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GLOBALIZATION, DEVELOPMENT AND SECURITY IN ASIA Zhigun Zh Volume 1: Foreign Policy and Security in an Asian Century: Threats, Strategies and Policy Choices Benny Teh Cheng Guan ctor Contents ie of Tae a ef Aberin Be ‘tt Br a ‘sn se Corie: wi ‘Adnotgmen = aay Tk Chg nad Zien 1 Foreign PolioyApproches to Scuty Concern In Ase a 1 NoeSo Recfl Chins Re and Geopoin Aain 2 Joep Tes ae 2 Amen Sc nd Fang Ply aA 2 23 Siing Ed — Ra's ring Srey inthe Aas aie 3 Arye ake 4 Cony an Changin Int’ Freo Poly % abn Mere 5 ge’ Asn Diplomacy and he Seog over he War Memories 95 aye Pause 6 Tae Cantu among the Eagle the Dagon and he Tg Sceniy ant Frei ey of he Pipe us. ste Ader IE 4 Voting oud Seay in an Priam Cohan ‘Thre, Andis dnc Tonal Bn Vad of Gh lan a ft Sea i, Ba 9-52. Srp! World Suibfic Ming Whe. Ua, dou! Chapter 6 The Carabao among the Eagle, the Dragon and the Tigers: Security and Foreign Policy of the Philippines Julio 8, Amador IIT Introduction ‘The election of Benigno S. Aquino IIE, more popularly known as PNoy,! as President ofthe Philippines highlight several shifis in the country’s direction, Under the presidency of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the country was subjected to severe corruption and governance problems, Besides the country’ internal Problems, the external security environment has also forced Aquino’s government ro make foreign policy a top agenda even ifit was notan electoral issue. Despite being a poor performer in the Asia-Pacific region, the Philipines is sill resilient (ADB, 2011). Like its unofficial national animal the earabao,’ which is a slow moving but strong creature, the Philipines seems to be able to muddle through many ofthe crises tha it faced ‘The Asia-Pacifc’s regional security environment has been in flax for several years now as major powers scek to rebalance the present power configuration. In this context, small states such as the Philippines need to have foreign policies that are responsive to the changing character of regional security. This chapter describes and assesses the Philippines’ foreign and security policy and the challenges that the country faces in implementing them. For the purposes of this chapter, “foreign policy”, “foreign security policy”, and “foreign and security policy” are interchangeably used except Where the use is explained in paetcular contexts, ns