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Diagnostic Test in T.L.E.

7 Exploratory Courses
(Caregiving, Agriculture, Commercial Cooking and Computer Hardware)

Direction: select the letter of the best answer; Write it on a 1/2 lengthwise.
1. Equipment that is used kitchen and laboratory appliance which is used to mix, puree, or emulsify food and other substances.
a. airpot b. blender c. coffee maker d. food processor
2. A tool that is made up of wood or plastic where meat and vegetables can be cut.
a. chopping board b. electric can opener c. ladle d. stove
3. A tool which is used for sweeping dirt. It consists of twigs and bristles bound together and attached to a handle.
a. airpot b. BP apparatus c. broom d. dustpan
4. What is the electrical appliance used for cleaning floors, carpets, and furniture by suction.
a. broom b. dustpan c. hanger d. vacuum cleaner
5. A handled pan or scoop into which dust is swept is called _________.
a. duster b. dustpan c. flat iron d. vacuum cleaner
6. What is the balance between heat produced and heat lost in the body?
a. pulse rate b. body temperature c. respiratory rate d. blood pressure
7. This type of thermometer uses mercury and, therefore, is considered unsafe to use.
a. ear thermometer b. infrared thermometer c. digital thermometer d. clinical thermometer
8. Which of the following is not proper when operating a blender?
a. operating a blender in a dry, flat surface
b. plugging the blender first before putting the pitcher onto the base
c. choosing the setting appropriate for the specified task
d. placing all the parts of the blender in their appropriate places before operating it
9. The kind of temperature when the thermometer is placed under the armpit.
a. oral temperature b. rectal temperature c. axillary temperature d. none of the above
10. These should be checked before ironing as some fabrics need special care instructions.
a. labels of the garments to be ironed b. pleats and pockets of skirts
c. collars and sleeves of shirts d. pants’ waistbands
11.. When an adult client asks you about his/her vital signs, your best answer would be:
a. ―I am only allowed to report them to my superior.‖
b. ―Your temperature is 37 degrees orally; your blood pressure is 128/70, and your respirations are 24. Is there
anything more that you would like to know sir/ma’am?‖
c. ―Oh, they are not that important. There is no need for you to know about it.‖
d. ―Even if I tell you sir/ma’am, you will not understand them.‖
12. The fifth vital sign is a. blood pressure b. pain c. temperature d. respiration
13. This appliance is useful especially at mealtime.
a. blender b. food processor c. microwave oven d. electric can opener
14. This uses a magnet so that the lid will remain attached to it.
a. blender b. coffee maker c. microwave oven d. electric can opener
15. When the heart is contracting, the pressure is highest. This is called the
a. blood pressure. b. systolic pressure. c. heart pressure. d. diastolic pressure.
16. Which of the following is an example of a digging tool?
A. Bolo B. Crowbar C. Grub hoe D. Pruning shear
17. Which tool is used for cutting grasses?
A. Shovel B. Bolo C. Crowbar D. Mattock
18. What tool does NOT belong to the group?
A. Crowbar B. Mattock C. Shovel D. Pruning shear
19. Farm tools are very important in agricultural crop production because they______.
A. Make work easier B. Make work faster C. Save time and effort D. All of the above
20. A tool with one end of its blade flattened and the other pointed at right angles to its handle is a ________.
A. mattock B. crowbar C. bolo D. spade
21.Which tool resembles the appearance of spoon and use for transferring soil?
A. Spade B. Shovel C. Spading fork D. Grub hoe
22. What implement is being pulled by a working animal to till the land?
A. Harrow B. Native plow C. Disc plow D. Disc harrow
23. An implement mounted to a tractor that is used to pulverize the newly plowed soil is a________.
A. trailer B. disc harrow C. native plow D. disc plow
24. An open container with a single wheel at the front and two handles at the back used to transport things
A. Hand tractor B. Tractor C. Basket D. Wheel barrow
25. Which of the following tools is used to harvest crops?
A. Knife B. Plow C. Spade D. Basket
26. What are you going to do after using a tool?
a. clean and lubricate the tool b. lubricate with brine solution c. Sterilize by boiling the tools
27. What is the first step in sharpening a tool?
a. file the edge to expose clean metal clamp b. sand the back side of the blade c. tighten the pivot nut
28. Where do we operate a tractor?
