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™ National Music Scholarship Fair, Inc.

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Student Requirements

1. Students must submit their application and $65 registration fee by March 1, 2009. All
applications received after the deadline will pay an additional $15 late fee.

2. All information on the application must be complete.

3. All student musicians (vocalist) must be at the audition site at least 30 minutes before
auditions begin.

4. All student musicians (vocalist) must provide his/her own instruments and accessories.

Note to Students:
 Any major scale selected by any college/university music director.
 Students are allowed 2 minutes to study the sight-reading material.
 Students are allotted time to perform a prepared piece (if the director requires it).
 All students must be courteous to other auditions taking place.
 All students must pay a one-time application fee (this fee covers all colleges/university
application fees that offer a scholarship to that student).
 The registration fee is $65 before March 1, 2009. An additional $15 late fee will be
required after this date.

Note from the Directors:

 Students should simulate audition conditions, as there will be no second chance

 Students can choose to auditions for as many schools as there wish (it is advised to
audition for as many schools as time allows).
 Family, friends and supporters are welcomed.
 Students should be encouraged to ask as many questions as possible.
 Students registering after the deadline will audition on a first come first serve basis.

Good luck & have fun!!