of the nervous
system (NS)? What do these “structures” emanate from?
2-Matching Game
Given the following parameters, what is the most likely dx?

-Increased AchE, Increased AFP, Increased Amniotic Fluid Index

-Increased AchE, Increased AFP, AFI is not increased

-Nl AFP, Nl AchE, no symptoms, lower back tuft of hair

-Increased AFP, nl AchE, associated with Chiari 2 malformations

-Increased AFP, nl AchE, n/a w/Chiari 2 malformations

-Increased AFP, “ventral protruding structures” on fetal US

Neuro Embryology
Neural Defect Algorithm
Neural Defect Summary
Neural/Vertebral Arch