a. In a sloping b. in an open and flat area c. near the sloping but rocky area
29. Whetstone is used for________. a. cleaning b. cutting c. sharpening
30. Before operating a tractor, see to it that _____. a. armed with all the necessary materials b. cleaned c. works well
31. It is the most popular, lightweight, attractive and less expensive materials of kitchen
utensils and equipment. a. aluminum b. cast iron c. glass d. stainless
32. A more complicated tool that may refer to a small electrical appliance.
a. Tools b. Equipment c. Paraphernalia d. none of the choices
33. A kitchen tool which is specifically designed for pulping garlic for cooking.
a. Kitchen Shears b. Grater c. Garlic press d. none of the choices
34. It is used to grate, shred, slice and separate foods.
a. Baster b, grater c. dredgers d. none of the choices
35. A must for all types of kitchen tasks, from peeling an onion and slicing carrots, to carving a roast or turkey often referred to as
cook's or chef's tools. A. double broiler b. dredger c. kitchen knife
36. It is used to measure solids and dry ingredients.
a. Baster b. measuring cup c. grater
37. These are used to measure smaller quantities of ingredients
a. Measuring spoon b. measuring cup c. grater
38. A rubber or silicone tools to blend or scrape the food from the bowl.
a. baster b. funnel c. scrapper
39. A special coating applied to the inside of some aluminum or steel pots and pans that helps
food from not sticking to the pan. A. Teflon b. cast iron c. plastic
40 .A kitchen essentials used for creaming, stirring, and mixing that made of a hard wood
a. Baster b whisks c. wooden spoon
41. Which tool is used to sharpen a dull knife?
a. Grinder b. sand paper c. stone d. whetstone
42. Why burners of LPG operated equipment need to be cleaned regularly? To avoid _______
a. fire b. hazard c. mishap d. spillage
43. To minimize the chance of storm damage, make sure your premises are ________.
a. in good state of repair b. out of public view c. properly insulated d. secured properly
44. Accurate techniques in measuring are important, which one is used to level the cup when measuring rice and flour?
a. fork b. scrapper c. spatula d. spoon
45. If LPG supply is not maintained properly, what would be the possible problem it may cause in the kitchen?
a. fire b. spill c. damage d. accident
46. Which tool is used for hardware to stand on to prevent static electricity from building up?
a. Anti-static mat b. Hex driver c. Philips head screwdriver d. Wire cutter
47. Which tool is used to loosen or tighten cross-head screws?
a. Anti-static mat b. Hex driver c. Philips head screwdriver d. Wire cutter
48. Which tool is sometimes called a nut driver? It is used to tighten nuts in the same way that a screwdriver tightens
screws? a. Anti-static mat b. Hex driver c. Philips head screwdriver d. Wire cutter
49. Which tool is used to strip and cut wires?
a. Anti-static mat b. Hex driver c. Philips head screwdriver d. Wire cutter
50. Which tool is used to retrieve parts from location that are too small for your hand to fit?
a. Part Retriever b. Lint-free Cloth c. Cable ties d. Flat head screwdriver
51. Which tool is used to clean different computer components without scratching or leaving debris?
a. Part Retriever b. Lint-free Cloth c. Cable ties d. Flat head screwdriver
52. Which tool is used to bundle cables neatly inside and outside of a computer?
a. Part Retriever b. Lint-free Cloth c. Cable ties d. Flat head screwdriver
53. Which tool is used to loosen or tighten slotted screws?
a. Part Retriever b. Lint-free Cloth c. Cable ties d. Flat head screwdriver
54. Which tool is used to loosen or tighten screws that have a star-like depression on the top, a feature that is mainly
found on laptop? a. Anti-static mat b. Torx screwdriver c. Philips head screwdriver d. Wire cutter
55. Which tool is used to blow away dust and debris from different computer parts without touching the
components? a. Anti-static mat b. Hex driver c. Compressed air d. Wire cutter
56. Where would you find the letters QUERTY? A. Mouse b. Keyboard c.Numeric Keypad
57. How did the computer mouse get its name?
A. Because it squeaks when moved B. It’s cable looks like a tail C. It has ears
58. What are you most likely to use when playing a computer game?
A. Touch screen B. Light pen C. Joystick
59. Which of the following is a pointing device used for computer input?
A. Touch screen B. Hard disk C. CD-ROM drive
60. Hard copy is a term used to describe...?
A. Writing on a hard board B. Printed output C. Storing information on the hard disk

Prepared by:
T.L.E. 7 teachers: Marie Ruth Palabay, Presentacion A. Dulay and Modesto Valdriz